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November 2011

7th Grade C.O.L.T. Enrichment

Volume 1, Issue 1

Riding On Wheels at E.H.M.I.S.

we burn rubber. As in BIKES! EHMIS got a grant from Highmark Healthy Five. They bought 25 new Trek bikes from Adventure Cycling for $7,500. Every year they will get 1 or 2 bikes based on By Chase Mowery and Dhane Schmelyun Mud flying, helmets attached, and burning rubber. When people think of gym class, they think of kickball, tennis, and dodge ball. At EHMIS the sizes of the kids. They are the best life time activity, plus we have a bunch of trails around here, said Mr. Little. Some of the hazards of biking at E.H.M.I.S. are pot holes, storm grates, dogs, cars, and pedestrians. Most likely no kids will get severely injured unless its their fault or they dont follow the rules. Drew Dusman, a seventh grader, said, It is a nice unit because kids can learn how to ride bikes if they dont already know how to. Tyler Osborne from EHMIS said, Im not looking forward to the biking unit because I heard bad comments about it. Special thanks to Mr. Little for providing the information.

Dr. Ru pp: A Story of S uc c es s

By Cassandra Auchey and Chloe Rohrbaugh For thirteen years Dr. Rupp has been working day in and day out to make South Western the best district anyone can be in. Some may ask, though, Who is Dr. Rupp? She is the most powerful woman in our district; she is the superintendent. To start her career, Dr. Rupp went to college and got her degree in education. She had always wanted to be a teacher, so she went and got her first teaching job at South Western School District. She chose to move up to the position of superintendent so she could have more of an influence over the education of kids to make sure they had the best possible education. The hardest part, Dr. Rupp said, is keeping everything going in the right direction and making sure we are getting better all the time. When asked how hard it is to manage so many schools Dr. Rupp replied, Its easy when you work with a good team of people, an awesome school board, and the ability to email and text. Even though she enjoys her job, she loves to have some free time. Dr. Rupp has two sons and one grandson. She loves to read and cook, but she hates doing housework. She loves to be outdoors, and a good movie puts her on cloud nine. So next time you think of how awesome South Western is, I hope you thank Dr. Rupp for doing all that is humanly possible to make South Western the best district.

Th e N ew a nd I mp rove d MMC

The Kindles are Here!

By Gina Dodd Would you rather read from a new paperback or a shiny electronic book? If you choose an electronic book, head on over to the EHMIS library! While remodeling the library this summer, our school bought three Kindles, electronic devices that hold up to 3,500 books that one can read. Currently each Kindle has 24 books. Mrs. Porter, our librarian, says that there is a very long waiting list to use the Kindles. The reason for getting the Kindles is so our library can get more titles for a cheaper price. We plan on getting more.

By Cassie Davis As the students entered the school after a long summer, they couldnt help but stray into the new and improved library. With a much friendlier atmosphere and fancier furniture, many kids like it a lot more. Mrs. Porter, the E.H.M.I.S. librarian, had the library redone. They used some left over funds to pay for the renovation. The circulation (checkout) desk is now in the middle of the MMC. The kids now have yearbooks to page through. They have a shelf just for new books, and the paperbacks were finally placed with the rest of the fiction.

While interviewing Mrs. Porter, she said that she enjoys the new library a lot more. She does miss the pit, though. Mrs. Porter said she loves having the circulation desk in the middle, because she can see everything that is going on. She also says that it is bright, airy, and open. Jessica Sillyman says, I love the new library, because it is a lot bigger and friendlier. Mrs. Porter is very glad she redid the MMC because many kids enjoy it more than before.

Each Kindle cost $139, and $40 extra for a case. Another reason we bought the Kindles was because they are easy to use and carry around. When Im traveling, I enjoy using a Kindle, but when Im at home I love reading a real book, says Mrs. Porter.

