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Regional Office, 1st Floor, Shankar Shopping Complex,Krishna Nagar Main Road, Kurnool – 518 002

K. RAVI KUMAR ., Phone No. 08518 - 235800.

Environmental Engineer. Fax No. 08518 – 233619
E-mail: ro_knl@yahoo.com

Lr. No. K – 11 /PCB/RO/KNL/CFO & HWA/2008 Date: -05-2008


The Senior Environmental Engineer (CFO), The Joint Chief Environmental Scientist (HWM),
A.P. Pollution Control Board, A.P. Pollution Control Board,
Board Office, Hyderabad. Board Office, Hyderabad

Sir ,

Sub: PCB – RO – KNL – CDCC - CFO application of M/s SPY Agro Industries Ltd,
APIIC Industrial Estate, Udumulapuram(V), Nandyal(M), Kurnool Dist.
– Verification report – Regarding.

Ref: 1) CFE Order No. APPCB/KNL/KNL/467/cfe/ho/2005-2345, dt: 04-01-2006

2) Lr.No. 12-2-07-0353-0879-ID, dt: 29-03-2008 received through Commissioner
of Industries, Hyderabad on 03-04-2008
3) T.O.Lr.No.k-11/PCB/RO/KNL/CFO/08-25, dt: 04-04-2008
4) Industry letter dated: 05-05-2008
The details of the industry and inspection report are submitted as below:

General Details:
1 Name and Address of the industry M/s SPY Agro Industries Ltd, APIIC
Industrial Estate, Udumulapuram(V),
Nandyal(M), Kurnool Dist
Corresponding Address:
701, 7th Floor Paigah Plaza, Basheerbagh,
Hyderabad – 500 063,

With Tel. No,

040 – 23230813 & 23235200
2 Status of Consent and HWA.
I Fresh / Renewal Fresh
(Copy of CFE / CFO and HWA orders
shall be enclosed).
II Date of receipt of application / 03-04-2008
Additional information if any. 05-05-2008
III Details of Consent Fee paid. Industry has paid Rs. 1,50,000/- for a period
of one year i.e., valid upto 31-03-2009.
(Period upto)
3. Project cost. Rs. 115.89 Crores.
(including modification / expansion without
depreciation, as per balance sheet)
Total investment on pollution control Rs. 10.0 crores
measures and recurring cost and
Latitude & N 15029’10”
E 78026’30”
Total Area of the plant: 43.0 acres
Extent of Greenbelt Nil
Surroundings of the Industry
East : Vacant land followed by agricultural lands
West : Agricultural lands
North : Proposed residential plots developed by
Ganesh Nagar and Maruthi Nagar
Development Society
South : M/s Nandi Plasticisers and other industrial
4. Date of commissioning. February 2008
5 Status of E.C
I Line of Activity as per EIA Notification. Distillery unit
II Environmental Clearance order No. F.No.J-11011/189/2007-IA II(I)
and date 28th June 2007
(Copy shall be enclosed).
III Violations of EIA Notification, If any. ---
6 I Inspection conducted by E.E & A.E.E
II Representative of Industry present Sri Govind Mishra, C.E.O
III Date of Inspection 15-04-2008

CFO Details
7 Raw materials / Fuels required for production at Consented capacity per Day / Month.
Note : Should not be mentioned as “ enclosed with the application “
S.No Name of the Major Raw material / (Per / Month ) for each product
material used in the Activity
1 Grain flour @ 60% starch content (Maize, 339 TPD
Sorghum, Bajra and Rice)
2 Enzymes 0.5 TPD
3 Bio Mass (Rice husk) 150 TPD

8 Products & By Products manufactured / Storage capacity of Petroleum products / Mining

capacity etc per Day / Month.
S.No Products / Line of Activity Consented capacity Applied
as per CFE order
(as per the
dt. 04-01-2006
1 Total Spirit (OR) 134 KLD 134 KLD
Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) 125 KLD 125 KLD
2 Electricity 4.0 MW ---
Bio Gas 588 – 719 m3/hr. ---

