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Westfalia Separator Food Tec

Mechanical Separation Division

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Absolute Separation

Optimum Separation with Minimum Effort

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The Challenge

Cost-Effective Separation of Small and Medium Product Streams

Westfalia Separator did not invent separation technology
The Big Bang marked the birth of centrifugal force. Unimaginable masses moved away (and are still moving away) from the centre in all directions extremely rapidly. The spiral is a representation of centrifugal force. The spiral form for instance of the Andromeda nebula and many other galaxies provides a clear illustration of centrifugal force. The clothes drier, the honey centrifuge and the milk centrifuge have incorporated this principle. Nature provided the template and man has learned appropriately. Modern bionics is moving in the direction of breaking through boundaries of science and merging ideas with the aim of achieving better, natural and human technology. Whether we consider a bear who shakes his fur in order to convert gravity into centrifugal force and separate the water out of his fur, whether we consider automatic separation of water-oil mixtures on the basis of the density difference or if we merely consider the separating effect used in the self-cleaning solution of the Lotus blossom, nature shows the way. Simple, reliable and with minimum effort.

but nobody masters it more skilfully than we do.

As far as mechanical separation of substances is concerned, Westfalia Separator is in its element and has been for more than 110 years. This is demonstrated by the separators and decanters which are to be found in daily use throughout the world. They are equally at home with large volumes as well as with medium and small volumes. Providing cost-effective solutions with minimum effort and future-oriented technology. One of the most natural things in the world combined with top human achievements. Your benefits are reliability, cost-effectiveness and high quality of the end product.

ECOPLUS Focus on your benefit

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Separation Technology + Beverage Technology + Dairy Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemi

cals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology + Oils and Fats Recovery + Starch Technology + Industrial Biotechnology

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The Concept

Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

Symbiosis of nature and technology
The new generation of ECOPLUS separators of Westfalia Separator focuses on the requirements of the market and the resultant customer benefit. The life cycle benefit philosophy of Westfalia Separator shows the way ahead. Uncompromising quality, optimum separating efficiency and customeroriented maintenance with intelligent service concepts provide reliability and assure trouble-free cost-effective operation. The ECOPLUS separators set new standards regarding separating efficiency with simple operability, minimum use of consumables, high availability, absolute reliability as well as optimum maintenance and service over the entire service life of the machine. A further advantage is sensitive use of resources in order to protect the environment. The intelligent buy-back concepts make it easier for you to make decisions with regard to investment planning. The new ECOPLUS separators provide the following advantages: Optimum separating efficiency resulting from 110 years of experience for maximum effect and optimum and cost-effective processing Innovative design based on the latest findings in separator development. Your advantages are reduced maintenance and optimized service, long service lives and availability and significantly higher productivity Belt drive and accordingly service-friendly. Significant savings in terms of time and spare parts for maintenance. There is no more need for gear wear parts to be replaced Maintenance-free liquid seal for reliable and cost-saving operation. No need to replace seals, no costs incurred for seals and labour Gentle product treatments assures the production of products with premium quality

Li fe C y c le B e n e fi t

r by We stfalia Separato

ECOPLUS Because your benefit is calculable right from the very beginning

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Marine + Energy + Oilfield + Industry + Environmental Technology + Engineering + Second Ha

The basic models meet all requirements with regard to optimum quality and reliability combined with economic considerations. These standard separators feature the know-how of a market leader as well as the core benefit of cost-effectively separating small and medium product streams. Your advantages are separation technology with excellent value for money, combined with the key advantage in the competitive market.

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A wide range of additional benefits is provided by the optimum add-on programme for practical extensions. For instance, automation of feed and discharge right through to motor and installation control. Process integration in existing installations is also simple and trouble-free. Westfalia Separator, as part of the GEA Group, also provides you with an ideal solution for complete process lines customized to meet your specific requirements.

ECOPLUS Focus on your advantage

ECOPLUS This is because more is sometimes really more

nd Machinery + Se rvice + Separation Technology + Beverage Technology + Dairy Technology

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The Solution

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nology + Industrial Biotechnology + Marine + Energy + Oilfield + Industry + Environmental Technology | 7 | Westfalia Separator

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The Handling

Connect and Separate

ECOPLUS separators are designed for plug-and-play solutions. Operating instructions and service manuals customized to the specific machine ensure simple installation and commissioning. Experienced employees of Westfalia Separator analyze the conditions on site in advance. The corresponding preparations for instance concerning the need for or nature of foundations, power supplies and water supplies, and the degree of automation ensure a trouble-free start.