Colts Football and XC Strive for Success

By Seth Janney and Charlie Klecker Both 7th grade football and boys cross country started off this year undefeated. The cross country lost last week and is now 5-1 and football is 6-0. This is the one year the 7th and 8th grade cross country players brought home the trophy from the Panther Invitational. Football is off the charts with players. According to Coach Houser the team leaders are Seth Janney, Quan Marshall, and Drew Hartlaub. In addition, there is a lot of hard work from the whole team. A couple of coaches felt that Red Lion and Central York would be the toughest games for the football team. Also, coaches say the Dallastown team is a tough team because they keep all their 9th graders for the XC runners. The Colts beat Central York last week and just played Red Lion, the 2nd best team, with a great win, 34-0. The football team has been running sprints, doing hit drills, getting stronger, and going over plays since August to prepare for big games. Cross Country has been running a lot of road runs and doing abdominal workouts this season but have not done as many hills as last year. Both teams started preparing during the summer and will play until the end of October.

By Vincent Steigen and Eric Zwolinski Blu is the last male of his kind and has to repopulate with Jewel, the last female, to save his species. The only thing is... Blu cant fly. It takes place in Rio in the summer time with a bird named Blu whos from Minnesota. He also has to save his species. The movie had a good story line filled with hilarious, dramatic characters including the monkeys, as well as Nigel, the evil cockatoo. The movie had dramatic scenes, like when Blu and Jewel tried to fly and fell on a paraglider. The movie was good, but it could have been better if there were ninja monkeys. Also the movie could have been better if it was longer and had a better ending. Overall, the movie was okay, but it was short and they should have had more scenes with the monkeys.

M ik e Felton Ru sh es to Su cc e ss
By Cole Shutika and Jake Warrington Mud flying, pads hitting at South Western High School in Hanover, PA. This is what we call football. One student is getting ready to play football after high school. Mike Felton plans to play football at Temple University. Mike Felton is getting a full scholarship at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. In 2011 Mike Felton worked hard to earn his scholarship. According to Coach Henrie and Coach Morella, Mike Felton worked out in the off season. Mike Felton ran 40 yards in 4.3 seconds. The positions Mike Felton plays are half back, wide receiver kick return, punter, and kicker, so he pretty much does it all. Charlie Klecker thinks Mike Felton is one of the best players ever at South Western High School. Klecker also thinks that he will have more than 20 touch downs by the end of the season.

Homework Hotline Cancelled

By Michael Hoffman Youre home sick and you have a project due, so you call the Homework Hotline to see what you have to do for the project. All you get now is a dial tone. Last year at E.H.M.I.S. the school got rid of the Homework Hotline. Not enough people were using the Homework Hotline daily. Last year the students and teachers used the Homework Hotline

so students could know what to do for homework. Now some teachers at E.H.M.I.S. put their homework online since the Homework Hotline has been discontinued. For example, Mr. Grindle puts his homework on Wikispaces. Mr. Provence puts his homework on twitter. Most other teachers put their homework on the board. There are so many different options to find out what your homework is now. If you dont have a computer at home, it is important to fill out your agenda.

Healthy or NOT?
By Justus Coury

Facebook with French Fries, will it work?

By Drew Dusman and Joey VanDenBurg Students always talk to each other or do homework at lunch, but what would it be like if you could use iPods, cell phones or even play games? Lots of people agree that having electronics at E.H.M.I.S. during lunch is a fantastic idea. For some students, electronics at lunch would be great, but there are a lot of pros and cons to it. A pro is that kids can interact with friends. Colin Brezniak says, It would be good because then we can talk with friends. Camryn Tracy said, I would enjoy having electronics at lunch. Cafeteria workers have said that it wouldnt bother them if we had electronics at lunch because it would be quieter. They also said that they feel its good to have electronics, because then students would have something to do on rainy days. Mr. Smale says that it wouldnt bother him, but there are other reasons we cant take them to lunch. Some of the cons are that the electronics could be stolen or that there could be potential problems of internet bullying. Mr. Smale says that this subject has never really been discussed before. Another thing is that we would have to go over expectations, rules, and make sure that everyone understands them clearly. There would also have to be consequences for something inappropriate or something that offends another person. Also if some type of food or drink gets on it, it could ruin it, so electronics shouldnt be out until you are done eating. Also some students wont put them away after lunch. Even though there are a lot of reasons why we cant have electronics at lunch currently, sometime in the future students might be able to show that we are responsible enough to earn this privilege.

