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Regional Office, 1st Floor, Shankar Shopping Complex,Krishna Nagar Main Road, Kurnool – 518 002

K.RAVI MUKAR ., Phone No. 08518 - 235800.

Environmental Engineer. Fax No. 08518 – 233619
E-mail: ro_knl@yahoo.com

Lr. No.32-R-1137/PCB/RO/KNL/CFO & HWA/2008 Date: -04-2008

The Joint Chief Environmental Engineer,
A.P. Pollution Control Board,
Zonal Office, Kurnool


Sub: PCB – RO – KNL - M/s. Southwest Mining Ltd, Kamalapuram(v), Dhone(M),

Kurnool Dist. – Applications for Water and Air Consents and HW Authorisation –
Submission of inspection report – Regarding.

Ref: 1) CFO Order No.KNL-80/PCB/ZO-KNL/CFO/2007-1355, Dt: 31-03-2007

2) CFO & HWA applications dt. 17-03-2008 and received on 02-04-2008
3) Industry’s letter received on 16-04-2008

The details of the industry and inspection report are submitted as below:

General Details:

1 Name and Address of the industry M/s. Southwest Mining Ltd,

Kamalapuram(v), Dhone(M), Kurnool Dist.

Corresponding address:
M/s. Southwest Mining Ltd,
D.No.2/15/9/3, Gooty Road,
Dhoe, - 518 222, Kurnool Dist.
With Tel. No.
08516 – 222962
2 Status of Consent and HWA.
I Fresh / Renewal CFO - Renewal
(Copy of CFE / CFO and HWA orders
shall be enclosed). HWA - Renewal
II Date of receipt of application / 02-04-2008
Additional information if any. 16-04-2008
III Details of Consent Fee paid. The industry had paid Rs.21,700/- for the
period of three years i.e., upto 31-03-2011.
(Period upto)
3. Project cost. Rs. 1.4254 Crores
(including modification / expansion without
depreciation, as per balance sheet)
Total investment on pollution control Rs.0.3 Crores
measures and recurring cost and
Latitude & N15o21’25.1” to N15o21’53.2”
E 077o56’53.3” to E 77o57’30.9 ”
Total Area of the plant: 44.943 Hectares
Extent of Greenbelt 10.0 acres

Surroundings of the Industry East : Agricultural lands

West : Private Mining area
North : Kamalapuram reserve forest & Hillock
South : Private Mining area
I Line of Activity as per EIA Notification. Mining activity (Dolomite & Limestone)
II Environmental Clearance order No. J-11015/245/2005/IAII(M), dt: 29-01-2007
and date
(Copy shall be enclosed).
III Violations of EIA Notification, If any. --
4. Date of commissioning. July 2002
5 Status of E.C
6 I Inspection conducted by A.E.E-I
II Representative of Industry present Sri. Srivastav, Project Manager
Sri Kamalakar Reddy, Mines Manager
III Date of Inspection 28-04-2008

CFO Details
7 Raw materials / Fuels required for production at Consented capacity per Day / Month.
Note : Should not be mentioned as “ enclosed with the application “
S.No Name of the Major Raw material / (Per day / Month / Year) for each
material used in the Activity product
1 Explosives 75Kg/month

8 Products & By Products manufactured / Storage capacity of Petroleum products / Mining

capacity etc per Day / Month.
S.No Products / Line of Activity Consented capacity Applied
as per CFE order
(as per the
1 Mining of Dolomite / limestone 3.57 TPA 1150 TPD / 3.57

