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PRACTICE EXAM 17 D) about/with E) across/in

1- My sister's house is lovely inside because she likes to .......... herself

with rare and beautiful things.

A) gather B) hinder C) surround

D) release E) accumulate 13- ......... research papers were due last week, but Jane still hasn't turned
......... in yet.
2- I thought that the orchestra .......... better last night than it ever had
before. A) Our/hers B) Theirs/it C) Themselves/her
D) Ourselves/its E) Us/them
A) accomplished B) performed C) attained
D) applauded E) recognised 14- The Tower of London, ......... so many important people were at one
time imprisoned or executed, is today visited by thousands of tourists.
3- When I was a child, my father didn't give me any ........... so I had to
earn money doing odd jobs. A) which B) where C) how
D) what E) that
A) allowance B) collection C) salary
D) wage E) contribution 15- Trying to finish the book I'd borrowed from the library, I went to bed
........... later than usual last night.
4- Since my French was ......... better than his English, we decided to
speak in French. A) more B) such C) rather
D) quite E) too
A) incessantly B) simultaneously C) barely
D) considerably E) actively 16- I thought I was ......... person working here, but now I've learnt that
Clive is even ......... .
5- She was quite upset to have failed her exam after she had ..........
attended all her lectures. A) the older/oldest B) so old/too old
C) too old/as old D) very old/so old
A) ordinarily B) nearly C) excessively E) the oldest/older
D) relatively E) regularly
17- You've been home from holiday for a week now, and you ..........
6- Being completely ......... of computer technology, we were unable to haven't unpacked your suitcases.
solve even the simplest problems.
A) already B) yet C) though
A) disturbed B) unwise C) confused D) still E) nor
D) ignorant E) wasteful
18- I really want to read .......... but there is .......... here that I haven't
7- You should never leave your flat without identification, .......... the already read.
police stop you and ask for it.
A) anything/something B) anywhere/everything
A) even though B) in order that C) in case C) everywhere/anything D) something/nothing
D) even if E) as though E) nothing/everything

8- The interviewer was impressed with his qualifications, so she offered 19- Reading the translated version of a book is never as satisfying as
him the job.......... the interview was over. reading it in its original language, .........?

A) although B) as soon as C) while A) don't they B) didn't it C) is it

D) unless E) moreover D) are they E) aren't you

9- When we left, it was so late that we had no chance of arriving on time 20- This is the fourth time you .......... to do your homework in the last
......... how fast we drove. two weeks, and I must tell you that I ......... you next time.

A) no matter B) whereas C) even though A) have forgotten/won't forgive

D) because E) nevertheless B) are forgetting/haven't forgiven
C) are going to forget/don't forgive
10- Being someone from a more idealistic generation, I find it disturbing D) would forget/can't have forgiven
to see that most young adults of today are content to play with 'toys' E) forgot/won't have forgiven
.......... mobile phones or computers.
21- We were fortunate that we .......... the beautiful town before it......... by
A) just as B) whether C) even the new dam.
D) either E) such as
A) had seen/has been flooded
11- Because he was away .......... his summer holiday, none of his B) were able to see/was flooded
messages got ......... to him until it was too late. C) could have seen/had flooded
D) saw/would be flooding
A) with/up B) in/about C) on/forward E) have seen/will be flooded
D) for/through E) during/out
22- To be honest, I didn't quite understand his plan, because he .......... it
12- There were so many wrecked cars ......... the road that we wondered if to me while I........... on something else.
we would get ......... our destination safely.
A) will explain/have concentrated
A) along/to B) among/for C) onto/at B) is explaining/concentrated
C) was explaining/had concentrated
D) has explained/am concentrating
E) explained/was concentrating

23- Nowadays, the use of recycled paper ........... which ........... conserve
the world's diminishing forest resources.

A) had increased/will help 29- Many educated people in developing countries used to learn Russian
B) would increase/had helped ...... .
C) is increasing/helps
D) will increase/has helped
E) has increased/helped A) which has the longest border of all the countries on the Earth
B) where education was highly centralized during the Soviet
24- The last time I .......... to James, he ........... whether he was going to be C) because a lot of doctors receive their training there
promoted or not. D) believing that they will be able to complete their education
A) had been speaking/didn't tell E) so that they could further their education in the Soviet Union
B) would speak/won't have told
C) was speaking/hasn't been told
D) have spoken/wasn't told 30- You should not have decided on the date for your holiday ....... .
E) spoke/hadn't been told
A) so you can take it then because we won't be too busy
B) even though you have a date with her next Friday
25- If we .......... more careful, everything ........... as planned. C) without talking to your manager about it first
D) thus you may not be able to find tickets in the busy season
A) have been/would have gone E) before you make sure that there are tickets available
B) could be/has been going
C) will have been/is going
D) had been/might have gone 31- Celia seems to be quite happy in her job ......... .
E) are/were to go
A) when she got it after spending a whole year trying to find one
B) ever since she started working there three months ago
26- As the journey to Ankara is quite long, ........ . C) however she has developed good relationships with her
A) I want to make sure we leave early D) even though everyone thinks she could do better elsewhere
B) we have to drive for seven hours E) in spite of the good pay and two three-week paid holidays a
C) stopping overnight won't be necessary Year
D) we would be there sooner than we'd expected
E) we'll take turns at the wheel, though
32- I don't know how my brother managed to get up early on Monday
27- ....... until the manager rang me yesterday with the good news.
A) if he didn't stay out until well after midnight
A) I have always been nervous about job interviews B) after spending most of the previous night out with his friends
B) I was not sure whether I would get the job C) owing to his healthy life style and good eating habits
C) Though the interview went well, 1 don't know if I'll be D) as he is already in the habit of going to bed late even on
employed weekdays
D) I've heard that the date of my interview has been changed E) when he spends such hectic weekends in discos or bars
E) I'm certain I did very well at the interview yesterday

33- .......... neither of which was very appropriate for my qualifications.

