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Date: To The Director, Department of Master Of Business Administration, VESTAL Institutions, VATLURU, ELURU 534 106. Respected Sir, I, Mr./ Ms. . Regd. No. am pursuing an MBA from VESTAL Institutions, 2010-12 Batch, Semester IV, hereby undertake to adhere strictly and abide by all the rules and regulations, terms and conditions framed from time to time by the competent authorities regarding to the placements failing which I shall be liable to any disciplinary action against me by the College Authorities. I further hereby undertake that I will maintain the highest order of discipline and loyalty as regards to the placements is concerned and I shall also indemnify and keep indemnified the VESTAL Institutions in regard to providing placements to me and/or to anybody and I declare and confirm that the VESTAL Institutions shall not be held responsible in the event of any misconduct and/or misbehaviour, wrong doing at any point of time and/ or at all times during the course of or even after my placements. The following are the terms and conditions regarding the placements and these may change from time to time.


The candidate will have to make his/her own arrangements to be present for the interview at the venue and time specified by the employer. It can be anywhere in India and the cost incurred for arranging the interview must be borne by the candidate.

2. A candidate will get minimum of one chance and maximum of two chances to appear for interviews. 3. The incumbent(s) must ensure to have a valid E-mail ID. A valid mobile / landline phone number should also be furnished for speedy communication. 4. The interview procedure will be as per the norms and policies of the employer company, and may involve a series of interviews. 5. Once a job is offered to a candidate by an employer company through Letter / E-mail, he/she will be out of the purview of VESTAL PLACEMENTS, irrespective of whether he/she accepts or rejects the job opportunity. The above terms and conditions have been read, understood and accepted by me. Yours sincerely, .. Students Signature

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