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Neves and his Allies

Some time ago when I was a teenager, my dad purchased a gamebook call one on one adventures. In it, there was a wizard called Neves which storyline captivated me. When MERP was introduced to me a couple of years later, Neves was converted into MERP and used as a chief antagonist in my campaigns. It was a lot of fun. More than one set of PCs were vanquished by Neves plots. Therefore, it is only natural that Neves and his allies background information and MERP game stats are introduced in the MERP Addendum. May Neves never catch your PCs unawares!!


Neves the Wizard

Neves is a powerful magician settled in a small castle located in northern Rhuduar. He fled Arthedia after a dispute with the Seer Circle at Royal Court. The Circle grew suspicious of Neves motives. He had began to use magic in impious purposes, seeking immortality. Often times performing grotesque experiments on animals in the hopes of finding an immortality potion. Neves is terribly afraid of death, the gift of men. While not a coward, he simply abhors the idea of dying. A hundred years ago, a dark shrouded figured approached him during the dead winter night and proposed to extend the wizards life in returned for his allegiance to the dark lord. Neves gladly accepted without hesitation. During the intervening years, the dark figure visited him requesting that the wizard perform some ghastly deed against Arthedia. And Neves complied without a thought. Since that fateful dark visit, a hundred years past; Neves is realizing that he is aging ever slowly. He questioned the dark shrouded figure one night on how he could reverse or stop the aging process and the dark figure responded in a voice like distance thunder, With the blood of a virgin bride can you reverse the process. She must be beautiful and of noble birth. After taking her hand, you may not desecrate her virginity but you can take her youth each full moon. In so, Neves has sought a respectful bride from the all the Noble Houses in Artherdia and Gondor to no avail. Neves is now over 289 years old, old even for a Dunedian. He has been busy seeking a wife. He is very picky about these things but knows that time is running out. Over the years, rift rafts, renegades, thieves, and just plain crazy folks have taken refugee at Neves Castle. Neves does not mind them as long as they have a particular talent he can use. Folks that have either stayed too long or gotten on Neves nerves simply were put out forcibly or disappeared. The below centered on some of Neves companions of whom he has developed a healthy working relationship.


Neves: MERP Statistics

Mage Dunedian 24 105 60 da Home: Special Powers: AT/DB: Missile OB: Rhuduar Spell Mastery No/30 55da

Profession: Race: Level: Hits: Melee OB:

Shield MM:

No 15

Stats: ST 75, CO 85, AG 98, IT 98, IG 100, PR 95, AP 82. Skills: Climb 40, Foraging 15, Riding 77, Stalk/Hide 56, Tracking 58, Perception 64, Public Speaking 20, Swimming 58, Star Gazing 55, Weather Watching 40, First Aid 20, Magical Symbols 45, Magical Ritual Lore 30, Poison Lore 20, Herb Lore 20, Arthedian Lore 40. Special Abilities: Spell Mastery - Neves is a master of magic. The ranges, effect radii, and effect diameters of spells cast by Neves are doubled. A spell that normally has a "touch" range has a range of 5' in the hands of Neves. This rule does not apply to spells imbedded in an item and cast by Neves. Spells: PP 72 (3). Base Spells 48, Directed Spells 125. Knows All Mage list to 20th level. Also knows the following list to 20th level: Spirit Mastery, Essence Ways, Essence Perceptions, and Essence Hands. He also knows following lists, Flesh Destruction, Fluid Destruction, and Soul Destruction to 10th level: 1.4 Neves: Items Wand of Lightning- this magical wand has the ability to cast lightning bolts 9 times a day. The wand also adds +15 to Directed Spells. Mithiril Ring- a band of pure Mithiril acts as a 3 PP to all users of Essence.

Ring of Storing- this ring has can store 10 spells of up to 10th level. Neves typically has the following spells stored: Lightning bolt (his favorite), Detect Good, Deflection, Sudden Light, Hold Kind, Sleep X and Charm.