ECOPLUS Because quality provides reliability

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Engineering + Second Hand Machinery + Service + Separation Technology + Beverage Technology + Dairy


Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology + Oils and Fats Recovery

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The Performance Range

Economical Milk Processing

ECOPLUS separators have been designed for a performance range of up to 15,000 litres per hour. We accordingly provide you with a reliable and cost-effective solution for small and medium flows. The machines can be used in the production of milk and dairy products as follows: Clarification of milk and whey Skimming of milk and whey Standardization of milk Bacteria removal from milk and whey Feed capacity (l/h) 15.000 And ECOPLUS separators not only provide economy; they also provide more. Your advantages are: Customized add-on modules enable the installations to expand in line with your specific requirements.

ECOPLUS Because your milk counts

10.000 5.000 1.000 500

ECOPLUS product range

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Starch Technology + Industrial Biotechnology + Marine + Energy + Oilfield + Industry + Enviro

nmental Technology + Engineering + Second Hand Machinery + Service + Beverage Technology

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The Performance Spectrum

Economical Beverage Production

ECOPLUS separators are also a costeffective and efficient solution for processing small and medium product flows in the beverage industry. They are used in the following areas of application: Beer production Wine making Production of premium juices from fruit, berries, vegetables Feed capacity (l/h) 8.000 It is your choice but an easy one. Whether used for processing wine, producing beer or premium juice ECOPLUS separators efficiently handle separating tasks in line with the specific requirements. In the vital process stages, they ensure a cost-effective process flow and also ensure high quality in the end product. Again, ECOPLUS not only provides economy. With customized additional modules, you are able to quickly and easily adapt your installation to growing demands in accordance with your specific requirements. ECOPLUS product range



ECOPLUS Aim to achieve clarity

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Dairy Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology + Oils and Fats

Recovery + Starc h Technology + Industrial Biotechnology + Marine + Energy + Oilfield + Industry

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The Options

Your Requirements are Expanding ECOPLUS Matches this Growth

On the basis of experience gained with several thousand centrifuges supplied in every performance class and complete process lines every year, Westfalia Separator has developed a modular add-on programme for ECOPLUS separators. It provides you with all options for specific customizing, combining optimum process integration and efficient operation. Your advantage is additional reliability for cost-effective production. And all of this from a single source from initial consulting right through to complete process lines with the accustomed Westfalia Separator quality.


ECOPLUS The advantage of flexibility

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Environmental Technology + Engineering + Second Hand Machinery + Service + Separation Technology + Beve

Feed options

Discharge options

Separator module Compact units Process lines

Control options

rage Technology + Dairy Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology

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Life Cycle Benefit

Support and Satisfaction Throughout an Entire Life

The performance and quality of the product are not the only factors which are taken into consideration for the process of deciding to use one specific business partner. The parameters related to the product must also be correct. In line with the Westfalia Separator philosophy for optimum life cycle benefit. This comprises individual solutions, customized to meet your specific requirements as well as intelligent service packages, maintenance contracts which allow you to sleep easily, availability of original spare parts and cost-effective operation throughout the entire life of the machine. training centre of Westfalia Separator, your employees learn how to handle the installations. If contrary to expectations assistance is required quickly, or if a spare part is needed fast, Westfalia Separator responds without delay. This is guaranteed by the world-wide presence established by around 50 sales and service companies as well as the sales partners in more than 60 countries.

ECOPLUS Your satisfaction is our aim Programmed quality

Westfalia Separator is active as a market leader in many areas of mechanical separation technology. For instance, innovative separation technology for applications in the beverage industry, vegetable oil processing, dairy technology, the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, oils and fats recovery, starch industry, industrial biotechnology, marine technology, oilfield, energy and industry technology or environmental technology. Take advantage of our know-how gained in the course of 110 years of experience translated into leading technology. Benefit from system technology and complete solutions provided by the engineering achievements of Westfalia Separator. And used machines are also available. If you require such machines, the best alternative is for them to be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

Comprehensive service is provided right from the very first discussion. Working closely with you, suitably qualified specialists from Westfalia Separator identify solutions which are customized to meet your specific needs. This begins with project planning and extends right through to production and assembly of the installations.

Optimum support assured

In further training programmes and training sessions on site or in the modern

ECOPLUS The whole is more than the sum of its parts

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Oils and Fats Recovery + Starch Technology + Industrial Biotechnology + Marine + Energy + Oilfield + Indu



Complete Solutions

Add-On Modules Reliability

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stry + Environmental Technology + Engineering + Second Hand Machinery + Service + Separation Technology

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Your Future

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Beverage Technology + Dairy Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Bio

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