28- ......... which is the capital city and the cultural centre.
A) Both children looked at me gratefully
A) Quito is situated high in the Andes Mountains B) I couldn't have bought the car without the money my parents
B) Tourists to Hungary usually go to Budapest gave me
C) The London Underground is very expensive C) There were several companies which I could apply to
D) There are several minority groups scattered all over the country D) Both Sally and Nancy have invited me to their parties
E) Apparently, Paris is most beautiful in the spring E) I had two job offers upon graduation

34- They haven't decided yet ......... .

A) that two employees had been dismissed for misconduct
B) and he is one of the best directors we've had so far
C) whether to open the office on Christmas Eve
D) when is the next meeting going to be held
E) nor have I been able to understand what's going on

35.-37. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

38.-40. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
The word alphabet is made up from the first two letters of the Greek
alphabet — alpha and beta — and describes any group of symbols India, one of the poorest countries in the world, has the most HIV positive
intended to represent the sounds used in speech. The letters of an alphabet citizens, an estimated 4 million people. However, it is estimated that less
can be assembled in thousands of different combinations to form words, than 1 percent of those living with HIV in india can afford the medication;
and are therefore much more flexible than other symbols, such as about 20 pills of various types, which has become known as the "AIDS
pictograms or ideograms, each of which can only stand for one particular cocktail". Indigenous production of drugs, which will eliminate the cost of
object or idea. The origin of alphabets is obscure. Some scholars believe import, and perhaps even development of a vaccine may be the only way
that the first true alphabets developed from Egyptian Hieroglyphics; others for India to combat AIDS. But costs remain high, even though an Indian
contend that the cuneiform scripts of the Sumerians, Babylonians and company has begun to produce some of the treatment drugs in India.
Assyrians hold the key.
38- It is stated in the passage that ........
35- The author tells us that an alphabet is
A) 4 million people in India are taking medication for HIV
A) two Greek letters, alpha and beta B) none of the HIV medication is produced in India
B) a group of meaningless symbols C) HIV positive Indians may have got the disease at cocktail
C) a group of signs that stand for vocal sounds parties
D) the sounds used when we speak D) if the HIV medication were a little cheaper, everyone would be
E) a combination of pictograms and ideograms able to afford it
E) there is no country in the world with more HIV positive citizens
36- It is clear from the passage that alphabets are well-suited for writing than India
because ........ .
39- The "AIDS cocktail" ....... .
A) they are not as rigid as other symbolic systems
B) their letters represent specific words or ideas A) is widely available and inexpensive
C) they derive from ancient hieroglyphics B) is produced in India by an Indian company
D) they can have thousands of different letters C) is taken by all HIV positive Indians every day
E) they are easy to learn for any member of the community D) consists of about 20 different kinds of medicine
E) was devised by an Indian doctor to combat AIDS
37- It's mentioned in the passage that academics disagree about .......... .
40- The word "indigenous" in the passage probably means ........ .
A) the disadvantages of alphabets
B) Egyptian Hieroglyphics A) inexpensive B) local C) imported
C) pictograms and ideograms D) convenient E) efficient
D) the key to cuneiform scripts
E) how alphabets originated
41.-43. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

US citizens are legally permitted to arrive in the Netherlands as tourists, 44.-47. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
and then look for work while they're there. However, nobody can work
legally in the Netherlands without a social-fiscal, SOFI, number; yet, the Many experiments have suggested that a child who has watched a violent
Tax Office won't issue a SOFI number to non-EU nationals without a video sequence is more likely to engage in aggressive acts than one who
residence permit, and the Aliens' Police won't issue the permit to anyone has not. According to one study, a preference for violent TV shows is a
without a SOFI number. These regulations are designed to make things more accurate indicator of aggression than socio-economic background,
difficult, but there do seem to be ways around them. If you can find an family relationships, 1Q, or any other single factor. Though it is difficult to
employer who will give both the Tax Office and the Aliens' Police a say which comes first, an aggressive personality or a preference for violent
written statement to say that you alone are the right person to do the job, shows, the relationship is certainly valid. A steady diet of TV violence can
you may be granted a residence permit and a SOFI number. Otherwise, also make children numb to reality. One eleven-year-old was quoted as
apart from marrying a Dutch citizen, there is little you can do legally to saying that he had seen so many assaults and murders on the screen that if
establish yourself there. he saw someone really get killed, it would not bother him.

