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Corrupt|on erad|cat|on through Ian |okpa|

TIere Is Iope LIuL LIe okpuI BIII wIII IeIp reduce LIe
dozens oI scums LIuL Iumper ndIu's progress. BuL LIe
common mun Is more concerned ubouL LIe Iow-IeveI
corrupLIon Ie Iuces every duy. Cun LIe BIII, LIe cumpuIgn
Ior wIIcI Ius guIvunIzed LIe nuLIon, succeed In removIng
LIe roL uL LIe grussrooLs IeveI?

Grass-root level corruption will reduce only if steps are
taken to forward the mantra of lokpal bill to the mass &
utilize the benefits & share it to the democracy.
Yes i have no doubts that a law like this would bring down
the corruption rate..the corrupt officials would think twice
before even trying to indulge in corruption. That itself is
half the victory won. Though we have a long way to go, its
a good begining. Spread the awareness and bring about
the change starting from your very homes

Corruption starts from the top and it percolates to the
bottom.f you can arrest some of the top people involved in
corrupt practices naturally this will give signal to the host
of people who believed that they have also got the right to
indulge in corrupt practices. Entire government machinery
started reporting for duty in time during emergency was
witnessed by the nation. Enforce discipline and evything
will become straight and smooth may be ina short
duration. Hence Lok Pal bill of Anna Hazare should be
implemented with out any more delay

t'll help curb corruption at low levels ,b'coz some small
peoples will be made scape goats to the bill
implemented,and also the lower officials will be scared to
take bribes due to increase in camera phones and other

t will., if people really want to... even i, we and every one
support corruption at some point... that can be for comfort,
time being, situation depends.... deep in the mind evry one
is selfish., we indians mainly compare within our selfs by
incomes .... every one should change to make india
better.. a rule should be rule for every one evry time

Yes Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill will eradicate corruption at all
levels upto a minimum of 60 %.
Such a bill will certainly lead to reduction in corruption. As
we all know, corruption can not be removed totally. Among
other things, the legislation should also ensure that the
honest officers are not harassed. Such officers should be
allowed to act fearlessly in the interest of the nation and
the society.

Lven Lhe presenL govL lokpal blll ls so deslgned LhaL lL vlcLlmlses
Lhe complalnanL and allows Lhe corrupL offlcer can Lake hls
vengeance by flllng a case agalnsL Lhe complalnanL1hls ls
blaLanL slap Lo Lhe clLlzens of lndla

1hls ls Lhe way Lhe govL dlscourages Lhe common from creaLlng
good ln Lhe counLry and aL Lhe same Llme leaders llke Shlela
ulxlL or Lhe commlssloner of pollce uelhl says LhaL Lhe crlme ln
uelhl ls lncreaslng as Lhe common man do noL come ouL agalnsL
Lhe crlme1he !an lokpal blll puLs Lhe Lhlngs ln Lhe correcL
perspecLlveand endevours Lo proLecL Lhe complalnanL and
ensures a speedy concluslon of Lhe case

ln Lhe preseL form of Lhe govL lokpal blll Lhe corrupLlon wlll
slmply grow sLronger ln lndla 8efore corrupLlon ln lndla
becomes unmanagable we have Lo acL and supporL Lhe !an
lokpal blll

1he corrupL and crlmlnal mlnds always flock Lo Lhe mosL easy
way of maklng blg moneybe lL Lhe medla plracy
drugsprosLlLuLlonsmuggllng ln dlseal or gold or clgareLLes eLc
for Lhe very same reason Lhe lndlan pollLlcal mlnlsLershlps have
been aLLracLlng Lhese crlmlnal/corrupL mlnd
AfLer Lhe !an Lokpal blll WPLn 1PL CCu88u1 MlnuLu
ln CLl1lCS Anu 8u8LAuC8AC? CLl1lCS Anu
lnulA Anu 1PLn 1PL uAlL? nLWS WlLL 8L llLLLu Wl1P MC8L
Cl CSl1lvL nLWS
Anna Hazare is a new wave towards anti corruption. ! am
supporting anna from bottom of my heart,because i
personally think that present india is extremely corrupted
and his efforts are noreworthy.As far as eradicating
corruption through the help of jan lokpal bill is concerned,i
don't think that will be of much help.corruption is a
dangerous communicable disease that cannot be
eradicated so easily.hatsoff to anna for taking such a big
step and my good wishes are with him.

