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Flood and Drain Tables are widely used in commercial

horticulture and the benefits they can afford are now
available to the hobby grower who
wants the best possible results and the highest yields.

The chief application of Flood and Drain technology

(also known as Ebb and Flow) is in the production of The Ultimate Flood & Drain Table
large numbers of flowering or foliage plants. It is
normally used either to produce young plants for future
transfer to other systems or for the production of
foliage or flowers with commercial value such as
herbs. This is the active system for handling plants in
pots or other individual units. It is highly efficient and
very easy to manage and is considered to be the most
dynamic and productive hydroponic production system
in use today.

Snaps together in seconds -- fits

almost any space

Max headroom

Brilliant plant performance -

awesome yields

The Electronic Interval Timer

These timers were developed especially for Flood
and Drain applications. They have infinitely
adjustable sequences so you can set them for
the exact time it requires to flood your table. They
are very practical, versatile and easy to use. Highly
recommended for Flood & Drain gardening.

Full kit contents

1 FUTURE GARDEN tray 900 mm by 1200 mm. The

1 Steel frameset in kit form is designed for maximum yield and ease of
1 12mm inlet fitting w/screen use. Available in kit form or as separate
components for total flexibility.
1 19mm outlet fitting w/screen & 2 extension tubes
1 Corex cover sheet
1 Submersible pump 500 L/hr 1 Base frame
1 Tank 68 litre 4 Legs
1 Length 12 mm hose (1.5 m) 1 Support strap
1 Length 19 mm hose (1 m) 4 Adjustable feet
2 Small jubilee clamps OO 4 Threaded end caps
1 Medium jubilee clamp OX 4 Plain end caps
1 Full instructions 4 Set screws M6
1 IONIC GROW nutrient 1 litre 2 Nuts & bolts M6
1 IONIC BLOOM nutrient 1 litre 1 Allen key
1 BOOST nutrient supplement 1 litre
Growth Technology Ltd. Unit 66, Taunton Trading Estate, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton, Somerset TA2 6RX
Tel: 01823 325291 Fax: 01823 325487 Email: info@growthtechnology.com Web: www.growthtechnology.com
Liquid Oxygen contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
which is a highly unstable molecule. It will quickly
break down in the nutrient tank releasing a free atom
of oxygen. This oxygen atom is extremely reactive and
will attach itself to either another atom, forming a
stable oxygen molecule, or attack a nearby organic
molecule, such as a virus or fungal spore. Liquid
Oxygen can eliminate existing diseases and help to Liquid Oxygen
prevent future ones. – the well known
cleansing and
A daily addition of Liquid Oxygen to the nutrient tank
will invigorate the plant and increase nutrient uptake, oxygenating
leading to faster growth rates. In plants the extra agent for
oxygen provided will massively stimulate protein
production at the cellular level. This will greatly enhance
the photosynthetic process, leading to bushier plants systems
with larger leaves, thicker stems and shorter internodes.
Plants will be stronger and leaves will be darker, thus

improving photosynthetic response. Liquid Oxygen

Introduced to the
European market by
Growth Technology

Liquid Oxygen adds pure

oxygen to the nutrient tank
– regular use leads to enhanced growth rates.
Liquid Oxygen helps to control root diseases and
pathogens right in the tank – uninterrupted growth
means healthier plants.
Liquid Oxygen can be used, at a higher concentration, to
clean and sterilise hydroponic systems between crops as
well as pots and benches in the greenhouse or

Health & Safety

Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling

aggressive liquids .
Liquid Oxygen should NOT be diluted prior to use.
Full safety information at www.growthtechnology.com
Full instructions at www.growthtechnology.com

Full detailed instructions are supplied with every bottle.

Replacement instructions can be accessed from our
website at www.growthtechnology.com, or just give us a

Growth Technology Ltd. Unit 66, Taunton Trading Estate, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton, Somerset TA2 6RX, UK
Tel: +44 (0)845 430 3001 Fax: +44 (0)1823 325487 Email: info@growthtechnology.com Web: www.growthtechnology.com
although it is true that they can survive on very low

cence if properly fed. Just ask a professional grower or a

consistent winner at orchid shows.
Orchids should not be fed with general purpose
plant ‘foods’ for many reasons. Most importantly
the nitrogen supply in the mass market product
will inevitably contain high levels of ammonia
and urea. These compounds can be quite toxic
to orchids and should never be supplied for for peak performance and health
that reason. Orchid Focus is of
ammoniacal and ureic nitrogen.

Precise professional formulations for

orchids, based on pure minerals and rich
organic plant acids.

Orchid Focus
Orchid Focus is manufactured
from the purest and most soluble

of organic plant acids.

It is precisely formulated for the
needs of orchids – contains no
ammonia or urea.
It is non-toxic and poses no environmental hazards.
Orchid Focus is an ideal feeding programme for orchids. It
can help produce healthier, more vigorous plants and Grow and Bloom Formulations
Orchid Focus is available in two separate
Orchid Focus Grow has high levels of nitrogen, derived
from nitrates, to encourage the growth of healthy shoots
and leaves.
Orchid Focus Bloom has enhanced levels of

organic compounds.

Feeding orchids

feeding schedule. It is especially valuable when

preparing plants for exhibition or sale.
The most commonly cultivated genera – Cymbidium,
Paphiopedilum, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, and

Orchid Focus Grow and Bloom are available in: nutrition. They can be fed through the roots and by
100 ml, 300 ml, 1 litre foliar application – misting the leaves.

For full Orchid Focus instructions please call

Growth Technology, or download from our
website at www.growthtechnology.com

Growth Technology Ltd. Unit 66, Taunton Trading Estate, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton, Somerset TA2 6RX, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1823 325291 Fax: +44 (0)1823 325487 Email: info@growthtechnology.com Web: www.growthtechnology.com