9 Water consumption.
I Source of water supply River Kundu
(River / Bore wells / Public supply)
S. Purpose Quantity in KLD
1. Process 1132
2. Washings ---
3. Boiler Feed (make up) 242.0
4 Industrial Cooling (Makeup) / 1615.0
Humidification / Water spraying).
5 DM Plant and softner regeneration 100.0
6 Others (to be specified) ---
7 Domestic 10.0
Total: 3099.0
II. Status of Functioning of Water Meters Not provided

10 Waste Water Generation:

S.No Effluents Quantity in KLD

1. Process & Washings
(specify stream wise i.e., LTDS, HTDS, High
(603m3/day will be under
COD etc.--- brake up shall be given)
2 Boiler Blow Down - 40.0
3 Cooling Blow Down - 90.0
4 DM Plant and softner regeneration 100.0
5 Domestic 8.0
Total: 1042.0

11 Out let – as per CFE order dt.: 04-01-2006

Outlet No. Outlet Description Point of Disposal

1 Trade effluent (after treatment) Recirculation
2 RO rejects Bio composting process

12. a) ETP Details & Mode of Disposal:

I. Outlet No. 1
a. Stream Details: Primary treatment
b. Treatment units details. Bio Digestor – 28.5mtΦ X 15mts Height
De-gasing pond – 3mtΦ X 10.5mt height
Gas holder floating drum – 7.2mt. Φ X 3.75mt height
Thin slope holding tank – 7.5mt X 12.5mt X 3mt
Parallel Plate – Lamella clarifier – 38m3

Secondary treatment
The secondary ETP is under construction
Pre aeration – 8.0 mtΦ X 3.5mt height
Pre clarifier – 8.0 mtΦ X 3.5mt height
Aeration tank I 45.mt x 15mt x 4.75mt height
Clarifier I 9.0 mtΦ X 3.5mt height
Aeration tank II – 36mt X 12mt X 4.25 mt height
Clarifer II 9.0 mtΦ X 3.50mt height
Treated effluent sump 5mtΦ X 5mt height

c. Point of disposal At present collected in unlined lagoons without treatment

and proposed to use for ferti-irrigation.

ii. Outlet No. 2 :

a. Stream Details: While processing the CFE application the industry has
b. Treatment units details. proposed Bio composting for R.O rejects. Now, the industry
c. Point of disposal has dropped the proposals and adopted secondary
treatment system and fert-irrigation.

iii. For Domestic waste water: Septic tank followed by soak pit

b) Standards as per CFO / Board Monitoring Data

--- ---
13 Water Cess
I Returns filed upto (Month & Year) ----
II Assessment issued upto (Month & ---
III Assessment paid upto (Month & Year) ---
IV Assessment amount due (In Rs.) ---

14 Air pollution:

Sl. Source of Pollution Control equipment Flow rate Stack

No. ( Boiler / Furnace / Kiln / provided in m3/hr. height in
Cupola / Incinerator / Mts -
Process emissions with above GL
Characteristics / Fugitive
emissions with
Characteristics / DG set )
Capacity should be
mentioned for each unit
1 Boilers – 2 Nos. – 16 TPH At present provided Multi 30mts.
each cyclone dust collector. The
industry has also erected
ESP but it was not
connected to the boiler.

2 D.G set

3 Handling of Bio mass fuel Constructed 1.5mts height

of compound wall for
storage of husk and the
industry had also stored
huge quantity of husk
outside the premises.

