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HR House Company - Marketing Plan

Prepared by: Najla BenGiuma


HR House Company - Marketing Plan

The company that I would like to make a marketing plan for is called Human Resources House Company, it is a Libyan national established in the beginning of the year 2006 with its Head Office in the Capital city, Tripoli. Developing human capital is a strategic priority in the new economy and it must become more of a science and less of an art. HR House Co. is a leading a Local Professional Recruitment and HR Consultancy Services. HR House is focusing on providing National Manpower within energy companies especially in Oil & Gas industrial sectors. HR House Co. an advocate for all types of businesses in Libya and also provides administrative relief, big company benefits and a systematic way to help clients' organization to improve their productivity and gain more control over their business. Moreover, HR House Co. focuses on business aspects which are most important to clients and customers to be become more productive and more profitable. Therefore, the total quality management issues will support clients' organization to improve their competitive advantage in the work place. Nowadays, Libyan market is faced the tremendous changes due to a global policy that trend to bring International standards. Not only to the way is business done, but also to the way of perception of professionalism that is needed to find out the most optima way to use the country resources. International companies are in the market, jobs are being offered; but basic problems still resist to the wind of change: Qualified are rare, job seekers do not know where to go to find a job and Libyan Companies are struggling to keep up with the international standards. Therefore, the unique purpose that HR House was built to be not only a sample matching engine between enterprise and job seekers, but a true strategic partner that enable the enterprise to realize the full value of its human capital. Vision Statement: To be the most professional and ethical Human Resources service Provider Company in Libya. Mission Statement: To provide clients with the most qualified people and HR innovative solutions in order to allow us to exceed clients and customers goal. Values: We can not manage what we do not measure. Therefore HR House will continuously monitor measure and improve all aspects of its business which customers and employees tell what is important to them. HR House will conduct their business at all times with integrity, transparency, strong ethical values, commitment to serve and abide by the laws of the land. HR House believes that the most important asset of the company is its employees. Trust, respect, fairness and dignity will be built a strong spirit of working together.


HR House Company - Marketing Plan Customer Analysis The majority of companies' clients are from energy companies for both International and local. These companies preferred an expertise and qualified candidates who have a good qualification and knowledge with high skills of using new technology. Accordingly to the oil industry and services most of the major work done at oil fields in both Onshore and Offshore. Implement supplier development culture to follow any changes might be happen in the customers needs and they should be involved from the concept stage to save their time and effort for providing immediate needed candidates. Nowadays a lot of international companies are interring Libyan market to explore oil areas and redevelop the existing wells and oil fields. Moreover because for the proposed and the new running projects; the demand for recruiting new manpower will be increased. Competitor Analysis According to the survey in the local market related to recruitment services, there are two different competitors; the first one is direct competitors such as Labor Office, National Oil Cooperation and Oil & Gas services companies. The second one is indirect competitors; the companies which are doing this activity without any outsource assistances. In spite of these companies are having a strong brand names and a strong financial resources, their performances and skills to operate this activities is not as good as HR House does at a low cost. For instance National Oil Cooperation Company is only focusing on hunting fresh graduation students who are graduated from Engineering, Finance, Law Universities and Technical colleges this happen occasionally upon the Oil companies requirement. Labor Office is only collecting job seeker requisitions no matter if they are qualified or not plus no marketing plan. Oil & Gas services companies are providing qualified candidates as a contractor at high cost. However their marketing activities are at good stage by using many different kinds of media resources such as online advertisements in their websites, brochures, newspaper ads and newsletters. In addition, HR House's activities are extended to HR Consultancy and the most of the players in the market are total of seven. The only two competitors who are at the good stage are Elgabis Co. and Jetrak Co. HR House management believes that they rank the first stage in both enterprises so its strong positioning in the recruitment services field. HR House management's main target is to create a real value for clients; this value doesn't mean 'selling at a cheap price' but values means delivering something of real perceived worth to the clients.


HR House Company - Marketing Plan

Scope of work and services: HR House prepares a recruitment campaign for clients that help to provide them with the appropriate profiles in quality and quantity as it matches their clients and customers' value. HR House work scope consists with the following: 1Advertising design and publication in the local media 2Reception, screening and filtering of the CVs 3Interviewing and evaluation of the selected candidates by using several kinds of tests such as IQ, Verbal reasoning, Numerical Analysis, English, PC Skills, Personality and work sample tests. 4Making flight, accommodation and transportation reservations for the selected candidates. 5Providing on job training program in HR for their client's employees. 6Performing job descriptions, organization change, restructure, define administration system, performance appraisal forms. The level of HR House performance has been recognized and appreciated by one and all in this field by providing a standard quality services that meets the local market. Recruitment has also been growing and contains references of Libyan Companies such as (Al-Yam, Leptis Meditun, Akida Co.) and international companies (Oxy, Shell, Verenex, Coca Cola, Woodside, Total, ABB, Chevron, Repsol YPF, SGS Inspection Services, Edgo Oilfield Services, Halliburton, Baker Atlas, Baker Hughes, KCA Deutag, Magic Libya, Avis Libya, etc). HR House Co. is approximately dealing with 35 companies, 4 for providing services in HR consultancy and the rest in recruitment services Marketing Analysis: The HR House Company starts with the capital of 350,000.00 LD. It is a join-stock company the shareholders are from different categories, private companies and individuals. Marketing Budget for the that current year is 20,000 LD Media Logo design Business cards and letterhead Newspapers Magazines Direct Mail Brochure Website Word of mouth Online Ads Public Relations Trade Shows -4Amount 1500 2000 6000 2100 800 400 9200 Nil -

