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Career Research Assignment Architect Christina Laffey


Career Research Assignment

Job Description
An architect is a person trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings, who practices architecture. To practice architecture means to provide a service that has connection to the design and construction of a building, or a group of buildings and the space surrounding the buildings in with its main purpose directed at human use. Architects usually have three different major roles. They have the role of designing, documenting and constructing. For the designing aspect they are responsible for designing design concept that meets the requirements of that client and provides a facility suitable to the required use. This means extensive question must take place in order for the architect to come to a solid understanding of what the client wants. Architects must deal with local and federal jurisdictions about regulations and building codes. They also must take into consideration the local planning and zoning laws such as height limitations, parking requirements and land use. In some areas architects must also deal with historical preservation guidelines. When it comes to the documentation role it is referring to the part of the architects job where they must prepare the technical documents like construction drawings and specifications. The documents are usually co-ordinated with a variety of different expertises such as mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineers so they can be filed and sent in to acquire the permits needed to go through with the construction of the project. The final stage is the construction. The architects typically tender their projects towards the desires of their clients, but come to a compromise by finding a general contractor and reviewing the actual progress of the project during construction. They also review the subcontractor shop drawings and other submittals, prepare and issue the site instructions, and they provide a construction contract administration and the Certificates for Payment for the contractor. A successful architect must have thick skin, a competitive drive, confidence and must be personable. Its unfortunate to say that in this area self-promotion is key. You must continually promote your work in order to make a footprint in this industry. You must also have a good understanding of space and the many different fields in art. Architecture is a fast moving industry that requires copious amounts of skill and education. Its a very demanding field that forces you to go beyond your own personal limits.

Related Careers


Just like every other field regarding careers, there are many jobs that branch off of the tree of Architecture. Some careers that are related to Architecture are: landscape architect, construction manager, interior designer and a renovator. A landscape architect designs and creates outdoor environments. It can vary from gardens of single residences to whole streetscapes of entire new communities. They must consult with civil engineers, architects, scientists, or other professionals. They also must analyze climate, soil and sunlight conditions at the site where the project is taking place. Construction managers build all kinds of structures, including office towers, hospitals, schools, houses, roads, bridges, and sewers. They also renovate and build additions onto existing structures. A construction managers job is to make sure that everything is running smooth and error free when turning an idea into reality. Interior designers create indoor spaces that are pleasing to the eye and that consist of different elements and principle of design. They are experts in dealing with texture, colour, space and shape to create attractive home and work spaces. One of the toughest aspects of this job would be when it comes to the client. When the client disagrees with one of their ideas, it is their responsibility to understand that they are being paid for what their client wants. A renovator is a handyman. They are hired by clients that wish to make change to either home, office schools etc. They create drawings and blueprints of the initial idea that the client has, but often a architect is used instead. An often time is that the renovator performs the final touches on the project. They can manage minor tasks on plumbing and electricity, but mainly focus on the more broad aspets of the project.

Education Univeristy of Toronto

Bachelor of Architecture. Pre-Requisites: 6 senior level university or mixed courses. Grade 12 English, Physics, Algebra and Geometry, Visual Arts. 5 year program 1200 hours of Co-op 85% and higher To stay on residence you must have a 90% average during the program


Total for Canadian students $20,425 Total for International students $35,767

University of Waterloo
Bachelor of Architectural Studies Pre-requisites: 6 senior level university or mixes courses. Grade 12 University English, Physics, calculus, algebra and geometry. This degree includes 5 mandatory 4 month terms of cooperative work experience, accompanied by 4 work reports and one optional work term. All students participate in Coop Education The Honours BAS degree is followed by a nominal one year Master of Architecture Degree, which constitutes the professional finish to our fully accredited program. 100% Employment rate of grads 6 months after graduation. Our program produces successful architects. Requires a portfolio if you are invited for an interview. (INTERVIEW IS 25 MINUTES) This portfolio doesnt have any requirements. They want to see what you can do on your own. You should include original samples of your artwork such as drawings, samples which demonstrate your ability to understand and use colour, and samples of 2- and 3-dimensional works that you have completed. In addition, you may wish to include other creative studies, for example, photography, craftwork such as ceramics or jewellery, metal work, dance, or music, either performed live or on tape The work you choose for your portfolio should be recent

University of British Colombia

Bachelor of Architectural Studies Pre-requisites: 6 senior level university or mixes courses. Grade 12 Univeristy English, Physics, calculus, algebra and geometry. 4 year program All students participate in 1200 hours of Co-op 89% employment rates

Why Does this Career Appeal to You?

To be honest, this career hadnt initially appealed to me. But as I got further into my research I began to understand that his may be a career that I would be interested in. For my structure and organization is key, but I also feel that incorporating creativity is important. Since architecture is a field where precision is crucial I feel that I would enjoy working on that aspect. Also considering that this field of work has a lot to do with understanding the elements and principles of design. It is also a very high paced and competitive industry. This is perfect for me. I need something that requires copious amounts of time, with a high level of skill. The very demanding aspects of this career would provide me with the structure that I desire in life.


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