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sorularda cümlede boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen kelime yada ifadeyi
bulunuz. 12- Some plants that are toxic ....... humans have little effect.....
1- Every car has a speedometer, which ........... how fast the car is
going at a given moment. A) to/on B) at/among C) with/over
D) about/through E) for/about
A) regulates B) accelerates C) restores
D) indicates E) announces 13- There is no way I want to go to Veronica's party, so please ........ my
name ........ from that list.
2- Butter is very high in cholesterol, but it is possible to ........
margarine for it in most recipes. A) put/on B) break/up C) count/on
D) cross/out E) turn/down
A) activate B) substitute C) determine
D) imitate E) consult 14- Let me introduce you to Ms Harper, .......... used to be a teacher, but
is now working in marketing.
3- Though his .......... to reach the South Pole in winter was
particularly bold, it was bound to end in failure. A) where B) who C) that
D) when E) how
A) instinct B) survey C) hazard
D) attemp t E) achievement 15- ........ building in Seville, Spain, is the Alcazar, a castle built by the
Moors in 1181 for King Abu Yakob.
4- The government is worried because the unemployment rate has
risen so ....... in the past six months. A) As old B) So old C) The oldest
D) The older E) Too old
A) dramatically B) traditionally C) superficially
D) reluctant E) beneficially 16- We'll have to get a taxi. These bags are just .......... heavy for us to
carry all the way to the station.
5- The doctors had given up all hope as to his recovery from the
coma, but quite ............ he responded to the treatment, and A) much B) so C) very
recovered consciousness within a week. D) as E) too

A) apparently B) basically C) presumably 17- Stop fighting over the chocolate! There is enough for ......... of you
D) frankly E) miraculously to have ......... .

6- Were it not for the charities which provide ....... meals for the A) anyone/enough B) everyone/a lot C) whole/much
homeless, many more would probably die on the streets. D) all/some E) one/plenty

A) curative B) nourishing C) digestible 18- I'm completely fed up with your poor quality and service, so I'm
D) fulfilling E) unselfish going to take my business ......... .

7- ......... had he found the job he had always wanted ......... the A) somewhere B) everywhere C) wherever
economic crisis forced the company out of business. D) elsewhere E) nowhere

A) No sooner/than B) Whether/or C) Not only/but also 19- "Turn that noise down," the mother shouted angrily at ..........
D) Both/and E) The more/the less children, who were playing rock music on ......... tape recorder very
8- She is still so angry at her ex-husband that she leaves the room
.......... his name is mentioned. A) her/their B) herself/his C) them/theirs
D) hers/its E) they/her
A) no matter B) even thoughC) by the time
D) whenever E) nevertheless 20- I'm sure that he ......... with us after he ......... down a little.

9- You can have a good time at university, and still succeed A) will agree/has calmed
academically, ......... you realise that your studies come first. B) had agreed/is going to calm
C) agrees/calmed
A) in order that B) in case C) as if D) agreed/would have calmed
D) unless E) as long as E) has agreed/will calm

10- We were enjoying our hike in the mountains until the sudden 21- When I was in high school, I......... my leg while I ......... in a cross-
storm hit and, .......... we found ourselves lost, cold and wet. country race.

A) on the whole B) rather than C) all at once A) was breaking/had run

D) at first E) in progress B) broke/was running
C) had broken/ran
11- ........ the invention of movable type, publishing involved the D) used to break/would be running
laborious and time-consuming task of making copies of books E) have broken/am running
........ hand.
22- Let's not go so early, because they ......... dinner before eight.
A) Since/at B) With/in C) For/with
D) Before/by E) By/from A) didn't finish B) aren't finishing
C) hadn't finished D) haven't been finishing
E) won't have finished
E) it was the most successful year he had ever spent

23- Though Mr Watt......... in the same neighbourhood for years, he

......... friendly relationships with any of his neighbours. 30- You will understand why I am so fond of this place ...........

