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A Call For Unity A Strategic Proposal To All Occupiers Dear Occupiers, I write this important message in the knowledge

e that somehow we are at a turning point that is critical to the survival of the movement and indeed a struggle for justice that is not unique to our generation. In my heart I desire its dazzling success, but cannot shake the feeling that our position is precarious at best, and that one simple error in judgement could bring everything undone and render us ineffectual. In the history of man, no opportunity such as the one we have before us has ever presented itself. To pretext the next point, I tell you this. Someone once told me that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing time and time again, but expecting different results. This begs the question. Can we afford to continue the same process as in the past and expect a different result? We have in the past identified issues and lobbied those that have the power to make a difference. The result always seems to be that we never completely implement the will of the people. This is tantamount to pulling out the weed and leaving the roots to crop up another day. The result from the opponents always seems to be that they give enough away to squelch the fire, but not so much that they become powerless to start another someday. My concern is that this unprecedented movement in the history of man, will play out in the same way despite the clear advantage and may result in a lost opportunity, perhaps forever. A lost opportunity that an apparent success might temporarily veil, only to have the issue manifest in a decade or so in some other way. This is the position I believe we risk finding ourselves in if we dont consider a clear strategy. This is evidenced by the fact that all the issues we faced over the decades that were apparently resolved, have somehow manifested in a worse form than originally experienced and now we find ourselves overwhelmed with the enormity of the task. We find ourselves staring at the weeds we failed to pull from the root. There is no question that this observation points to a broken system. A system where cracks have been repaired along the way, but the cracks resurface in worse and unexpected ways. The enormity of the task is being used against us to portray the movement as disorganised and unclear about its message. That it is an occupation of unemployed trouble makers that are determined to disrupt the lives of ordinary citizens. But we know the truth is that there are so many issues that it is impossible to determine which issue should take precedence. We are portrayed as a movement that has no respect for the laws that govern our society for the good of the people. But we know the truth is that we are being silenced about the crimes and deceit perpetuated by the 1%. We are portrayed as a movement that resorts to aggressive resistance and sometimes riots. But we know the truth that infiltrators and agents of the 1% are installed from the onset to provoke such actions and destroy us from the inside.

We are portrayed as thieves and blight on society when we refuse to contribute more taxes for the provision of services for the benefit of the public. But we know the truth; that corporations, governments and our justice system is designed to serve and protect the 1%, not the people. That our money is misappropriated and that corruption is rife. When we wage war against our opponents, we are fighting in a battlefield which is in the element of the opponent. But when we wage peace, they are out of their element. Paul K chapel from wagingpeace.org said it best If we truly want to promote peace and justice, we must be as well trained in the art of waging peace as soldiers are in the art of war. And When we wage peace, we are taking an oppressive system out of its element and dragging it into deep water, because when we are violent it is best prepared to smash us. Nelson Mandela also understood this and made it his mantra. When we become divided by our own political ideals and views on specific issues and when we become physically or verbally violent against each other, we can be conquered. When we respond to slurs with slurs and hate with hate, we are in our opponents element. The solution to overcoming our opponents is when we can unite and stand together unwaveringly on one issue. An issue that transcends culture, political landscape, varying opinions but more importantly unites the movements not only in specific locations, but all of the occupy movements around the country and potentially around the world. I believe that only then can we have a movement that can capitalise on the existing energy and propel it to the success it deserves. This brings me to a proposal. A proposal that I believe has the best chance of eliminating the opportunity for these issues to resurface in another decade or so. A proposal that may eliminate by default, the infiltrators from within in one fell swoop. A proposal that utilises the tool of strategy that our opponents until now, are happy we have underestimated; and a proposal that protects against division in the movement since it renders those that claim to value freedom, yet work behind the scenes to frustrate it; powerless in any argument that is designed to dilute our success. This protection is provided because it doesnt rely on the political position, personal values, education or culture of anyone. It was staring us in the face all along. He is the 99% in every way. Julian Assange. Julian Assange represents the epitome of the struggle in us all. He is the embodiment of the 99%. For those that know his story, he exposed to the world something we only ever suspected. He exposed a system that is broken at every conceivable level. Julian Assange represents any man who has ever been the victim of a political agenda. He represents any man who has ever been exhausted financially, spiritually and emotionally by an unjust legal system. Julian Assange represents any man who has ever been targeted by those in positions of power or propagandised by the media because he dared to challenge them or threatened to expose the truth. He represents any man who has ever been ruined because he dared to invoke his rights and challenge a government department, a corporation, a bank or even his boss. Julian Assange represents any man who was ever been demonised or unjustly accused for daring to speak on behalf of those who have no voice. He represents any man that has ever

