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Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Newsletter of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, Florida November 2011


Those Occupy guys have it all figured out. In their

world everything is FREE: retirement, health care, drugs, college, mortgages, clunkers and caulkers. In our world everything has a price. You get something by buying it, getting someone else to buy it or borrowing the money to buy it. The last thing the Occupy crowd would ever do is buy something. That leaves options 2 and 3; either get someone else to buy it or borrow the money. For seventy years we have been down the someone else road. We passed laws requiring businesses to buy our retirement (Social Security), our health care (Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance) and drugs (Medicare Part D). We even got them to pay our unemployment insurance. Finally the business community struck back. One look at Obamacare and they knew we had created the 2x4 that would break the economys back. The response from the business community was either automation or offshore. So now we do more with less; American workers, that is. With business tapped out we went to our backup plan, bankrupt our kids. Did we ever! We piled $15 trillion of known debt and more than $50 trillion of unfunded liabilities (Entitlements) on their cute little heads. Theyre not only tapped out today.

They could be tapped out for the next fifty years. So much for the someone else option. On to the borrow plan. Hello, China. Our Chinese friends are playing chess while were playing checkers. We gave them unlimited shelf space at Wal-Mart so they would lend us one trillion dollars. At the end of the day they get the jobs required to make the products, they figured out the technology we thought we had patented, they get a chunk of our $400 billion annual interest payment and, ultimately, they get our sovereignty. Remember the other Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. To all those in the Occupy crowd I say this: If youre not Occupying the White House youre taking up the wrong space. To my Conservative friends who are reading this column I say: We may not be the ones that we have been waiting for, but we are the only adults remaining. Like it or not, the burden of saving our country falls on people like us.

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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November 2011 issue of the Newsletter, published monthly by the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. The views and conclusions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial staff, REC Board of Directors, or the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee. Letters to the editor are welcomed but should be no longer than 500 words and may be edited for length and content. All submissions are property of their respective authors and may not be reproduced without prior permission of the author. Any comments, questions, or other feedback should be directed to michael.barnett1@gmail.com.



Sid Dinerstein, Chairman Margi Helschien, Vice Chair Michael A. Barnett, Secretary Ira Sabin, Treasurer Fran Hancock, State Committeewoman Peter Feaman, State Committeeman
In This Issue
The Perfect Candidate, by Margi Helschien... 3 Not Down for the Struggle, by Ray Tresca... 3 Herman Cain Fundraiser Rally..... 4 Joe Kaufman Visits East Boca Chabad .... 5 Palms West Republican Club Update ...... 6 Santorum Campaign in Palm Beach County..... 7 Mike Lameyer Running for State Senate...8 Concern Over Obamas Fascination with Islam by Alan Bergstein...8 Profiles in Conservatism 9 U.S. Senate Candidate George LeMieux: Four Freedoms..10
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REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PALM BEACH COUNTY Mission Statement The Republican Party of Palm Beach County is committed to promoting Republican ideals and principles; recruiting and electing qualified candidates for public office; developing a grassroots organization that will motivate the electorate to vote; and raising the funds necessary to complete these objectives. www.pbcgop.org

Breaking News: Griffin Perry, son of Governor Rick Perry, will be at Palm Beach County GOP Picnic on Saturday November 5th. Please support the Palm Beach County REC by attending the picnic and meeting Griffin Perry!

2011 REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PALM BEACH COUNTY Regions Financial Tower, 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite 210, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401-2301 Phone: (561) 686-1616 Fax: (561) 686-1898 Email: info@pbcgop.org

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

Page 3 branches of government, and protect our constitutional liberties. The candidate that wins will be someone who shows the ability to run this country like a successful business and raise us out of this financial mess. The candidate that will win because he does not follow the path. He will win because he chose his own path, a path that will keep America as Ronald Reagan said in 1988, "truly the greatest, freest, strongest nation on earth."