1he sLandard of llvlng of common clLlzen wlll slmply shooL
upwards 1he counLrles moral wlll [usL go
upwards and we wlll have a Lruly rlch lndla now ls Lhe chance
Lo come ouL of muck lf you can !usL do lL
Corruption can't be eradicated in one stroke. Jan lokpal bill
won't eradicate it completely but it will help to curb this
problem. Did RTI remove corruption ?? DeIinitely no but it
helped in bringing transparency in our system. Today aIter
42 yrs the lokpal bill was Iinally introduced in parliament
but instead oI eradicating corruption it promotes corruption.
Here is the diII. between Govt's Lokpal and Jan Lokpal.

1) Corruption oI Prime Minister :

Govt's Lokpal : II the PM is involved in corruption, then
CBI would investigate, not the Lokpal. (CBI directly comes
under PM. How will CBI investigate its own boss?)

Jan Lokpal : Lokpal, which is an independent body, would
investigate PM. (II govt.'s doesn't want PM's corruption to
be investigated, let them amend constitution upIront rather
than making a pretense oI investigations by CBI.)

2) Corruption within Judiciary:

Govt's Lokpal : A committee oI three judges Irom same
court will give permission Ior investigation against the
accused judge. (How will judges Irom the same court give
permission to investigate their colleague judge?)
Jan Lokpal : A seven member bench oI Lokpal will give
permission aIter an open hearing.

3) Corruption oI Mps :

Govt's Lokpal : II a MP votes or puts up a question in
parliament in return Ior a bribe, then
he/she could be investigated by a committee oI other MPs
as is the present system. (In the past 62 years, many
instances oI MP's taking bribe have surIaced but not even a
single instance has been honestly investigated nor any MP
sent to jail.)

Jan Lokpal : The investigation would be done by an
independent Lokpal

4) Corruption Faced by the Common Citizen

Govt's Lokpal : Every department will declare its citizen
charter speciIying work to be done, the oIIicer responsible,
and time required. However, it doesn't state what happens
in case oI dereliction oI duty. (Today, any work like
license, ration card, business permits, etc. in a government
department requires the citizen to pay a bribe. Why will the
department changeIrom this modus operandi when there
are no penalties Ior non-perIormance?)

Jan Lokpal : II the citizen charter is violated, then the
Lokpal would penalize the concerned oIIicers, and the
penalty would go to the complainant as compensation

5) Selection oI Lokpal :

Govt : a) In a ten-member Selection Committee, six are
politicians, oI which Iive will be Irom the ruling party.
(This kind oIsystem will increase the probability that a
corrupt persons and those Iavorable to ruling party are
Iinally selected.)
b) Selection process will be decided by Selection

Jan Lokpal : a) politicians, Iour judges and head oI two
independent constitutional authorities.
b) The Search Committee would comprise oI civil society
members and retired constitutional authorities.

c) A detailed selection process has been described, which
would be transparent and have people's participation.

6) Accountability oI Lokpal Members :

Govt. : The members oI Lokpal would be accountable to
the government. Only government can Iile a petition in the
Supreme Court Ior their removal.

Jan Lokpal : The accountability oI the Lokpal members
would be to the public. Any citizen can Iile a petition in the
Supreme Court Ior removal oI a corrupt Lokpal member

7) Corruption within Lokpal StaII :
Govt : The members oI Lokpal would be accountable to the
government. Only government can Iile a petition in the
Supreme Court Ior their removal

Janlokpal : The accountability oI the Lokpal members
would be to the public. Any citizen can Iile a petition in the
Supreme Court Ior removal oI a corrupt Lokpal member

8) Jurisdiction oI Lokpal :
Govt. :Only group 'A' oIIicers oI the Central Government
would come under the jurisdiction oI Lokpal, while the
lower level oIIicers and the state employees would be leIt
out. (So where would the common citizen go to complain
about corruption in licensing, Panchayat, Schools,
Hospitals, rations, etc.?)