A) had been living/couldn't develop A) once the rain has stopped and we can go outside
B) is living/didn't develop B) because I have never seen such a good place for sailing small
C) might have lived/doesn't develop boats
D) used to live/isn't developing C) if only you had not travelled so much and seen more exciting
E) was living/hasn't been developing places
D) which offered much less to see than your hometown
24- We ......... earlier if we had known what time the play ......... . E) when you saw there is nothing else like it in the entire world

A) left/would have started 31- ......... so she wasn't very pleased when it was cancelled.
B) had left/was starting
C) would have left/was going to start A) My uncle had bought us all tickets to the play
D) are leaving/had started B) Mary wasn't planning on seeing the film anyway
E) might leave/will have started C) Elizabeth was very excited about her birthday
D) Ann had been looking forward to the party
25- The loan period for library books is two weeks, but books .......... E) Joanne took out two magazine subscriptions
twice, which means you ......... to keep them for one month.
32- ........ youths from their countries often become friends when they
A) should renew/have been allowed meet.
B) can be renewed/are allowed
C) have been renewed/have allowed A) Because of historical forces, some countries have never been on
D) are renewed/ought to allow good terms
E) are supposed to renew/allow B) It is difficult to understand why some countries are always on the
brink of war with one another
26-34. sorularda,yarım bırakılan cümleyi uygun şekilde C) Since the peoples of some countries seem destined to hate each
tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. other
D) However much the political leaders of some countries
26- Not having ever ridden on a motor-cycle before, ......... . may dislike one another
E) Due to the many diplomatic problems between
A) everyone says that nothing else is so much fun countries with different political ideologies
B) the first couple of kilometres were really terrifying
C) the traffic made it even more frightening than it would 33- While he was upset when his pocket was picked, ....... .
have been
D) I was really frightened when I saw how fast we were A) it was done by a boy who looked no older than twelve
going B) couldn't help but admire the efficient way in which it was
E) my brother has also participated in several motor done
Races C) he knows that he shouldn't keep all the money in one place
D) he may decide to leave the countr y and never return
27- Though we live in a rational age. when there is a scientific E) there wasn't anything worthwhile in his rucksack anyway
explanation for everything, there are certain places in the world
........... . 34- Just as a diver never knows what he will bring up from the seabed,
A) which has a lot more tourist attractions than others
B) so you should visit them before they lose their authenticity A) since there are so many things to discover down there
C) like the beautiful palm-fringed beaches of the Pacific B) especially in a country, like England, where the water is often so
Islands murky
D) but you must decide which ones you most want to C) it's not often that a novelist knows how his book will end up
visit when he begins it
E) where the landscape still seems to exert a strong D) a good engineer plans out every stage of his work
spiritual force meticulously
E) a footballer does not know how the match will turn out
28- Despite the remarkable economic growth of recent years,
......... . 35-42. sorularda verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.

A) some people are much richer than their grandfathers 35- Yarışmanın geri kalan bölümünde ne olursa olsun, sporcumuz şu
B) you should have invested wisely to earn a lot of money anda bir altın madalya garantilemiş durumda.
C) severe economic inequalities still exist in China
D) there is no longer any real hardship in Japan A) Our athlete seems determined to win a gold medal, whatever
E) formerly there was still too much economic inequality happens in the rest of the competition.
B) Our athlete is sure to obtain a gold medal in the competition
29- However much he tried to discipline himself, ......... . unless something unexpected happens.
C) Whether or not our athlete earns a medal position depends on
A) Albert Einstein was the man I most admired what happens in the rest of the competition,
B)there never seemed to be enough time to get everything done D) Regardless of what happens in the rest of the competition, our
C) his mother always thought he was the perfect son athlete is now guaranteed to win a gold medal.
D) he was already the top student in his class E) However well the rest of the competitors perform, our
athlete is already certain to win a gold medal.
36- İngiltere'de parfüm satışları, Noel'den önceki altı hafta içinde 39- Bu ders boyunca incelenen bütün kitaplar, edebi ve tarihi değerleri
yıllık toplam miktarın neredeyse yarısını bulmaktadır. göz önüne alınarak seçilmiştir.

