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OBJECTIVE: To use my accountant experience and skills PROFESSIONAL & INTERPERSONAL SKILLS
1Extensive experience in accountant 2Detail oriented, above average efficiency and integrity 3Strong organizational and time management skills 4Ability to plan and organize job tasks, to prioritize and meet deadlines 5Ability to work independently, with minimal direction and frequent interruptions 6Critical thinking and decision making 7Ability to recognize potential problems and find solutions and/or alternatives. 8Familiar with computer programs - Microsoft Office Suite, Acrobat Reader, Internet (Siveco accounting software and other accounting software) 9Quick and continuous learner, outgoing with friendly personality 10Patient and sensitive, supportive, dependable, self motivated, innovative and creative 11Flexible, hard working, conscientious, adaptable and operating well under pressure 2Poised and self-confident with a wide range of people, mature and very honest 3Ability to take an enthusiastic pro-active approach to work

2 Specialized inspector 0 Health Insurance Corporation, Romania, Europe 1 1 Office supplies administrator 1 2 Receipt of the products 3 Release from storage of products to services 4 Payment to vendors 5 Expenditure tracking and compliance with the approved budget 6 Checking account roadmap and fuel consumption 7 Order, purchase and prepare invoices for medical forms 8 Hands on experience with Siveco software 2 Accountant 0 Santec SRL, Romania ,Europe 0 Goods reception 7 2 Cash and bank register 3 Bank reconciliation 4 Uncollected customer tracking 5 Process customersremittance

2 Accountant 0 Pavimenti SRL, Romania, Europe 0 1 Goods reception 6 2 Cash register and petty cash 3 Cash and bank reconciliation 4 Uncollected customer tracking 5 Payroll calculation and government remittances 6 Stock checking of goods 7 depreciation of fixed assets 1 Principal accountant 9 Dantex SA , Romania, Europe 9 1 Cash and bank register 1 2 Cash and bank reconciliation 3 Uncollected customer tracking 2 4 Process customersremittance 0 5 Input and output of finished products- FIFO method 0 5 Inventory of finished products and WIP 5 6 Calculation of WIP 7 Preparation of interim Financial Statements 8 Treasurer of the company 1 9 8 8 1 9 9 1 1 9 7 8 1 9 8 8 Technician Solidaritatea SA, Romania, Europe 1 Payroll calculation and government remittances

Knitwear manufacturer Solidaritatea SA, Romania, Europe 1Production of curtains, fringes, decorative gallons, knitted lace

2011 Certified Accountants and Authorized Accountants from Romania- IFAC member (international professional organization) - Certified Accountant Vasile Goldis University, Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems (Bachelor of Accounting) Computer Course - Basic operation and office administration Accounting Technician Certificate

2008 1994 1993