9 Water consumption.
I Source of water supply
(River / Bore wells / Public supply)
S. Purpose Quantity in KLD
1. Process (Dust suppression) 5.0
2. Washings ---
3. Boiler Feed ---
4 Industrial Cooling (Makeup) / ---
Humidification / Water spraying).
5 Gardening / Irrigation. 3.0
6 Others (to be specified) ---
7 Domestic 1.0
Total: 9.0
II. Status of Functioning of Water Meters The industry had not provided water
meters and instructed to provided water
meter at the outlet of borewell.
10 Waste Water Generation:
S.No Effluents Quantity in KLD
1. Process & Washings ---
(specify stream wise i.e., LTDS, HTDS, High
COD etc.--- brake up shall be given)
2 Boiler Blow Down - ---
3 Cooling Blow Down - ---
4 Softner regeneration ---
5 Domestic 1.0
Total: 1.0

11 Out let – as per CFO order dt.31-03-2007

Outlet No. Outlet Description Max Daily Discharge Point of Disposal

1 Domestic effluents 1000 Septic tank followed by
soak pit

12. a) ETP Details & Mode of Disposal:

I. Outlet No. 1
a. Stream Details: Nil

b. Treatment units details. ---

c. Point of disposal ---

ii. Outlet No. 2 :

a. Stream Details: ---
b. Treatment units details. ---
c. Point of disposal ---

iii. For Domestic waste water: Septic tank followed by soak pit

b) Standards as per CFO / Board Monitoring Data

N.A ---

13 Water Cess
I Returns filed upto (Month & Year) 31-03-2007
II Assessment issued upto (Month & Year) ---
III Assessment paid upto (Month & Year) ---
IV Assessment amount due (In Rs.) ---

14 Air pollution:

S.No. Source of Pollution Control equipment Flow rate in Stack height

( Boiler / Furnace / Kiln / provided m3/hr. in Mts -
Cupola / Incinerator / above GL
Process emissions with
Characteristics / Fugitive
emissions with
Characteristics / DG set )
Capacity should be
mentioned for each unit
D.G set – 325 KVA Silencers --- 4.0 mts
Fugitive emissions due to Water sprayingon --- ---
drilling, blasting & haulage roads,
transporta;tion wetting the ground
before and after
drilling and blasting

15. Emissions from chimneys – as per CFE / CFO order dt. 31-03-2007

Chimney Description of Chimney Quantity of Limiting Board Monitoring Data

No. Emissions Standard
at peak
1 Stack attached to 325 --- 115 ---
KVA D.G set

16 Hazardous chemicals used and their storage facilities: The industry is having separate
magazine to store the explosives (Ammonium Nitrate ) – 75Kg at a time . In a month
3times can be stored.

17 Inspection Officer’s Remarks:

M/s South West Mining Ltd. Dhone, Posses a mining lease for dolomite and lime
stone deposits in Sy.No. 501, 503, 504, 505/C, A,B,D,E,G,H, 508/1A, 1B, 508/1,
2,3,4,5,509, 507, 510, 512, 513. 515/1, 519/D&E of Kamalapuram and Malkapuram
villages, Dhone (M), Kurnool Dist over an extent of 44.943 Hectares.

During the inspection, it was observed that the mining is done by open caste
method in a descending order by exposing the ore body by forming benches. The
activities responsible for air pollution in the mining area are drilling , blasting digging,
loading and transporting of material. The industry is wetting the ground before and after
drilling and during blasting operations to avoid fugitive emissions. The industry is spraying
water on the haulage roads to control the fugitive emissions on regular intervals. The
industry had constructed a pond across the water course which flowing through the mining
area, to arrest the minerals being carried away along with run off during the rainy seasons.
The industry had planted about 9200 saplings in an area of about 10.0 acres. The industry
is also operating the stone crushing unit within the mine lease area for which valid CFO is
having upto 31-03-2011.

In view of the above, the CFO order of the board may be considered to this unit for
the period of three years i.e., upto 31-03-2011 by stipulating necessary conditions.