The Perfect Candidate

By Margi Helschien Vice Chair, Republican Party of Palm Beach County Winner of the Jean Pipes Award, 2011

Looking for the Perfect Candidate: smart, brilliant, capable to manage the economy, produce jobs, able to beat Obama, and fit the mold of Ronald Reagan. Okay, there is no perfect Candidate. There is no available savior. But we do need a leader, one who will believe in America's strength, its greatness, and its positive energy. America is in need of a great leader. Newsweek magazine, Oct. 2011 points out that "with nearly one fifth of the population out of work, or looking for more, it is no surprise that voters long to be saved." Newsweek also points out that history has shown "the most consequential political leaders of the 20th century, FDR and Ronald Reagan, won the White House during economic crises. and achieved lasting influence (not in spite of) because of the traumatic times they presided over." Our leader needs to share the dissatisfaction of the way things are. We need a candidate that will defend the United States with pride in his/her country. We need a leader who will tell the truth and not be afraid to do what is "right". The leader we choose will understand as FDR and Reagan did, that and as Newsweek points out; "the crises they had presided over on the failed, un-American ideology of the previous regime and relentlessly positioned their sweeping proposals as part of a grand project to undo the damage and revive real American values". History can repeat itself, but it is how you deal with it. Most of us are looking for the same things in a candidate: to maintain our principles of limited government, lower taxes, respect the dignity of life, recognize family and marriage as the foundation of our society, maintain balance of power among the

Not Down for the Struggle

By Raymond Tresca

MSNBCs interview of Herman Cain by Lawrence O'Donnell should be a very enlightening lesson on how the left attempts to derail every black conservative. He attempted to berate Mr. Cain because he was not on board with civil rights activism in the 60s. No such scrutiny was leveled at Barack Obama except maybe by Al Sharpton, who questioned whether Obama was black enough. While it doesnt really mean a darn thing, what percentage of blacks actually did march? Are all the rest then relegated to an irrelevant pile? When black conservatives come to the political forefront who do not walk in lock step with liberal and Democratic ideals the attack begins like a feeding frenzy at Sea Worlds shark tank. Dont ask them about their ideas and solutions; just go after every morsel of red meat you can feed to the left. The numbers of conservative blacks is growing. Organizations like the Frederick Douglass Foundation believe in free market principles and limited government. Many associate with the Tea Party. To them, it is not a black and white issue but a common sense approach to what has made this country great and the recognition of what threatens it today.
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Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Joe Kaufman Discusses Mid East Policy at East Boca Synagogue

Criticizes Obama And Wasserman Schultz For Placing America and Israel in Danger

BOCA RATON, FL. October 18, 2011. U.S. Congressional Candidate and investigative journalist Joe Kaufman, speaking at the Chabad of East Boca synagogue, discussed a number of issues regarding the Middle East. Kaufman was invited to speak based on his ten years of experience working in the counter-terrorism field and his expertise in Middle Eastern and South Asian affairs. During his talk, Kaufman criticized President Barack Obama and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for supporting policies and initiatives that, according to Kaufman, would place both America and Israel in danger. Both Obama and Wasserman Schultz have put pressure on Israel to initiate peace talks with Palestinians by going back to pre1967 borders. Kaufman describes these borders as being suicide for Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has stated that these borders would be indefensible. As well, Kaufman criticized Obama and Wasserman Schultz for their support of recent revolutions that have taken place in the Middle East, one of which removed Israel and Americas peace partner, Hosni Mubarak, from the region. The United States invested billions of dollars of weaponry in the Mubarak regime.

Joe Kaufman with Rabbi New (left) and addressing members of Chabad of East Boca (above)

Kaufman stated that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the revolutions in Egypt and Syria and that the new Libyan leadership consists of elements from the Brotherhood and al-Qaeda. The group that is currently controlling Tripoli the capital and heart of Libya is the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an organization found on the U.S. State Departments list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) specifically for its past close relationship to Osama bin Laden. Kaufman paints a dangerous picture for Israel, whereby the tiny Jewish state is surrounded entirely by those who wish to destroy her along with all past signed peace treaties. This includes a potentially nuclear Iran, a Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, and Hamas threatening attacks from Gaza, Cairo and Damascus.
For more information call 954-641-3449 or visit


Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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The Palms West Republican Club