41- An American who wishes to work in the Netherlands ......... . 44- According to the study mentioned in the passage, the most likely
people to be aggressive are ....... .
A) is allowed to seek employment while on holiday in the country
B) must get a written statement from the Tax Office to give to his A) those with violent family relationships
employer B) people with low IQ's
C) must arrange all of the details before leaving the United States C) those who are numb to reality
D) should arrive there with a residence permit and a SOFI number E) D) people who watch too much violence on TV
is required to register with the Tax Office upon arrival E) those from poor families

42- The author suggests that for an American to have any hope of 45- The passage states that socio-economic background ....... .
securing a residence permit, you need ........
A) is less important than a taste for violent TV shows as an
A) to be a non-EU national indicator of an aggressive personality
B) to open your own business there B) is more important than family relationships or IQ in evaluating
C) something in writing from an employee a violent personality
D) to have Dutch ancestors C) leads to a preference for violent TV programmes
E) a friend in the Dutch Aliens' Police D) is the most important single factor in predicting aggressive
E) can make people indifferent to reality
43- From the information given in the passage, it appears that ......... .
A) it is illegal for an American without a SOFI number to marry a 46- The author states that watching a large number of violent TV shows
Dutch citizen ........ .
B) an American wishing to marry a Dutch citizen cannot do so
within the Netherlands A) may be an indicator of violent family relationships
C) being married to a Dutch citizen doesn't help an American who B) can make a child insensitive to real life
wants to work in Holland C) makes children want to see people get killed
D) marrying a Dutch citizen increases an American's chances of D) is one of the causes of a poor socio-economic background
being allowed to work in Holland E) is related to a person's IQ
E) it is not legal for an American to get married to a Dutclı citizen
unless he's got a job in Holland
47.-49. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Amphibious vehicles, those that can move on both land and water, have 50.-52. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
been in use for a number of years. However, while most of them are quite
fast on land, they move quite slowly when they are functioning as boats. The Rhine is a European river which rises in the Swiss Alps and flows
The only truly amphibious vehicle that can move with equal ease on both northward for a distance of 1320 kilometres, entering the North Sea just
land and water, is the Hovercraft. A Hovercraft actually travels on an air south of the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It is navigable all the
cushion produced by a large fan which blows air downwards between the way from the sea to Basle, Switzerland, and for this reason is of great
body of the vehicle and the water or the ground. This lifts up the craft. commercial importance, serving the industrial region of Ruhr and such
Because the Hovercraft floats on the air cushion, there is no contact inland ports as Cologne, Mannheim and Strasbourg. It is connected by
between the craft and the surface below. This allows it to travel over flat or canal with the Danube and the Rhone. Its most famous stretch is the Rhine
rough ground, or water. Gorge, the steep sides being given over to vineyards. Politically, too, the
Rhine has played a big part in European history, providing a natural
frontier between French-speaking people to the west and Germanic
47- The passage tells us that amphibious vehicles ....... . peoples to the east.
A) are not capable of travelling efficiently on water
B) are the result of the very latest technology
C) can also function as aeroplanes in certain situations 50- It is stated in the passage that the industrial importance of the Rhine
D) are able to travel on water as well as on land ..... .
E) are still in the early stages of development
A) steins from its role as a link between Switzerland and the sea
B) comes from Its length of more than a thousand kilometres
48- The passage explains ....... . C) is a direct result of its rising in the Alps in Switzerland
D) is due mainly to the river's political significance
A) why the Hovercraft is more efficient on water than on land E) has been lessened in recent years because of failed vineyards
B) the system which enables all amphibious vehicles to function
as boats
C) that the Hovercraft can travel over various surfaces because it 51- We understand from the passage that, the Danube and the Rhone
does not touch them ......... .
D) the best method by which the inefficient amphibious vehicles
can be improved A) have, over the years, lessened the commercial importance of the
E) that the Hovercraft is not truly an amphibious vehicle Rhine
B) flow through more countries than does the Rhine
C) are of greater significance for Europe than the Rhine
49- According to the passage, of all amphibious vehicles, only the D) flow into the same sea as the Rhine
Hovercraft ....... . E) are not connected with the Rhine naturally but artificially

A) offers the passengers seats supported with cushions

B) operates with equal efficiency on both land and sea 52- Apart from being a transportation route, the Rhine ........ .
C) has a large fan which keeps the engine cool A) contributes to the tourist industry in the Ruhr region
D) has become popularly known B) is seen by the Dutch as a link to the east
E) requires smooth ground or a calm sea C) provides natural beauty for the local people
D) serves as a political barrier as well
E) has no other important function C) In addition, there is a hospital, a dentist's surgery and a printing
plant for the ship's daily newspaper
D) Of course some people prefer to travel by plane because it is
faster and cheaper
E) Under international law, powered vessels of more than 300
gross tons must carry licensed officers

56- Serendib, as the early Arab seamen called the island we know today
as Sri Lanka, may have been the land described in one version of
Sinbad's Seventh Voyage. In that story, Sinbad was captured by
pirates and sold into slavery to an ivory dealer. ........ . Eventually the
elephants showed Sinbad their secret graveyard, so he could obtain
the ivory without killing them.

