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CLONING: Its a way to 1. create a new environment or 2. re-architect or 3. add new tiers 4.

change port pool information (change ports and run preclone and post clone, during post clone define the new port pool run autoconfig)

CRP1 instance: to add new modules

1/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

Preclone on source tier and post clone on target tier Preclone in apps tier: login as applmgr on source, under common top, it will create a Clone dir. Services can be up or down Preclone on db tier: login as oracle on target, under OH(9i or 10g)/appsutil, it will create a Clone dir. Db and listener should be UP. 2/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

This scans the env and creates Clone dir. Use FTP or scp or cpio or tar to copy files on target machines. Apps Tier: copy appl_top, common_top and iAS8.0.6 (approx 35 G) DB Tier: Copy Oracle_home (9.2.0) RMAN, hotbackup, coldbackup, BCV(disk copy)

Some clients dont run postclone on db tier, they do manual settings.

3/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

Make sure that you remove the control files from the target machine. The post clone creates the control files. Shutdown db and delete control files.

4/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

HOW TO ADD NODE TO SINGLE NODE SYSTEM: We have a single node. We need to split it to a 2 node system. First as apps tier(forms, web) and 2nd as db tier (db, conc mgr and admin tier) Steps: 1. run preclone on source for db and apps 2. move appl mgr files(appl_top, common_top and ias_home, 806) to apps tier (mac 1) and copy 9i/10g OH and clone the db abd run post clone. 3. run post clone on apps tier

5/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

Add 1 more apps tier: 1 db tier and 3 apps tiers(, web, form: Run preclone on both source tiers, copy and run post clone on all the machines) For conc mgr, we need appltop. So if you want a node with db and conc mgr, we need to copy applmgr as well . Now if we have 3 applmgr nodes, we need a loadbalancer. 3 apps tier behind load balancer. We will need to do a web entry host and login url and point to load balancer and run auto config.

6/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

Instead of running post clone on all 3, we can run it on 1 of the machines. Steps: copy only on 1st machine from source and run post clone. Then copy from 1st machine and paste it on the othe 2 machines. Now all 3 machines have same dir structure. Then change lhostname, login url and web entry host in xml files on the other 2 machine.

In real life, u can have the following scenario: 7/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

We can run preclone in parallel on apps and db tier

Post clone db tier, STEPS: 1. login as applmgr and shut down apps tier commn_top/admin/scripts/adstpall.sh 8/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

2. login as oracle and shut down listener and db (shutdown immediate, lsnrctl stop) 3. remove the control files

Perl adcfgclone.sh dbTier Apps pwd, virtual hostname: NO, part of RAC : (say yes if you want to, this is the only way to convert from non RAC to RAC db), number of data_tops: data mount points are the locations where all the data files are sitting. This information is required by apps to create a new control file as control file contain all the information about the location of the data files.

9/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

10/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

It will chk the display is running on which port.

Port pool ranges from 0 to 99. 0 to 99 are sets of port numbers. Example for port pool 0:

11/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

Post clone will create new xml file and run autoconfig in the end. ERROR:

12/14 Anu Priya (Apps DBA)

All the above answers will be stored in xml file.

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