HR House Company - Marketing Plan Registration for business exhibitions Total of marketing expenditures 20,000

Annual gross sales for the last three years in 2008 190,250 Marketing expenditures planned during the current year 31,000 Actual marketing expense during the current year 20,000 Annual gross sales at the end of the current year 250,000 The percentage of the actual difference between this year's sales and last year's sales to the market effort 50%

Company SWOT Analysis:

Strengths: 1234567Weaknesses: 1Little financial recourses 2Not enough space within the workplace 3No competitors this caused a lot of work and duties that leads to lack of innovation and inaccuracy. 4The webpage still under construction. Opportunities: 1New International companies entrain the country. 2Dealing with an international recruitment agencies focusing in hiring expatriates candidates according to the clients' disciplines in the coming year. 3They have been asked to participate in several training centers total of 3 to trainee their clients' employees in HR which will be started at the beginning of the next year. 4Reducing cost by using online evaluation test and interview through telephone conversation in the near future. The only one in the market as local recruitment services. Reach the first rank in HR consultancy Very good reputation High qualified manpower. Very good services Strong relationship with the key industry members. Well-built recruitment Database.


HR House Company - Marketing Plan

Threats: 123456New competitor. On job training will be required for more than 5 employees. Landlord may refuse to renewal the annual rental contract. New Technology costs money. Economic crisis. Loss of important client

Marketing objectives:
Achievement objectives during the previous years 1A strong relationship among the Energy Companies. 2- Recruiting professional qualified expatriate and national manpower in HR House Co. 3Succeed in achieving an excellent reputation within the market. 4- Succeed in implementing three consultancy projects with Buraq Airline by doing job descriptions for whole organization, implementing performance appraisal system and defining an administration system. 5- HR House is considered as a partner with Coca-Cola Libya for a complete organizational change, restructure, recruitment and the only reference for this company. (Short-term (upcoming year 1Improve client loyalty 2Achieve a high level of client satisfaction among 95% of target clients 3Extend reach of communications to 90% of target new clients. Seeking to make business relations with new companies by visiting them to represent HR house services. Dealing with international recruitment agencies to expand their services by providing global manpower services to the clients. Opening a Human Resource Training Center for clients' employees to be implemented in forth quarter. Upgrade Human Resource Information System by reducing the burden of employer-related paperwork such as Payroll Processing, Employment Verifications and Time & Attendance Systems.


- Long-term (5 to 10 years) 1Planning to keep company brand name as a first supplier in the local market. 2Build strong business relationship for the company services over next years. 3Increase profit margin of services 25% by year 10.


HR House Company - Marketing Plan 4Online recruitment capability.


HR House Company - Marketing Plan

Marketing plan summary for the upcoming years: After reviewing the current Market situation many issues can be addressed according to competitive advantage. These issues identified that HR House Co. is growing steadily rate by value of 5 percent. HR House Co. is providing a high quality service at law cost by highly standard evaluation for the candidates upon the companies' job disciplines. For the coming year new enters more than 10 energy companies will start their business and many field projects in Oil and Gas will be implemented. Therefore, HR House managements plan on maximize efforts to meet their target by increasing their marketing budget 20% and expand their media resources because of the positive action and attraction is largely through creativity around mainstream advertising. HR House managements will deal with some international agency to provide them with qualified expatriates candidates. This project will make a huge change in its return on investment (ROI) by increasing 40% from the total revenue because up to now there isn't any agencies in the labor market can supply expatriate manpower to the clients to be as direct hire employees. Oil & Gas services Co. are the only one who can supply this kind of category to the energy companies but as a subcontract employee at a high level cost. HR House managements plan on opening training center in HR with costs of approximately 100,000LYD. The project will be launched in the upcoming year. HR managers decided to give a promotion to the clients by reducing 10% from the total cost for each course, if the total of employees exceeds 10. They also plan on upgrade the Human Rescuers Information System (HRIS) this system are able to produce more effective and faster outcomes than can be done on paper with this system can help them to a track the applicants data and organize all their performance packages which is related to the staffs, clients and trainees. HR House managements foresee the following results for the coming year: Gross sales 500.000LYD In the previous years the company was built up its ROI and after 2010 the ROI has reached 100% and it will be increasing 25% each year. In the long term, HR House managements will focus on implementing online recruitment this kind of technology will let them reach a wide pool of applicants, build a talent databank for the future vacancies and reducing recruitment cost such as administration and advertising. The estimated cost of implementing an on-line recruitment package is 40,000 LYD. This business case will be launched in near future.