A) Slavery was common until this century and is still practised in

some parts of the world today
B) Elephants are said to have amazing memories
C) The ivory trade has decimated the once vast herds of elephants
in East Africa
D) The man forced Sinbad to go into the forest every day and kill
an elephant for its tusks
E) Though Sinbad is usually described as a "sailor", it would
be more correct to call him a "merchant adventurer"

53.-58. sorularda parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.
57- ..........
. Smokers who were trying to give up were split into two
53- It is a windy, clear afternoon on the Gulf of Mexico, 7O miles out groups. One group was given acupuncture, specially designed to help
from the Texas coast. The water is dull, grey, and choppy. The crew them stop smoking. Of this group, 31% had given up smoking after
are dozing over plates of half eaten mangoes. Suddenly a rod bends. three weeks, while none of the people in the second, control group
.......... . The fight is on. After 30 minutes of physical to and for the succeeded in giving up.
sailfish kicks hard and snaps the line. A cheer goes up as big game
fishing is not about who wins, but about the fight. A) Many strange techniques are tried by people attempting to give
up smoking
A) Mangoes are a delicious tropical fruit, especially good when B) Smoking is one of the most serious addictions and is very hard
eaten on a boat to beat
B) Two members of the crew begin to quarrel over the mangoes C) Many doctors are now trying to help their patients to give up
C) A big sailfish punches out of the water, spreads its blue sail fin smoking
and shoots back under the water D) Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that involves the
D) One of the fastest fishes is the sailfish, which can swim at use of needles
speeds of up to 68 miles per hour E) New research has shown that acupuncture can help people stop
E) Not surprisingly, they all hate sharks and are eager to kill this smoking
58- Viruses are even smaller than bacteria, and are the simplest known
54- Millions of years ago, there was no life on this planet. ......... . It was forms of life. .......... . They live as parasites in bacteria, animals and
just a ball of flaming gases. These gases were in a state of some plants. Viruses invade the cells of their hosts and simply take
considerable chemical turmoil, reacting together to form and reform them over. The DNA in the virus takes over the DNA in the host cell
chemicals. As time passed the gases cooled, became liquid, and and changes the instructions so that the host produces more viruses.
eventually a thin crust was formed over the surface. Beneath this There are a large number of diseases caused by viruses, such as
crust, the centre of the Earth was, and remains today, a molten mass influenza, measles and smallpox.
of rocks and metals with a solid core.
A) We use friendly bacteria to make yoghurt and cheese
A) In fact, there was no planet as we would recognise it today B) They are not able to live by themselves
B) Even after life appeared, it was a long time until humans first C) Some tulips have a virus infection in their petals which gives them
evolved an attractive colour
C) The first life forms appeared in water D) Antibacterial drugs are obtained from living organisms
D) There may have been one more planet at the time, which has E) Modern vaccines may contain bacteria or viruses which are
now become the asteroid belt dead. or still alive but weakened
E) Even now no one knows if there is life on other planets
59-65. sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi
55- A super liner like the Queen Elizabeth II, or QE2 for short, contains bulunuz.
all the elements of a floating town with a population of about 3000.
The QE2 can take 2025 passengers, and has a crew of 9O6, who 59- (I) An argument often advanced on behalf of special classes for gifted
maintain the ship and look after the passengers. There are restaurants, children Is that these children are held back in classes designed for
a theatre and cinema and four swimming pools. ......... . All this is the average child. (II) It is even thought that their intellectual growth
driven by engines producing 11O.OOO horse power, giving her a top may be permanently hindered, (III) There can be little doubt that
speed of 30 knots, nearly twice the speed of a super tanker. special classes for the gifted can help them graduate earlier and take
their place in life sooner. (IV) Mentally-retarded children also need
A) For a time, super liners were thought to be outdated, but now special teaching and other support to help them leam and prepare for
they seem to be making a come-back adulthood. (V) On the other hand, to take these students out of the
B) Passengers on the Queen Elizabeth II can visit a lot of ports all regular classroom may create serious problems for them and for
over the world society.
son işlem tabaklamadır.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V E) Kullanılabilir deri haline gelmesi için hayvan postu ya da derisi,
en son işlem olarak tabaklanır.
60- (I) Though foreigners are fascinated by the cultural aspects of suicide
in Japan, the adult suicide rate is actually lower than in many 66- Throughout the ages, leprosy has been the most dreaded disease and