Druga the Black

Druga had always been something of an oddity among the elves of Mirkwood. His appearance alone marks him as different. Always dressed in black he possesses a shocking mop of light gray hair with ice blue eyes and cobalt pale skin all of which made him stand out that much more. His strange appearance personified his aloof quiet manners that did not endear him to his follow warm out-going elves. It was no surprise then, that one-day he had simply disappeared. The elders suspected that something sinister had happened. But without proof they did not pursue the matter. The truth was that Druga had met and become enamored of Celedhring the fallen elf and disappeared into Dol Guldur. While under the tutelage of the fallen elf, he gained knowledge and magical powers. He began to crave for more knowledge and conducted

despicable deeds with Celedhring. In time he became too embroiled in the power struggle between Khamul the Nazgul and Celedhring and much to his regret was forced into exiled to Angmar. It was on his way to Angmar that he stayed at Neves Castle and met the most fascinating person he has ever encountered, Neves the wizard. From the moment they met they became friends sharing in each other their dreams and evil plots. With Neves help, he began to learn more about magics darker uses. In turn, Druga served as the unlikely ambassador for Neves to the Witch Kings court. Druga admires Neves but does not fear him. The only fault he finds in Neves, like most mortals Druga has met, is that he succumbs to his emotions. Druga is a tall even for an elf. His skill in tracking is superb and his fighting prowess is excellent couple this, with his newly acquired magical skills. Druga is a force to be reckoned with.


Druga: MERP Statistics

Ranger Sindar 22 108 144 sp Home: Special Powers: AT/DB: Missile OB: Rhuduar Lightning Reactions PL/60 Shield 114 blowgun MM:

Profession: Race: Level: Hits: Melee OB:

Yes +10DB 25

Stats: ST 100, CO 100, AG 90, IT 90, IG 75, PR 100, AP 90. Skills: Ambush 12, Appraisal 30, Animal Handling 30, Climb 80, Foraging 45, Low Bow 105, Riding 97, Stalk/Hide 86, Tracking 88, Perception 44, Wood craft 35, Smithing 50, Swimming 78, Weather Watching 40, Elf Lore 30, Goblin Lore 20, Herb Lore 20. Special Abilities: Lightning Reactions- Drugas reflexes are so quick that he gains the first strike in any fair fight, that is if he is not stunned or surprised. Spells: PP 22. Base Spells 0, Directed Spells 50. Knows all Ranger Lists to 20th level as well as Calm Spirits, Natures Way, "Sound/Light Ways," "Nature Lore," "Protections," and "Detection Mastery" to 10th level. He also knows Flesh Destruction to 5th level. 1.7 Druga: Items Krakens Pain- +25 Trident Spear that he got from Celedhring the fallen. It is of slaying to all reptiles and when thrown will return to owner in one round. The spear does an extra puncture critical. Kraken Beak Armor - Druga wears a large Kraken Beak armor, which protects as Plate Armor but encumbers as Rigid Leather armor. The armor provides +20 DB. This was another gift from his cousins at White Haven. Dark Shield- appears as a small oval shape black shield of unknown metallic make. It provides the owner with +10 DB and is able to cast Shadows once a day. Blowgun From his close association with Khamul the Nazgul, he developed a liking for the blowgun instead of the long bow as is commonly favored by elves. If need be, he can still shoot the bow with great skill. He just prefers the blowgun. The blowgun adds +10 OB. He also has two sets of darts

o Darts of Curing when hurl at a friend heals 15 hit points instantly o Darts of Stunning when hurl at an opponent paralyzes the opponent for 6 rounds. The poison functions as 6th lvl.


Jorgo the Punisher

From the moment he was born, his life would be hard. His mom dead giving birth to him and was immediately sold into slavery, which led him to work in the Ice Caverns north of Dar, a large city in Near Harad. The slave masters noticed his size and how he bully the other kids around and promptly sent him to gladiator school. It was a profession that Jorgo would exceed in. He became one of his generations greatest gladiator that Dar has seen. His violent often-animalistic disposition in the arena attracted large crowds. He had become something of an attraction in Dar. It was while beating to a bloody pulp three newly captured slaves in the grand coliseum of Dar that Neves noticed him. Neves immediately bought him from his current slave master and granted him freedom. Jorgo being grateful, promised his life to protect this strange man. Ever since, Jorgo has been Neves bodyguard. Wherever Neves ventured outside the castle, Jorgo was nearby keeping careful watch. Jorgo greatly admires the wizard and will do anything he asks. He will die defending the wizard if need be. Jorgo is a brute of a man, his body litter with small and large scars. His voice rumbles like a deep well. Being from Far Harad, he is dark skin with menacing black beads for eyes. He does not like magic or strategy. He prefers to handle opponents the old fashion way, which is to throb them. He hates Dunedians with a passion blaming them for his lost childhood in slavery although it was his family that sold him. He will make any Dunedian feel unwelcome. When in battle he will seek out Dunedians to attack to the detriment of his companions and lack of concern for his safety. Being the hypocrite racist, he does not hold any grudges against Neves who is Dunedian. 1.9 Jorgo: MERP Statistics
Warrior Haradrim 16 136 150 ma Home: Special Powers: AT/DB: Missile OB: Formally Far Harad, now Rhuduar Berserk CH/20 Shield 112 ja MM:

Profession: Race: Level: Hits: Melee OB:

Yes +20DB 20

Stats: ST 101, CO 96, AG 90, IT 65, IG 70, PR 90, AP 65. Skills: Ambush 5, Animal Handling 40, Athlete Games 20, Wrestling 90, Cookery 30, Gambling 20, Climb 90, Foraging 5, Riding 77, Stalk/Hide 36, Tracking 48, Perception 24, Swimming 88. Special Abilities: Berserk- When in combat Jorgo is often seized by battle-lust. His hits are increased by 50% and his OB increased by +30 while his DB decreases by -50. While in this frenzy Ares cannot parry


Jorgo: Items

Mace of Armor Ruin- this magical mace was a gift from Druga who got it from the infamous Elven Smith Celedhring. It provides the owner with of Slaying to all armor and provides +20 OB. The one drawback is that it slowly sucks the light from any area. It is normally carried in a black wool bag to prevent it affecting indoor lighting. Screaming Javelins- the two javelins get their name from the fact that when thrown it actually sounds like a horrendous scream producing fear to all enemies that hear it. The effects of this functions as a 3rd lvl fear spell and can only occur once a day. It also gives +10 OB. Shield of Passion- this extraordinary shield was actually given to Jorgo, which he was a gladiator in Far Harad, for besting a gladiator champion. It main purpose is protection, it adds +20 DB and also provides an additional +20 to all heat and cold elemental attacks (20+20) as well as provide protection to spells RR.


Renango the Red Assassin

Renango grew up an orphan in Angmar. At an early age, it was discovered that he was a sneak and a good one. He was sent to Carn Durm, the capital of the Witch Kings kingdom Angmar where he was enlisted at an early age to train as a Black Tracker. During his schooling, he exceeded greatly in the art of disguises, hiding and stalking. He became knowledgeable on the preparation of herbs and poisons. However, the one area he did not exceed was the outdoors. He hated the outdoors. He preferred the comfortable brick and mortar surroundings of a city than the trees and brushes of the forest. After killing his wolf companion, he was abruptly kick out and disgrace. No other Angmarean military organization wanted him. He was an outcast in a hard world. On the streets of Carn Durm it was difficult to make a living, which forced him to resort to thievery. After some success, he eventually was caught attempting to steal a warlords jewels at his estate. But he managed to elude his capturers and with a hefty price on his head fled Carn Durm to Rhuduar. He had heard of a wizard to the south tucked in the highlands of Rhuduar who takes in rift rafts. He went to Neves and asked for refugee at his castle in return for the wizards protection he would serve Neves. At first, the wizard was skeptical and requested that he prove his worth by bringing the head of the lord of Shedun Castle, an Amgmarean castle. He left only to return a fortnight with the head of the lord. Ever since then, he has been under Neves protection and has performed numerous harebrained deeds for the wizard. Few people in Carn Durm has not heard of the Red Assassin, a name given to Renango due to his red colored sword and bright red vest. His services are sought after even by the mysterious Mor-Sereg cult for some of their implausible tasks. He respects the wizard and appreciates the wizards protection very much. Without it, Renango would be hunted till the end of his life by Angmarean forces. He is not one to run away from a fight but does know a lost cause when he sees one. Renango is a large athletically portioned man with dark features. He looks more nimble than he looks.


Renango: MERP Statistics

Thief (Assassin) Angmarean 16 160 112 ls Home: Special Powers: AT/DB: Missile OB: Rhuduar Hardy SL/25 93 da

Profession: Race: Level: Hits: Melee OB:

Shield MM:

No 25

Stats: ST 90, CO 90, AG 96, IT 85, IG 85, PR 80, AP 80. Skills: Acrobatic 50, Ambush 15, Animal Handling 20, Boxing 35, Disarm Traps 60, Gambling 20, Climb 80, Foraging 15, Lock Picking 60, Riding 67, Seduction 20, Stalk/Hide 86, Tracking 38, Trap Building 20, Perception 44, Trickery 45, Swimming 48, Poison Lore 25, Herb Lore 20. Special Abilities: Hardy- Renango has a special resistance to Poisons. He has a +15 RR to all Poisons. Spells: PP 16, Directed Spells 5. Knows "Sound/Light Ways," to 5th level. 1.13 Renango: Items

