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Agribanks Development Orientation Agribank is the leading state-owned commercial bank in implementing national policies in financing agriculture and rural development. Thus, its development orientation is required to parallel state general orientations and keep on track with tasks assigned by the government. With three quarters of the countrys total population currently in agricultural and rural areas (the majority of which is still living in hunger and poverty), the Vietnamese Government has paid great attention to supporting the development of these sectors. Meanwhile, there have been constraints in the provision of financial services for these sectors, which has not met development demand. The main reason is that banks are short of cheap and long-term fund. The Rural Finance Project has satisfied Vietnamese Governments criteria of national strategic development by financing and assisting with middle and long-term credit to provide loans down to local households and SMEs in rural areas. This was the reason why the Rural Finance Project - Phase III was listed in Vietnamese Governments period 2007-2012 Portfolio of Project/programs inviting WB assistance, promulgated at the Prime Ministers Decision No 31, dated January 10, 2007. This shows that Vietnamese Government has attached great importance to this Project in supporting the countrys agricultural and rural development. With that view, Agribanks business strategy focuses on promoting its external relations and international co-operation with international organizations, especilally financial and monetary organizations. Agribank has regarded the good management of trusted development assistance as good opportunities to promote Agribanks prestige and enlarge its relationship with international donors. So, Agribanks strategy in

managing trusted funds is clear; Agribank will continuously reinforce its management of trusted funds by international donors for more efficient use of fund, contributing to national socio-economic development. Using sound development strategy, Agribank has built its good image and credence to international donors. After the success of the Rural Finance Project - Phase I and II, in which Agribank played the role of the direct bank of the end borrowers and sub-projects manager, the WB continued to rely on Agribank in the disbursement of 80 out of USD 200 million dollar of the Phase III to qualified end borrowers. Like in Phase I and II, the projects financial management is considered Agribanks top priority in implementing Phase III. Agribanks strategy of building a sound, transparent and sustanable financial management system permits it to provide timely reports on the projects developments to the donor, the wholesale agency and partners. The strategy is also the foundation for sound decision making process, for timely completion within the projects agreed time-frame, for secured return of project fund, for boosting fund use efficiency and for minimizing the unfavorable factors. Vi nh hng xy dng h thng qun l ti chnh trn, Agribank thnh lp ring Ban QLDA vi i ng cn b giu kinh nghim, c o to chuyn nghip, nng ng nhit tnh p ng yu cu cng vic. Ngoi ra, ban lnh o Agribank cng rt quan tm n vi nng cp v ci tin cng ngh ngn hng, tng bc hon thin Module MIS kt hp vi xy dng cc quy trnh cht ch qun l D n t hiu qu cao nht. 3.1.2. nh hng ca Agribank trong vic hon thin cng tc qun l ti chnh D n Ti chnh Nng thn Tip tc lm tt vai tr ngn hng bn l cc D n TCNTI, II, III.

Ch ng, tch cc v nng cao hiu qu trong hot ng ngn hng i l u vn u t nc ngoi; tin ti tr thnh ngn hng bn bun cc d n ODA. Nng cao cht lng dch v ca ngn hng; m bo s dng hiu qu ngun vn; m bo an ton, hn ch ri ro trong qu trnh s dng cc ngun vn d n c ti tr; m bo kh nng sinh li v tnh bn vng cho d n; thc hin phi hp cht ch vi cc nh ti tr v Ban ch o lin ngnh trong vic qun l. T nh hng chung, Agribank c th ho tng hot ng: hot ng tn dng; hot ng la chn cc chi nhnh tham gia d n; hot ng qun l d n, v hot ng qun l ti chnh d n. c bit i vi hot ng qun l ti chnh d n c ban lnh o rt ch trng bi hot ng ny quyt nh n s thnh cng, uy tn, hnh nh ca Agribank, v th ban lnh o ngay t u a ra nh hng: Xy dng i ng cn b n nh, lin tc c o to bi dng v nghip v ti chnh k ton v qun l d n. Ci tin cng ngh, chng trnh phn mm phc v cng tc qun l d n. Xy dng h thng kim tra, kim sot ni b ti u, cng tc kim ton v bo co c thc hin kp thi, ng quy nh Xy dng h thng quy nh, chun mc cc chnh sch, th tc k ton d n. H tr cc chi nhnh v ch tiu d n tip cn v y nhanh tc gii ngn; s dng ngun vn hiu qu; qun l ngun vn an ton, hon tr n gc v li v ng thi hn.

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