Jan Lokpal : All the employees oI Central Government will
be under Lokpal's ambit. On similar patterns oI Lokpal,
Lokayaukta will be set up at state level and all the
employees oI state government will be under its ambit

9) Removal oI Corrupt OIIicers :
Govt : The power to remove oIIicers lies with the minister
oI that particular department.
(Since the minister also gets a cut out oI the money that is
taken as bribe, corrupt
oIIicers are rewarded rather than punished)

Jan Lokpal : The decision to remove a corrupt oIIicer lies
with a bench oI Lokpal members which would hear such
cases in public.

10) Punishment Ior Corruption :
Govt : Maximum punishment Ior corruption is 10 years.

Jan lokpal : The maximum sentence is liIe imprisonment.
OIIicers senior in rank would attract stiIIer

ndian National Lok Dal chief and former Haryana Chief
Minister Om Parkash Chautala on Sunday said the Jan
Lokpal Bill would be help in eradicating corruption to a
large extent in the country.
He said the Congress-led UPA government was now
confronted with an uncertain future.

"The victory of Anna-led crusade against corruption, which
has been massively supported by millions of people
throughout the country, has immensely strengthened
democracy in the country,"
NLD chief said.
l agree LhaL Lhe sysLem ln lndla ls one Lo blame lL ls Lo be frank
one Lallormade for Lhe corrupL and Lhe evll Lo survlve whlle lLs
sad LhaL we wlLhsLood Lhe LalnLed sysLem over Lhe years lL ls
commendable whaL Mr Pazare and Lokpal blll has done for Lhe
naLlon l also Lhlnk Lhls ls hlsLorlcally a slgnlflcanL Llme for
recesslon and unemploymenL have forced people across Lhe
world Lo reflecL upon Lhe klnd of governmenL rullng Lhem and
aglLaLe agalnsL sysLems LhaL are corrupL and decepLlve by
Contrast these with the key features of the Jan Lokpal Bill
drafted by civil society:
O Lokpal is not an advisory body. t can investigate and
launch prosecution
O The anti-corruption wing of the CB will report only to
the Lokpal and act as its investigative arm
O t will be allowed to initiate a probe suo motu, and
can receive direct complaints from the public
O t can take up complaints on any aspect of
governance, including foreign affairs, defence and
O The selection committee for Lokpal will comprise
of CVC, CAG, activists, journalists, winners of
international awards and people with judicial

ndia certainly needs to reign in the corrupt system, which
is on for over 50 yrs. Why should priveleged ndians gain
at the cost of the rest? Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev
movements are all good & we should introduce Jan Lokpal
soon. f a country like ndonesia & Hongkong can change
drastically why not ndia.

The Bill originates from PoC Act. Multiplicity of agencies
such as CB, local police, CVC; if merged; it will
disadvantage common man who will have no alternate
remedy.The only hindrance in effective implementation of
PoC Act is shortage of Special Courts. Once it is taken
care of; Lokpal becomes superfluos. Even otherwise it is
superfluos. As far as lower level rot is whom.concerned;
one can say who follows

ts very difficult to control corruption at lower level. f we
take just an example from our daily life. Suppose we are
going on bike and we dont have driving license with us
and the police person stops us and ask for penalty. Will
you be pay penalty of rs 500 or you will say police person
take 50 or 100 rs and leave me. Just let me know here
what the Lokpal bill will do. Same way there are lot of
situation in which we are not able to control corruption
because we ourselves are increasing it at down level.

