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COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Two mark question 1.What is meant by Balun 2.Define SWR 3.

What is mean by free space path loss and give its equation 4.what is prograde orbit 5.What are the advantages and disadvantages of geosynchronous satellite 6.Define snells law 7.What is meant by PIN diode 8.What is meant by luminance signal 9.what is meant by Check sum 10.What is CSMA/CD 11.For a transmission line with incident voltage 5V and reflected voltage 3V,determine a)Reflection coefficient b)SWR 12.What is meant by stub matching 13.What is meant by geostationary satellite 14.Define critical frequency for a wave propagation 15.Define EIRP 16.define Numerical aperture .give its equation 17.What are the types of laser 18.What is meant by chrominance signal 19.What is meant by redundancy 20.What is meant by token passing 21.What is meant by corona 22.Write the formula for finding the distance between the two antenna in space wave propagation 23.Define maximum usable frequency 24.What is detrograde orbit 25.What are the types of the optical fiber configuration 26.What is meant by ILD 27. What is meant by avalanche photo diode 28.What is meant by colour burst 29.What is meant by data modem 30.What are the principles of ISDN

!6 mark questions 1.a).Explain about the transmission line equivalent circuit with neat diagram by giving its characteristics impedance and propagation constant(10 marks) b)Explain about the classification of the concentric or coaxial lines with neat diagrams(6 marks) 2.a)i. explain about ground and space wave propagation with neat diagrams(10 marks) ii. Explain about transmission line impedance matching (6 marks). 3)i .What is meant by incident and reflected wave (3 marks) ii. Explain about reflection coefficient, standing waves and standing wave ratio thus by get the relation between the reflection coefficient and SWR (13 marks) 4.a).Explain about LAN by giving its topologies transmission format and control methodologies(16 marks) 5)Explain the following error detection technique (16 marks)

i.)redundancy ii)exact-count encoding iii) parity iv) vertical redundancy checking. v) Longitudinal redundancy checking vi).Cyclic redundancy checking 6)What is meant by data modem explain its classification and types(16 marks) 7).Explai n about the satellite system link models and also give the link equations(16 marks) 8) i. Explain about the signal processing in a Monochrome television receiver (11 marks) ii. Explain about travelling wave tube (5 marks) 9) Explain about the following microwave solid state devices (4+4+4+2) i) Microwave transistor ii).Gunn devices iii).IMPATT diodes iv).PIN diode 10).Explain about the classification of the parallel conductor transmission lines with neat diagram(10 marks) b)Explain about transmission line losses (6marks) 11.a)Explain about sky wave propagation (6marks) 12)Explain about maximum usable frequency ,critical angle, skip distance and free space path loss with neat diagrams(10 marks) 12)Explain about the following with neat diagram(6+6+4) i.Quarter wavelength transformer matching ii).Stub matching(6 marks) iii).skip distance 13) Explain about ISDN with neat diagram (16 marks) 14.i) Explain about the error correction scheme for data communication (9 marks) ii) Explain about LAN access control methodologies (7marks) 15)i.Explain about fiber optic communications link with neat diagram(7marks) ii.explain about the losses in the optical fiber cables(9 marks) 16).i) Explain about space wave propagation with neat diagram (10 marks) ii).Explain about maximum usable frequency and free space path loss (6 marks) 17) i. Explain about Magnetrons(8 marks) ii. Explain about Horn antenna and patch antenna with neat diagrams (8 marks) 18).Explain about the following (7+5+4) i) Klystrons ii)TWT iii)Patch antenna

19what is mean by balanced and unbalanced transmission line system explain with neat diagrams(8 marks) 20)What is meant by standing wave ratio and derive the relationship between the SWR and reflection coefficient(8marks) 21)Explain about ground and space wave propagation with neat diagrams(16 marks) OR 22)iExplain about transmission line impedance matching (8 marks). ii.Explain about the losses in the transmission line (8 marks) 23).Explain about ISO-OSI seven layer architecture for WAN with neat diagram(16 marks) OR 24). Explain about ISDN with neat diagram (16 marks) 25.a)i.Explain about injection laser diode with neat diagram(7marks) ii.)What are the types of laser and explain the laser construction with neat diagram(9 marks)

OR 26)Explain about satellite system link models with neat diagram and also explain about corresponding Transponder(16 marks) 27)i.Explain about Klystron with neat diagram(7marks) iiExplain about FM microwave radio system with neat diagram(9 marks) OR 28).i.Explain about the signal processing in a monochrome receiver with neat diagram (9marks) ii.Explain about Monochrome Cathode ray tube with neat diagram(7 marks)