15. Emissions from chimneys – as per CFE order dt.: 04-01-2006

Chimney No. Description of Quantity of Limiting Board Monitoring

Chimney Emissions Standard Data
at peak flow

1 Stack attached to --- 115 While applying for CFE

25 TPH boiler the industry has
proposed 25TPH boiler
– 1No. But the
industry has erected
16TPH boiler – 2Nos .
16 Compliance of the industry on CFE (Schedule- A & B) Conditions for Fresh CFO /
Schedule – B conditions for renewal.
CFE Order No. APPCB/KNL/KNL/467/CFE/HO/2005-2345, dt: 04-01-2006
Schedule – A
Condition Compliance
1 Progress on implementation of the project shall be : ---
reported to the Regional Office, Kurnool,
A.P.Pollution Control Board once in six months
2 Separate energy meters shall be provided for : Not complied
Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Air Pollution
Control Equipments to record energy consumed
3 The proponent shall obtain consents for operation : Not Complied
from APPCB, as required Under Sec. 25/26 of the
Water (P&C pf P) Act, 1974 and under sec. 21/22
of the Air (P &C) Act, 1981 before commencement
of the activity
4 Notwithstanding any this contained in this : ---
conditional letter or consent, the Board hereby
reserves its right and power Under Sec.27(2) of
Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution Act,
1974 and under sec.21(4) of Air (Prevention and
Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 to review any or all
the conditions
5 The consent of the Board shall be exhibited in the : ---
factory premises at a conspicuous place for the
information of the inspecting officers of different
6 Compensation is to be paid for any environmental : ---
damage caused by it, as fixed by the Collector
and District Magistrate as civil liability
7 Floor washing shall be admitted into the effluent : Complied
collection system only and shall not be allowed to
find their way in storm drains or open areas. The
industry shall maintain a good housekeeping. All
pipe valves, sewers, drains shall be leak proof.
Dyke walls shall constructed around storage of
8 Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) structure(s) shall : ---
be established on the plant site. The proponent
shall ensure that effluent shall not enter the Rain
Water harvesting structure.
9 The rules and regulations notified by Ministry of : ---
Law and Justice, GOI, regarding the Public liability
insurance Act, 1991 shall be followed
10 This order is valid for period of 5 years from the : ---
date of issue
Schedule – B
Condition Compliance
1 The source of water is APIIC and the maximum : The industry is drawing water from River
permitted water consumption is 3099 KLD. Kundu
2 The Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) shall be : The ETP of the unit is under
constructed and commissioned and Air Pollution construction. Without completion of ETP
control equipment shall be installed along with the the industry has started its commercial
commissioning of the activity. All the units of the production. The industry has provided
ETP shall be impervious to prevent ground water multi-cyclone dust collector as air
pollution pollution control equipment for the boiler.
The industry has also erected ESP but it
was not connected. During inspection lot
of odour was observed in and around the
3 The maximum Waste Water Generation (KLD) : While processing for CFE of the Board
shall not exceed the following the industry has proposed RO system
Sl. Source Qty after primary treatment and the RO
No. (m3/day) rejects proposed to utilize as bio
1 Thin slop 804 composting. Now, the industry has
2 Cooling water 90 proposed primary and secondary
blowdown treatment system and the treated
3 Boiler blow down 40 effluents proposed to utilize for ferti-
4 DM plant regeneration 100 irrigation.
5 Sanitary waste 8
Total 1042

Effluent source Mode of final

Trade effluent (after Recirculation
RO rejects Bio composting

4 Separate meters with necessary pipe-line shall be : Not complied

provided for assessing the quantity of water used
for each of the purposes mentioned below:
a) Industrial cooling, spraying in mine pits or
boiler feed
b) Domestic purposes
c) Processing, whereby water gets polluted
and pollutants are easily bio-degradable.
d) Processing, whereby water gets polluted
and the pollutants are not easily bio-