+10 Throwing Daggers, which are, conceal throughout his Red Vest. Reddeath- a magical long sword with a red blade that he stole while at Carn Durm from a Black Ranger. It provides the following powers when cutting the sword will magical infect the wound causing additional 1-4 hits of bleeding per round and leave a nasty scar. It also adds +20 OB. Net of Trapping- a small magical net that magical alters its shape when throw at the victim to accommodate the victims size to ensnare it. If the net obtains a critical of C or better the victim becomes ensnared and severely limits the victims movement. The net can only accommodate one living thing no larger than a horse otherwise it functions as a large net. The net contains ball weights at its ends, which magical grow to accommodate the victim. It will take an Absurd Maneuver for the victim to cast the net off. With assistance, the net becomes easier to take off. Red Vest- bright red leather vest, which protects the wearer as if Soft Leather but encumbers as No Armor. It is cunningly designed with many hidden pockets (15 pockets with enough space to house 1-4 doses of herbs). It adds +10 DB.



Zandor is a jolly heavyset man with a short beard and long hair. He is a non-conformist and dresses in white and can talk about anything with an air of an expert for hours if he is not stopped. He has studied many subjects during his time at the library of Minas Tirith where he grew up. Unbeknownst, only to Neves, he is a fallen member from the Blood Ring, a secretive cult of magicians in Gondor. His fall from grace was the result of his desire to lay his hands on the knowledge of the ancient Daens and to create life out of stone. Through nefarious means, he had obtained an ancient Daen tome, which contained magical secrets of giving life to stones. He was able to translate the tomes secret and experiment killing individuals and unsuccessfully

trapping their souls in the stone figures. His friends within the Blood Ring began to suspect Zandor behind the series of murders around Minas Tirith and before they could catch him. He ran off but not before successfully creating a golem. Wanted by the authorities and the powerful Blood Ring, he fled all the way to Rhuduar seeking refuge, where at last, Neves agreed to take him in. He greatly appreciates Neves hospitality and has become respectful of Neves powers. Neves, on the other hand, despises Zandor and only welcomes Zandor for a future bargaining point. Should Neves ever run afoul of the Witch King he could bargain the ex-Blood Ring member. The dark lord would pay greatly to discover the identities of the magicians and wizards incognito in Gondor and what they know of the dark lords plans. Zandor always travels with his golem. Its spirit was once a friend of Zandor. The wizard was so impressed with his friends fighting prowess that he had him killed. He trapped the spirit and pours it onto to the stone golem. It now responds to Zandor every command.


Zandor: MERP Statistics

Wizard Gondorian 15 86 35 da Home: Special Powers: AT/DB: Missile OB: Rhuduar SL/30 25 da Shield MM: No 10

Profession: Race: Level: Hits: Melee OB:

Stats: ST 70, CO 85, AG 90, IT 95, IG 98, PR 80, AP 75. Skills: Alchemy 20, Animal Handling 20, Cookery 30, Gambling 20, Climb 80, Foraging 15, Riding 77, Scrying 20, Stalk/Hide 56, Tracking 58, Perception 34, Public Speaking 20, Swimming 48, Weather Watching 40, Magical Symbols 20, Magical Ritual Lore 20, Undead Lore 15, Gondor History 20. Spells: PP 30. Base Spells 30, Directed Spells 75. Knows all Wizards base spell lists except for Wizard Staff to 15th level. Also knows Essence Ways, Unbarring Ways, and Sound/Light Ways," "Nature Lore," "Protections," and "Detection Mastery" to 10th level. 1.16 Zandor: Items

+10 dagger. Wand of Cold- allows the owner to cast three cold bolts thrice a day. White Robes- Zandor wears magical altered white robes that protect the wearer as if Soft Leather with +20 DB but encumbers as No Armor. It also provides the wearer with extra protection against the elements such as cold and fire (+20 DB to all heat and cold attacks). 1.17
Name Golem

Zandor: Golem
Lvl 10 Size L MM 10 Hits 160 AT PL DB 60 Shld N Melee OB 100We Notes Lcrit, hands strike as mace, no stun/bleed, all crit-1

Zandor magically controls the golem through the spirit of the murdered warrior, Galon. Should anyone call out to Galon, the golem will begin to remember who killed it and resist Zandors commands. Zandor has a 10th level hold on the golem; the spirit would resist as a 8th level RR. Should Zandors concentration be heavily distracted, his hold on the golem will weaken to 5th level. Should the spirit gain control; it will promptly attack Zandor much to his surprise.