been stonewalled, intentionally deceived, misinformed cheated or had his god given rights as a human being unceremoniously revoked. Any man who has ever faced corruption, manipulation or threats of any kind. Julian Assange represents the 99% and is the manifestation of a broken system. Julian Assange represents each and every one of us in some way. His story is the definitive representation of everything that is broken in our system and it continues to demonstrate the extent of its disrepair as we follow his journey. We owe it to Julian Assange for exposing to us the long overdue awakening about the real workings of our leaders in the world that are destroying any chance of a peaceful society. From the blatant war-mongering to the power hungry who claim to work in our interests, yet rob us of our freedom and the right to peace at every turn. That plunge us into sickness and poverty through their self-serving agendas. We owe it to defend him because he represents at the very minimum, one aspect of any given struggle. We owe it to defend him because those that currently oppose him, offend at the very minimum one core value of every individual; both for and opposed to the occupy movement regardless of their political affiliation, culture, religious beliefs or traditions. It has the potential to attract the critical mass necessary to impose the will of the 99%. It doesnt require the individual to understand the banking system, or how real wealth is being siphoned from its citizens or how the justice system is rigged to protect its criminals. It doesnt require the individual to understand how we are sold the illusion of freedom in a system that binds us. It only requires that the individual understands that an injustice has been done and that it needs to be made right again. This presents the opportunity to attract a larger following, even from those that currently oppose the occupation. When we succeed in this, we have the opportunity to educate our fellow citizens in the failings of the system and the urgency for change. Quite simply, how could any reasonable person argue opposition on any matter concerning Julian Assange? This is how we reinforce our protection against infiltration and consolidate the movement through the unity of a single cause. We must halt the extradition of Julian Assange for the politically motivated charges of rape and bring those who carried out the atrocities exposed by Assange and their protectors to account. The purpose of this is to unite us on an issue that affects us all. To demonstrate to each other what unity, civility and respect for one another can achieve. To demonstrate that we can work together for the common good; that we cannot be divided in our quest for personal freedom and in the quest for freedom of others. That we can wage a war of peace and that wars of honour are possible. To demonstrate that we have the power to create our own future and transfer that hope to others so that they can realise their power too. This is a strategic move to forge a path for the implementation of the true goal for the movement. Howard Zinn says this best Democracy doesnt come from the top, it comes from the bottom. Its not what Governments do, its what people do.

