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annadhaanaM samaM dhaanaM thrilOkEShu na vidhyathe - veda vyasa There is no donation equivalent to donating food to the hungry among

all the three worlds Dharma Eva hathO hanthi DharmO rakShathi rakShitha: - Manu Smrithi 6.15 Those who try to destroy Dharma shall be destroyed by Dharma and those who try to save Dharma shall be saved by Dharma EkaM brahma dhvithIya nAsthi nAsthi na kiMchath There is only one God - not the second; not at all; not at all; not in the least bit; ekamEva dhvithIyaM There is only one (The God) and no second. This whole universe and every other creation is not separate from the God himself. kanyA varayathE rUpaM mAthA viththaM pithA shrutham BhAMDhavA kulamichchaMthi mtRShtAnnaM itharE janaH What do people look for in a prospective bridegroom while making a match ? The girl goes for the looks of the boy, her mother is more concerned about how much wealth he has acquired. The father wants his son-in-law to be welleducated, relatives want to ensure that the boy is from a good family while the rest of the people only look forward to the sweets served during the wedding kShamA shasthraM karE yasyadharjanaH kiM kariShyathi athrinE pathitho vahniH svayam eva upashAmyathi What can an evil person do to a person who is equipped with the weapon of forgivance ? Fire fallen on ground without any grass extinguishes by itself ktRShithO naasthi DhurbhikShaM japathO naasthi pAthakaM

Poverty can be eliminated by hard work and Sins can be cleaned up by Japam na chOryahaaraM na cha raajahaaryaM na BhraathrubhaajyaM na cha bhaarakaari vyayE kruthE varDhatha eva nithyaM vidhyaaDhanaM sarvaDhana praDhaanaM It cannot be stolen by thieves,nor can it be taken away by kings. It cannot be divided among brothers, it does not cause a load on your shoulders. If spent... it indeed always keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge... is the most superior wealth of all! na hi gyaanena sadhrusham... - krishna, Bhagavad Geetha 4.38 there is nothing equivalent to knowledge niMdhAnthu nIthinipuNaaH yadhi vaa sthuvanthu lakShmIH samaaviShathu gachchchathu va yathEShTaM adhya Eva vaa maraNam asthu yugaantharE vaa nyaayyaath pathaHpravichalanthi padhaM na DhIraaH - Bhartrihari Neethi Satakam The experts may blame you or praise you; Lakshmi (wealth) may choose to stay with you ar leave or do whatever she likes; Death may be as near as today or as far away as the next eon; but the brave and resolute do not deviate from their path of justice and morality sathyam brooyaath, priyaM brooyaath, na brooyaath sathyam apriyaM - vaisampayana Speak Truth. Speak Pleasantly. You do not have to speak the truth that is unpleasant. (All that you speak must be true. But you do not have to speak all that is true) shtRMgAra vIra karuNAdhbhutha hAsyabhayAnakAH BIbhathsaraudhraushAnthashcha kAvyE navarasAH smrathAH Love, Valour, Tragedy, Marvel, Humour, Fear, Disgust, Rage and Peace are the nine sentiments known in poetry

vaidhyO nArAyaNO hariH Doctor is Hari (God) !