Stasheen the Thief

Stasheen is a young female thief from Balimur Swamp, a large swamp located in Southern Gondor known for the large community of smugglers and thieves under the rule of the Queen. She acts as the Queens contact in Tharbad and runs a small smuggling ring, which bootlegs drugs to Balimur Swamp. She also functions as Neves contact at Tharbad. She often travels between Rhuduar and Tharbad on a regular basis providing information for Neves. She follows Neves because the wizard gives her pretty gifts. These gifts have made Stasheen relatively rich. Rumors suggest a romantic connection between the two but neither Stasheen nor Neves will ever confirm this to be true. Instead, Neves would claim that she provides valuable Intel on the goings on in the south. And she will proclaim that he is a bit old for my taste. Either way, they both seem to enjoy the other company. In truth she adores Neves and will follow him to the end. Neves enjoys hers company very much. However this recent episode with Neves searching for a wife has really strain their relationship. In Tharbad, she pretends to be a rich widow from Gondor immigrated to Tharbad to set up a wool business. She has a respectful shop in the South Bank. She interacts with the citys most important personalities. Many of the citys aristocrats have courted her. She enjoys their attention but cares nothing for them only the information they provide. None would expect such a vicious mean-spirited person from such a cute well-mannered woman. She has a lot of respect for Renango and has helped him in his numerous jobs. Renango in turn has fancied the young woman but out of respect to his master, Neves, he has not revealed his feelings for her. Should Neves ever find out his feelings for Stasheen, Renangos days on Middle-Earth would be short. Jorgo also fancy the young thief but more of a big brother relationship. She continuously flirts with Zandor and entertains him much to Neves disdain. She does it because it makes Neves jealous and she enjoys it very much. But Stasheen is more than just a pretty face. She is deadly with her daggers and deadlier with her sling. Numerous opponents have underestimated the young woman only to find out too late how dangerous she really is.


Stasheen: MERP Statistics

Thief Gondorian 12 88 93 da Home: Special Powers: AT/DB: Missile OB: Tharbad and Rhuduar Magical Vision SL/45 Shield 114 sl MM:

Profession: Race: Level: Hits: Melee OB:

No 30

Stats: ST 85, CO 100, AG 96, IT 80, IG 85, PR 85, AP 90. Skills: Acrobatic 40, Ambush 10, Appraisals 25, Cookery 30, Gambling 30, Climb 80, Foraging 25, Lock Picking 65, Riding 67, Seduction 55, Stalk/Hide 66, Tracking 38, Perception 44, Public Speaking 20, Swimming 48, Trap Building 20, Trickery 45, Wrestling 55, Geography 20. Special Abilities: Magical Vision- allows the Stasheen to see through illusions and to see invisible objects, if the target fails a RR vs. level 5. This ability can only be attempted once per day 1.20 Stasheen: Items

Winged Death- is a magical green sling given to her by the Queen before she left to Tharbad. When used in combat, the sling oozes a green nasty liquid. Stasheen has no idea what the green bullets are but she avoids touching it. The sling acts as +15 OB and the nasty green bullets are actually bullets of acid, which provides an additional heat critical. Magic Ring- a gift from Neves. The ring protects its bearer with +10 DB. +10 Daggers


Icar the Slave Master

Icar hails from Angmar and is under the employment of Neves to serve as captain of the guards and also performs other malicious duties for the wizard. He is sadistic. One of those malicious duties is to torture captives caught in the vicinity of Neves castle. He relishes those moments as he enjoys hearing the screams and moans of his victims. He is always coming up with new inventive means to extract information. He is called the Slave Master, a name that he is very fond. Icar will stay with Neves as long as there is good to be had. He likes his responsibilities under Neves but would not hesitate to leave for more pay. Among Neves assembly of allies, he is meet with disdain and detested. Jorgo does not like him because Icar reminds him of his days in Far Harad when he was a slave. Zandor is a bit afraid of him and Stasheen finds the man disgusting. Renango thinks he is mentally sick. Only Druga finds Icar interesting. The two can sometimes been seen talking in the yard debating torture techniques. Icar is a short dark hair man with a mustache. His beady eyes shine with intelligence. He is a good strategist and a very good swordsman. He came very highly recommended from an Angmarean warlord. He enjoys a good challenge and especially enjoys winning.


