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[State/County] Department of Elections Attn: [Head of Department] [Address] [City], [State] [zip] month/day/year Greetings [Head of Department], Served Party: It has come to my startling attention that participating in elections generates a person to commit a crime pursuant to Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Such crime is perceived to be an act of treason, which is based on the breach of political allegiance to my (or a lawful) state government (emphasis added) that would have existed prior to said amendment. As such operation of law issimply putunconscionable, I hereby formally and expressly DEMAND that my name, as it appears herein presented, or any variation thereof, be removed from the voter registration roles forthwith and cancelled ab initio (emphasis added). I would very much appreciate a response from your department within thirty (30) days of your receiving this claim and demand which: 1) Certifies the expungement of such registration and the manner in which it was executed (emphasis added); 2) Explains why this department has acted in bad faith inasmuch as it failed to advise me that it was involving me in such an artifice and scheme. If I do not hear from you in the time specified, by your silence it will be deemed that you are a knowing party to this artifice/scheme and my injuries will be figured accordingly. And the failure to certify1 that such legal hypothesis is not correct will deem it to be true and factual. I am greatly anticipating your full cooperation in this matter. Sincerely, [Name (as registered)] C/O: [Address] [City], [State - spelled out] [(zip - in brackets)] COPIES OF THE PRECEDING HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: [State] Attorney General Attn: [State AG Name] [Address] [City], [State] [zip] Certified Mail # : 0 000 000 000 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE [NOTE: OPTIONAL NOTICES, BUT RECOMMENDED] Attn: [AG Name], Attorney General 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20530-0001 Certified Mail # : 0 000 000 000 Registered Mail # : 0 000 000 000

The term certify means that the Served Party has to provide a sworn statement to include the following: 1) That the United Statesand the State of [state]has disclosed in good faith that the government of [state] is not a lawful government under the doctrines of international law nor the original U.S. Constitution; 2) That the State of [state] is in fact a quasi-political subdivision of the United States; 3) That every American that participates in any election is deemed a citizen of the United Statesi.e., U.S. person or federal citizen; 4) That any such American (participating in elections) is a subject of Congress and/or the United States.