countries. (II) Many child suicides are reported in Japan each year. its victims the most shunned people.
(Ill) Some of them are even elementary school children. (IV)
Research shows that most students who committed suicide were very A) Cüzam, asırlarca insanların korkulu rüyası olmuş, bu yüzden
calm, gentle, silent students. (V) In many cases, the reason for suicide pek çok insan heba olmuştur.
seems to be linked to bullying of the victim by his or her peers. B) Asırlarca insanlar cüzamdan korkmuş, cüzam hastalarından hep
uzak durmuşlardır.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V C) Cüzam, asırlarca insanları en çok korkutan hastalıklardan biri
61- (I) When people eat more fat, sugar, starch and protein than they need D) Cüzamın en çok korkulan hastalık, kurbanlarının ise en çok acı
for fuel, the extra is converted into fat and stored under the skin. (II) çeken insanlar olması, asırlar boyunca sürmüştür.
Women in many cultures worry about being too fat, while in others it E) Asırlar boyunca cüzam en çok korkulan hastalık, kurbanları ise
is actually considered attractive. (III) When they are eating too little en çok sakınılan insanlar olmuştur.
to keep their body nourished, they use up some of their own fat and
become thinner. (IV) This "fat pad", which all people have to a 67- Small amounts of liquid chlorine are added to drinking water and
greater or lesser degree, serves as a storehouse of fuel. (V) It also swimming pools to destroy bacteria.
helps, like a blanket, to keep a person warm.
A) Bakterileri öldürmesi için içme suyuna ve yüzme havuzlarına
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V az miktarda sıvı klor karıştırılmaktadır.
B) İçme suyu ve yüzme havuzlarındaki bakterileri yok etmek için
suya az miktarda klor eklemek gerekir.
C) Suya az miktarda klor karıştırarak, içme suyu ve yüzme
havuzlan bakterilerden arındırılabilir.
D) İçme suyu ve yüzme havuzlarındaki bakterileri yok etmenin en
etkili yolu, suya az miktarda klor eklemektir.
E) İçme suyu ve yüzme havuzlarını bakterilerden arındırmak
62- (I) Human beings are inherently risk-taking creatures. (II) Most of için az miktarda klor yeterlidir.
our prehistoric, and even our historic, past was filled with danger and
uncertainty. (III) The people who survived were those who thrived on 68- If there is nothing you can do to solve a problem, it is best to put it
risks. (IV) Thus, with the technology available today, most people out of your mind.
seem to have lost this characteristic. (V) This is probably why in
today's relatively safe world, people are developing such risky sports A) Bir sorunu çözemeyeceğinizi anladığınızda yapabileceğiniz en
as bungee jumping and hang-gliding. iyi şey o konuda hiç düşünmemektir.
B) Bir sorunu çözme konusunda yapabileceğiniz hiçbir şey yoksa,
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V en iyisi onu kafanızdan çıkarıp atmaktır.
C) Çözemeyeceğiniz bir sorunla kafanızı sürekli meşgul etmenin
63- (I) In theory, no on can see a Tomahawk Missile coming; in theory size hiçbir faydası olmaz.
again, they are armed, dangerous and smart. (II) Their course is D) En iyisi, çözemeyeceğiniz bir sorunla karşılaştığınızda, kafanızı
guided by global positioning satellite systems that can pin-point any başka bir şeyle meşgul edin.
moving object with an accuracy of 10 metres, (III) In practice, E) Kafanızı rahatlatabilmenin en iyi yolu. hiçbir şekilde
however, they are not 100% reliable. (IV) During the Persian Gulf çözülemeyecek olan bir sorunu pek fazla düşünmemektir.
War, of the 297 Tomahawks launched by US forces, nine never left
the launch tubes, six fell straight into the sea, and at least two were 69- Window glass and ordinary glass bottles are fragile and easily
shot down. (V) An amazing array of complex technology was shattered, but some glasses are amazingly strong.
brought into play at the start of the Persian Gulf War to assure a
devastating air attack. A) Bazı pencere camlan ve cam şişeler kolayca kırılıverirken.
bazıları da inanılmaz derecede sağlam oluyor.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V B) Genellikle pencere camı ve sıradan cam şişeler hassas oluyor
ve kolayca kırılıyor ama çok sağlam camlar da vardır.
64- (I) Parkinson's disease causes slow deterioration of the nerves' ability C) Pencere camı ve alelade cam şişeler hassastır ve kolayca
to control the muscles. (II) It usually starts with small tremors, then kırılırlar ancak bazı camlar şaşılacak derecede sağlamdırlar.
progresses to a strange walk and increasing weakness. (III) D) Şaşılacak derecede sağlam camlar üretilebiliyor ama nedense
Alzheimer's disease, likewise, affects the memory. (IV) In 1997, pencere camı ve cam şişeler çok hassas ve kolay kırılır biçimde
researchers identified a long-sought gene defect that can cause a form yapılıyor.
of Parkinson's. (V) But the proportion of cases arising from the defect E) Son derece sağlam camlar da var fakat çok hassas olan ve
appears to account for no more than 10%. kolayca kırılabilen camlar, pencereler ve alelade cam şişeler için
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
70- Although they seem not to have much in common, they can get on
65-72. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz. very well with each other.

