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AudioCodedTM Systems for Cable Networks

Mediant TM
5000 Cable Access Gateway
The MediantTM 5000 Cable Access Gateway is the medium-sized solution
in the AudioCodes family of market-ready, standards-compliant, media
gateway systems. Designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective gateway
for the cable network market, the Mediant 5000 incorporates AudioCodes’
leading Voice over Packet technology to enable rapid time-to-market and
reliable cost-effective deployment of VoIP cable telephony networks.

Ensure Easy Migration

The Mediant 5000 Cable Access Gateway enables deployment of advanced
packet-based cable telephony at the Multiple System Operator’s (MSO) own
pace, without costly hardware changes. The Mediant 5000 can be initially
deployed as a V5.2 IP Access Terminal (IPAT), and then easily migrated by
software upgrade to a cable telephony media gateway with external call
management provided by a softswitch and an SS7 interface to the PSTN.

Deliver Manageable Mid-Size Solutions

¥ Deploy a complete high-availability solution Immediately address new opportunities in emerging cable telephony markets
with the most flexible, mid-size customizable solution available. AudioCodes’
with the reliability, availability and scalability Element Management System (EMS) helps maintain both Mediant V5.2
that MSOs need IPAT and media gateway applications.
¥ Meet the needs of VoIP cable telephony markets
Create Flexible Products and Services
with a right-sized and cost-effective channel The Mediant 5000 Cable Access Gateway system enables MSOs to
density cable access gateway immediately address opportunities that utilize a myriad of legacy
circuit-switched infrastructure features, in addition to comprehensive
¥ Deploy globally with a rich offering of PSTN
support for VoIP. Support for a standard V5.2 interface enables in-band
interfaces and signaling protocols features, operator services, Intelligent Network services, Lawful Intercept,
¥ React quickly to dynamic market requirements and other Class 5 switch services to be utilized immediately.

¥ Offer differentiated gateways using a Benefit From Extensive Gateway Experience

best-of-breed technology AudioCodes is one of the world’s leading providers of new voice infrastructure
¥ Leverage and protect investments in equipment network technologies. AudioCodes’ commitment to innovation yields
consistently high-quality voice processing products that meet our customers’
and software demand for higher levels of integration.

The Mediant 5000 is part of AudioCodes’ complete family of VoP gateway

and Cable Access Gateway system solutions for VoIP cable telephony

Mediant 5000 Features

¥ Full equipment redundancy ¥ SS7 Interworking
¥ Embedded PacketCableTM - ¥ Open, scalable architecture
based call agent ¥ Flexible deployment
¥ Proven support of PSTN/NCS ¥ Easy migration
protocol interworking, using a ¥ Packet & cable telephony
V5.2 interface standards-compliant
¥ PSTN N+1 protection switching ¥ IETF & ETSI
¥ Gigabit Ethernet Interface standards-compliant
¥ Field-proven, high voice quality ¥ Small footprint
AudioCodedTM Systems for Cable Networks

