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Protection, automation and control

Integrating modern technology solutions for effective, efficient, secure T&D systems

Major power failures can have a serious impact on the economy and on critical infrastructure functions. Robust protection systems integrated with modern automation and information systems and control and optimization protection settings limit outage-related damage, contain the affected service area and help ensure fast restoration of the network. Successfully protecting power systems and related high-voltage equipment against major power failures requires identifying the most effective automation and control technology for T&D assets. It also requires implementing the most appropriate solution for new substations or for upgrading existing substations. With more than 80 years serving the energy and utility industry, KEMA has extensive experience in all aspects of protection studies and coordination, substation automation and control including: pre-engineering detailed system engineering T&D system analysis planning and design studies testing implementation. Protection studies and coordination We help clients identify the most effective automation and information technology for T&D assets. Our protection studies and coordination technical consulting projects include: review of protection system 33 kV-switchboard consulting services for the synoptic control panel and integrated protection and control system review of protection system for diesel power plant and 132 kV-transmission system certification test distance protection relay REL 316 review of protection philosophy for 150 kV-network and development of new philosophy. Substation automation and control KEMA also offers project execution support, technical consultancy, and test services for projects dealing with the IEC 61850 standard, including: feasibility studies conceptual and preliminary design specification of equipment type testing of protective devices conformance and interoperability testing project execution support quality assurance. Examples of our projects include: consulting services and engineering for capacitor banks and reactor banks in the 400 kV grid consulting services for the design and construction of an entire 66 kV network review of a protection system for a diesel power plant and a 132 kV-transmission system review of a protection system 33 kV-switchboard Nigerian LNG-plant Bonny Island consulting services for synoptic control panel and integrated protection and control systems