5 The proponent shall comply with the following for : Earlier the industry has proposed
controlling air pollution 25TPH boiler. But now erected 16 TPH
boilers – 2 Nos. for which the industry
Sl. Details of Stack Stack 1 has provided multi-cyclone dust collector
No. and also erected ESP but it was not
a Attached to: FBC Boiler connected to the boiler. The industry has
b Capacity of Boiler 25 TPH provided stack height of 30mts. The
c Fuel Bio gas – 588 – industry has provided scrubber for CO2
719 m3/day / and the industry has proposed to pump
Biomass fuels / the CO2 to Ms Nandyala Gases Pvt Ltd,
coal – 120 TPD which is a sister concerned unit.
d Stack height 47m
e Air Pollution Bag filters
f Standards to be SPM of 115
complied mg/Nm3)

Process Emission Control

Fermenters – CO2 Scrubber

6 A sampling port with removable dummy of not less : Complied

than 15 cm diameter shall be provided in the stack
at a distance of 8 times the diameter of the stack
from the nearest constraint such as bends etc. A
platform with suitable ladder shall be provided
below 1 meter of sampling port to accommodate
three persons with instruments. A 15 AMP 250V
plug point shall be provided on the platform.
Solid Waste:
7 The proponent shall comply with following: : The industry is generating about 190
TPD decanted mash is being sold out
Sl. Composit Qty Disposal as cattle feed, about 30 TPD of fly
No. ion ash generated is being sold out to
1 Yeast 8.0 TPD Proposed to brick manufactures, the industry has
sludge sold out as proposed to utilize the ETP sludge as
cattle feed or manure.
used for bio
2 Fly ash 22.75 Proposed to
TPd sold out to
(when brick
coal is manufacturers
used as
3 Sludge 90.0 Proposed to
TPM utilized as

8 The following rules and regulations notified by the : Complied

MoE&F, GOI shall be implemented.
a) Hazardous Waste (Management and
Handling) Rules, 1989
b) Manufacture, storage and import of
hazardous chemicals Rules, 1989

Other Conditions:
9 The industry should develop 15m width greenbelt : Not complied
around the plant and 25m width around the
compost yard. Greenbelt development shall be
started along with the construction activity

10 Adequate arrangements for spreading and turning : Not complied, the industry has
the material being composted should be ensured dropped the proposal of bio
so as to have aerobic conditions and adequate composting.
temperature to minimize odour and files. The
method of addition of treated distillery effluent to
agro wastes should be accompanied with
thorough mixing rather than open spraying.

11 In recharging ground water by rain harvesting, : Not complied

care should be taken that surface runoff and
leachate from the compost yard is properly
separated, treated and disposed off. It should not
be allowed to reach the ground water under nay
circumstances. Only the roof water should be
collected and directly utilized or allowed to
recharge groundwater.

12 Industry should have storage capacity for spent : The industry has constructed two
wash for not more than 15 days. The storage tank unlined lagoons size about 100 x 80
should be provided as per CPCB stipulation to x 3.5mts. and 100 x 100 x 3.5mts for
make it leak proof. storage of spent wash.

13 The industry should adopt the measures to control : ---

odour as committed vide lr. Dt: 15-12-2005.
14 The industry should monitor electrical conductivity : Not submitted
in ground and surface water samples regularly
and the reports should be submitted to the Board
15 The industry should measures noise levels twice a : Not complied
16 The industry should measure fly index near the : Not submitted
compost yard and just outside the battery limit of
the plant and should be submitted to the Board
17 The recommendations / commitments made : Compliance not submitted by the
during the Public Hearing held on 29-07-2005 at industry
Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,
Udumulapuram(V), Nandyal(M), Kurnool District
shall explicitly be followed from pollution control
point of view

18 The proponent shall not undertake any activity : ---

without obtaining Environmental Clearance from
MoE&F, Govt. of India as per MoE&F, Govt. of
India Notification No.S.O.60(E) dt: 27-01-94 and
the amendments issued thereof.

