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HelpDesk for Human Resources

Linda Hartford ShopKo Norm Wold -- Oracular

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ShopKo Background Business Drivers Implementation Project Case Life Cycle Review Case Information Review Case Detail and Utilities

ShopKo Stores
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Founded in 1961 HQ Green Bay $3.2B Revenue, Fortune 469 141 ShopKo Stores in 15 States 224 Pamida Stores in 16 States 25,400 Employees

PeopleSoft at ShopKo
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HRMS Implemented in 1998 (from Pamida) Current HRMS Environment

8.3, Tools 8.16, AIX 4.3.3, Oracle 8.17 8.8, Tools 8.43, AIX 4.3.3, Oracle 9i

Current CRM Environment

Formal PMO Structure and Process

PeopleSoft HelpDesk for HR

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Available in PeopleSoft 8.8 Call Center Module of CRM

PeopleSoft Support PeopleSoft HelpDesk PeopleSoft HelpDesk for Human Resources

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Integrated with HRMS via EIPs Three Components (Verticals)

Standard Agent-Facing Self-Service to Report New Problems Self-Service to View Existing Cases

Current ShopKo HR HelpDesk


HR Connect

20 Agents and Managers 1000 Contacts per Week High Volume, Low Complexity, Short Life Cycle 10 Agents and Managers 100 Cases per Week Low volume, High Complexity, Long Life Cycle Phone, Vmail, Email, Walk-in

Employee Relations (ER)

Multiple Contact Sources

Business Benefits for ShopKo

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Improve Call Monitoring, Tracking & Resolution Limit Liability Exposure Tighter Compliance with HIPAA Regulations Increase Productivity by Eliminating Duplicate Research Tighter Security for Sensitive Information Develop Proactive Employee Communication

Primary Project Requirements

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No Modifications to Delivered Functionality No Self-Service or Workflow Features Security for Employee Relations Information Communicate Case Information to Field HR Other Interested Parties Track Cases from Anonymous Callers Build a Solution KnowledgeBase Meet HelpDesk Reporting Requirements

Project Organization
Executive Sponsor Project Leader



HelpDesk Managers

HRIS Manager

IT Staff

Project Timing

Requirements Prototype Design Construction Implementation

Project Challenges
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Time Commitment from the Business Understanding Similarities/Differences Between HR Connect and Employee Relations Models Securing Information at the Right Level Determining Level of Field HR and Management Interaction with the System Handling Non-Employee Contacts Version Requirements for HRMS: PeopleTools 8.19 and Service Pack 1 (level needed for full 360 degree view functionality).

Project Status
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Design Proceeding to Build Prototype Will Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.19 Waiting for Additional Information to Make Service Pack 1 Upgrade Decision Planned Availability for Business Users in May

HelpDesk for HR System Capabilities

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Case Life Cycle 360 Degree View Case Information Using Products? Case Details and Utilities

Case Life-Cycle

Case Information
Navigation: Support > HR HelpDesk Case > Update an Existing Case / Add A New Case

Select the appropriate Business Unit Designate the employee by selecting either: l Name l Employee ID l National ID

Case Employee Information

Employee information is populated with the information from the HRMS system. Employee Phone, Email and Address Types are defaulted from the primary phone, email and address established on the employees personal data. Select the preferred contact method for the employee and an alternate contact if applicable.

Case Problem Information

If using Quick Codes, you can default Category, Specialty Type, Detail, Case Priority, Solution ID Provider Group ID and Assigned To fields. A decision will need to be made whether or not Product structure will be used.

Case Problem Information

Suggest a Provider Group

Case Problem Information

View Product Hierarchy

Case Problem Information

Suggest an Agent

You must select a provider group in order to generate a list of eligible agents.

Using Products
Competency Competency Competency Competency Competency Competency

Product Group

Problem Type Problem Type

Product Product

Problem Type Problem Type



Use Products?
ShopKo will need to determine whether or not to implement the product structure.

Use Products: Additional Configuration and Product Maintenance Required Can model directly with category structure

Do Not Use Products: Solution Advisor functionality affected. Can still use category structure organize case information.

Case Resolution Information

You can resolve a case using a predefined solution from the Solution Advisor or You have the ability to type an Independent Text Resolution. If you chose to save this solution to add an Adhoc solution to the Solution Advisor. Associate a resolution with a Status ( In Consideration, Waiting on Customer, Failed Resolution, Successful Resolution, Withdrawn)

Case Action Information Links

The Action Information page is used to link to the Employees HR, Benefits, Payroll, Stock and Training information to facilitate case resolution.

Case Notes

Use the Notes page to make any notes regarding the case or attach any associated files. Associate a Note type with all notes. Available note types are comment, employee call and research.

Case History - Events

PeopleSoft provides a summary of all case events on the Case History page. Takes you directly to the case information described in the event.

Case History - Interactions

If there are any interactions associated with the case, the interactions link will take you to a summary of case interactions.

Case History - Audit

The Audit link will provides a summary of all changes to a case that have been tracked by PeopleSoft Audit functionality. PeopleSoft Audit records will need to be configured in order to utilize this functionality.

Related Cases

Using the Related Cases tab, you have the ability to Relate a case to an existing case or relate a case to a new case. The Create and Relate a New Case button allows you to copy existing case information into the new case.

Related Objects

Using the Related Objects tab, you have the ability to relate an object to the case you are working. Select the Object type and click on the Go button.

Related Objects

This will take you to a lookup for the object. If you know the name of the object, you can type it in or use the lookup to select from a list. Click the Use Script to have the system take you through the script.

Execute Script

When running a predefined script, select the appropriate answer to any questions, make any comments and click the Next button to move to the next question.

Interested Parties

You can add an interested party to a case by clicking on the Add Interested Party button. When adding an interested party you can select from the following reasons:
Benefits Coordinator

Employee Employees Manager Help Desk Manager

Send Notification Outbound Message

You can send a notification by clicking on the envelope icon on the toolbar. Designate the recipients of the notification. PeopleSoft also provides functionality to create a worklist notification for an employee. (Workflow must be implemented in order to take advantage of this functionality.)

Send Notification Message Contents

You have two options when sending notifications. You can create templates and apply them. The template will then be completed with the information from the case. You can type a free form message to be sent as a notification.

You may then add attachments to you notification and send.

HelpDesk for Human Resources