We must draw from those that came before us in our struggle and invite them to share their story so that we can learn from them. They have invaluable wisdom that we would be foolish to ignore. The power and mechanisms to legislate and create currency has been bestowed by the people to those we elected as our representatives. Representative democracy has been abused by those given the right to act on behalf of its peoples, therefore; let it be put on notice that the people will unconditionally revoke these rights and create a new system of direct democracy. It can forge a path to create a Citizens Grand Jury with its roots in common law. It can forge a path to a restored and renewed Commonwealth Constitution in the interest of the people that reigns supreme above all other laws. Make no mistake that they will hold onto power by any means necessary and wage a war of violence and intimidation against us with the tools of provocation and anger. Our journey will not be easy in our quest to revoke the power we have bestowed them and they have in turn abused. We will do this by waging a war of peace by any means necessary with the tools of unity and love. There is no us and them, there is only me and you. If I may be so bold as to make some strategic suggestions. This is by no means complete and serves only as a starting point for discussion and further strategic refinement. The following is written in two parts. The first being a brief outline of each stage and the second elaborating on the suggested practical means of executing each stage. STAGE ONE: To spread the message to others about Julian Assange and the relevance of his plight to the movement and individuals. To present the issue in terms that appeal to young families, the young and the elderly citizens of the country, to the clubs and groups you are involved in, to the public servants, to the employed and unemployed. Present it in such a way so that these people understand that there is nothing more important that they can do today for each other, for themselves and for the future of the country. The aim is to involve every citizen who may not yet understand the importance of what we have undertaken and the consequences if we fail. Apply this support to Julian Assange through practical assistance on the ground and online. STAGE TWO: To lay some ground rules that eliminate the possibility of division, disunity and install protections that reinforce against the possibility of being crushed intentionally or otherwise by the oligarchy. Then we must define the milestone of what constitutes critical mass. STAGE THREE: To educate the masses through conversation with the aim to expose of the inner workings of the oligarchy. Ensuring everyone understands the issues and how systems we have come to depend on work towards stripping our rights as citizens and further entrenching us into a broken system. STAGE FOUR: This stage relies on defining critical mass and acting on it. This is because this stage is effective only when critical mass is realised. Stage four concerns developing strategies for the peaceful resistance to the furthering of the oligarchys agenda. This may

involve calls for non-compliance and calls to end citizens personal actions that have been identified as contributing to a system that has failed us. STAGE FIVE: By this stage we should be completely aware of the issues and the root causes. We will have inspired some possible solutions along the way, so this stage involves the consolidation of those ideas to refine those solutions and implement well thought out steps to a practical outcome. A system that will establish once and for all, control of our own future through the power vested in every citizen. Stage 1 Spreading the message about Julian Assange. Study and learn about his journey. You will find many instances of abuses of power and the stripping of rights we have been deceived into believing exist. This is a story like no other in that it demonstrates the illusion of democracy that we have come to rely on. Relate his plight to the people you know. It may be the farmer who was forced off his land because he relied on the rights he believed were inalienable, but discovered all too late that he relied on an illusion. Relate this to your grandparents or the older generation who relied on the right to enjoy a standard of living they worked so hard towards, only to discover far too late that these rights existed only as an illusion. Relate this to the man whos family and their future are put at risk when he relied on his right to be treated fairly in the workplace, only to discover this right was an illusion when he was given a notice of termination on grounds we would find unacceptable. There are countless examples that parallel the case of Julian Assange that sold the illusion of democracy to its citizens. Those who have not yet been affected ought to make no mistake that this illusion will manifest in some way and the time to act and support the movement is now. There is nothing more important. I am sure you can think of many more examples and parallels. Step 2 of stage one is to support Julian Assange through practical means both on the ground and online. Contribute a donation of any amount to assist in legal fees and look for other methods of support (Information here http://www.sarahstokely.com/blog/2010/12/how-tosupport-julian-assange-wikileaks) Collect funds to place messages in national and local papers about meetings or a call to action on agreed plans. Flood the occupations with banners and placards with messages of support for Julian Assange, collect donations locally and at the occupations to fund Assange and our demands that the high court release him immediately and that it abandons any extradition plans. Do not allow any government to send any of our citizens to their demise for the benefit of their own agendas. Create web sites, Facebook pages, twitter accounts and YouTube videos to spread support for Julian Assange and an understanding that he is the 99% and represents us all. Conduct micchecks at appropriate public and political functions and gatherings (click here to see an example of a mic-check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oHRdiklTlU ). Conduct them at court hearings where citizens are arrested for demonstrating or for failing to comply with unjust impositions at their protests. Spread the movement and the message beyond the camps of the occupation into our courts, our local shires and into the mainstream. Create a movement that has something for everyone. Make it your own.

