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NYSE Arca Integrated Feed

Unified, Un-Throttled Access to NYSE ArcaBook Data

The NYSE Arca Integrated Feed provides a complete view of all events on the NYSE Arca equities market as a single, low latency, un-throttled, integrated data feed. This enables customers to benefit from real-time trade and quote messages in sequence, as they appear on the matching engine.

Customer Challenges
Existing data products are delivered by specific content (Trades, Depth of Book, Security Status, etc).

Fast Facts
What is it? NYSE Arca Integrated Feed is a low latency, un-throttled market data product that delivers a complete view of the NYSE Arca equities market. What is it for? Traders and latency sensitive customers requiring an in-sequence data feed of the NYSE Arca market. What does it provide? The aggregated market data feed provides a unified view of events, including depth of book (add, modify, delete orders), trades (with corrections and cancel/errors), security status, order imbalances, and the PBBO (Protected Best Bid/Offer).

Data Correlations Customers need to correlate an order with the resulting quote and an execution with the resulting trade. The process of connecting distinct data feeds to analyze these correlations is time consuming, onerous, and inaccurate. Latency Disparities Since disparate data feeds have inherently different latencies, it is difficult to correlate data accurately to determine the correct sequencing of events.

Solution Benefits
The NYSE Arca Integrated Feed provides a seamless view of NYSE Arca equities data in one market data delivery, while improving latency and adding additional content. Improved Latency The feed improves data delivery by publishing directly from the matching engines to XDP (Exchange Data Publisher). Sequence Transparency Quotes and trades are published in sequence as they occur on the NYSE Arca UTP (Universal Trading Platform). Stock Summary Messages Separate product channel that includes summary messages sent every minute, regardless of a change to a particular value. Summary messages include high, low, open, close, and volume. Protected Best Bid/Offer The PBBO is only sent on a delta message in the event the Bid or Ask price changes, eliminating any erroneous messages sent. Common Market Data Format (XDP) XDP is a standard format across all NYSE Euronext market data products, which optimizes bandwidth and reduces latency of market data delivery.

About NYSE Technologies

NYSE Technologies provides comprehensive transaction, data, and infrastructure services and managed solutions for buy-side, sell-side, and exchange communities that require next-generation performance and expertise for mission critical and valueadded client services.

Breadth of Market Data Content Depth of Book and Last Sale data is supplemented with Order Imbalances, the PBBO, which updates as the view of the markets update, and trading sessions change message, which allow customers to remove all orders for a trading session without being inundated with delete messages.

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