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This is a regular
publication of
Cuervo Appraisers
reminders and
important notices.

ISSUE II FEBRUARY 29, 2008 http://www.cuer voappr aiser s.com.ph

Birthday Celebs Have Breakfast with CAI Meet the New Additions and Developments
President to the CAI Family
Contributed by Amy Abello
Cuervo Appraisers welcomes to its family the following new
employees who started their stint with the Company during the
months of January and February 2008:

Name Position Date Hired

Jimmy S. Alonto
Utility Clerk
01 January Alfie B. Tropia
Junior Appraiser
R. E. 03 January

Maria Babylou A. Mijos

Accounting Asst.
Cebu 04 January
Glyza S. Luciano
Junior Appraiser
R. E. 22 January
(From left: Mr. Art, Cynthia, Amy, Emer, Glyza, Harold, Lovely & Ms. Chato)
Joel L. Guinto
February 8, 2008 –
Birthday celebrants for the months of January and Junior Appraiser
February enjoyed an invigorating breakfast meal at the Valle Verde R. E. 22 January
Country Club (VVCC), with the President and the CFO of Cuervo Meliza A. Maneclang
Appraisers, Inc. (CAI), namely, Charito Cole-Alfaro and Arthur A. Pablico, Junior Appraiser
The birthday celebrants – Harold Tampoco, Amy Abello, Emer Arante, R. E. 01 February
Lovely Galzote, Glyza Luciano, and Cynthia Humarang –were
transported out of the office to have not only a simple yet elegant Aniceto F. Guevarra
celebration of their birthdays but also a time of bonding and friendship Company Driver
with two chief officers of the company. 13 February
The atmosphere could not have been any simpler than this. All celebrants, David E. Janier
including the President and CFO, were comfortably seated around two
Senior Appraiser
long tables, in a well-lighted, air conditioned function room of VVCC. While
waiting for their breakfast orders to arrive, Ms. Chato Alfaro led the group R. E. 18 February
in talking about their pre-occupations in life other than work, i.e. social life,
“love” life, and other lighter side of things.
All participants ordered various breakfast meals ranging from the
simplest Continental Style Breakfast Meal (consisting of cinnamon rolls Mr. Janier, now a licensed Appraiser, joins us back as a Senior
and toasted bread) to the all-time favorite Filipino Breakfast Meal Appraiser with the Real Estate Dept. Before he left CAI last 15 July 2007,
(consisting of rice, egg and a choice of tapa, danggit, or longganiza), from Dave had served in CAI for more than 11 years as one of its dependable
the house special Club Breakfast Meal (consisting of corned beef hash appraisers. On the other hand, Jimmy Alonto, no longer a stranger to CAI
and poached egg), to the typical American Style Breakfast Meal employees having done outsourcing jobs now and then, now joins CAI as
(consisting of hash brown, egg, toast and a choice of ham, bacon or a regular employee.
sausage). Congratulations are in order for Marites L. Rosquites, Junior Appraiser
To culminate the event, Ms. Chato ordered a birthday cake of the with ME Dept. and Lovely A. Galzote, Client Relation Executive with
celebrants’ choice – the decadent chocolate cake, made of two layers Marketing Division who were regularized January 17 and February 18,
chocolate cake, with a thin layer of filling, covered in sumptuous dark respectively.
chocolate icing, and topped with a special caramel glaze. The cake was
equally divided among the celebrants— including the President and
CFO— but everyone decided to take them back to the office, where some
celebrants shared their cake with co-employees.
This birthday get-together spearheads a tradition that Ms. Chato hopes
to flourish beginning this year 2008 because it is a good venue to get to
know the people who form part of CAI, as well as a time for colleagues to Marites L. Rosquites Lovely A. Galzote
bond and have fun with each other. Aside from the anniversary
celebration, company outing and/or sportsfest, and Christmas Party, Let’ s offer a toast for the long-deserved promotion of two of our loyal
succeeding birthday celebs will definitely have something to look forward Technical Staff, namely: Engr. Hernando E. Gozon, Jr., more
to on the month of their special day. affectionately referred to as Prof, who is now the Real Estate Department
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CAI Installs a New Signage

CAI Head Office received a fresh make-over with the installation of a
new and elegant signage made of glass at the reception area. Delicately
etched on the glass signage is the official CAI logo with the Company
name, Cuervo Appraisers, in their official full royal blue color.
To complete the sign, the tagline Asset Valuation Solutions in bright red
has been etched likewise below the Company Name. Three spotlights
zoom in on the signage giving a more dramatic emphasis on our Company
Logo and Name, warmly welcoming clients, visitors, suppliers and friends.
February 29, 2008 P-2