Serving the Western Communities
PALMS WEST MEMBERSHIP DRIVE! The Palms West Republican Club is kicking off its 2012 Membership Drive at the Monday, November 7th meeting with special guest speaker, Colonel Mike McCalister (RET), candidate for U.S. Senate. As this meeting falls during the week we celebrate Veterans Day, we enthusiastically invite all our Veterans to attend! Next Club Meeting: The Palms West Republican Club is looking to build membership and form a strong Republican presence in the western communities, and President Paul Krayeski has appointed Janeen Capizola as Chair of the Membership Outreach Committee to oversee this campaign. Membership in our REC and local clubs is critical to the grassroots effort of promoting the conservative values and principles of the GOP. We ask you to support our club by attending the meeting on November 7th, consider a 2012 Club Membership, and we encourage you to bring a friend! November Membership plus Regular 2012 Club Membership-$30 Monday, November 7, 2011 6:00-7:00pm Buffet Dinner 7:00-8:00pm Meeting $10 Members; $15 Non-Members Binks Forest Golf Club; 400 Binks Forest Drive; Wellington RSVP pkrayeski@bellsouth.net or jcapinpol@aol.com

LINCOLN DAY RAFFLE! We are also THRILLED to announce we will be raffling off a pair of TICKETS ($390 value) to the 2012 Republican Party of Palm Beach County's Lincoln Day Dinner with Keynote Speaker, Herman Cain! Raffle tickets are $20 each, and we will be selling them at our November 7th meeting and our Tuesday, January 10th meeting. The winning ticket will be drawn at the January meeting, and the LUCKY winner and guest will sit at the Palms West Republican Club table at the dinner. SIT WITH PALMS WEST AT LINCOLN DAY! We are putting together tables of 10 for Club Members and guests to sit with us at the GOP Lincoln Day Dinner on January 28, 2012 at the Kravis Center. If you would like to sit with our Club at the Lincoln Day Dinner, please email Club President, Paul Krayeski, at pkrayeski@bellsouth.net or Membership Chair, Janeen Capizola, Jcapinpol@aol.com. We need FIRM commitments, via email, for seating purposes. If you have already purchased your Lincoln Day tickets, let us know so we can tell the Palm Beach County GOP you will be sitting with us. If you have yet to purchase your tickets, please make a note on your payment check or online that you will be sitting with the Palms West Republican Club. We look forward to having you sit with our Club at one of the highlight EVENTS of the YEAR for the Palm Beach County GOP!
Struggle continued from page 3

May I revisit some obscure history? The Republican Party was born primarily in opposition to the KansasNebraska Act, which expanded slavery in the States. The Act was written by Stephen Douglas, a Democrat. Immediately following the Civil War, 25 Republican blacks were voted into the Senate and the House. Half of them were former slaves. Go check the current history books in use by students in high schools and universities and see if you can find any of this. The 13th Amendment in 1865 that abolished slavery had 100% Republican and 23% Democrat support. In 1868, the 14th Amendment for citizenship of former slaves was approved with 93% Republican and 0% Democrat support. In 1870, the 15th Amendment, giving blacks the right to vote was passed with 100% Republican and zero Democrat support. I

could go on and on, but I will spare you and fastforward to 1964. The Civil Rights Act was passed after a cloture vote ended a filibuster by Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat and former Klan member; 80% Republican and 63% Democrat support. For the record, Tennessee Senator Al Gore Sr., and Arkansas Senator William Fulbright, a Clinton mentor, voted against it. I respectfully ask, how the heck did we get to where we are now? Republicans seen as racists and the only hope blacks have is to vote Democrat? If you would like some more examples from1870 to 1964, just ask. The only thing I will add, is that Woodrow Wilson, Democrat was the first President to segregate the military and Washington. So, do you think history as it is taught is a fair representation of the facts?

