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Revolution or Disengagement?

A very small yet conscious minority has come to the realization that the current world regime is one giant corporate control mechanism that needs to be terminated with extreme prejudice. One consistent meme has emerged from this consiucuss core: disengagment. The next revolution will not be carried out by mobs of angry people, guerillas, terrorrists or, God forbid, politicians. It will be accomplished by a small (10%) militant minority that will simply unplug the matrix. A Very Condensed Case for Revolution History has created an enormous, dictatorial corporate cartel that rules the world through its proxies in governments, banking, academia and media. Our entire western culture has become an insidous farse with the sole purpose of maintaining the enslaved masses in their conjured up democracies, religons and histories. While this pyramid of power has always existed, two developments have insulated and increased its control exponentially: globalisation and the information revolution. The principal goal of the ruling elite is to maintain its control over the creation of money and the worlds sources of energy. Together, the dollar and petroluem have been the two pillars upon which this massive post industrial scheme has been created. The unquenchable greed of the ruling class finally led the current recession soon to be depression which has damaged the official story and awoken many people. The world is entering the final acts of a great social, political and economic shift: the international currency regime is peering into the abyss, the the middle east is being turned upside down, and the de facto bankrupt United States government is fighting several wars and maintaining over 560 military bases in over 120 countries. War is afoot; wifs of burning kindling seep into the fall air. As Yeats put it over a hundred years ago, the centre cannot hold. Israel, the guiding force behind American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War has become completely isolated in a few short months. Unless by some miracle Americans wake up in mass to the uber manipulation by the Isreali lobby, America will find itself embroiled in an ugly and danerous war to save the apartheid Isreali state. The twentieth century has seen the demise of the Greco/Christian culture that has driven European exceptionalism for the last five hundred years. North America has become flavorless mish mash of multicultural blandness. Russia, Ukraine and the other Christian countries long under the yoke of godless Communism are reeling in an existentialist quagmire: culturaless, godless and corruputed to their very souls. The great European experiment, thought by many to be the light of the world, is sinking like the Titanic. The mercantalist policies of the China, instituted with their willing western corporate parnters, have gutted much of western industry, creating a massive world ponzi scheme that is about to collapse. When it does, there will be no productive base to fall back on and the West will face years of retooling. Not since the Middle Ages has Christendom faced a prolonged period of economic, cultural and political decline as it does now.

What is the answer? The West must return unashemedly and unabashedly to its Greco/Christian roots, real money, extremely limited government, rule of law and individual liberty with all its consequences. Many look at the twentieth century as a time of great economic and techical advance, but history, while recognizing the the technical innovation, will condemn this century as the most vile in Western mans history. The two great miracles that are the basis for the Western worlds hegemony were Greece and and the life of Christ, which together where forged in the metal of Rome to create the foundation of the west. There is a small window of opportunity that must be exploited before the regime masters implement a massive new scheme to quel the crisis and consolidate control A magnificent opportunity has appeared, and it must be expoited within the window of opportunity that presents itself. Two Examples - Healthcare and Iraq The United States has by far the most expensive healthcare system in the world, and a decidely unhealthy population. Something is wrong with this system, but what is it? The debate is carefully divided into those who want to maintain the status quo, Republicans, and those that want to enhance the status quo Democrats. All of the actors fall into line and pick up on side or the other of this argument, but the truth is never discussed. The American healthcare system has the Federal Government subsidize the corporate healthcare system and doctors who are tremendously overpayed. In exchange, the Federal Government regulates the market out of healthcare, creating a closed corporate hegemony over healthcare. The media and academic shills stick to their subsidized scripts and the real solution is never discussed because that solution would destroy the bottom lines of all the corporate healthcare actors and doctors. Simply deregulate. Remove ALL regulations on who can practice medicine and how. Any drug can be sold in the US, period. End the FDA. Private FDA will sprout up, vouching for the validity of drugs. Some will be better than others, but the market will decide which ones work. Any doctor can practice medicine, many organizations will sprout up vouching for their traing etc., again, the market will decide. As long as their is a judicial system that can pass judgement on reasonable claims, the system will work out its kinks and we will have, without a doubt, the cheapest most effective healthcare system in the world. It is that simple. The war in Iraq was started by taking advantage of the fear and confusion stemming 9/11 with the intention of creating a safer Middle East for the state of Israel. While this idea is far from novel, it is not allowed to enter the mainstream discussion of the issue. As total deregulation is never discussed in healthcare, the Israel connection to Iraq is taboo because the consequences of accepting the truth would be beyond the pale for those who convieved of and pushed the country to war: far too much blood to be justly laid at the feet of the guilty. The Control Mechanisms Artificial Scarcity