17 Compliance of the industry on EC Special conditions : Industry’s compliance

report enclosed

Condition Compliance

18 Compliance of the industry on Task Force Directions : 29-04-2008

Condition Compliance
Industry not to operate the unit till CFO
1 : Not complied
of the Board is obtained

19 Compliance of the industry on CREP Recommendations. N.A

CREP Recommendations Compliance
--- ---

20 Hazardous chemicals used and their storage facilities: ENA storage capacity

21. HWA Details:

i) Particulars of Authorisation obtained under Applied for first time
HW(M&H) Rules, 2003 (No. & Validity date)
ii) Authorization issued for ---
(Transportation, reception, storage, treatment
and disposal)

*remarks shall be furnished if the industry is

receiving Haz.Waste at the site and using as a
raw material.
iii) Process in which the industry is covered 34.3
(Please give Sl. No of process as per HW
iv) Description of Hazardous waste with quantities ETP sludge – 90 TPH
and Stream No. as per HWM Rules, 2003
v) Particulars of on-site Secured Storage ---
(Capacity with dimensions) and mention period
for which secured storage is sufficient.
vi) Quantity of Haz Waste stored on-site presently. Nil

*Furnish specific remarks on the storage of

Haz.waste for more than 90 days.
vii) Quantity of Hazardous waste disposed for last N.A
six months as per the following break-up:

Common TSDF –
Common HW Incinerator –
For recycle / reused -
viii) Whether industry has submitted annual N.A
returns, date of latest submission.
ix) Whether industry has installed incinerator or Not submitted
sending to common HW Incinerator
x) Particular of own incinerator (if applicable) ---
xi) Whether log books are maintained for ---
incinerator. (if applicable)
xii) Whether industry has taken adequate steps to ---
prevent contaminated runoff from storage
areas of Hazardous Waste.
xiii) Steps taken by industry towards waste ---
minimization and cleaner production.
xiv) Future plan for waste minimization. ---

xv) Facilities available with, industry for waste ---

xvi) Overall House Keeping within the factory ---
xviii) Details of disposal of lead acid batteries along ---
with nos and agencies to whom they are

22 Compliance of the industry on previous Hazardous Waste Authorisation

conditions. : N.A

23 Inspection Officer’s Remarks: M/s SPY Agro Industries Ltd, Industrial Estate,
Udumulapuram(V), Nandyal has been issued CFE to produce total spirit / ENA of 134 KLD
/ 125 KLD and power of 4MW. The industry was inspected on 22-02-2008. in response to
the news item published in Eenadu daily and a Show Cause Notice was issued for starting
the operation of the plant without CFO of the Board, without commissioning of ETP, and
without providing control equipment to the boiler and discharging the waste water in to river
thereby creating surface water pollution. A detailed inspection report was also submitted
to the Member Secretary, Board Office, Hyderabad on 5-03-2008 for taking necessary legal
action against the industry. The industry was again inspected on 15-04-2008 and
observed that the unit was not under operation. The Chief Executive Officer of the unit
informed that the under is under shutdown since 11-04-2008 due lack of Bio-mass fuel.
During the inspection, it was observed that the industry has constructed two unlined
lagoons of size about 100 x 80 x 3.5mts and 100 x 100 x 3.5mts. and stored untreated
effluents in the lagoons and generating pungent odour.
The industry has completed the erection and commissioning of Bio-digestor but the
secondary effluent treatment plant civil works were still under progress as on the date of
inspection. The industry has erected individual multi-cyclone dust collectors for 16 TPH
boilers (2Nos.) The ESP is under erection stage. A legal hearing was held on 25-04-2008
before Board’s task Force Committee and a direction was issued to the industry on 29-04-
2008 “not to operate the unit till CFO of the Board is obtained”.