I Maintenance of ETP / APC : Satisfactory

II Records Maintained
• ETP Log Book. – N.A
• Stack Monitoring Report. ---
• Ambient Air Quality Monitoring report. ---
• Energy consumption records. ---
• Water meter readings. ---
18 Compliance of the industry on CFE (Schedule- B) Conditions for Fresh CFO / Schedule
– B conditions for renewal.
CFO Order No.KNL-80/PCB/ZO-KNL/CFO/2007-1355, dt: 31-03-2007

Condition Compliance
1 The emissions shall not contain : Complied
constituents in excess of the prescribed
limits mentioned below:
Chimney Parameters Emission
No. standards
1 SPM 115

2 The industry shall comply with ambient air : Complied. During the inspection AAQ
quality standards of TSPM-200µg/M3, monitoring was carried and the SPM
RSPM-100µg/M3 :SO2-80µg/M3, NOX2- concentration was found to 182.78 µg/m3.
Noise levels:
Day time (6AM to 10PM) – 75dB(A)
Night time(10PM to 6AM) – 70dB(A)
3 The industry shall not increase the : Complied
capacity beyod the permitted capacity
mentioned in this order, without obtaining
CFE / CFO of the Board
4 The applicant shall put up 2 black boards : Complied
of size 6ft. by 4 ft. at the main entrance to
their plant. One board shall contain the
specific CFE and CFO conditions, in
sufficiently large font size so that it can be
read easily from a distance of 1ft. to a
normal eye, and other board shall carry,
again in sufficiently large font size so as to
be able to read from a distance of 10ft. the
latest water, air, noise and solid waste
monitoring data as well as the maximum
vulnerable zone.
5 Industry shall take all necessary steps to : Complied
arrest fugitive emissions
6 Industry shall take all safety precautions : Complied
while carrying blasting operations and
follow the I.B.M Rules.
7 Non-operative dumps shall be subjected to ; ---
technical and biological reclamation.
8 Plantation over and around over-burden : ---
dumps to be grown to ensure stability of
slopes and prevention of dust by wind
9 Wetting of surface on over burden dumps : Complied
to be regularly practiced.

19 Compliance of the industry on EC Special conditions : Compliance report

submitted by the industry is herewith enclosed.

Condition Compliance
Enclosed Enclosed
20 Compliance of the industry on Task Force Directions
Task Force order : Nil
Directions issued upto : ---
Condition Compliance
--- ---

21 Compliance of the industry on CREP Recommendations. : N.A

CREP Recommendations Compliance
--- ---

22. HWA Details:

i) Particulars of Authorisation obtained under KNL-80/PCB/ZO-KNL/HWM/2007-
HW(M&H) Rules, 2003 (No. & Validity date) 1355, dt: 31-03-2007
ii) Authorization issued for Storage
(Transportation, reception, storage, treatment and
*remarks shall be furnished if the industry is
receiving Haz.Waste at the site and using as a raw
iii) Process in which the industry is covered (Please As follows
give Sl. No of process as per HW Rules)
iv) Description of Hazardous waste with quantities and As follows
Stream No. as per HWM Rules, 2003

S.No. Name of the Stream Quantity of Mode of disposal

hazardous hazardous
waste waste
1 Used lead 22 of Schedule 4 Nos. Proposed to return to dealer /
acid batteries – IV manufacturer on buy back basis.
2 Waste Oil / 5.1 of 100 lt/M Partly for internal consumption
Waste Schedule-1 of lubrication and partly sold out
Lubrication oil to Re-processing / recycling
units authorized by APPCB.

v) Particulars of on-site Secured Storage (Capacity 5 Nos. of MS drums were stored in a

with dimensions) and mention period for which separate yard.
secured storage is sufficient.
vi) Quantity of Haz Waste stored on-site presently. ---

*Furnish specific remarks on the storage of

Haz.waste for more than 90 days.
vii) Quantity of Hazardous waste disposed for last six
months as per the following break-up:

Common TSDF –
Common HW Incinerator –
For recycle / reused - waste oil, lead acid batteries
viii) Whether industry has submitted annual returns, No
date of latest submission.