Stage 2- It is important to lay some ground rules 1. No political party, union or group may co-op or take part in the movement in any way shape or form. All who take part must come as individuals, as a sovereign citizen. This will eliminate the chance of division within the movement when others do not support what the party or union represent. This movement has nothing to do with party politics and in fact some of the issues we are voicing are the result of contributions from the mechanisms of party politics and unions. Don't let them leech energy from what belongs and was created by the 99%. This is a people's movement, not a movement that will become co-opted by opportunistic organisations. We are ONE!
2. Terms we agree on are non-negotiable under any circumstances. We will not settle for

anything less than what we demand. We will wage a war of peace. This ensures that we conceive the movement on our terms and in our element. It also ensures that the movement is not undermined by effectively conceding that we require the permission to act in our own interest. We do not need permission impose our will and the idea that we do is something perpetuated by those who act against the people. Free will is a god given right. It is not a right granted by men. We cannot accept being "a little bit controlled just as you wouldn't accept someones assertion that they are only a little bit pregnant. 3. Any individual who is a part of the movement that displays aggression or acts in violence towards participants on any side of the movement will be immediately removed from the occupation. Every participant joins the movement with this understanding. This is designed to eliminate provocateurs that may provoke situations to create a response of more violence, aggression and oppression. The ground rules should be broad, but clearly understood by all as to the importance and intent of each of them. Stage 3 Educate the masses Educate the citizens about the tools used to control the public and the manner in which these tools are used. To demonstrate how these tools include propaganda through the media and in politics; how they are executed through the monetary system contributed by the public, but controlled by the oligarchy. How this agenda is cunningly designed to appear as a public benefit when in reality it is an illusion headed for disaster. An example would be the smart metres. Its installation and the obligation to the end user to fund its roll out is presented as a means of assisting the consumer to reduce their fuel consumption. In reality, it is the public support of a private company in funding its own improvements and efficiencies in the operation of their business. It is the public funding of a private business that has been allowed to extort the citizens of private and public wealth; by the sheer fact that it controls an essential service. This situation has evolved because our governments have allowed private businesses to hijack essential public services, who ultimately have the interest of their shareholders at heart of their existence and not those of the public.

Make the information accessible in print, online and through the various mediums available to the citizens to ensure all bases of access to the information are covered. Stage 4 Define critical mass and act when it is achieved - Identify your own personal contributions to the system from a list developed by all and publicly available. Choose those you are prepared to act on and implement them in your life. This could be moving your savings account to a community bank or becoming actively involved in steering a local group that has influence in your community. It might be something different like writing a letter to your council or our elected officials. It may even be a protest that involves a mass noncompliance of some dis-empowering law or requirement. Again, place messages in national and local papers about the decisions made with a call to action. Stage 5 Using the power vested in every citizen to determine our own future Revoke the right in whatever form it has manifested in the current system, from those in power to legislate on the behalf of its citizens. Decentralise power to create a new form of direct democracy and establish a Citizens Grand Jury. Revive and review The Australian Commonwealth Constitution with carefully thought out protections. You must be forgiving of those who fear supporting the movement openly. The treatment of Julian Assange by the powers that be is nothing more than a PsyOP (psychological operation) used to drive fear into anyone who even contemplates dissent. It has been a largely successful operation but by no means the only one at play. His treatment sends a clear message to others that dissent will not be tolerated and those that dare will be dealt with severely. This fear has no basis what-so-ever, but as the support and the numbers for the movement grow you will see this intimidation and fear for what it really is; An illusion. An illusion that the oligarchy needs to desperately maintain, if they are to remain our oppressors. Smash this illusion because the truth will set you free. Please share and support this viable plan with individuals and leaders at your occupations and online forums. We have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy where the creation of beauty and peace is an automatic function of the hearts and minds of future generations.