Why is there a world economic crisis? Is it a lack of able-bodied workers, natural resources, factories, or infrastructure? Absolutely not. It is a lack of liquidity or too much debt, however you want to slice it. The most important myth supporting the entire system is the belief in money its validity as a store of value and means of exchange. The banks, are allowed to create the money out of nothing, and charge interest for the trick they turn. This is the basis for the leverage that the powers that be use to hoist themselves above the masses. Without this leverage they would not be able to create such massive amounts of wealth and control. The only way to destroy this system and creat fair money is creating awareness. Once people understand the trick, their whole pyramid would collapse almost instanteounsly. One simple mind experiment is to imagine what woul happen if the the mega banks and the Fed came to an agreement to cut all personal debt by 50%, and send a credit card with 20K to every American and pay off all government debt (fedaral, state and local): all of this paid for by quantitive easing and removing bank reserve requirements for bad debts. The crisis would be over in about three months: anyone who wanted to work would be able to find job, factory capacity would surge and the entire world economy would rise on a massive wave of prosperity. The only trick would be keeping inflation at bay by reducing government spending to a balanced budget and keeping interest rates high enough to stamp out inflation. This is not to say that creating money out of thin air and giving it away is the answer, but it does point out that the entire crisis is abstract and contrived. The debts pushed on the 99% by the powers that be are its mains source of leverage and wealth, bye overburdening the productive population with debt, the killed the proverbial goose. People out of work, factories shuddered, fields unplowed, students without teachers, children without food all because of digital debt money. Why cant a man with a strong back and a working brain simply go out, work, create something and exchange it for money? That would be too easy. First someone has to create the money, with interest. The fractianal reserve system, by design, creates artificial scarcity, allowing the ruling banker class and their political puppets to skim enough off everyone work to turn the abundant paridise of productive work and private property into a gaint banker run slum, turf wars included. Propaganda Why is this basic truth not shouted from every newspaper, college classrom, church pulpit and street corner? The two key elements to control are the money, and the message. Anyone who shouts the truth is isolated, blacklisted or demonized. An entire caste of over educated shills dominate media, film, the arts, literature, and academia. Organized religon, when not protecting pedophiles, spends the rest of its moral capital railing against the basic pleasure of humanity that havent been already defiled by the corporate banking masters. They tell us to kill and we kill. Current fashion is that it is okay to kill Yemenis, Bahrainis, Palestinians, and some other assorted Muslims. Libyans have been put on the no kill list and Syrians may soon find themselves on the same list. That list means only NATO can kill them (see Afghanistan). Iraquis have the special honor of being the exclusively killed by Americans since May 2011 In the Allegory of the Cave Plato compares the awakening process to realizing the shadows on the wall are only a reflections from laterns in a cave, but he points out their is a period when the eyes need to get adjusted, and the person can see niether the shadows nor make out the real images soaked in sunlight.

