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Atlas Honda limited is a joint venture between the Atlas group and Honda Motor Company, Japan. The company was created by the merger of Punjdarya Limited Sheikhoopura successor to Atlas Epak Limited, Dhaka. Since taken over by the government of Bangladesh and Atlas Autos Limited in 1991.

Both these motorcycle-manufacturing concerns were established by the Atlas group. Atlas Honda Limited manufactures and markets Honda motorcycles in collaboration with Honda Motor Company. The company also manufactures shock absorbers under a technical assistance agreement with Showa Of Japan, world leaders in shock absorber company Honda motor cycles are by far the best selling motorcycle in the country with an unmatched reputation for high quality, reliability and after sales services.

Atlas has undertaken to develop local manufacturing capabilities to the highest economically feasible level. While a major role in localization has been assigned to vendor industries, atlas has the countries largest in house manufacturing capacity in the industry at its Karachi and Sheikhupura plants. To support the production facilities the company has established an R&D (research and development) wing and tool making facilities, which are growing rapidly in size and functions as the company expands.

To remain a market leader in the motorcycle industry and emerge as a globally competitive center of production and exports.

Mission Statement, the statement that further reveals the practicalities of any organization, comparable to its vision statement. The Mission Statement at AHL is highlighted below: To be a dynamic profitable growth oriented company through market leadership excellence in quality and service optimizing value for the shareholders and maximizing exports To give attractive return to business associates and shareholders as per their expectations. Be a responsible employer and reward employees according to their abilities and performance. To be a good corporate citizen in order to fulfill its social responsibilities. To create and foster a network of researchers, engineers, who will make unique contribution to the development of motorcycle industry ensuring satisfaction of our valuable customers and protection of the environment by producing emission friendly green products? . At present, 82 vendors are working with the company. We manufacture 40000 bikes in a month, so now we want to increase it up & plan to 48000 per month. And per day bikes manufacturing average is 1600. So average bikes time manufacture of Atlas Honda Ltd. is 26 seconds per bike.

Brand Port Folio

Atlas Honda Limited manufactures four types of bikes. CD 70 Honda CD 70 is the No. 1 choice in motorcycles. In addition to its established superiority in terms of durability and fuel economy, the Honda CD 70 is presented with special features. The new attractively designed CD 70 is right there at the top, with its aerodynamic shape, super econo-power, a smoke-free 4-Stroke engine and the special Honda 12-volt CDI technology. The new eye-catching graphics, front and rear mud-flaps, comfortable seat and the new utility box have made Honda CD 70 an ideal combination of elegance and durability. Because of its high resale value, Honda CD 70 is an asset in your life. Its excellent petrol average makes it greatly economical, and its easily available spare parts and trained mechanics ensure troublefree companionship

Honda CD70 Honda CD100 Honda CG125 Honda CG 125 Delux


Big and Comfortable Seats New Beautiful Graphics Petrol Tank with 9 Liter Capacity Super Econo Power, 4-Stroke Engine

New Mud Flap Strong Side Cover with Lock New Utility Box

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CD 100 Honda Motorcycles are defined by Quality, Performance, Speed, Economy Petrol and Re-sale Value. All these have managed to successfully bag your trust on the New Honda CD100. It is a stunning result of advanced Japanese technology and right up there as an outstanding performer representing all the qualities that make Honda motorcycles so special.


Strong Footrest Fuel Guage Indicator Multi Reflector Head Light Winning Style

Econo Power 4-Stroke Engine Double Cradle Strong Tubular Frame Strong Suspension Wider Tyre & Strong Road Grip Crankcase Emission Control System Bigger Brake Drum with Non-Asbestose Brake Shoe Element Air Cleaner (Foam Type) Utility Box PRICE For Price, please contact to our dealer Nearest Dealer


The CG 125 Deluxe is the unique combination of power & style, a new addition in the company as CG 125 cc. The new power up 4 stroke engine with same fuel economy as CG 125. An ideal modal for youth and high income segment. Honda CG 125 Deluxe has a heavy duty front absorbers and 130 mm brake drum with enverionmental friendly non-asbestos brake shoes, Elegant contoured seat for better riding posture. Special designed bigger impressive wheels.


Attractive Fuel Tank with modern graphics Speedometer with trip meter Tachometer with Fuel Guage Indicator Black painted silencer with stylish cover Front hydrolic disc brakes Back light with aerodynamic cowl Stronger and adjustable cushion Euro2 Technology now with ASV (Air Section Walve) Due to 5- Gear Transmission more Power on Low RPM

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Training: Conduct the employee motivational training. Audience:

All those factory employees who works on machines. And all those employees who perform technical or mechanical works. We have more than 700 hundred employees in Sheikhoopura plant.

Trainee Characteristics:
The training outcomes of learning have direct effects on the conditions of transfer. Characteristics of both trainees and the work environment also can have direct influence on the learning transfer. All three of the training inputs can affect the training outcomes. Working from this design, Baldwin and Ford reviewed literature in each of the identified inputs, outcomes, and conditions of transfer.

1. Ability:
Firstly we check the ability of trainee audience. Eg. Knowledge Education Skills JDs Creative Thinking


Problem Solving

Because our trainee audience are technical and machine operator, thats why we select Intermediate education level of employees. Skills: In this training we select that audience who has technical skills like Welding, Machine Operators, Painters and those employees who assemble the machine parts. Behavior & Attitude: For better learning in training session employees behavior and attitude must be: positive attitude learning attitude Problem solving attitude

Problem Solving: We choose pr provide training to those trainees who must have problem solving attitude.

2. Motivation:
Secondly we check the motivation level of our training audience; if the motivation level of our training audience is low then firstly we increase the motivation level of employees.

3. Perception:
Perception happens in one of five ways: You see something with your eyes Smell something with your nose Hear something with your ears Feel something with your skin Taste something on your tongue.

Here perception means what employees perceive in sense of training or Trainee's feeling about relevance of the new skill. Basically there are two ways of perceptions: Work Environment Self Efficacy

Work Environment: Work environment means, what work place provided by organization or trainer to trainees or audience. We provide friendly but learning environment to the trainees.

Self Efficacy: Self efficacy means person or individual belief their own competencies. We provide training in this way that trainees beliefs that they have the capabilities to adopt this new concept.