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Planning and organizing: Page 18-21 I spend almost 14 hours on school, between export and logistic lecture, PDP,

PBL, Spanish class, and business communication. I do spend like around 5 hours per-week in other activities such as sport. I spend the half of my day with my family, because my family is very important to me. On the other hand, I feel that the amount of time spent at school are very fair, but maybe I need to have additional time to other activities tasks and have more time with my family and friends. My priorities as set as following: First of all my classes, then my studies, then my family, my fianc and finally activities and friend.

P22-23: Electronic Communication: Creating a Policy E-Mail is a business communication which is obligated to use in a responsible and effective way in companies. As a request from the CEO, I will devise policy for the use of e-mail, instant message, and the web, because the CEO has received complaints about the number of e-mails people receive. The policy will be as following: This policy is made to ensure the proper use of the company e-mail and make sure what company deems as acceptable and unacceptable. It is prohibited to use off-color humor and cartoon in company e-mail. Do not forward any message without the permission of the sender first. Do not use others e-mail account. Priority e-mails are from executing customers and business partners. Private use of e-mail should not interfere with work. Private e-mails are kept in a separate file. Users are not allowed to send more than 2 private e-mails per day. Use of the web for non business related activity is prohibited. If an employee received any offensive, unpleasant e-mail it is required to inform your manager. This policy will help in reducing the amount of unimportant e-mails in the company.

P23- Ethical Responsibility: Case: employee absence. In the case of Joan, she was not managing her house and work; she was like absenting couples of times which will affect her performance at work. The suspension of Joan was fair, because if she will keep on being absent her work and the company will be affected. And I believe that the company might find a person freer and better time management then Joan, where she can knows how to make and equilibrate between the house and work.

Case 2: conflicting interests The decision of the court was unfair, because while paying an amount of money this will not stop the vibration and the loud voice. There will be no solution to reduce the harm because they will not be able to shut down the work. In my opinion, the company must stop working at night and work while all the people are at their work.

Case 3: after three months: From my point of view, it is the manager fault because he didnt check the college degree while hiring her, and he will keep her at work.

SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Every person have strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in its personality, in addition, these quality and points have to be improved in a way to corporate with the project central in this module. First of all, starting with my strengths quality, I feel that being a graduate student from the Lebanese school, gave me many qualities, additional then others, for example, I am able to work independently, taking decision and solving problems without any help, in addition to that my leadership personality. Furthermore, I have such a good time management, which means that after lectures, I study what we took immediately, also I plan to work on my projects before a long period and the same thing regarding my final exam. Moving to my weaknesses, every person have weak points, for example, one of my weak points is to work with group in an assignment or a presentation, because sometimes, my group members are not doing well in presentation, but my mark will be affected by the group performance. Some people think of me as a selfish person, I totally disagree with them, its not being selfish, but it mean caring about my personal works and benefits more than the group benefits, because in the future in some cases I will be judged regarding my personal performance and a real example is the final exam, it a results of personal hardworking time. One weakness that I think people dont perceive is that I get bored very fast, which means, during a lecture if there was a lot of unneeded discussion I get angry and bored. Moreover, I dont test the ideas or theories and I dont like to review my exam. Coming to my opportunities, I feel that in every single module I am doing is an opportunity, every quiz, exam, presentation is a big opportunities and also my Spanish course is the most important one. Moreover, all my friends are older than me, and been working and in high position, so I feel that they are in a way source of my inspiration, for example my friend is an project manager at QMDI (at Qatar foundation) and in every single event, she call me to

participate as a volunteer which will open many chances to meet new people and open many doors regarding my future. Finally, reaching the threats, I am afraid if someone in my class is doing same as my job and work, and having same results or even higher than me, and I am afraid from the failure. I believe when a person admit that he or she failed, it will results if negative aspect, personally I can say that in my whole life I didnt failed, every time Im learning from any experience either it was good or bad. Now moving to my personality traits, I feel that Im a very social person, I have many friends, which they enjoy talking and discussing their personal stuff with me, because as they said Im mature person. Moreover, Im a logical person, away from any personal feelings in my studies and my work, because I believe that personal life is away from any business work. Im friendly, sensitive, dynamic. Im very imaginative because I paint, so my imagination is really expanded and peace loving. What concerns my skills, Im able to organize my work into a proper way, and I can stimulate my teamwork and push them into their goals. I can gather information, document easily and I can summarize them in such a short period of time. I can analyze situation directly, and take right decision with more benefits. I have artistic skills, I draw, paint. I was planning to study fashion design, but I moved to IBSM. I did drawing courses Virginia Commonwealth University at Qatar foundation. Im able to give speech and presentation in front of many people, and one if my best experience. Ive been introducing 2 speeches at the Lebanese school. I can motivate people easily, and to stimulate collaboration between others.

Competence scoring form: Date: 22-6-2011 Name: Tsoumada Tasha, Student number: 20082163 PDP coach: Mr.Ilyas Inci. For the competence planning and organization, I feel that I have been doing well in managing and planning my work daily, and where I was ready to select my priorities. What concerns my export plan; I was planning for it week by week in order not to face any difficulties before the submission date. I think that while planning your time, your work, your priorities, I can score high scores in my module. Moving to the competence corporation, I feel that I am good enough in dealing with my group members, I was the leader this module, I had stimulated collaboration between my group members, and I was working in a way to make them enjoying the export report. Discussion between the group members cans results to much positive work. Its very unethical to be aggressive with my group members if they didnt do their job with a high quality, my role is to lead them in a way to improve their ability in working and this is what I saw in this module.

PDP part 1: Page 38: SMART model: In this part, I will be developing goals in order to improve my weaknesses for every competence that I have mentioned in the competence scoring form which I will be working on the coming period and how I will plan to do it. I will formulate my goals according to the SMART-Model. Goal setting will help me in defining my oath to my future success; goal setting will teach me how to develop a plan with a series of action steps. My goal is as following: The ability to manage my time between university studies and my work. Im going to organize a suitable timetable to assign enough time for my studies and for my work. It is very important to me to accomplish such goal while Im still studying at university ion order to get experience. I will know if the goal were achieved if my results at university remained the same, and my manager at work was satisfied from my work performance. This goal will be achievable as long as Im managing my time at work and university. On the other hand, the goal listed above was realistic and it might be a target of any person in my age. I will be able to check the results of my goal at the end of the module. Moreover, in my real life, I am not going to wish for dreams which are bigger then my abilities. Im planning for such a realistic goal which is something that I can achieve.