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Singleton, John W.
From : Meyne, Rob Sent : Friday, January 22, 1999 12 :67 PM To : Payne, Tommy J . ; Payne, Maura ; Singleton, John W. Cc : Mozingo, Roger L .
Subject : N . R . A. Board Meeting

Having Just returned from the Winter meeting of the N . R . A . Board, I wanted to send you a few updates/highlights from the meeting . o Notably, the National Restaurant Association reaffirmed its position on smoking restrictions . Specifically, "The National Restaurant Association remains steadfast in its opPosition to any bill that would mandate a national smoking policy for restaurants ." They actively opposed the McCain bill last year, and other legislation imposing smoking policies on them. They identified McCaln votes as NRA "key" votes for 1998 . o By virtue of our financial support of the NRA and service on their Board we were able to attend the key committee meetings and Board sessions . Well received an award recognizing us for our support and participation with the Board . o NRA President and COO Herman Cain is leaving the NRA In November . When he was originally hired (from his position as CEO of Godfather's pizza) Cain was given a three-year contract, which is up In November . So this Is not unexpected . What IS a little interesting, although not totally unexpected, Is that Herman has informed key NRA leaders (including many of our best friends in the organization) that he is, in fact, going to run for President . In 2000. Nice to have goals, huh? One can speculate on his real goals: perhaps to gain exposure for a future run ; ~erhaps hoping to be someone's V . P. ; perhaps he reallY thinks he can win ; perhaps he wants a cabinet appointment . In any event, Cain brings some positives; he is a genuine'anti-government mandate' conservative, who happens to be an African-American . He is a wonderful speaker, and would be an effective and charismatic candidate . He Is also good on our issues . He does have some negatives, including no natural geo$raphic base from which to run (he still maintains a home in Nebraska, but has lived mostly in D . C . and on the road in the past two years), and his fundraising ability Is unproven . There would be other weaknesses for him to overcome, including a few I won't relate in my e-mail, but will pass on to you in person if you are interested . Bottom line : Herman Cain is certain, in one form or another, to be a political factor for a number of years to come . We have a good relationship with him, and that will certainly be to our benefit :

o We had learned at least one key NRA Board Member might try to Impose a new policy forbidding the Association to
accept contributions from tobacco companies, which would, of course, be very damaging to our efforts . More on this later, if you wish, but we dodged the bullet . The NRA is still working with us and accepting our support . o We co-sponsored a dinner for the NRA Board and the Board of the NRA Educational Foundation . Other sponsors included Diner s Club, Anheuser-Busch, the Pork Producers, and Seagram's . Note, Tommy, we were billed for this sponsorship in 1998, with the contribution due In December of 1998, but the event for which we were given credit was just this week . o For 1999, w are committed to sponsoriny the key 1999 Educational Foundation fundraising event/golf tournament . The tournament is in March, with the contribution due January 31 . If our budget questions are not resolved by that time I will check back with you and ask for further direction . You will recall the Ed . Foundation President and COO is Steve Caldeira . Steve remains a fierce ally and a real resource for us . o I told the NRA officers that we hope to be able to financially support them In 1999, but that our budgets are all In revision and we can't yet be sure when, or if, we could commit to any contributions, or in what amount . o We have developed a great relationship with the folks from Diners Club . We plan on Jolning forces with Diner's and splitting costs on some NRA activities In the coming year, pending the finalization of budgets, of course . It seems like there is more to report . . . . . . well, I'll send another message later if I think of what it isl Until then, all for now . Thanks .

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- Rob There Is probably something more, but I'll send this and another later if/when I thin