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Giacone, Joshua 11/5/11 Period 3

At worlds End
In the years of 3140, the Earth had met its match, humans. Throughout the years a musky looking fog had filled the skies. All of the flying cars have polluted the air. An effect of all the pollution was, having torn through several atmospheres scientists were forced to make an artificial one. We now have an artificial atmosphere that has backfired. The artificial atmosphere is making the Earth go through a terrible stage of global warming. Every day seems to be different. Some days it will be as hot as 150F, while some are as cold as -150F. It smells like smog and gasoline everywhere we go. Anyone can see that our sun is dying out, which is why we are having these dramatic weather changes. As we look at the news, NASA and other companies are arguing about how long we have till the end. The carbon poisoning level was announced at level 5, meaning we have to wear a rebreather. Those can be a hassle to find or get because of our economy, and how scarce they are. Most of us have gotten so careless about what we do that we are practically killing the Earth. This is because of all of the trash in the streets, dumping out batteries, and dumping poison into the Earth. If you look at the sky on a hot day the sun will be as red as a ruby. On cold days, well there is no sun. Bob and I went to NASA and asked them what was going on with the sun. They predicted that the sun was reaching a phase that occurs right before a super nova. Shocked from what we heard, as we went out side we saw a tree that was starting to smoke. Hearing the crackle of the burning leaves, and the smell of how we used to burn wood on a rainy day. Bob woke me out of my memories. Well back to the point, more and more people are either having: hypothermia, heatstroke, are melting, and even freezing to death. Today is January 1st, 3141, and the population is at 187 million for the entire world. Our race is dying off before the world is even near the predicted end date. The news calls it under population, therefore there is too little of us to survive what is about to occur. There has been mass chaos between panic from the citizens, and political chaos. Rich people have been paying scientists to find a better solution so that they can live. Although scientists are trying to prove their prediction right, it will only lead to even worse news. After about a week they came out to the public with proof from extensive research. They said that they know that the sun was going to go Super Nova for sure. However the worst part, (even though that was terrible news), was that they had no clue when it would happen. Would it be 2 years, or 2 seconds? Many people went into a mass hysteria of panic, all thinking that they were going to die. 2 weeks later, we started seeing some changes, as in it broke the 200F barrier. The water in the ocean started boiling. Many people died that day, and our population is now down to 100 million. Most of the billionaires got panicky and asked the scientists if there was any good news, and as it turned out there was.

The scientists were building a giant ship with a hyper drive that could allow it to get to Mars in 2 days. The bad news was it was only available to those who could afford the ticket. Well, only worse news came the following days. At 215F, everyone has to wear heat suits, and the ocean has now completely evaporated to half way. Every day, most growing life on the planed is withering away. There have been some barracks made for the people who cant afford to go to Mars. So at least we know that there are people that care enough to help us. So everyone that heard about the barracks went strait for them. There was so much chaos at the barracks because there wasnt enough room for everyone. The people started a riot, punching, kicking, and panicking. It was a complete pandemonium. Many people died that day either of being killed in the riot of survival, or died of excessive heatstroke with a gad fever. The world is now at a total of 80 million, 20 on Mars. Survival seems limited due to the lack of resources because of no craps, little clean water, and the world is about to end in a few days. Scientists predict that tomorrow will be the end with massive damage occurring, which they consider unsurvivable. At 3 am all of the coasts are his with a worldly tsunami that nearly consumed the entire world. A 15.0 earthquake that sent half of the Earth adrift into space was the following of more chaos. Scientists make a last announcement to go to mars. One of the families goes up, and apparently they found a set of tickets in someones house after it had collapsed on the residents. Everyone accused them of killing the owners of the home for those tickets. As the shuttle is leaving for Mars the sun goes pitch black. Next thing, the last thing, we saw was the sun blow up in a big light and bright explosion. It almost tasted like burnt toast and smelled like smog. That was the last of the Earth. For the people on Mars found Aliens, but there was no one to tell.

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