A) Bu kadar iyi anlaşabilmelerine bakınca, pek çok ortak noktalan

65- The final process in turning animal hides or skins into finished var gibi görünüyor.
leather is tanning. B) Bana öyle geliyor ki, iki insanın bu kadar iyi anlaşabilmesi için
pek çok ortak noktasının olması gerekir.
A) Hayvan postu ya da derisini mamul deri haline dönüştürmek C) Görünen o ki, pek fazla ortak noktaları olmadığı halde,
için yapılan işlemlerden biri de tabaklamadır. birbirleriyle gayet iyi anlaşıyorlar.
B) Hayvan postu ya da derisinin işlenebilmesi için çok iyi D) Pek çok ortak noktalarının olmasına rağmen hiç de çok iyi
tabaklanması gerekmektedir. anlaşıyor gibi görünmüyorlar.
C) Tabaklama, hayvan postu ya da derisini mamul deri haline E) Pek fazla ortak yanları yokmuş gibi görünseler de, birbirleriyle
getirmek için yapılan işlemdir. çok iyi anlaşıyorlar.
D) Hayvan postu ya da derisini mamul deri haline dönüştürmede
71- She should consider the offer from every aspect before she makes a preparation of food has become an important science as well as an
decision in order not to regret it later. art.
E) The importance of cookery both as an art and as a science stems
A) Karar vermeden önce teklifi ayrıntılı incelerse, sonradan from the fact that preparation of nutritious food is so vital to good
pişman olacağı bir şeyle karşılaşmaz. health.
B) Sonradan pişman olmamak için, karar vermeden önce teklifi
her yönüyle değerlendirmesi gerekir. 76- Bölge hakkında biraz bilgi sahibi herkes için, felaketin nedeni
C) Teklifin her ayrıntısını çok iyi değerlendirmesi gerekir yoksa yeterince açıktı.
sonradan pişman olabilir.
D) Teklifi her yönüyle incelemeden karar verdiğine sonradan çok A) Apparently, even those with little knowledge of the area knew
pişman oldu. the cause of the disaster.
E) Teklifi çok iyi değerlendirmeden karar verdiyse de, bu kadar B) The cause of the disaster was apparent to everyone except those
pişmanlık duyması gereksiz. with little knowledge of the area.
C) Apparently the disaster was caused by someone with very little
72- It was really very hard to predict how she would react to the news. knowledge of the area.
D) The cause of the disaster was apparent enough to anyone with a
A) Habere nasıl tepki göstereceğini tahmin etmek gerçekten çok little knowledge of the area.
zordu. E) Everyone with a little knowledge of the area could see the cause
B) Nasıl karşılayacağını bilemediğimiz için haberi ona iletmekte of the disaster easily enough.
çok zorlandık.
C) Asıl zor olan, habere nasıl bir tepki göstereceğini tahmin 77- Afrika'ya olan yakınlığına rağmen Madagascar, kıtada bulunmayan
etmekti. pek çok vahşi yaşam türüne sahiptir.
D) Haberi nasıl karşılayacağını tahmin etmekte bir hayli zorlandık.
E) Habere göstereceği tepkiyi kestirebilseydik, işimiz bu kadar zor A) Being close to Africa, Madagascar has approximately the same
olmazdı. wildlife as the continent.
B) Madagascar, in spite of its proximity to Africa, has many forms
of wildlife that can only be found on the island.
C) Despite its proximity to Africa, Madagascar has many forms of
wildlife not found on the continent,
D) Although it is very close to Africa, Madagascar is home to
many forms of wildlife different from those on the continent.
E) There are many forms of wildlife found on Madagascar that are
not found in neighbouring Africa.

73.-80. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz. 78- Konferansta ileri sürülen önerilerin tümü, bölgenin sorunlarına kalıcı
çözümler getirmekten çok uzak.
73- Efsaneye göre, Türkiye'nin en yüksek noktası olan Ağrı Dağı, Nuh'un
gemisinin karaya çıktığı yerdi. A) Not all of the solutions put forward at the conference offered
ways to bring an end to the region's problems permanently.
A) According to legend, Noah built an ark, which landed at Mount B) The proposals put forward at the conference went some way to
Ararat, the highest point in Turkey. offering permanent solutions to the region's problems.
B) The highest point in Turkey, Mount Ararat, is remembered in C) All the proposals put forward at the conference were a long way
legends as the place where Noah's ark landed. from bringing permanent solutions to the region's problems.
C) According to legend, Mount Ararat, the highest point in Turkey, D) All the proposals put forward at the conference offered a
was the place where Noah's ark landed. different way to solve the region's problems permanently.
D) In the legend, Noah's ark lands on Mount Ararat, which is the E) None of the proposals put forward at the conference came close
highest point in modern day Turkey. to bringing permanent solutions to the region's problems.
E) Mount Ararat is Turkey's highest point, which explains why, as
the legend says, Noah's ark landed there. 79- Yeni okul binası bizim deniz manzaramızı tamamen kapatacak.

74- Fiziksel özellikleri ve kültürel gelenekleriyle eşsiz bir yer olan A) We used to have a view of the sea, which is totally obscured
Yucatan yarımadası, pek çok turist çekmektedir now by the new school building.
B) Our view of the sea will be obscured when they build the new
A) Not only its physical uniqueness but also its cultural traditions school building.
make the Yucatan peninsula a magnet for tourists. C) We are totally against the new school building as it will obscure
B) Unique because of its physical characteristics and cultural our view of the sea.
traditions, the Yucatan peninsula attracts a lot of tourists. D) If the school building weren't there, we would have a wonderful
C) The Yucatan peninsula, whose physical landscape and cultural view of the sea.
traditions are unique, attracts tourists from across the globe. E) The new school building will totally obscure our view of the
D) Tourists are attracted to the Yucatan peninsula mainly because sea.
of its beautiful landscape and cultural traditions.
E) The Yucatan peninsula attracts many tourists because of its 80- Sanırım onu bu kadar öfkelendiren, yapmadığı bir şey yüzünden
physical characteristics and culture, which are unique. azarlanmasıydı.