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Rick Santorum Campaign is Organizing in Palm Beach County

By Michael Christ

Rick Santorum has stood for America his entire life. Now, he asks you to stand with him. Don't let the media, the pundits, or the flip-floppers decide this election. Rick is the candidate who not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. Rick has been fighting for our conservative values all of his life. He hasn't changed his party when it became politically expedient to do so. And, he didn't change his convictions in order to run for President. In short, Rick Santorum is the consistent conservative who will defeat Obama in 2012. Many Americans are proud to stand alongside Rick because he is the social conservative of this race. You don't have to worry about Rick muddling his stance on abortionSenator Santorum has practiced a culture of life and passed the Partial Birth Abortion Act. You won't have to worry about Rick's support for the family. He realizes that American society is predicated on marriage and the family. That's why he spoke of the value of the family to the economy in the Bloomberg New Hampshire debate. While Senator Santorum is proud to be known for fighting for America' families, the unborn, and traditional marriage, amongst his greatest accomplishments is reforming entitlements. He helped author and manage the successful Welfare Reform Act of 1993 that helped produced a balanced budget. Rick was reforming entitlements and combating the welfare state before it was cool. Rick Santorum is even willing to go against his own party in order to do what is right for America. Senator Santorum was a member of the Gang of Seven that successfully reformed the House of Representatives in the

90s. Rick's work launched the Republican takeover of Congress, ended special perks for elected officials, and put the Democratic Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee in jail. Like Ronald Reagan, Rick believes in peace, through strength. Unlike some of the other presidential candidates, Senator Santorum believes that the world is better off because America is the most exceptional nation in all of human history. That's why he is willing to stand up to the other candidates in debates when they call for abandoning our efforts to fight for freedom around the world. Rick was at the forefront of combating the threat of a nuclear Iran when he sponsored and passed the Iran Freedom and Support Act in an effort to force regime change in Iran. Americans stand with Rick Santorum because he has the frankness, fortitude, faith, and fearlessness to fight the good fight and reclaim America. He has the courage to fight for America. If you would like to get involved, please contact me at 561-558-7936 or mac8011@gmail.com. I am happy to connect you with our campaign. Please check out this speech given by Rick at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition gathering: http://www.therightscoop.com/ricksantorum-speech-and-qa-at-iowa-faith-andfreedom-coalition/ I believe you'll find the second half quite compelling.
Photos with Congressman West and the Boca Raton Republican Club courtesy of Mort Kuff

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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My Concern over Obama's Mysterious Fascination with Islam

By Alan Bergstein

Iranians, by law, do not follow Christian customs, so why did

Meet Mike Lameyer, Republican for Florida State Senate District 25
My name is Mike Lameyer of Lake Worth, Florida. Since the early 1970s, Ive been a proud homeowner and politically active citizen in this great state. I proudly served in combat in South Vietnam and was promoted to a Sgt E-5 in the US Marine Corps. After my service to this great country, I then entered college and became a commercial pilot and flight instructor. After testing at the University of Miami I was sworn into the Marine Corps officer program and resigned before going active after President Nixon announced a no win policy in South Vietnam. I do not support any type of no win policies. After the hardships in the airline industry, I then became involved in the venture capital industry and became a Director of Corporate Development for International Science and Technology (IST). This company specialized in technological products. My corporate and military experience would help me relate to the concerns of workers, professionals, veterans, and business people in District 25. I am proudly married for 32 years to Karen, a retired Palm Beach County schoolteacher who is also very active in conservative causes. We are blessed with a family of four children. My political involvement in local and state politics is another asset that I would bring to Tallahassee. I am an active member of the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee and have been involved with the Tea Party and South Florida 912 Groups. I also serve on the James Madison Institute's Palm Beach Board of Advisors. My book: The Screwing of Mr. and Mrs. Joe America outlines many problems affecting Florida and the rest of the United States. Issues tackled in my book included: illegal aliens, taxation, education, and the law. Please check out the Naples Daily News interview in 2010, where I laid out many of my ideas on economy, energy independence, education, illegal immigration, and other issues. See: http://www.naplesnews.com/videos/detail/election-2010-mikelameyer-fl-senate-d-27/ My contact information is: 561-248-8934 and my email is mikelameyer@yahoo.com. Please be sure to visit and like my Facebook page at Mike Lameyer for State Senate District 25. For further information about my positions on the issues, visit my website: President Obama gift wrap an early Christmas present for their mullahs.....an American-military-free, defenseless, lraq: under the palm tree? This, in addition to permitting and encouraging them to put together an atomic bomb is mind numbing. Except, of course, if you knew nothing of Obama's almost overwhelming penchant for all things Muslim. Almost a fascination with this religion. Recall his speeches in Cairo and Turkey where he reached out his hand in friendship to Muslim nations and told the world that his country was not at war with Muslims. Well, just who bombed the WTC and what is the national religion in Iraq and Afghanistan? And with what group are all of our domestic terrorists affiliated? He also claimed that his country was one of "the largest Muslim countries in the world." With only 1.8 million Muslims in the USA, as of most reliable 2000 estimates, that is quite a whopper. But not if the guy believes it, or rather, wants to believe it. Obama treats Israel as the Mideast culprit and offers it as the Ramadan turkey on the table for Hamas and the terrorist Palestinian Authority without calling attention to the terror both groups unleash against Israel. Please note that he shrugs at Iran's building THE BOMB, but condemns Israel for building HOMES in its own capital city. He fiercely supports the Ground Zero mosque yet he speaks out for the separation of church and state when it comes to Christian issues. Let's take into consideration his birth religion. He and his mainstream media went ballistic when it was evident he was born to a Muslim father and spent four years studying and practicing Islam in Indonesia. "A big lie!" they all screamed, ignoring that his given name was Barack Hussein Obama. It's not like it was Irving David Cohen. But in his speeches to Muslim audiences he reminds them of his sudden found Muslim roots. Add to all of the above, Obama's ignoring the stealth, Jihadist invasion and threat to this country with Koranic law eroding our Constitution. His complicity, together with the Department of Justice in ignoring the sharia threats to our legal system requires answers. All the more reason for all of us to work together to defeat not only Obama in the next election but all the Democrats who will carry the water for the camel whose nose is lifting up the security of the strength tent that protects us, our kids and all future American generations. Ted Deutch and Debbie W. Schultz immediately come to mind.



