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Case Study

Ambasador / The rebirth of a historic brand

Package design
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Visual identity

Package design

Having been in Kandias portfolio for tens of years and even though it had gone missing from retail shelves for quite a long period of time, Ambasador is one of the Romanian brands that still enjoys a privileged position in the peoples affective memory. Given the high level of trust the brand enjoys, Kandias management team decides to re-launch Ambasador while being endorsed by Kandia. The BrandTailors team was addressed with the challenge of bringing the brand back into nowadays by repositioning it within the Romanian chocolate market.

A thorough brand analysis within the current competition context revealed that Ambasador counts among the few brands holding a masculine personality, although the perception was generated while the brand was marketed in the chocolate tablets category which is highly dominated by feminine brands. Another important aspect with regards to Ambasador is that the brand is perceived as being premium price positioned, due to the very aspirational nature of the name. The new brand visual identity was conceived as a depository of these pre-existing associations and is intended to reflect, in nowadays context, the perceived quality of the brand. The color selection based on blue and white is found upon the reason to highlight the brands masculine personality, while the golden tones give the brand a feeling of preciousness, bonding it naturally with the visual identity of Kandia, the endorser brand. The brands perceived quality is maximized by the decision to launch Ambasador in the chocolate pralines segment first, leaving the product portfolio to be extended toward other chocolate markets, subsequently.

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The packaging solution is based on the color complementariness between the brands visual identity and the product imagery, holding superior shelf stand-out. The overall visual impact is accomplished by means of the white background contrasting with the rest of the color codes used in the package design.

Brand audit - Anca Tzloanu, Andreea Florea Brand strategy - Anca Tzloanu, Andreea Florea Logo design - Ovidiu Pop Package design - Melania Moisi, Ovidiu Pop, Silviu Filipovici Image retouching and preproduction processing - Mihai Prplea Project management - Alina Crang, Cristina Ionescu
Project implementation started in November 201 1. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

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