A) Perfume sales in England in the six weeks before Christmas A) Each book covered during this course has been chosen for its
amount to almost half of the yearly total. value as a piece of literature and its historical importance.
B) More than half of perfume purchases in England are made in B) Any book covered on this course was chosen because it is of both
the six weeks before Christmas. literary and historical importance.
C) Nearly half of the people who buy perfume in England do so C) All the books studied during this course have been selected in
in the six weeks leading up to Christmas. consideration of their literary and historical value.
D) Almost half the perfume sold in England is sold in the D) The books considered to be covered on this course are of
six weeks leading up to Christmas. historical importance as well as valuable works of literature.
E) Amounting to over half of yearly total, perfume sales in E) We're considering covering all the books of historical importance
England are concentrated in the weeks around Christmas and literary value during this course.
40- İlginizi çekmeyen bir şeyle ilgilenmek zorunda olmak doğal olarak
37- "Euro"nun kullanıma girmesiyle birlikte, tarihte ilk kez, birkaç can sıkıntısına yol açacaktır.
ülke ortak bir para birimi kullanmaya başladı.
A) Boredom occurs naturally when attention is deliberately paid
A) Before the introduction of the "euro", never before in history to something lacking interest.
had several countries shared the same unit of currency. B) Having to deal with something that does not attract your interest
B) With the introduction of the "euro", for the first time in will naturally lead to boredom.
history, several countries began to use one common unit of C) Boredom can result from attention being deliberately paid to
currency. something of no interest.
C) The same unit of currency is now being shared by several D) Having to pay attention to something that you are not interested
countries, which had never been seen in history before the in results in boredom.
"euro" was introduced. E) If you have to concentrate on something that lacks interest, it's
D) Since the historic moment of the introduction of the "euro", only natural that you'll become bored.
several countries have been using the same unit of currency.
E) The introduction of the "euro" is a historic event because it is 41- Filmin eleştirisinde kullandığın ifadelerin bazıları, çok gereksiz
the first time that several countries have shared the same unit bir şekilde, fazla sert.
of currency.
A) Several of your comments about the film appear to be quite
38- Pazar akşamı, Tennessee'nin bazı bölgelerini tornado, rüzgar, needlessly severe, which was unnecessary,
yağmur ve dolu birleşimi vurunca, en az sekiz kişi öldü, B) It seems to me that some of your statements about the film were
düzinelercesi yaralandı. quite hard to understand.
C) Some of the statements you've used in your review of the film
A) Tornadoes accompanied by damaging winds, rain and hail hit are, quite unnecessarily, overly harsh.
some parts of Tennessee on Sunday night, killing eight people D) The statements made by you about the film seemed to
and injuring dozens of others. some people overly critical.
B) Last Sunday night a tornado E) Some of the statements you made in your review of
combined with damaging winds, rain and hail killed eight the film appeared unjustifiably rude to me.
people and injured dozens more in some parts of Tennessee.
C) Last Sunday night a tornado, which was accompanied by 42- Çin Havayollan'mn bir uçağı, yoğun sise rağmen iniş yapmaya
wind, rain and hail, destroyed central Tennessee, killing eight çalışırken Taipei havaalanında yere çakıldı.
people and injuring at least a dozen others.
D) A combination of tornadoes, strong winds, rain and hail that A) Because of thick fog, a China Airlines aeroplane was forced to
struck some parts of Tennessee on Sunday night killed more make a crash landing at Taipei airport.
than eight people and injured dozens. B) Dense fog and heavy rain made a Chinese aeroplane crash
E) At least eight people were killed and dozens injured when, on instead of landing safely at Taipei airport.
Sunday night, a combination of tornadoes, winds, rain and C) There was such heavy fog that a China Airlines aeroplane crashed
hail struck some parts of Tennessee. as it was trying to land at Taipei airport.
D) A China Airlines aeroplane crashed at Taipei airport as it
attempted to land despite dense fog.
E) The dense fog resulted in an accident when a China Airlines
aeroplane crashed while trying to land at Taipei airport.
43-45. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız. 46-48. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

