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Detailed syllabus
1. Introduction to .NET What is .NET Why.NET Advantages of .NET Architecture 2. Understanding the basic components Introduction of CLR Architecture Just-in-time (JIT) compiler Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) Common type system (CTS) Common language specification (CLS) Namespaces and partial classes 3. Language syntax of C# and VB.NET Basic programming rules Data types Value types Reference type Array, structure and classes Boxing and unboxing Variable declaration and initialization Writing programs and compilation Debugging Creating and using aliases Operators Conditional statements Looping statements Working with constructor and destructor Understanding OOPs piller Encapsulation Abstraction Polymorphism Inheritance Access Modifier String Handling Working with string

String as immutable classes Exception handling Introduction to exception and exception classes Trapping exception with try, catch and finally Creating custom exception Throwing exception with throw keyword Working with collection System.collections namespaces Array vs collection Array list Queue Stack

4. Database programming using ADO.NET Introduction to ADO.NET technology Types of ADO.NET operations and namespaces System.Data System.Data.Oledb System.Data.Odbc System.Data.SqlClient ADO.NET classes Connectiob classes Common clasees Datareader classes DataAdapter classes Data retrieval methods Connected Disconnected Disconnected operation with Data table Dataset Data binding with GridView and Combobox Using commond objects ExecuteNonQuery ExecuteResader ExecuteScaler Passing parameters to command objects Add() method AddwithValue() methods Using stored procedure Understanding the connection pool Understanding Web.Config. Introduction of Web.Config Write connection string in Web.Config

5. Web Programming with ASP.NET Introduction to Web programming Client/server technology Understanding web server IIS Cascading style sheets Introduction to CSS CSS code CSS Implementation Inline Internal External JavaScript Working with server controls Standard control Navigation control Data source control Validation control Required field validator Range validator Compare validator Regular expression validator Custom validator Validation Group Master page

6. Advanced Topics Assemblies Introduction of assemblies Private vs. shared assemblies Introduction to GAC (global assembly cache) Caching Ajax Web Services State Management Skin and themes