Sugar CRM gives sweetness to Marketing! MEET

Contributed by Lovely Galzote (Cont’
d from Page 1)
F or others, it is called intranet or web publishing but for Manager handling Group A effective January 1, and Engr. Jorge V.
Marketing, we refer to it as Sugar CRM (acronym for Customer Bitoon who assumes his post as Assistant Department Manager for
Relations Management) or simply, "Sugar". Machinery & Equipment Department starting February 6.
Sugar has been introduced to our company to facilitate reporting
through the use of a common database. It basically helps out users
or viewers to locate and view the client's information and history.
It is advantageous to Marketing in terms of time, security, and
efficiency, among others. As to time, Sugar can provide the required
command faster. Users can access from the client's file the
information they need at anytime – only a "log-in" away so-to-speak. Engr. Hernando E. Gozon, Jr. Engr. Jorge V. Bitoon
Sugar provides security in terms of requiring users to identify We enjoin everyone to give their full support to our new junior officers,
themselves first before any access can be made. The program and we extol our new employees to always be on their toes to run the extra
therefore rejects any unauthorized user from accessing any mile for the Company’ s advancement in general and for their personal
confidential information provided by the clientele, thereby narrowing fulfillment in particular.
down accessibility to these bits of confidential information only to
authorized personnel. One Fanciful Valentine Afternoon in CAI
Sugar also contributes to Efficiency since it reduces cost by way of
eliminating the maintenance of hard copies or physical documents
needed to be posted.
Sugar truly gives sweetness to our daily job routine in Marketing!

CAI Employees Treated to a Joint Birthday

T he January birthday celebrants joined up with their February
counterparts in treating CAI employees to a simple afternoon
merienda last February 14 at our CAI Head Office.
The birthday blow-out started with a prayer of thanksgiving by
Finance & Admin Head Art Pablico. Amidst the singing of the
Happy Birthday song, birthday celebrants Harold Tampoco, Amy
Abello, Emer Arante, Lovely Galzote, Glyza Luciano and Cynthia
Humarang each took his/her turn in making a wish and blowing
the birthday candle assigned to each of them.
The employees then feasted on pansit, puto, barbeque, ice I ith the month of February oozing with love in the air, CAI employees
cream and cake which were patiently and graciously served on at the head office hatched a valentine gimmick last February 14th. While
the employees were being treated to an afternoon merienda by the
individual plates by Cecille Edañol, Joyce Lazaro, Alina Castuera, January and February birthday celebrants, each single male/female
Flor Anabo and Gigi Zamora – all PMD staff. employee was asked to draw from an envelope one-half of a heart. Only
It was a time of bonding and shared light moments which one pair of male and female employees whose heart half matches each
provided a welcome respite from the day’ s work. one perfectly will be declared the CAI Mr. Valentino 2008 and CAI Ms.
The celebration was punctuated by the announcement of the Valentine 2008.
CAI Mr. Valentino and Ms. Valentine for the year 2008. (The After a few minutes of searching for the matching pair of hearts, CAI
related story can be read in another section of this newsletter). finally found its 2008 Valentine pair in the persons of Engr. Alfie Tropia of
Real Estate Dept. and Ms. Alina Castuera of Project Management Dept.
In a ceremony held in the CAI reception area, PMD Manager Libay Año
placed on Alfie his CAI Mr. Valentino 2008 sash while Finance & Admin
.. Head Art Pablico placed on Alina her CAI Ms. Valentine 2008 sash. The
pair was given a heart-shaped boxful of chocolates each. Mr. Valentino
04 February – Marketing hit the P4.0 Million mark in presented his Ms. Valentine with a long-stemmed red rose.
To give a semblance of a romantic date, the CAI reception area was
closed sales. CAI President, Ms. Chato proudly made the transformed into an instant Cuervo Appraisers Café complete with a cozy
announcement by ringing the Company Bell. The table for two draped in red table cloth adorned with a crystal vase with one
employees were treated to a peanut-munching snack to long-stemmed white rose, two miniature candelabras, two wine glasses,
mark the occasion. The Sales Countdown Bulletin Board and a bottle of red wine. Amidst the soft lights provided only by CAI’ s new
signage, the couple gamely exchanged a bite of cake each and sipped
was accordingly updated. from their wine glass.
11 February –The 5S Education Sub-Committee May we invite you to share more intimately this fanciful afternoon in CAI
composed of Prof Gozon, Ruby Madrasto and Alina by visiting www.youtube.com/user/preciousmomentsofcai
Castuera briefed CAI Head Office employees on the 5S
Checklist that each of them must be familiarized with and be
conscious of each day, particularly before they leave their
workplace at the end of a day’
s work.
The Checklist will serve as a guide for them to help keep
their workplace neat, orderly and conducive to more
productive work. The same Checklist will be used by the
Evaluation Sub-Committee in their surprise audit of each
department’ s workplace which will start on March 2008.

Arthur A. Pablico Ruby B. Madrasto

Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor

Emer Arante Chris Regino Liezl B. Arellano

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