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BISAC U11 GIRLS BASKETBALL FESTIVAL Venue: Shrewsbury International School Date: Saturday 12 November 2011 FORMAT / DRAW:

The Championship tournament will be run with 2 pools of 4 teams. The Cup Tournament will be run as a round robin competition with 4 teams. Championship (Pool A) International School Bangkok Black Ruamrudee International School Bangkok Patana Tigers Bangkok Patana School Orange Tim e 0730 0800 0830 0900 0930 1000 1030 Championship (Pool B ) Shrewsbury Storm HIS Lions New International School Falcons Bromsgrove International School Cup Tournament (Round Robin) Shrewsbury International School Blue Bangkok Patana School Black Harrow International School White International School Bangkok Gold Court 3 SHB blue v HIS white BPS black v ISB gold SHB blue v ISB gold BPS black v HIS white SHB blue v BPS black ISB gold v HIS white

Court 1 ISB Black v RIS SHB Storm v BIST RIS v BPS Orange SHB Storm v NIST Falcons ISB Black v BPS Orange NIST Falcons v BIST

Court 2 Registration / Warm Up BPS Tigers v BPS Black NIST Falcons v HIS Lions ISB Black v BPS Tigers BIST v HIS Lions RIS v BPS Tigers SHB Storm v HIS Lions

Championship Playoff 1115 1145 1230 Semi Final 1 (SF1) Pool A v 2nd Pool B Final Winner SF 1 v Winner SF 2 1st 1st Semi Final 2 (SF2) Pool B v 2nd Pool A 3rd / 4th Play-Off Loser SF 1 v Loser SF 2 Presentations 7th & 8th Place Play Off 4th Pool A v 4th Pool B 5th & 6th Place Play Off 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool B

RULES: All FIBA rules will be followed except for the following BISAC modifications 1. 8 minute halves, running clock. Free shots may be taken after the final horn has sounded. 2. Jump ball at the beginning of the first half and possession arrow throughout the remainder of the game including any overtime session. 3. 1 time out allowed in each half. Time outs are not carried over to second half. 4. No full court defence. Upon losing possession, teams must retire immediately, without hindering the attacking team, and defend from within their half way line. i) Upon first infringement of this rule, the team will be given a warning and sideline ball. and a free shot will be given to the opposing team. 5. 8 ring. Size 5 ball. SCORING: 4 points for a win / 2 for a draw / 1 for a loss. Head to head result: In the case of a draw or multi-way tie the following shall be applied to break the tie: 1. Points differential exclusively involving tied teams only; 2. Points for, exclusively involving tied teams only; 3. Points differential involving all teams; 4. Points for involving all teams; 5. Team with fewest technical fouls; 6. Toss of a coin (1 set of three followed by sudden death). AWARDS: Medals - 1st, 2nd & 3rd place and trophy for Championship Tournament winners. Trophy for Cup Tournament Winners. REFRESHMENTS: A variety of hot and cold food and drinks will be available for purchase outside the sports hall area. Coupons for free coachs meals will be available to coaches upon registration. ii) Any subsequent infringement will result in a personal foul against the infringing player

GENERAL INFORMATION: Entry fee of 3000 baht per school is due upon check-in at the Tournament. Any checks should be made payable to Shrewsbury International School. Refreshments will be available during the day at the caf on the ground floor outside the sports centre. BNH Medical staff will be on stand by in the Sports Hall.

Nick Dunn Director of Sport and Activities Shrewsbury International School