75- Aşçılığın hem sanat hem de bilim olarak önemi, besleyici A) The fact is that he got annoyed about being reprimanded for
yiyeceklerin hazırlanmasının sağlık için çok önemli olmasından something he hadn't done.
kaynaklanmaktadır. B) l think what annoyed him so much was the fact that he was
reprimanded for something he hadn't done.
A) The preparation of nutritious food is so vital to good health that C) What irritated him most, I believe, was the fact that he hadn't
cookery is important both as an art and as a science. done what he was reprimanded for.
B) Because of the fact that nutritious food is essential for good D) I think the most annoying thing about it is that he ended up
health, cookery can be seen as both an art and an important being reprimanded for something he hadn't done.
science. E) I think being reprimanded for something he hadn't done might
C) When cookery is the preparation of nutritious food, which is have been the cause of his annoyance.
vital to good health, it is considered as a science as well as an art.
D) Since cookery has been regarded as vital to good health, the
81-87. sorularda verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz C) I realty don't think I want to talk to you after Wednesday
81- A colleague with whom you have worked for several years is quitting D) We must meet again sometime. I really enjoyed the evening.
her well-paid and secure job to travel and see the world. You think E) I've never known anyone so scalier-brained as you!
she is making a terrible mistake, and that she will be ill and lonely in
countries where she does not speak the language. However, her 86- A friend proudly tells you about a new flat she has bought, but when
decision has already been made, so, not wanting to be discouraging, she tells you where it is, you are shocked. It is a neighbourhood with
on her last day of work you say to her: such a bad reputation that you would be afraid to go out after dark
there. Then she invites you to a house warming party on Saturday
A) I hope everything works out and you have a wonderful time. night. Trying to think of a way to get out of it, you say as
B) I really envy you. I've always wanted to travel myself. inoffensively as possible:
C) Just don't come crying to me when things go wrong!
D) Just wait and see. I'm sure you'll be sorry. A) No way! I don't want to get mugged on my way home.
E) Don't forget the meeting with the district sales manager B) Are you crazy? I wouldn't even want to walk around there in the
tomorrow. daytime.
C) Saturday night? What a shame, but I already have plans.
82- You are using a computer at college to read your e-mail. As you are D) I don't know. Are you sure it's safe?
reading, you notice a friend reading over your shoulder. You think E) Will you provide some sort of protection for your guests?
this is an extremely rude thing to do, so you say a little sharply to her:
87- You have been taking your car to the same mechanic for years, and
A) I'll explain anything that you don't understand. now he is getting old. This time, after some expensive repairs, as you
B) If you wait a minute. I've got two more messages that may be are driving home, you notice that your car has the same problem. Not
even more interesting than this one. wanting to hurt the old man's feelings, you drive back and say to him:
C) If you want to talk to me. could you wait until I've finished
reading this? It's quite personal. A) I think it is about time you retired if you can't do any better
D) Don't you have any manners at all, reading a complete than this.
stranger’s mail? B) I can't believe that you actually made me pay for such terrible
E) I really don't know how I should answer Lhit, What do you work.
think? C) Your work has been getting worse for years, but it can't get any
worse than this.
D) I'm going to stop coming here if this is the best you can do. My
car still has the same problem.
E) You may have confused my car with somebody else's this time.
83- Unhappy with your present job, you have applied for another one. Would you mind having another look?
After making a photocopy of your CV and letter of application, you 88-93. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.
left the letter in the office copy machine, where one of your
colleagues found it and gave it to your boss. Your boss has 88- We'll attempt to solve the problem as soon as the relevant documents
confronted you with the letter, and asked you why you are being so arrive.
disloyal. You answer defensively:
A) Once we've obtained all the information we need, we will try to
A) I don't know what you're talking about; that must be someone find a solution.
else's letter. B) Since we have all the necessary documents, we may as well
B) You must admit that it was not kind of her to hand my letter in attempt to solve the problem.
to you. C) I'm sure we'll solve the problem soon, and in our own way.
C) This is the worst job I can imagine; you're lucky I've stayed D) I doubt that we'll be able to solve such a problem before we
around so long. have all the information.
D) I thought it was only sensible to keep my options open with the E) Since the documents have only just arrived, it'll be some time
economic situation so uncertain. before we can solve the problem.
E) That letter is not addressed to you, so it is none of your
business. 89- Our friendship continued as long as he lived.

84- Phil works as an insurance investigator. When investigating an A) We had been friends for a long time when he died.
elderly man's claim after his house was burgled, he discovers that the B) We remained friends until his death.
man never locked his doors, or even closed his windows when he was C) If he'd lived longer, our friendship would have grown.
not at home, which means that he was not being reasonably careful, D) He was a friend of mine long before he died.
so the insurance company will not pay anything. Phil says to the man, E) I hadn't known him long when he died.
politely but sternly:
90- Had he only shown a more positive attitude, he would still have a
A) I hope you don't think you're going to get anything from us! secure job at the bank.
B) My boss will be really happy to learn that we don't have to give
you anything. A) If he had appreciated his position, he wouldn't have chosen to
C) We certainly are losing a lot of money if we meet all of your loss work at a bank.
D) I'm afraid that, under the circumstances. Sir, we will be unable B) If he were a little less negative, the bank might consider
to meet your loss. keeping him on.
E) You shouldn't have been so stupid as to leave your house wide C) Despite his positive attitude during the interview, he felt he
open. couldn't secure the job at the bank.
D) His negative manner will one day cost him the loss of his job at
85- You arranged to meet a forgetful friend for a chat, but she did not the bank.
show up. Though you are mildly irritated, you realise that, in addition E) His negative approach and behaviour led to his dismissal from
to her poor memory, she could have a number of good reasons for not the bank.
meeting you. Therefore, when you see her next, you say carefully:
91- Kelly left for the training programme a week ago, so she should be
A) I waited hours and wasted a whole evening. How could you be back in two weeks.
so inconsiderate?
B) Did you remember that we had an appointment on Wednesday A) Kelly's training programme will begin after two weeks.
evening? B) Last week, Kelly left to attend a two-week training programme.
C) There are two weeks remaining of Kelly's three-week training C) I've got so much energy lately. 1 think I'll go for a run.
programme. D) Can stressful situations cause a pain in the stomach?
D) Though it is a three-week training programme, Kelly is going to E) I've had a terrible stomach ache for days.
return after two.
E) Kelly's training programme will be over either next week, or the
week after next. 97- Inspector: Excuse me Sir, could I see your ticket?
Passenger: ...........
92- We liked Albert more when he started working with us, but he hasn't Inspector: Oh dear, oh dear. Why didn't you use the ticket
been able to retain his original enthusiasm. machines?
Passenger: Well, in fact I didn't have any change.
A) We were all enthusiastic about having such a likable colleague
as Albert. A) Will my monthly pass do just as well?
B) We didn't use to like Albert, but we soon got used to his B) Well, you see, there was no one selling tickets at the station
enthusiasm. where I got on.
C) We are no longer as fond of Albert as we were because he is not C) Here's my ID. I'm a pensioner and can ride this train for free.
as devoted to his work as he was initially. D) Of course, here you are. Lucky for me that the station was
D) We had never seen such an original and enthusiastic person as manned today.
Albert when he started working with us. E) I didn't know you needed a ticket for so short a ride.
E) Albert's enthusiasm was originally infectious, but now we are
all getting a bit fed up with it.