I Maintenance of ETP / APC : Industry has constructed primary treatment plant

and secondary treatment plant is under construction. Provided multi-cyclone
dust collector as air pollution control equipment to the boiler. ESP was erected
but it was not connected.
II Records Maintained
• ETP Log Book. : ---
• Stack Monitoring Report. : ---
• Ambient Air Quality Monitoring report. : ---
• Energy consumption records. : ---
• Water meter readings. : ---

(Signature of the Inspecting Officer)

24 Regional Officer’s Remarks:

I Compliance of the industry with

reference to Notifications under
E(P) Act & Rules.
a) Fly Ash Notification.
b) PLI Act Policy. Yet to comply
c) Environmental Statement in
Form – V. ---

d) Other if any.

II Complaint / Legal action taken against the industry :

A news item was published in Eenadu daily on 22-02-2008 against the
industry for discharging untreated effluents into River Kundu. A detailed inspection
report was submitted to the Member Secretary on 25-02-2008 for initiation of legal
action. A legal hearing was held before the Boards Task Force Committee meeting
held on 25-04-2008 and a direction was issued to the industry on 29-04-2008 “not
to operate the unit till CFO of the Board is obtained.”.
III. Mitigation Measures (Where significant adverse effects are identified, description of
the measures to be taken to avoid, reduce or remedy those effects). :

The industry is operating without completion of the construction of ETP, bio digestor
and without connecting the ESP to the boiler and discharged the waste water
indiscriminately in and around the industry and discharged the effluents outside the factory
into the APIIC drains which joins to the stream which is existing under National Highway-18
and Railway bridge, which ultimately joins to Kundu River. The storage of effluents in the
stream at N.H-18 and under the railway bridge which is generating pungent smell and
creating nuisance to the road by-passers.

The unit was again inspected on 15-04-2008 and observed that the unit was not
under operation. The industry has constructed two unlined lagoons of size about 100 x 80
x 3.5mts and 100 x 100 x 3.5mts. and stored untreated effluents in the lagoons. The
discharged effluent is generating pungent odour in the area. The industry has completed the
erection and commissioning of Bio-digestor but the secondary effluent treatment plant civil
works were still under progress as on the date of inspection.

While processing the CFE application the industry was proposed primary treatment
and R.O process and the R.O rejects proposed for bio composting process. Now, the
industry has submitted the primary and secondary treatment facilities for treatment of the
effluents. The treated effluents propose to utilize for ferti-irrigation. The industry has
constructed lagoons without lining and stored huge quantity of spent wash.

As the industry is located at close proximity in the catchment area of the river
Kundu there is possibility of effluent joining the river. Hence, the may be directed
to take measures to avoid discharge of effluents / storm water from the premises of
the plant into the river Kundu. The industry may also be directed that the ferti-
irrigation proposed should be towards the opposite direction of the river and there
should not be any overflow of the water used for ferti-irrigation.

During inspection it was observed that the industry had installed 16TPH
boilers of 2Nos. whereas the industry has taken CFE for only 25TPH boiler. Industry
has proposed to provide ESP as a pollution control equipment to the boiler whereas,
CFE was issued subject to the condition to provide bag filter to the boiler. Whereas
the industry has provided individual multi-cyclone dust collectors for 16 TPH boilers
(2Nos.) The ESP is under erection stage.

During inspection it was observed that lot of odour was observed in around
the industry. There was also press clippings in the daily news papers on the smell
nuisance caused by the industry in and around Nandyal town. The industry may be
directed to take measures to control the smell nuisance caused by the industry.

25 Recommendation (Specific comment whether to issue consent or not).

The issue of CFO to the unit may be considered duly stipulating conditions
considering the above mitigation measures suggested along with the other
necessary conditions, after construction and commissioning of the ETP & ESP /
bag filter provided to the boiler and on submission of concrete measures taken by
the industry to reduce the smell nuisance creating by the industry,

This is submitted for favour of kind information and taking necessary action.

Yours faithfully,


- Copy submitted to the JCEE (Cess & Planning) APPCB, Board Office, Hyderabad for favour of kind
information and for taking necessary action.
- Copy submitted to the JCEE, APPCB, Zonal Office, Kurnool for favour of kind information and for
taking necessary action.