Education, Religon & Circus One of the most amazing feats of the regime is how they coerce young people to go into extreme amounts of debt before they ever have a career in order to be brainwashed and trained not to think. From the University of Phoenix to Harvard, millions line up to go into massive amounts of debt so they can be indoctrinated. Maintream and not so mainstream religon generally tries to sell people on a hodgepodge of fear and guilt, with a big pay-off for in self righousness for those most will drink the from the sacred well of Koolaid. What must never be attempted is to actually have an authentic spirtual experience, for this would cause the subject to run from the dogma and quite possible bring most of the remaining parishioers with him. Real consiusness is as anathem to religion as real learning is to acadamia, the leaders of which are blabbering, overpaid shills. But even is one can escape the grasp of schools and uinversities, dodge the churches, few can evade the tempting trap of circus. The television, spectatator sports, movie stars and like have an almost hullicangetic power of the sheeple. Not only do these passtimes steal the money of the masses, they brainwash the to boot. Pay the master for the right to be enslaved is the mantra of the powerful. Violent Revolution? Those who first awaken go through many stages, one of which is the strong desire to plant bombs and slit throats. As Plato points out, there is a period of disorrientation as one meanders out of the cave and ones eyes adjust to the light. While violence is the most appetizingly simple of choices, it is also the most counter productive. Anything one does that can be utlilized by the masters to fire up their destructive powers is never going to succeed. In fact, anything that even breaks their laws has not purpose, and will only create useless opposition. All forms of protest, from the most violent to the most peaceful, only create energy upon which the powers that be can manipulate news and events to create the feeling that something has changed. The protest empowers. Enlightened Disengagement The englightened conscious man needs no school to raise his children, no church to know his God, no banker to validate his work and no government to choose his enemies. In fact, he is terribly free to do as he please, when he pleases and how he pleases. His freedom and liberty make he need almost nothing, which is how the great evil matrix becomes undone. In a great ball of consiusness. Money Use fractional reserve money only for what is needed in the short term. Have nothing denominated in their dollars except for the bank money needed for dollare transactions. All saving in hard assets. Work & Corporations Avoid, to the greateast extent possible, working for and using corporations. Actively pursue locally owned alternatives, or ones own business, to supporting through work the corporate masters. As a consumer, avoid all corporate products whenever possible. This includes clothes, food, circus, religion, news, etc. Certain things maybe unavoidalbe like overseas transportation, communications etc. Circus Cancel all cabe subscriptions immideately. Sell all your televisions and take your best friend out for a night on the town with the proceeds. Stop participating in the Corporate

entertainment network. If you love baseball, follow a local independent team. If you love actors, frequent your local theater. Read independent news services. Always know the source of what you are reading. Avoid corporate food at all costs. Pay the premuim for locally, independently grown and prepared food. Follow the Law to the Letter That means paying all taxes, following all regulations, and submitting to all their rules while they are still in force. The cause is not advanced by having militants snagged in the criminal justice system. Their efforts must be fully engaged in disengaging themselves, their families, their friends and preaching the message. All moves must be caculated to maximize strenght and staying power, even if it means remaining attached to parts of the system longer than one would like. A financially sound, secure militant family slowly disengaging and proestitilyzing is their worst enemy. The Magical 10% We didnt need a village, we just need the 10% of them. Recent studies have confirmed that once an idea reaches the 10% threshold, and that 10% is demonstrably fixed to the idea, the majority will quickly follow. Call it the tipping point or the power of early adopters, but the battle is not for the hearts and minds of all, only the persuaders. What may seem like a monumental task is actually not as distant a dream as one might have thought. http://www.realclearscience.com/2011/09/10/a_10_minority_can_sway_the_majority_243011.ht ml Full Conciousness There is only one enemy and one path. The path is terribly straight and narrow. To navigate it one must shed prejudice, education, most so called ethics and morals, patriotism, greed and all fear. Realizing is profoundly understanding the depth of the deception, which unfolds in a massive nightmarish fashion. Whatever term one wishes to apply to consiousness, revolution with full consciousness is simply exchanging masters. The enemy is ignorance, it all its insiduous forms: patriotism, morals, religion, consumption. This is about much more than politics and money. The whole waking up process cuts through the entire matrix.