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(SEC. 1) Participation Agreement
We the parents/guardians of __________________________________________ have read the enclosed information concerning the policies of the UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB. We agree, that having been selected to the club, to let ______________________________________________ join the UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB for the 2011-2012 season. We have read the material provided and understand the time commitment involved in practice and competition. We have reviewed the fee schedule of this agreement and understand that all fees must be paid in full regardless of the duration of participation by the individual. This is due to the fact that membership in the UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB is limited and others were denied a position by your acceptance of a position on a specific team. Players who are participating will not be refunded for tournaments that they are unable to attend because of other activities. Understanding the stipulations and having discussed these with our child, we agree to and will support her participation in UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB. I also understand failure to pay the current participation fees will forfeit _________________________________________________ right to play with another Club in the coming Club season(s). PARTICIPANT

(SEC. 2) Waiver of Liability and Payment Schedules

The undersigned player and parent/guardian hereafter designated as member, agree to accept membership in the UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB for the 2011-2012 season. Member agrees that UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB, owners, employees, and staff members shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by the member and/or guest(s), on or about the premises of the said facilities or by participation in events with UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB. A member will not be able to participate with UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB until all the following are signed and turned in: 1) 2011 USAV or AAU Membership Card 2) 2011 Player Medical Release Form 3) Parent Code of Conduct Form 4) Player Contract Agreement 5) Deposit no later than November 15, 2011 The amount of the payment, together with any and all sums as are herein agreed to be paid to the UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB at the address of: UTAH JUNIORS VOLLEYBALL CLUB, PO Box 95473, South Jordan, Utah 84095 A LATE PAYMENT FEE $25.00 APPLIES TEN (10) DAYS AFTER THE DUE DATE. Interest will be charged at 12% beginning 15 days after the final scheduled payment schedule on the remaining balance. I have chosen the following payment schedule: POWER _________________________ COMPETITIVE _________________________ OTHER ________________________ This payment schedule requires the member to pay a $________________ deposit with a $________________ monthly payment which will be due on the fifth of each month beginning December 2011. In the event of default, if this obligation is referred to an attorney, and/or collection agency, the member agrees to pay, over and above their liabilities, reasonable attorney fees, court cost and collection cost. This agreement I have read, understood and agree to the above terms. This contract is not transferable, cancelable by member, and membership is not refundable due to any reason. SIGNATURE ______________________________________________________ PARTICIPANT SIGNATURE ______________________________________________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN DATE__________________ DATE__________________