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Complete the chart: Example: short - shorter - the shortest cheap -. - good - .- . funny- ..

- the funniest nice - nicer -.. bad - . - the worst smart -.. -.. hungry- hungrier - . fat - ... -the fattest big - ..- careful- more careful-.. famous- - difficult-. -. popular-. - the most popular lazy- - lazier - .. hot- - intelligent- .-the most intelligent exciting- more exciting -.. easy- .-.

Comparative-Superlative Quiz
1. Which girl is ________? Dana or Karen? Young the youngest younger more young 2. Tomer is _________ boy in the class. the strongest stronger strong the most strong 3. The China Wall is _____ wall in the world. the longest more long longer long 4. February is ______ than April. short the shortest shorter most short 5. I am ______ at music than my old sister. a. good b. better c. goodest d. the best 6. Ice hockey is __________ sport in Canada. a. popular the most popular more popular populariest 7. Amalia is ___________ girl in the class. the cleverest clever cleverer more clever 8. Swimming is ______________ than running. exciting more exciting excited the most exciting 9. Traveling by plane is________ than traveling by ship. fastest fast c. faster d. more fastest 10. Jerusalem is _________ city in Israel. the biggest big bigger biggest 12.Indian cooking has some of ________dishes in the world. hot the hottest hotter d. hottest 13.That is ____________ song this band has. the most beautiful more beautiful bautifulest beautiful 14. Cities are ____________ than villages busier busy the busiest most busy 15. Bill Gates is one of ___________ people in the world. a. the rich b. richer c. rich d. the richest 16. Rita is __________ than the other students in class. a. hardworking b. the most hardworking c. more hardworking d. hardworkinger 17. Garfield is ___________ than Nemo. a. the funniest more funny funnier funny 18. German is __________ than English. the most difficult difficulter difficult more difficult 19. Your new car is _______ than my old car. the cheapest cheaper more cheaper most cheapest 20 .New York is ________ city in USA. crowded the most crowded more crowded crowder 21. This is ____________ question in this task.Don't give up! easier easy the easiest most easy