By his own account, Quintus Horatius Flaccus was a terrible The Hindenburg was the last in a series of airships designed to carry
soldier. He fought for the losing side in civil wars. When the order passengers and cargo over long distances. It could carry fifty
came to "Attack!", he dropped his shield and ran in the wrong passengers in twenty-five luxury cabins with all the comforts of a first
direction. Back in Rome, he got a job as a petty bureaucrat. It was class hotel. Cruising at 125 km per hour, it could cross the Atlantic in
not a very good job, but it left him plenty of time to write. And his half the time of the great luxury ocean liners, which it had been built to
writing is what the poet whom we know as Horace is still compete with. But in 1937, the Hindenburg came to an unfortunate end
remembered for to this day. Maybe it is a good thing that he in New Jersey just as it was about to land. In spite of extensive safety
dropped his shield and ran. Who remembers the ones who died, or precautions, the highly flammable hydrogen with which it was filled
their cause? This is, perhaps, the proof that the pen really is burst into flames. Remarkably though, sixty-two of the ninety-seven
mightier than the sword! people on board were able to escape.

43- Quintus Horatius Flaccus is best known as ........ . 46- It is clear from the passage that...... .

A) a terrible soldier A) the Hindenburg was one of the most successful airships of all
B) a coward who ran away from battles times
C) the man who reformed the Roman bureaucracy B) the Hindenburg had a component containing hydrogen
D) the man who proved that the pen is mightier than the C) in speed and size, the Hindenburg was much like a luxury
sword ocean liner
E) the poet who wrote under the name of Horace D) the Hindenburg exploded as It was taking off from
New Jersey
44- The author believes that ........ . E) none of the passengers survived the disaster

A) writers are more memorable than soldiers 47-The passage tells us that........ .
B) soldiers who died fighting for a good cause are remembered
C) Rome was a dangerous place for poets A) only the very rich could afford to travel on airships like the
D) it is safer to be a bureaucrat than a poet Hindenburg
E) soldiers are more patriotic than poets B) the luxury ocean liners could cross the Atlantic in twice the
time that an airship could
45- We learn from the passage that C) the number of passengers an airship could carry was
almost half that of a luxury ocean liner
Horace's job as a bureaucrat......... . D) life aboard the great airships was cramped and
A) occupied him too much to write poetry uncomfortable
B) prepared him for higher ranks in his later life E) an ocean liner was slower, but much more luxurious than
C) was not a high-ranking one an airship
D) proved that he was not a coward
E) was not actually less dangerous than being a soldier 47- It is stated in the passage that......... .

A) the Hindenburg was one of the first great airships

B) there were sixty-two people on board at the time of the
C) ocean liners filled with hydrogen often ended up with
D) after the Hindenburg disaster, there were no more
airships of the same type
E) the great airships had a passenger capacity of from
twenty-five to fifty passengers
52-54. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
49-51. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
Fossil analysis reveals that at least five periods in the last 600 million
Mountaineering as a sport has developed since about 1857, when years have seen a drastic reduction in the number of species of flora
the Alpine Club was founded in London. Earlier, climbers did not and fauna on the Earth. However, on previous occasions such changes
climb for pleasure but for some scientific or monetary motive. Dr were brought about by asteroids or dramatic climatic changes. Experts
Paccard of Chamonix was the first to scale Mont Blanc, in 1786, to in general believe that this decline is the work of man. The
show that man could live above the snow-line, but it was the dominance of a single species type, homo sapiens, threatens to turn
lectures of Albert Smith, who climbed the peak in 1851, that kindled the rest of the living world upside down. With a population of barely
British interest. In 1854, Wills climbed the Wetterhorn and eleven six billion, humans are rapidly destroying irreplaceable ecosystems.
years later, Whymper made his famous ascent of the Matterhorn. By This sixth round of global dying of species could be far larger than the
1880, all the major peaks of the Alps had been scaled, and so first five.
climbers went further afield to the Andes and the Himalayas.
52- According to the passage, the dominant belief among
49- The passage states that before the 1850s, ........ . scientists is that........ .