Scootering Through Life

By Sage Griffith and Chad Metcalf Can you do tricks on a scooter? If you can use a scooter, then this is an article for you to read. When you scooter, there are places you can go. One place that you can scooter at is Calvary Bible Church, which is across the street from Hanover Middle School. You could also go to the Westminster Skate Park. The reason to go there is because those ramps are pretty big, and they have a half pipe. One last place that you could go is Winebriners. You could go there for some ramps that are middle sized but not too big. Some tricks for scootering are tail whip, 180, hang 5, 360 whip, briflip, and the inward briflip. To do a 180, you jump and throw your shoulders to rotate 180 degrees. To do a hang 5, you put your foot on the head tube. After that, you push forward and ride on your front wheel for a while. Those are some things that you should know about scootering.

Swapping Seats in the Cafeteria

By Haley Cole And Tyler Osborne Teachers and students have different opinions on whether students should sit where they want or if they should have assigned seats .The students would like to sit where they want, but there are some pros and cons to this. The pros of sitting anywhere are that they would get to sit with their friends, maybe they would eat faster to go play with their friends (which would help the teachers), and their friends would encourage them to eat healthier. The cons of sitting where they want would be that there would be louder talking, longer lines, and maybe kids staying inside since they are already with their friends, or maybe even more kids on one side than the other. The teachers think there would be pros and cons of sitting where we want also. The pros would be that we could sit with our friends, we wouldnt have to go back and forth between the cafeterias, and we could socialize. On the other hand, some teachers think that kids would get in trouble more, the kids could be on one side more than the other, and the cafeteria could be way louder. The teachers also think that if there was an emergency, it would be harder to find the children if they were on different sides. A survey of 26 students revealed that all of the students would like to sit on any side of either cafeteria. Seventh grader Jacob Muir said he thinks that we should be combined because it would be more fun because you get to see people that you dont normally see. Jackson Souillard thinks you should because you get to see more friends and you could make new friends. More students would be Seth Janney, Austin Ruesing, and Chad Metcalf. Seth and Austin say they would like it because we get to see our friends that we dont get to see very much. Chad thinks it would be good because he has more friends on team 4 than team 3. Last but not least, Jake Warrington says he doesnt care because he thinks that lunch is more for eating than talking. A survey of 27 teachers revealed that 16 on them said students should sit where they want but would have to earn it. The other 11 teachers say the students shouldnt sit where they want because if they did, then they would talk even louder than they already do. Mr. Grindle suggested trying it for a week to see if there were more problems or fewer problems.

Six Time Super Bowl Champs

By David Schipper and Drew Groft The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls throughout their career. They play at either their home field (Heinz Field) or the away (opponents field). Will they go for their 7th Super Bowl? Will the rookies make the team better or worse? Who will go to the next Super Bowl, the Steelers or some rookie teams? Well, since the first game the Steelers have lost once and have won three times. Who will win the rivalry between the Steelers and the Ravens? As of the middle of October, the Steelers had total offensive yards of 1141. They also had an offense (Plays-Average Yards) of 197 - 5.8. Some more statistics were total rushing yards of 257 and a rushing (PlaysAverage Yards) of 79 - 3.3. The total passing yards were 884. The passing (Comp-Att-Int-Avg) is 70 - 109 - 4 8.8. The sacks were 7. The number of field goals were 4/6 And their touchdowns were 11. Some of the key players are Troy Polamalu, Ben Roethlisberger, and Hines Ward. The fans are chanting and the crowd is roaring to see the Steelers! Keep watching every Sunday on NFL to keep up on the stats of the Steelers.

By Ava Moore After a great win of 35-7, and at the Ravens vs. Steelers game, at the M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens blew the Steelers away! The Ravens, hoping for another win, went to Tennessee, but lost 26-13 against the Tennessee Titans. The Ravens won against St. Lois Rams, 37-7, making the Titans win against them seem like nothing. A survey was taken and 9 out of 10 people watch football weekly, especially the Ravens. Another survey was taken and 8 out of 10 people said they think the Ravens can go to the Super Bowl this year. The Key Players that will help the Ravens go to the Super Bowl from offense are Ray Rice, AnQuan Bolden, and Joe Flacco. From defense, the players are Ray Lewis, Terell Suggs, and Ed Reed.

