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Voice setup manual - A guide for Optelec distributors

The Optelec ClearReader+ features a maximum of four selectable voices. As standard + the ClearReader is delivered with the following voices: STANDARD CONFIGURED VOICES OF THE CLEARREADER+
European version (CR-BA-EU) UK Serena Default German Steffi Dutch Claire French Sebastien US/Canada version (CR-BA-US) US Jill Default US Tom Spanish American Paulina Canadian French Julie Australian version (CR-BA-AU) Australian English Karen Default Australian English Lee

Step 2: Press the Forward button to navigate through the list of available voices.
LANGUAGE 1 English (U.S.) 2 English (U.S.) 3 English (U.S.) 4 English (British) 5 English (British) 6 English (Indian) VOICE Jill Tom Samantha Daniel Serena Sangeeta GENDER F(female) M(male) F M F F F M F M F F LANGUAGE 13 French 14 French (Canadian) 15 Danish 16 Norwegian 17 Swedish 18 Finish 19 Russian 20 Polish 21 Italian 22 Spanish (Castilian) VOICE GENDER Sebastien M Julie Ida Stine Alva Mikko Katerina Agata Silvia Monica F F F F M F F F F F

7 English (Australian) Karen 8 English (Australian) Lee 9 German Steffi Yannick Claire Ellen

If your market or your costumer requires a different voice than configured by default, you as a distributor would be able to change the default voices in the Voice Configuration Mode by following the described steps. Step 1: Press and hold the Back and Forward button followed by pressing the Play / Pause button and then release all buttons. You will enter the Voice Configuration Mode. + The ClearReader will announce a short instruction on the button functions in this mode.

10 German 11 Dutch 12 Dutch (Belgian)

23 Spanish (Americas) Paulina

Step 3: After the requested voice has been announced press the Play / Pause button to select it. Then press the Forward button to proceed further in the list and select up to 4 voices in the same way. Step 4 a: If you have selected all requested voices, save your voice selection by pressing the Scan button. The selected voices will be saved and the voice selection mode will be closed. Step 4 b: If you want to exit the Voice selection mode without saving the changes, press the Back button. Step 5: Verify if the configuration was successful. Cycle through the selected voices by pressing and holding the Back button while turning the speed dial at the same time. Please note that each time you re-configure the ClearReader+ all voices need to be selected. Adding or removing only one voice is not possible.

Pause / Play button: Speed button to (de)select voice

Volume button

Back & Forward + Pause: to enter the Voice Selection Mode

Back button: to exit mode without saving

Forward button: to change to next voice

Scan button: to save selection

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