Icar: MERP Statistics

Warrior Easterling 11 140 122 2-h Home: Special Powers: AT/DB: Missile OB: Rhuduar None CH/45 80sb

Profession: Race: Level: Hits: Melee OB:

Shield MM:

No 20

Stats: ST 95, CO 90, AG 95, IT 80, IG 85, PR 85, AP 70. Skills: Acrobatic 40, Ambush 3, Climb 88, First Aid 25, Foraging 25, Riding 87, Stalk/Hide 36, Tracking 38, Perception 24, Swimming 68, Trickery 15, Torture 35, Wrestling 85, Underworld 25, Military tactics 20. 1.23 Icar: Items

Death Master- is a magical two-hand sword that unbeknownst to Icar is cursed. The sword has a mind of its own and will attempt to corrupt the soul of the user to turn it to evil. This is the reason why Icar is sadistic. The user will have to resist a 5th level Will to resist the evil urging of the sword. Icar was already an immoral person and thus willingly fell under its spell. The sword provides +10 OB. Magic Ring- a gift from Neves. The ring protects its bearer with +20 to all fire attacks.


Kobold the Chieftain

Kobold is the chief of the local goblin tribe that Neves has subdue and planted Kobold as its chieftain. Kobold did not want to be chief but is too afraid of the wizard to go against his will. He especially despises the Druga the Elf. Kobold is a small dog-like goblin. He is by far not the biggest in his tribe but the one of the smartest. He knows that his position relies on the authority of Neves. Otherwise he would have been challenged for chieftain a long time ago by one of the larger goblins. For this he is grateful that Neves is still around. He always follows Neves commands. His fellow goblins hold Kobold in reverence because of his communication with the wizard. They will do all that Kobold commands. His body-guards, called Alphas due to their elite status in the tribe, are very loyal to Kobold. Kobold actually cares for the well being of his tribe. Kobold is chief of the goblin tribe called Red Dogs due to their short dog-like appearance. They are actually a product of an experiment long ago by one of the Nazgul. They are a head smaller than most goblins. Due to their tenacity in battle and dog-like appearance it has earn them the moniker Red Dogs. They have a special relation with all wolves and stray dogs in Rhudaur. They are able to communicate with wolves through a series of howls and grunts. The two have worked together in raiding hamlets and towns. They also have a strong sense of smell much like a dog. Their trackers are one of the best in all of Angmar. The tribe numbers no more than 250. About 150 are warriors, the remaining are smiths, females and young children. Neves use the Red Dogs to scout the surrounding countryside for potential

refugees and victims. They also staff the castle with guards at certain times and cooks. They have cordial relationship with other tribes and trade wares with other goblin tribes.


Kobold: MERP Statistics

Warrior Goblin 8 80 105 sp Home: Special Powers: AT/DB: Missile OB: Rhuduar Lair CH/45 85 sp

Profession: Race: Level: Hits: Melee OB:

Shield MM:

Yes +10 20

Stats: ST 95, CO 90, AG 95, IT 70, IG 65, PR 75, AP 50. Skills: Acrobatic 40, Ambush 10, Animal Handling 40, Appraisals 25, Cookery 30, Gambling 30, Climb 80, Foraging 25, Lock Picking 65, Riding 67 (wolf riding), Seduction 55, Stalk/Hide 66, Tracking 38, Perception 44, Swimming 48, Trap Building 20, Trickery 45, Wrestling 55, Wolf Lore 20. Special Abilities: Lair- Kobold is such a tale spinner that he has +10 to all Influence skills. 1.26 Kobold: Items

+15 extremely well made Spear, which was given to him by Neves. +10 Shield and Chain Armor also given to him by Neves. Red Dog Totem- a necklace of bear claws that protects the wearer with +10 DB. They also tingle when within 100 from bears or werebears.

Name Alphas Hounds Dogs Pups

Neves: Military Tables

Lvl 5 5 3 2 3 4 Number 10 20 50 70 30 10 MM 10 15 10 10 10 15 Hits 80 70 55 45 55 60 AT RL SL SL SL RL SL DB Shld The Red Dogs 30 N 35 N 25 Y+5 20 Y+5 Neves Rift Raft 30 Y+10 30 N Melee OB 70sp 60sw 65sp 55sp 60sb 70sb 50sb 45sb Notes Goblins, bodyguards of Kobold. Long snout goblins. Used to track. A few have +5 spears Inexperience soldiers An assortment of Angarean guards Serve as bodyguards or assist Renango on his missions. They are clothed in red leather armor. General assortment of refugees that Neves has taken in. 50% will help in defending the castle, the other half will flee.

Castle Guards Red Guards

60sw 65cb 65sw 60cb






varies 20-50