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Invite classmates to virtual classroom and point out elements of Elluminate that classmates may use for asking and answering ques:ons. Then, go over the next 2 slides that outline prerequisite knowledge for this lesson and the lesson objec:ves.

Moderator: This lesson is designed for Pre-Algebra students that have already learned how to nd percent of increase and percent of decrease. (Then describe this slide and the next slide)

Moderator: It looks like everyone has checked in except for Michelle. Let me give her a quick call. Michelle?

Shopper checks in: (audio) Hey, Derrick! I know I am supposed to be in class online right now, but I just passed the mall and saw a sign with my favorite four-leTer word S-A-L-E! You KNOW I cant pass up this opportunity to buy something on sale, even if I dont have a use for it right now. Theres s:ll room in my closet But, since I hadnt planned to stop tonight, I dont have my calculator to gure out the sale prices. Do you have one I can borrow? Moderator: Sorry, Michelle, but I live across the country from you on the east coast, so theres no way I can get one to you in :me. Shopper: Then how am I supposed to know how much things cost now? Moderator: Good ques:on! Maybe some of your classmates will have an idea. Can you give us an example of a sale item you are interested in?

Shopper: Yeah. Theres this great Boise State t-shirt that was originally $19.95, but is on sale at 30% o. So, how much is it now? Moderator: I think your classmates might have an idea about this. On the next slide, you will select a choice of answers to this ques:on from the 3 op:ons listed. Using the virtual whiteboard, please enter your ini:als in the column under what you think is the correct sale price of the t-shirt. If you are not sure how to gure this out, give it your best guess.

Moderator: Please add your ini:als under what you think is the correct sale price.

Moderator: You know, Michelleand classmateswhile using a calculator may seem easier, you dont need one to nd a sale price. Do you know how to calculate the price in your mind instead? Shopper: No. Theres a way to do that? I thought I always I needed to use a calculator! Moderator: Why yes, there is! But, let me ask you a couple of ques:ons rst. Shopper: Okay. What do you wanna know?

Moderator: If you went to the store to buy a t-shirt, what percentage of the t-shirt would you want to have, and what percentage of the price will you pay? Shopper: Well, I would want a whole t-shirt, so Id want a 100% of it. How much percentage? If I bought it, Id have to pay 100% of the price.

Moderator: Right! So, if the t-shirt is on sale at 30% o, are you adding or subtrac:ng 30% to the original (100%) price? Shopper: Its a sale, so I guess I would subtract. Moderator: Okay, classmates. The ques:on then is, how much money do we subtract from the original price? How do you know if you have subtracted 30%? Can you think of a strategy where using percentages might be helpful? Allow :me for discussion, using hand-raising. As classmates have an idea on how to calculate. Discuss the approaches. Encourage learners to gure out 10%, then mul:ply by 3, then subtract the total from the original price. No need to be exact, unless there are dollars and no cents. Close es:mates [within 50 cents] are allowable.)


Moderator: When you want to nd 10% of something, move the decimal point one place to the lem. 10% of $19.95 = $1.995 ~ $2.00


Moderator: If 10% is $ 2.00, then 30% is 3 x $2, which is $ 6.00.


Moderator: If you take $6 from ~$20, you will be paying $14. (Allow :me for small discussion, if there are ques:ons.) Moderator: Lets look back at your choices on the virtual whiteboard. Was your answer close to the actual sale price? If so, give yourself a happy face Like.


Shopper: Im glad to know that price, but I found another item I want to buy. Its a new iPad 2 that is normally $829, but it is on sale at %15 o. How do I gure THAT out? Moderator: Thats a good ques:on. Lets see if your classmates have any ideas how to gure that out without a calculator. Keep in mind that you are taking 10% and another 5% o from the same price (Allow :me for small discussion or someone to show work on this slide.) Moderator: Just for kicks, lets check out our answer slide to see if anyone is close.


Moderator: If you are taking 15% o of an item, you are taking 10% o and another 5% o. You know how to determine a 10%, and 5% is of 10%, so whatever the 10% amount is, take of it and add it to the 10% amount. Then subtract the combined amount from the original price. Example: An iPad 2 is normally $829, but is on sale at 15% o. So, 10% of $829.00 is $82.90. If 10% is $82.90, then 5% is of $82.90. (For es:ma:on and simplica:on purposes, lets round the $82.90 to $82.) 10% [$82]+ 5% [$41] = 15% [$123]. So, the sale price is $829 - $123 = $706. What a bargain! (assuming you decided earlier to purchase an iPad 2 and have the $706) (Allow :me for short discussion of any ques:ons.)


Moderator: To nd a percentage other than 10%, mul:ply the 10% by that number. For example (on slide): to nd 40%, nd 10%, then mul:ply the 10% number by 4. An item that was $89.99 at 40% o would be: 10% of $89.99 is $8.999 ~ $9.00, and 40% o would be $9 x 4 = $36. So, 40% o of $89.99 is ~$90 - $36 = $54. The sale price is $54.


Shopper: Hey! I think Ive got the hang of this! So, if the original price is $40 and it is 30% o, I know that 10% of $40 would be $4, and $4 x 3 = $12, to make 30%. So $40 - $12 = $28. I only have to pay $28! Moderator: Awesome! Youre right! Classmates, its :me to prac:ce. A short quiz will be showing up on your screens. Please choose the correct answer for each ques:on and then hit submit. Well check answers together shortly. (Allow :me for short quiz of 5 ques:ons. Amer everyone has nished, show results.)


This next sec:on is only if there is s:ll :me in the lesson. Skip down to con:nue dialogue and nish. Moderator: You have all been prac:cing a short formula in your head to calculate a percentage o of a sale price. Are there any situa:ons you can think of where you might want to ADD percentages? (Allow :me for responses. Looking for adding :ps onto a food check.) Moderator: The same formula applies for both ADDING AND subtrac:ng percentages. At a restaurant, if the food por:on of the check amounts to $14.91, and you want to add a 20% :p, rst, round the check amount to $15 to make it easier to work with in your head. Second, nd 10% of $15.00, which is $1.50. If 10% is $1.50, then 20% is twice that amount, or $3.00. So, the :p amount is $3.00, added to the check of $14.91, totals $17.91.


Moderator: So, Michelle. How are you doing in calcula:ng your sales prices and :ps? Shopper: I think I have it all gured out. I have one problem, though. Moderator: Whats that? Shopper: I seem to have run out of money. How about a loan? Moderator: I dont THINK so, Michelle!


Moderator: We have reached the end of our presenta:on. Thank you for your par:cipa:on this evening.


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