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Aalto Shuttle by Martela

An AaltoIDBM-Martela Project
Anna Hmlinen, Maud Bocquillod, Jemina Lehmuskoski, Jasmin Honkanen , Maritta Toivola, Tushar Malhotra, Pekka Sihvola

When you set out on your journey to Ithaca, Pray that the road is long and full of adventure and knowledge! -Constantine Peter Cavafy Some roads arent meant to be travelled alone! -Proverbs

The missed chances

Bert is a doctoral student at Aalto University. He is conducting research for his thesis on Urban planning in developing countries. Kathy has recently joined the Aalto School of Economics as a researcher. She specializes in developing economies. On his way back to Otaniemi after attending a seminar in Helsinki, Bert was sitting right behind Kathy (who was travelling to Otaniemi to meet a friend) on the bus. A Hello could have opened possibilities for an interesting collaboration between the two. Of course, it never happened. Who speaks to strangers on a bus? Thomas lives in Otaniemi and studies at the School of Science. He has chosen a course at the School of Art and Design, the classes start at 8:00 AM. Thomas barely manages to catch the 7:00AM bus and has to skip breakfast. If only it was possible to grab a sandwich and coffee on the bus

Introduction The challenges Solution Aalto Shuttle by Martela

Based on our research, observations and the insights gained from talking to various stakeholders of the Aalto community including students, teachers and members of the administrative staff, we identified several challenges facing Aalto today. Among those, the key ones that we chose to focus on are the following: Traveling between the campuses and surrounding areas, often even multiple times in a day, is a necessity for many students, faculty and other members of the community. Using the public transport for this purpose is seen as inefficient, cumbersome and a waste of time. There is a clear need for better, more convenient intracampus transportation at Aalto University, especially given the distributed campus. There is an even greater and urgent need at Aalto to create spaces and opportunities for bringing together people from different schools and backgrounds in a relaxed, social and inspirational context. This is even more critical in light of the fact that Aalto intends to develop interdisciplinarity as a core competence and value. Aalto Shuttle by Martela, aka SAM (Shuttle, Aalto, Martela), is a fun, social, inspiring and convenient way to travel between the Aalto campuses and the surrounding areas. However, it is much more than just a means of transport - Its a space that is always on the move (literally!), a space that fosters serendipity! Traveling to and between the campuses can provide a natural opportunity where the aforementioned interactions between the people from different disciplines and backgrounds could take place. The shuttle could be a perfect platform for socialising, sharing information and news about events and happenings at the university, working or simply relaxing. Students, faculty and / or researchers could use the shuttle to exhibit and advertise their projects, organize short workshops and lectures etc. Online broadcasts can be sent from the shuttle. What more? For the lazybones and those in a hurry SAM would even offer coffee and quick breakfast on-board in the mornings. We want to stress the green values in this shuttle project. Some of the shuttle furniture could come e.g. from Martela Outlet. We could explore options for greener fuel or green energy. Making all of this a reality, however, will require immense support and from Martela which, true to its brand promise, would create the inspiring spaces inside the shuttle that would elicit Wows and smiles from every single commuter who hops in! 2

We believe that the above mentioned challenges / needs, and especially their intersection area, present a very interesting and viable business opportunity for Martela to step-in and address those issues. The following sections introduce and explain our proposal to tap this opportunity.

The Business Model

Table 1 (page 4) presents a preliminary Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder and Pigneur) representation of the proposed solution. In short, we propose Martela to create and run an intracampus shuttle service for Aalto University. While transportation might look like an area totally unrelated to Martelas core competence, it would make sense from the customers perspective for Martela to provide the end to end service. For this, Martela could partner with transportation companies or service providers to handle the areas where it lacks expertise. The possible revenue streams for Martela include the usage fees, advertisements, product sales onboard the bus etc. Martelas stated mission is 'Better Interiors'. In addition to the home and workplace interior solutions that it currently provides, why not make transportation interiors better, too?

Whats in it for Aalto & the Aalto community?

As already mentioned, the university benefits from this venture by being able to provide a convenient and effective mode of intra-campus transport to the members of the Aalto community. But the real value goes much beyond the obvious! If executed well, the shuttle service can serve the pressing need for providing a vibrant and inspiring space for interdisciplinary interaction & social encounters. Further, the shuttle service will help in creating intrigue and awareness about Aalto in the local community.

Future suggestions
In future the underlying service concept of providing Inspiring Moving Spaces can be expanded and applied to other forms of transportation including, say, metro carriages, small or private ferries etc. in collaboration with suitable partners. Another direction to explore the SAM Shuttle concept is an extension of the experience to the shuttle terminals that could be turned into inspiring waiting lounges. These could be located e.g. in Kamppi, Rautatieasema, Itkeskus, Arabia, Leppvaara and Otaniemi. There is a growing trend of companies and institutions having distributed campuses or offices even within the same city and if successful, Martela can scale the service and provide a similar shuttle service to other companies and institutions.

Whats in it for Martela?

Besides having the potential to open up a new revenue stream for Martela, we believe this project also has a great potential for Martela to enter and explore a totally new market segment. Also, being very visible and tangible in nature, the shuttle service will provide a great platform for Martela to create awareness for its brand and a showcase its products. Aalto shuttle also serves as a prototype or testing platform for Martela. The company can test new product innovations on the shuttle and get feedback before entering into production.

Table 1 : Osterwalders Business Model Canvas for Martela

Transport companies / Service providers to take care of actually operating the shuttle service since thats not Martelas corecompetence Sponsors for exteriors / interiors; Temporary promotions / Events Event management companies Beverage / Catering companies / service providers Aalto University

Operate intracampus shuttle service (with a partner) Provide inspiring interiors for the shuttle(s) based on themes / requirements

Fun, social, inspiring and convenient mode of intra-campus travel for the Aalto community Effective and efficient use of time while travelling between campuses / surrounding areas Creates brand intrigue and awareness for Aalto University

Co-creation with Aalto University & the Aalto Community

Aalto University. The end users of the service are the members of Aalto community students, faculty, administrative staff, guests / visitors etc. who seek a fun, inspiring, social and convenient way to travel Option to allow general public for a reasonable fare, in future

Concepts, designs and products for creating inspiring and comfortable spaces in the shuttle

Shuttles themselves are a very tangible and visible medium Advertising within university campuses / through AYY etc. Social Media

Initial conceptualization, design and FaceLifting costs for the shuttle Recurring operational costs for running and maintaining the shuttle service Periodic refurbishing and rejuvenation costs, based on events / other requirements 4


Brand building for Martela Usage Fees from the commuters (which could be subsidized for certain categories of users, like students, by the university, AYY etc. Product Sales aboard the bus Advertisements / Sponsors