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The Objective Reasoning and The Convincing Islam

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam followed the footsteps of earlier prophets

like Abraham, Moses, Jacob and Jesus. He was a descendant of Abraham, and the
core principles of Islam are those taught by all prophets from Noah to Jesus. All
prophets before Muhammad focused on a particular nation or residence, however,
because Muhammad’s message was the final call from God, he was sent to the all
mankind. Human beings are all created and meant for one and only one reason, to
worship God. The collective mental and spiritual ability of all humans cannot
construct a single conclusive approach to understand and praise God, as each one of
our senses has its limitations and boundaries, their combined efforts will also have
impassable circumference. There we need above human guidance and its here that
we get prophets who themselves receive revelations from God.

defenders of Islam even against the Arabs who brought it in the first place! Indeed
the great scholars of Islam were mainly from non-Arab Muslims who used to travel
from India, central Asia and Spain to Mecca and Medina to teach the Arabs about

A message brought by an illiterate prophet, Muhammad, got the biggest share of

audience in the market of theologies and beliefs and now convinces 1.3 billion people
around the world.

The prevailing atheist believe of our time which avoids to mention the word “God” in
any stage of our life is the result of bewilderment in an array of manly philosophies
that tried to find an answer to the reason of our existence through presumption and
analogy. The conflict between the religious men and the scientists in Europe few
centuries ago made the scientists seek guidance in the theological ideas of
philosophers, when the contradicting philosophical ideas seemed inconceivable, they
turned back to their laboratories, looked in the scientific experiments, through
microscopes, telescopes and hypothesis and when they could not see, smell, hear or
touch any god, heaven or hell, their answer was clear… there was no god. This
atheist attitude justified some scientists to formulate answers for any question arising
from the nature or space and it is always taken as new “Scientific theory” as long as
it doesn’t mention God. But where are the limitations of our senses? Do we have to
have an answer for every question? Do we have to understand every event or object
in the space?

There was a time when witchcrafts had the answers for everything in the life and
space through astrology and palm reading, now scientists have every answer through
their theories and microscopes.

When our comprehension comes to its boundary, we can only get further by following
the prophets. Contrary to the scientists and astrologists who mainly convince
particular groups of society, the richness and simplicity of prophetic knowledge
appeals to people from all walks of life, That is why prophets have diverse followers
in terms of intellect, age, colour, skill, literacy, etc.

Contributed by :Abdulqadir Diriye, UK