Govt.'s version of Lokpal cannot reduce corruption.
Another factior is that many corruption in the lower level is
a joint venture between giver and taker at the cost of Govt.
for eg. when the octroi comes to one lakh, one will give
25k to the staff and pay 5k to the govt. and save 70k for
himself. This current practice will still continue. Many
examples like that can be quoted.

don't think so bcs passing a bill doesnt mean that
corruption will be removed.....we have to choose an
intelligent person who can just washed this corruption in
few months...we have to act very steely

Doubt. don't think corruption of small amounts to mid size
amounts ie upto Rs 5lakhs can be stopped or traced. f
incase in a policestation they demand money to register
an FR, what can you do to stop it?
Strong lok pal bill alone will not reduce corruption.Because
Lok Pal bill will act as punishing tool for ineffective
employee but will not make the goverment employee to
give their best in performance.Strong lok pal bill has to be
complemented with 100 % merit and incentive based
transparent performance appraisal policy of goverment
sector employee.This policy will motivate the goverment to
give their best in their performance ,will further create
healthy working environment to work ,which further make
goverment employee world class vis a vis private sector
employee and take ndia to different heights.Due to this
policy major projects of the goverment will be completed
on time and thus saving huge amount of goverment time
and money.t will further compel the private contractor to
complete the public projects on time .Lucractive incentives
of the job profile will make goverment to give best and in
this goverment sector will attract best talent ,which further
give the goverment sector the competitive edge.t is said
in Management 75 % of the battle is won if there r right
team member with right skills.Just take an example of
Anna team vis a vis Goverment member.Anna team had
brillant core member like Dr.Kiran Bedi ,Arvind
Kejriwal,Prashant Bhushan.magine if the goverment had
better merit and incentive based performance appraisal
policy in the job ,they wouldnt have left the goverment..Till
now they would done wonder to the indian goverment and
make indian proud.

Without public awareness.. the consequences of giving
bribe and taking bribe no constitution / bill will be
effective... to some extent it may curtail corruption...

My inner-feeling says, that t absolutely cannot. The Jan-
Lokpal bill, which has been projected to the public, is
nothing but an ombudsman to root out the corruption at
higher levels. But the day to day corruption amidst the
general public cannot be rooted out. The Jan lokpal bill
might probably serve as a fear factor to the buearaucrats
and the other government services administrators, but
then definitely would not root out the corruption at the
grassroots level, since when a bill is passed, the loop-
holes that can be done to break the bill, would be
analysed by another sector of public as well! :) Can one
prevent the 'under-the-table' dealings that happens at
every level to get your job done quicker? Until and unless
the 'bribe-giver' is not washed out, the 'bribe-taker' would
never cease to exist! The 'Givers & Takers' go hand in
hand.The only thing that can be done is that, the 'ROT'
cannot be prevented, but the bill has to be devised to slow
down the pace of it!

it is absolute foolishness to believe that corruption will be
eliminated by the Lokpal. A vast majority of us do not have
any personal integrity. Given a situation to get any work
done easily through some greasing or with struggle
without greasing, seldom will one choose the latter. So
how can you eliminate corrution in this age. f we
consciously lead by example and we inculcate values
such as personal integrity, honesty and self-discipline we
will surely stand out in the world as the best people and
most respected people. Alas wont see this happen in my
life time but am doing my bit by practicing what say. Jai

Major Disadvantages of Lokpal Bill
This is not a mature bill, still lot many open issues, I will write
them all here beIore I write about the possible Iix Ior it. I could
be an ignorant about the complete bill but I tried to read it Irom
various places and I didn`t notice anyone describing these
1. Huge burden on government to run this, it needs huge
money to manage the head counts.
2. I don`t understand why it needs 1 year Ior decision and
another 1 year Ior the punishment.
3. How someone can guarantee there will be 'No minister or
bureaucrat inIluence on their investigations.
4. How can it be assured that Lokpal members are not
corrupted? Don`t we have corrupted 'judges, citizens and
constitutional authorities, who says only the politicians are

'he ]anLokpal Panel will become corrupt in due course of
time as it has been the tendency of any organization in
!ndia. Noreover the panel members are under scanner
themselves So NO
Lokpal bill is like a toy which is good for show. Corruption
is a virus. !t is in the blood of every human being from the
day when he or she took birth. By avoiding everything
which might be the cause of trouble.And it exists in the
dna too.'he normal tendency of people is to avoid
work.And it will go generation after generation.