A) one had to pay in order to climb mountains A) throughout history there have been periods when many species
B) mountain climbing cost a lot of money of life have become extinct
C) the Alpine Club opened in London B) the present climatic change known as global warming is
D) people only climbed for research purposes probably a natural phenomenon
E) climbing was not regarded as a hobby C) the Earth is in danger of being struck by an asteroid
D) the present decline in the number of species is caused by the
50-British people in general first paid attention to mountaineering when activities of mankind
E) we are experiencing the fifth period of species dying out
A) Mont Blanc was climbed for the first time
B) the Alpine club was initially founded in London 53- From the passage, we understand that the term "homo sapiens" is
C) they realised that man could live above the snow-line ........ .
D) a man made a series of speeches on the subject A) a method of analysing fossils
E) Dr Paccard climbed Mont Blanc in 1786 B) a way of referring to a large number of species of flora and
51-It is implied that European climbers first started climbing C) another term for the human race
mountains outside Europe ....... . D) an irreplaceable ecosystem which is being destroyed
E) a hostile environment in which many species die
A) because the Alps in Europe took far too long to climb
B) once they had been inspired by Albert Smith's lectures 54-The author predicts that ........ .
C) in order to obtain the sizable financial benefits on offer
D) so that they could make field maps of other areas A) there will be no harmful effects from so many species dying
E) as they wanted to climb previously unclimbed B) the world might be turned upside down by colliding with an
mountains asteroid
C) mankind will find a solution to the problem
D) more species may die out this time than ever before
E) the human population will soon reach six billion
55-57. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız. 58-60. soruları verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Rays of sunlight travel from 150 million kilometres away, and when The concept of a national library is a recent one in the developing
they reach the Earth, they are parallel rays. The curve of the Earth countries. In the developed countries, national libraries have existed
means that the rays are vertical at the Equator but at quite a low angle since at least the sixteenth century. By the nineteenth century, most
when they reach temperate latitudes. As the rays lose heat passing countries in Europe had already established national libraries. The
through the atmosphere, the more direct the journey, the greater the typical national library is meant to be the finest collection of books in
heat which penetrates through to the surface of the. Earth. The the country, the national book archive, and a source of national pride.
vertical rays in equatorial latitudes mean that it is much hotter at the Although it is important for a national library in a developing country
Equator than it is in the regions where the sun's rays strike at a low to collect the national literature, and any other literature pertaining to
angle. -It is these variations in temperature that are largely that country, it is also important for the library to collect a wide range
responsible for the changes in weather. of scholarly literature published in other countries.

55- The purpose of this passage is to explain ........ . 58-We learn from the passage that....... .

A) the distance between the Earth and the Sun A) every country must have a national library
B) why sun-rays travel in a vertical position B) national libraries only exist in developed countries
C) why the. weather is different in different parts of the Earth C) by the nineteenth century most developing countries had established
D) why sun-rays are parallel when they reach the Earth national libraries
E) the way in which the Earth goes around the Sun D) developed countries have had national libraries for longer than
developing ones
56- From the information given in the passage, it is clear that........ . E) a national library is relatively easy to establish

A) temperate regions are cooler than equatorial regions as sun-rays 59-According to the passage, in the 19th century, there were few ........ .
travel through more atmosphere to reach them
B) it is hotter in equatorial regions because they are closer to the A) European countries without a national library
Sun B) developing countries that hadn't established a national
C) when it is summer in the northern hemisphere, it is winter in library
the southern hemisphere C) libraries in the developing countries owning books published
D) sun-rays lose heat in passing through space in other countries
E) summer is when the Earth is closest to the Sun D) libraries having the finest collection of world
57- The angle at which the sun's rays strike the surface of the E) developing countries having a work of literature that
Earth is determined by ......... . has existed since the 16th century