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New REC Members Added in August and October 2011 a lawyer with Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart in West Palm Beach. Steve specializes in business litigation and labor and employment law. Steve is a graduate of the Florida State University College of Law. Prior to law school, Steve worked in the conservative movement in Washington, DC. Steve worked in the office of former U.S Attorney General Edwin Meese at the Heritage Foundation, and served as an editor and columnist for Townhall.com, a conservative news website. Steve is excited about getting involved with the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, and is eager to advance the principles at the core of conservatism--limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and traditional moral values.

Steve Muscatello is

Marion Frank: I was born in New York, grew up in Whitestone, Queens, a neighborhood between the Throgs Neck and Whitestone Bridges. I attended the University of Miami at 17, and in my middle 20s I married a great guy and moved back to Miami, with one son in tow. We built a house down in South Miami, east of US 1. Five months after moving in, Hurricane Andrew came roaring through our house. We then moved to Wellington and had a second son. I ran for Wellington Village Council. That was a lesson in when losing means winning. Glad I ran, but even happier that I lost.
I decided to go to CPAC-FL a few weeks back. I heard the Boca club was hiring a bus to Orlando, so I signed up, hoping to meet some new friends. I like being in a room with like minded people; well, holy cow! What a great group of people I met from the Palm Beach Republican Club. I had a fabulous time at CPAC and P5. I didnt even know there were so many people who thought like I did. I am not alone! My new friends told me about the Republican Executive Committee and that it was the next step for me to join. I went to the meeting at the Vista Center and was sold on Sid and the whole concept in a minute. I am looking forward to contacting the Republican voters in my precinct and being a poll watcher on Election Day. I feel I can make a difference and change minds without ever running for office myself. I feel like I have found my place and I am so happy to be associated with everyone from the Palm Beach Republican Club. was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up surrounded by a work force striving to achieve the American dream. At a young age Rick was inspired by the character, leadership and ethics of then President Ronald Reagan. The President had such an influence on Ricks character development that after leaving Southern Illinois University where he majored in education, he chose a career in Law Enforcement to be part of the Presidents war on drugs. During Ricks thirty-three year career he traveled throughout the world and saw first hand the spread of destruction affecting the American way of life. In early 2011, Rick first met Congressman Allen West at Sun Coast High School in Riviera Beach, Florida. While assigned to his security team, Rick watched a man who was unknown to him take a true interest in our childrens future. This encounter caught Ricks attention and he began attending Congressman Wests town hall meetings. Armed with the education provided by Congressman West, Rick hopes to apply his own life experience and dedication to assist his Party in the preservation of this great country. Rick lives with his wife Kathy and two children in Lake Worth, Florida and is a member of the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee.