ix) Whether industry has installed incinerator or No

sending to common HW Incinerator

x) Particular of own incinerator (if applicable) N.A

xi) Whether log books are maintained for incinerator. N.A
(if applicable)

xii) Whether industry has taken adequate steps to Yes

prevent contaminated runoff from storage areas of
Hazardous Waste.
xiii) Steps taken by industry towards waste Effective collection
minimization and cleaner production.

xiv) Future plan for waste minimization. Not submitted

xv) Facilities available with, industry for waste ---


xvi) Overall House Keeping within the factory premises. Needs improvement

xviii) Details of disposal of lead acid batteries along with 4 Nos. are existing along with the
nos and agencies to whom they are disposed D.G set. but not disposed so far.

23 Compliance of the industry on previous Hazardous Waste Authorisation conditions.

HW Authorisation /common order No. KNL-80/PCB/ZO-KNL/HWM/2007-1355, dt: 31-

Condition Compliance
1 Industry shall give top priority for waste : Complied
minimization and cleaner production
2 Industry has to improve house keeping at : Complied
the storage area of the solid waste and
maintain proper records for hazardous
wastes stated in authorization (Form-II).
3 Industry shall take necessary practical : Complied
steps for prevention of oil spillage’s and
carry over of oil from the premises
4 Industry shall not dispose waste oils / used : Complied
lead acid batteries to the traders
5 Industry shall dispose / sell the hazardous : ---
wastes to oly industries / agencies
authorized by State Pollution Control
Boards. They shall verify the authorization
of the Board given to the party before
disposing their wastes to the external party
6 Used lead acid batteries shall be stored on : Complied
concrete lined platform under a shed.
7 Industry shall maintain 6 copy manifest : ---
system for transportation of waste
generated and a copy shall be submitted
to Board Office and concerned Regional
8 The industry shall submit the condition- : Complied
wise compliance report of the conditions
stipulated in Schedule-B and Schedule-C
of this order on half yearly basis to Zonal
Office, Kurnool and concerned Regional

(Signature of the Inspecting Officer)

24 Regional Officer’s Remarks:

I Compliance of the industry with

reference to Notifications under E(P)
Act & Rules.
a) Fly Ash Notification.
b) PLI Act Policy. N.A
c) Environmental Statement in
Form – V. ---

d) Other if any. ---

II Complaint / Legal action taken against No complaints received
the industry.
III. Mitigation Measures (Where significant It was reported that the mining activity is
adverse effects are identified, carried out in an area of 21.0 acres only.
description of the measures to be The industry is spraying water through
taken to avoid, reduce or remedy tanker on haulage roads to suppress the
those effects). dust during vehicular movement. It was
reported that the industry has planted 9200
saplings in various plants. It was reported
that the industry is wetting the ground before
and after drilling system to reduce dust
pollution during drilling.

25 Recommendation (Specific comment whether to issue consent or not).

The issue of CFO of the Board may be considered to this unit for the period
of three years i.e., valid upto 31-03-2011 duly stipulating necessary conditions.

This is submitted for favour of kind information and taking necessary action.

Check List for CFO Enclosures:

1. CFO applications Y
along with enclosures
2. CFE/ CFO order copy Y
3. Effluents analysis report N
4. Stack Emissions analysis reports N
5. Ambient Analysis reports Y
6 Ground water monitoring reports N

Check List for HWA Enclosures:

1. Hazardous waste authorization application in Form-I. Y

2 Analysis reports of the Hazardous Wastes (for individual streams). N
3 Details of Hazardous waste generated and their method of disposal. Y
4 Details of hazardous waste sent to common TSDF, common N
incinerator during the previous year.
5 List of agencies to whom recyclable waste disposed along with N
quantities during the previous year..
Yours faithfully,


- Copy submitted to the JCEE (Cess & Planning) APPCB, Board Office, Hyderabad for favour
of kind information and for taking necessary action (by e-mail also).