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ByChrisje derPolof A0 Smith van
he majority of use ot solar energy. Solar renewable energy heating syslems generally are technologies are composed solar thermal of powered the sun. collclors, lluid system by a to The earth-almosphere move the heat trom lhe system in such balance is a lhal collector its point usage. to of heat radiation into spaceis Thesystem useelectricity may equal to incoming solar forpumping fluid, has the and a ,{ radiation; resulting the leveloJ reservoir tank tor heat or i ii'3 energy within the earth's storage and subsequent use. almosphere roughlybe Thesystems can may be usedto describedas the earth's heat water a widevariety lor ot climate. The hydrosphere uses, including home, business (wate4 absorbs a major andindustrial usage. lraction of lhe incoming In manyclimates, solar a radiation. Most radiation heating is system provide can up absorbed low latitudes to 85%of domestic water at hot around equator, this energy.This can include the but energy dissipaled is around the domeslic non-electric globe theformol winds in and concentrating solar thermal ocean currents. Wavernotion syslems. many northern In play may a roleintheprocess European of countries, combined transferring mechanical energy hot walerand space heating between atmosphere the and systems (solar combi systems) theocean through stress. areused provide to 25% wind to 15 Solar energy also is responsible home ol heating energy. for lhe distribulion ol Residenlial solar thermal precipitation is tapped which by installations be subdivided this European purchase certain percentage contribute a cleaner can on agreement a to to and is deliverable capacities in projects, for into two kinds of systems: combined hydroelectric and greener with their national of electricity from renewable Thanks the varying world. to trom 28 to 120 kW the grov/th plantsusedto compact pumped of and systems.preferences. threemain energy The s0urces and several efforts of the government combined an lT indirect with create biotuels. plans Both include auxiliary programmes. an energy objectives inthese should incenlive These renewable solulions within tankwilh a storage are capacity of (electric source healing element be,accordingtheIEA: to measures laken are throughoutreach everyone. solar 300to 3000 withintegrated tor Inthe lilre .Sustainability: developing Benewablesolal and orconnection gas tuel to a or oil the complete range of thermal market several heal exchangerThe heat lhemal Encruy central healing system) is that competitive renewablerenewable sources; energy from suppliers crealed have systems exchanger lTtransfers inthe the Rnewable llowinvolves active healthe waterin the sources energy other electricity production to forvarious energy lo of and applications the solar and energy thecollectors lrom phenomena natural such as tank when it drops belowa l0w carbon energy sources developmenl solarthermal to the water. of The intelligent s u n l i g h t w i n d , t i d e s a n d certaintemperalure , setting. andcarriers, curbing energy continues. controller thewater mixes lrom "Benewable is producls geothermal heat, as lhe Hence, hot wateris always demand energy withinEurope and theSGS thelTto create and the International Energy global Agency available. combinaiion leading The of eflorts stop to derived natural Solar from solullons requesled otflemperature. draw (lEAi explains: solarwaterheating using climate and change improve and processes are Currently solar thermal In this system extrasolar the the that "Renewable energy derived theback-up froma wood airquality. is heat include ple can re nishedco sta n ntly. installations anauxiliarycontribution beas highas . C o m p e t i t i v e n e s s :s u r i n g processes are stove fromnatural that chimney heat to water can en source is constantly 40% compared standard that to ln itsvarious forms, it energy replenished constantly. its enable hot walersystem In a to that energy market opening derives Because the lackin s0rar ol syslems. directly the active. from various forms, derives it directly workall yearround cooler brings in benelits cuslomers to communication in these TheSGE a highetficiency is sun, from or heat from the sun. or from heat climales. without the and to the economy a as the source solargas waterheater is with generated within systems auxiliary deep generated wilhin earth. supplemental requirementwhole, while stimulating deep the heat the methodto ensurelhe inlegrated heatexchanger tor Included the requested temperalure. medium sized commercial in Included the definition of a solar in is water heating system investment cleanenergy theearth. in water is electricity heatgeneratedbeing and produclion and energy definition electriciu metwithfossil fuelsor A.0. SmithWaterProductsapplications. installation This is and generated heat from Company from solar, vrind, ocean, electricity. elficiency. created energy available capacities 40 to an in oJ .Security supply: solar, wind, hydropower, ocean, efticient biomass, of tackling intelligent controller.60 kWanda 370litre volume. geothermal resources, and Dlrecllves & granls biomass, This lheEU's rising dpendence hydropower, on controller regulates use Theheat the exchangersituated is biofuels hydrogen and derived As Jossil geothermal fuelsbecome more imported energy through resources, of theauxiliary an energy source. at the bottom the SGE of and fromrenewable resources". scarce and environmentalintegrated approach. The auxiliary source only lranslers solarheatto the is and biofuels and the In lhis context, energy issuesare daily discussed, These solar oblectives laken hydrogen are derived from switchedon if absolutelywaler.ll the sun heatsthe relers energy is collected globally and within the into account the measures renewable 10 that in Therefore gas collectorto a lemperature the resources" necessary. f r o m s u n l i g ha n d c a n b e European Union several lakenin the United t Kingdom. contribution minimised is and exceeding water lhetank, the in applied in many lvays, environmental and The UK Government states: the solarcontribution used theexchanger transler is will the "Although including: plans sustainability are being renewable energiesbiofuels and from the veryetficiently. heal. . Generate electricity part created European with leaders arean inlegral of ourfight production healor coldto of We developed different This integrated syslem two . Heat cool and air committedincrease share against to the possibilities. the solar climate change, they biomass For thermal installations. solution is a compact The . Heat buildings of renewable energy. 2020 also contribute economic production heator coldby SGS a highefficiency By to of is solar installation. available The solar . Heat foodslufts renewableenergy should growth, iob creationand renewable energy sources gaswater heater should lhat be energy usedvery etficiently is . Heat wateror air for hot accounl 20%o{ theenergy increase energy for our security".several incenlive schemes are inslalled an indirect wilh tank and because the direct of water consumption. TheUKkeyissues a green available. are withintegraled exchanger connectionvia the heat heat ',vater Solar heating solar or Eachcountryhas created certificate system with an The awareness growing Thisinstallationverysuitable exchanger is is little energy is policy hotwater water is heated the theirownenergy by based obligation suppliersto amongsl to everyone. People want for large applications. SGS wasted. The


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