93- There has never been a better time to invest your money.

A) Now is the best time in history to try to make your money

B) If you want to make your money grow, you had better wait.
C) There is never a good time for some people to invest their
D) Investment possibilities have always been good.
E) There is no better thing to do with your money than invest it.

94-100. sorularda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde

söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

94- Lucy: Hi, how was your holiday?

Amy: ............ 98- Oliver: What did you think of the concert last night?
Lucy: Oh what a shame! And you had been looking forward to it Maureen: It could have been worse.
so much. Oliver: .............
Amy: Oh well, there's always next year. Maureen: I've always been a bit worried about your taste in the
A) It was really good except for my husband's shameful behaviour
at the disco one night. A) 1 agree I thought it was wonderful.
B) it was cancelled at the last moment because of that big contract B) Yes, I suppose that is always a possibility.
we had to finish. C) I'm so glad you think so, since I practised so hard for it.
C) It was great. I'll give you the name of the hotel in which you D) I disagree. 1 didn't think it was very good.
ever go there. E) Oh come on. I thought it was one of the best I've ever heard.
D) You must be confusing me with someone else. I wasn't
planning a holiday.
E) We had to put it off. but we are going next week. 99- Yvonne: I'm trying to avoid
Lenny. He keeps trying to get me to go out with him, and I just
don't want to.
95- Ryan: Did you phone last night? My mother said there was a call, Joanne: ...........
but she didn't take a message. Yvonne: He wouldn't believe me. I haven't got a ring.
Keith: ............
Ryan: So do I. It's a real mystery. I wish he had left a message. A) Why don't you tell him you're • engaged?
B) You could always tell him that your parents don't allow you to
A) That's right, but she seemed in a hurry, so I didn't even mention go out with boys.
my name. C) You should just phone him and tell him you don't like him.
B) That must have been Sally. She said she wanted to go to the D) He's really obnoxious, isn't he? You should tell him what you
cinema with you. think of him.
C) George was saying that he would call you to make E) Why don't you tell him you know that he's already got a
arrangements for Saturday. girlfriend?
D) Not me. I wonder who it could have been.
E) Does your mother remember whether it was he or sue? 100- Arnold: Hi Kathy. I hear you got a new job.
Kathy: .............
Arnold: Why, what's wrong with it?
96- Roger: ......... Kathy: Oh, nothing. But a friend has asked me if I want to travel
Kevin: It's probably something you ate. in the Far East with her.
Roger: I doubt it. More likely stress over the exams.
Kevin: You really shouldn't let things bother you so much. A) Where did you hear that? No one is supposed to know until I
actually move.
A) I'm really hungry. Let's go to have some fish and chips. B) That's true, but I was really silly to leave my last place.
B) l don't know what to do about these headaches I've been having. C) That's right, but 1 don't think I'll be staying long.
D) I should have done it years ago. It's much better than my old
E) Not me. I think I'll be stuck where I am forever.

l.C 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.E 6.D 7.C 8.B 9.A 10.E
ll.D 12.A 13.A 14.B 15.C 16.E 17.D 18.D 19.C 20.A
21.B 22.E 23.C 24.E 25.D 26.A 27.B 28.B 29.E 30.C
31.D 32.B 33.E 34.C 35.C 36.A 37.E 38.E 39.D 40.B
41.A 42.C 43.D 44.D 45.A 46.B 47.D 48.C 49.B 50.A
51.E S2.D 53.C 54.A 55.C 56.D 57.E 58.B 59.D 60.A
61.B 62.D 63.E 64.C 65.D 66.E 67.A 68.B 69.C 7O.E
71.B 72.A 73.C 74.B 75.E 76.D 77.C 78.C 79.E 80.B
81.A 82.C 83.D 84.D 85.B 86.C 87.E 88.A 89.B 90.E
91.C 92.C 93.A 94.B 95.D 96.E 97.B 98.E 99.A 1OO.C