Is Cheerleading a Sport?
By Colin Brezniak and Carson Perry Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?! Its a cheerleader? Speaking of cheerleaders, some people say it is a sport; some people say its not. Some people think it isnt a sport. They think that because cheerleading isnt a competitive activity. I dont think it is a sport, said Charlie Klecker. I dont think it is because its just cheering for a sports team. All you do is encourage the athletes. In high school, athletes have the opportunity to join a competitive cheer. Also people think it isnt a sport because you dont need to be physically conditioned to do the cheers and chants. Some people think it is a sport, though. People think it is because the cheerleaders do a lot of conditioning for the season. When they have preseason, they do conditioning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for two weeks straight. At normal practice they jump, run, tumble, stunt, cheer, and chant just

for football games and basketball games. For regular practice they practice 2-3 days a week. I think it is a sport, because they do a big amount of work just to prepare for the season, said Carson Perry. So is it a sport? Thats a question many Americans ask themselves every day. Cheerleading is a sport in our opinion. We think cheerleading is a sport because they do a lot of exercise; it can be competitive and dangerous.

Faculty Flashback on Fashion

By Sam Seiler and Alex Sztobryn Fashion is a great way for people to express themselves, but fashion has changed a lot throughout the years. In Mr. Sgrignolis time, there were pacifiers worn, baggy jeans, jerseys, and beepers on their hips. If guys wore skinny jeans, and had the long flippy hair and looked like a girl when I was in school, you would get beat up and shoved in a locker, said Mr. Sgrignoli. Now its like kids just got out of bed and came to school. When Mr. Lawhead was a teenager, he said there were slappy wrist bands, jelly shoes, and Starter Jackets. Now kids these days dress like trash. I dress better than all these kids, he said But have you ever wondered what teachers wear out of school? Mr. Wildisin says, Im usually dressed like you: Abercrombie, Aeropostale. My wife loves to shop, like any other girl, so my kids and I are usually styling. Im usually dressed with Athletic Performance stuff, and some sort of swag, Mr. Lawhead states. We dress like regular people, says Mr. Sgrignoli. Then theres us. The kids of E.H.M.I.S. The teachers might say theyre dressed good outside of school, but what about in school? I think it needs some work, said Seth Janney. It should be casual day every day for teachers, Dhane Schmelyun suggested. Fashion has a great effect on the world today. It can easily show who you are, Mr. Palmer said.

Mr. Wildasin 7th grade guidance counselor

By Camryn Tracy and Jessica Winchester Have you ever wondered who exactly Mr. Wildasin is? Or what he does here at E.H.M.I.S? Maybe even wondering how he benefits being at E.H.M.I.S? Well here are some things that will inform you on him. Mr. Wildasins purpose on handing out blue slips is to touch base with students, find out how classes are going, struggling academically, or any changes in schedule. He also loves working with kids, which you can clearly tell by his time and effort he puts into students. Mr. Wildasin decided on being a counselor right after college and then went back to get his masters degree. Mr. Wildasins family was full of teachers and counselors. During the day Mr. Wildasin tries to see as many students as possible. He also goes to many meetings, group talks, and corresponds with students families to see how things are going at home. Mr. Wildasin does the best he can by helping students that are having trouble feeling comfortable and welcomed here at school. While gathering as much information as he can, he also talks to parents to get their side of the story. Overall, Mr. Wildasin has a hard job but does what he can to help his students

D o S p o r t s a n d Te a c h e r s G o To g e t h e r ?

By Maddie Geppi

Havent you ever wanted to know what sports teachers played when they were in school? Our teachers here at E.H.M.I.S. played

Football Mr. Grindle Mr. Heist

Track And field Mr. Grindle Mrs. Heller

Basketball Mr. Heist Mr. Myers

Cross Country Mrs. Arnold

Cheerleading Mrs. Heller Miss Becker

Band Mrs. Klansek Ms. Weaver

Volleyball Mr. Heist Mrs. Bixler

Baseball Mr. Wildasin

Field Hockey Miss Becker

Mr. Palmer

Mr. Myers Miss Roach Mrs. James Mrs. Bixler Mr. Palmer

Mr. Lawhead

Miss Roach Mrs. James

Mrs. Bixler

Mr. Wildasin

Mrs. James

Mrs. Bixler Mr. Wildasin