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1 CORPORATE CULTURE PREFERENCE SCALE Instructions: Read each pair of the statements in the Corporate Culture Preference Scale

And circle the statement that describes the organization you would prefer to work in. I would prefer to work in an organization: 1a. 2a. 3a. 4a. Where employees work well together in OR teams Where top management maintains a OR sense of order in the work place Where employees are treated fairly OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR 1b. 2b. 3b. 4b. 5b. 6b. 7b. 8b. 9b. 10b . 11b . 12b . That produces highly respected products or services Where the organization listens to customers and responds quickly to their needs Where employees continuously search for ways to work more efficiently. Where corporate leaders work hard to keep employees happy. Where employees are proud when the organization achieves its performance goals. Where senior executives are respected. That is on top of new innovations in the industry. Where employees abide by company rules. That expects everyone to put in 110 percent for peak performance Where employees are always kept informed of what is happening in the organization. Where most decisions are made by the top executives. Where employees care for each other.

Where employees adapt quickly to new work requirements. 5a. Where senior executives receive special benefits not available to other employees. 6a. Where employees who perform the best get paid the most 7a. Where everyone gets their jobs done like clockwork. 8a. Where employees receive assistance to overcome any personal problems. 9a. That is always experimenting with new ideas in the marketplace. 10a. That quickly benefits from market opportunities. 11a. That can quickly respond to competitive threats. 12a. Where management keeps everything under control.

2 SCORING KEY - CORPORATE CULTURE PREFERENCE SCALE Scoring Instructions: In each space below, write in a 1 if you circled the statement and 0 if you did not. Then transfer the scores for each one of the statements: i.e. 2a, 5a, etc, add up the scores for each subscale: 1, 2, 3, and 4 below: 1. Control Structure 2a 5a 2. Performance Culture 1b 3b 3. Relationship Culture 1a 3a 4. Responsive Culture 2b 4a 6b 5b 4b 7b 8b 6a 8a 9a 11b 7a 10b 10a 12a Total 9b Total 12b Total 11a Total

Interpreting Your Score: These corporate cultures may be found in many organizations, but they represent only four of many possible organizational cultures. Also, keep in mind none of these subscales is inherently good or bad. Each is effective in different situations. The four corporate cultures are defined as follows, along with the range of scores for high, medium, and low levels of each dimension based on a sample of MBA students. Corporate Culture Dimension and Definition High Control Culture: This culture values the role senior executives to lead the organization. Its goal is to keep everyone aligned and under control Performance Culture: This culture values individual and organizational performance strives for effectiveness and efficiency. Relationship Culture: This culture values nurturing and well-being. It considers open communication, fairness, teamwork, and sharing vital part of organizational life. Responsive Culture: This culture values its ability to keep in tune with the external environment, including being competitive and realizing new opportunities. Score Interpretation Medium Low

3-6 5-6 6

1-2 3-4 4-5

0 0-2 0-3