Lea Hope Becker: I was a voter of Democrats during my life in the Chicago area, which comprised many years. I networked with the politicians and had liberal friends. I began a solo law practice in 1983 and networked even more. My specialty was tax law, since I also had acquired a CPA after my name. I have been a student of the financial pages for more years than I care to admit. Then I remarried an old flame and moved to Upstate New York where my new husband re-educated me as to political wisdom. It wasn't difficult for me to make the change, since my knowledge of things financial always did make me scratch my head regarding how the liberals rolled out their math.
Then we moved to West Palm Beach and, since I was lonely for fellow thinkers and planners, I joined the Wellington area Republican Club and the rest is obvious. Becoming a player, meaning running for some sort of elected office, is beyond my endurance now, so as an alternative pursuit and a system for keeping me off the streets, I write and publish humorous books. They are not political, but if one reads between the lines, especially my latest, "I Promise To Stay Married (This Time)," it's not difficult to see where my philosophy lies. I still practice tax law, but since I'm not licensed in Florida (only in Illinois and New York), I became a Florida Certified Family Mediator. In my spare time I drive my husband nuts with my ambition, but he still prefers my brand of prodding companionship to being lonely. Hope to meet you at one of our meetings. You may read my "page" on Facebook, which I have never understood how to manage.

Rick Morris

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Freedom from Debt: A return to the spending levels of just four years ago would put the country on course to fiscal stability. A balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and spending caps tied to GDP would prevent us from getting into this mess ever again. We must tackle entitlements by reforming Social Security and Medicare in ways that protect current seniors and preserve the programs for future generations. Means testing and raising the retirement age for Americans under the age of 55 will help get us there.

The Four Freedoms Plan: George LeMieux

The American economy is on life support. Massive unemployment, record foreclosures, staggering debt, and a loss of hope for the future have dampened our countrys traditional optimism. In recent years, Washington has constrained the American people with the growth of government, taxes, regulations, and mandates. By enacting the right economic policies, we can end Americas decline. My Four Freedoms Plan - Freedom to Work, Freedom from Debt, Freedom from Foreign Dependence, and Freedom to Pursue the American Dream - will right our nations economic course for future generations. Freedom to Work: We must dramatically reduce the business tax rate from its current uncompetitive level; end the rampant cronyism stemming from tax loopholes, government bailouts, and subsidies; overhaul the unnecessarily complicated tax code in favor of a flatter, fairer system; and ban the NLRB from interfering with private sector business decisions.

Freedom from Foreign Dependence: America cannot lead the world in economic growth when we depend on foreign nations for our credit and energy. When we get our fiscal house in order, we will stop borrowing from foreign creditors, mainly China. We must lift bans on domestic oil and natural gas drilling in Alaska and allow drilling one hundred miles off the coast. By encouraging domestic exploration of clean coal and natural gas, as well as expanding the safe use of nuclear energy, we will unleash Americas natural resources resulting in new jobs and economic growth. Freedom to Pursue the American Dream: Families must be able to make their own fundamental choices in life without undue government interference. Obamacare must be repealed so Americans have the freedom to choose ones own doctor without the government interfering in the doctor/patient relationship and parents need the freedom to select the best schools for their children. There is nothing we as Americans cannot do. Released from the burden of too much debt, too many taxes, regulations, and mandates, and an over reliance on foreign nations for credit and energy, Americans will again be empowered to pursue our dreams and regain our national strength. Following the Four Freedoms Plan ensures our best days will lie ahead and we will fulfill the American creed that each generation leaves its children with a better opportunity to succeed.

2011 REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PALM BEACH COUNTY Regions Financial Tower, 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite 210, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401-2301 Phone: (561) 686-1616 Fax: (561) 686-1898 Email: info@pbcgop.org

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