Mediant TM
Specifications Applications
¥ V5.2 IP Access Terminal Gateway
¥ PacketCable Media Gateway
Capacity V5.2 IPAT: Up to 1920 independent, simultaneous VoIP calls ¥ EuroIPCablecom Media Gateway
Media Gateway: Up to 2880 independent, simultaneous VoIP calls
Maximum number of V5.2 Interface Groups: 32
Voice Coders G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.728, G.729A, G.729E, NetCoder®
About AudioCodes
AudioCodes Ltd. (NASDAQ: AUDC) enables the
Independent dynamic vocoder selection per channel
new voice infrastructure by providing innovative,
Echo Cancellation G.165 and G.168-2000 compliant
reliable and cost-effective technology, products
Analog Fax & Modem Support T.38 compliant G3 fax relay
and system solutions to network equipment
Automatic switchover to G.711 on analog modem and fax calls providers and system integrators. AudioCodes
Voice over Packet Capabilities Call progress tones, VAD, CNG, Dynamic programmable jitter buffer, Modem provides its customers and partners with a
detection and auto switch to PCM, DTMF detection and generation diverse range of flexible, comprehensive voice-
over-packet media gateway and media
PSTN Interworking V5.2 IPAT: V5.2 (ETSI) processing technologies and systems, leading
Media Gateways: SS7/SIGTRAN Interworking, CAS, MFC-R2, MF-R1 the transition to converged voice and data
IP Transport IETF RFC 1889, RFC 1890 RTP/IP Transport, TCP, UDP communications networks. The company is a
Quality of Service CMTS/CM: COPS Protocol (for Dynamic Quality of Service), market leader in voice compression technology
DiffServ, TOS and the key originator of the ITU G.723.1
Media Gateway V5.2 IPAT: MGCP (RFC 2705)/NCS V1.0 PacketCable, standard for the emerging Voice over IP market.
Control Protocols Media Gateway: TGCP/NCS V.10 PacketCable, MGCP (RFC 2705), MEGACO (H.248, AudioCodes’ product lines include media
RFC 3015) gateway system solutions for packet networks
Maintenance in the wireline, wireless, broadband access,
Management (EMS) Element Management System, SNMP v2 media server and CTI markets, as well as
Maintainability All shelf modules are hot swappable, including boards, power supplies, fans enabling technology products such as VoIP
Redundancy Scheme CPUs, Ethernet switches, disk drives: Active/Standby communication boards, VoIP media gateway
Power supplies, fans: Load-shared modules and CPE devices.
Media Gateway Boards: N+1
International Headquarters
PSTN Interface: N+1
4 HaHoresh Street
Hardware Specifications
Yehud, Israel 56470
PSTN Interfaces V5.2 IPAT: Up to 64 E1 spans
Tel: +972-3-539-4000
Media Gateway: Up to 96 E1/T1/J1 spans Fax: +972-3-539-4040
IP Interfaces Dual Redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports
Enclosure 10-slot 5U cPCI chassis US Headquarters
Dimensions (HxWxD) 222 mm x 483 mm x 311 mm (8.7 in. x 19 in. x 12.3 in.) 2890 Zanker Road, Suite 200
Weight Approx. 27 lbs. (12.3 kgs.), unloaded San Jose, CA 95134
Tel: +1-408-577-0488
Approx. 50 lbs. (22.6 kgs.), fully loaded
Fax: +1-408-577-0492
Mounting Per EIA Standard RS-310-C in 19-inch rack
Midplane PICMG 2.16 cPCI Packet Switching Backplane (cPSB) AudioCodes Offices Worldwide
PICMG 2.1 cPCI hot swap specification Beijing, Tokyo, Boston, Chicago, Paris
PICMG 2.0 cPCI specification info@audiocodes.com
Power -48 V DC Dual Feed, with 3 DC Power modules OR www.audiocodes.com
100 - 240 V AC with 3 AC power modules © 2003 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved. AC, AudioCodes, AudioCoded,
Cooling Replaceable fan tray & filter AudioCodes logo, IPmedia, Mediant, MediaPack, MP-MLQ, NetCoder,
Stretto, TrunkPack and VoicePacketizer are trademarks or registered
Regulatory Compliance
trademarks of AudioCodes Ltd. PacketCable is a trademark of Cable
Telecommunication FCC part 68, TBR4, and TBR13 Television Laboratories, Inc. All other products or trademarks are the
Standards* property of their respective owners. The information and specifications
in this document and the product(s) are subject to change without notice.
Safety and EMC Standards* UL60950 Ref. # LTRT-00241 06/03 V.5
FCC part 15 Class B,
CE Mark (EN55022 Class B, EN60950, EN55024, EN300 386)
Environmental* NEBS Level 3: GR - 63-Core, GR -1089-Core Type 1 & 3,
ETS300 019

* Designed to meet - formal approval pending