A) the density of the Earth's atmosphere 60- The author believes that a national library in a developing country
B) the parallel nature of the sun-rays should
C) the direct journey which the sun-rays make to equatorial regions
D) the curvature of the Earth A) contain the country's written works as well as foreign
E) the variations in temperature on the Earth scholarly works
B) try to be better than a similar library in a developed country
C) take into account the prevailing climatic conditions of the
D) develop a concept that has existed for a longer time in developed
E) establish guide-lines for the national literature
E) Eski Mısır'da ölüleri mumyalama geleneği, ruhun bir gün
vücuda döneceği inancıyla başlamıştı.
61-68. sorularda verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini 66- Farming the world over has always been carried out relying upon a
bulunuz. water supply.
61-At the end of a three-hour discussion, it was decided that the
company was not yet strong enough to open new branches. A) Tüm dünyada tarım her zaman bir su kaynağına bağlı olarak
A) Şirketin yeni şubeler açabilecek güçte olup olmadığı konusunda B) Dünyanın her yerinde tarım, suya dayalı olarak
çıkan tartışma tam üç saat sürdü. sürdürülmektedir.
B) Üç saatlik tartışmanın sonunda, şirketin henüz yeni şubeler C) Dünyanın neresinde olursa olsun, tarım için güvenilir bir su
açacak kadar güçlü olmadığına karar verildi. kaynağına ihtiyaç vardır.
C) Üç saat süren bir tartışmanın sonunda şirketten, yeni bir şube D) Dünyanın hiçbir yerinde, güvenilir bir su kaynağı
-açabilecek kadar güçlü olmadıktan karan çıktı. olmadan tarım yapılamamıştır.
D) Tartışma üç saat sürdü ve sonunda şirketin karan, yeni şubeler E) Tüm dünyada tarım, sürekli bir su kaynağının olduğu
açmak için henüz yeterince güçlenmedikleri yolundaydı. yerlerde yapılmıştır.
E) Şirket yeni bir şube açmak için henüz yeterince güçlü değildi ama
üç saatlik bir tartışmadan sonra, açılmasına karar verildi. 67- Some drugs, tranquilizers in particular, can result in
death when taken with alcohol.
62-An old lady, trying to cross, the street without checking both
directions, nearly caused an accident. A) Sakinleştirici ilaçlar, özellikle alkolle birlikte alındığı zaman
ölüme yol açmaktadır.
A) Belli ki kazaya neden olan yaşlı bayan, yolu geçmeye B) Sakinleştirici ilaçların alkolle birlikte alınması ölümle
çalışmadan önce her iki tarafı kontrol etmemişti. sonuçlanabilir.
B) Kaza, karşıdan karşıya geçmeye çalışan yaşlı bir bayanın, yolun C) Bazı ilaçlar, özelikle sakinleştiriciler, alkolle birlikte alındığında
her iki tarafını da kontrol etmemesinden kaynaklandı. ölüme neden olabilir.
C) Yolun her iki tarafını kontrol etmeden karşıdan karşıya geçmeye D) İlaçlardan, özellikle de sakinleştiricilerden kaynak-
çalışırken neredeyse kazaya neden olan bayan oldukça yaşlıydı. lanan ölümler, genellikle alkolle birlikte alınmaları sonucu
D) Yaşlı bir bayan, karşıdan karşıya geçmeye çalışırken yolun her gerçekleşmiştir.
iki tarafını kontrol etmeyince, kazaya neden oldu. E) Alkolle birlikte sakinleştirici ilaç almanın sonu genellikle
E) Her iki tarafı da kontrol etmeden yolu geçmeye çalışan yaşlı bir ölümdür.
bayan neredeyse kazaya neden oluyordu.
68- Besides being important foodstuffs for people, corn and soy beans
63- I thought they had their new house decorated by a professional, also have numerous industrial uses.
but apparently, they did everything themselves.
A) Mısır ve soya fasulyesi, sadece insanlar için besin maddesi değil,
A) Yeni evlerinin dekorasyonunu kendilerinin yaptığını aynı zamanda endüstri bakımından da önemli ürünlerdir.
söylüyorlar ama işi bir profesyonelin yaptığı her halinden B) Mısır ve soya fasulyesi, hem insanların yiyecek ihtiyacını
belli. karşılaması hem de endüstri alanındaki sayısız kullanımlarından
B)Galiba yeni evlerinin dekorasyonunu kendileri yapmamış dolayı önemlidir.
çünkü her şey çok profesyonelce düşünülmüş. C) İnsanlar için önemli yiyecek maddeleri olan mısır ve soya
C) Yeni evlerini bir profesyonele dekore ettirdiklerini fasulyesi, endüstriyel alanda da çok yaygın kullanılmaktadır.
zannediyordum ama belli ki her şeyi kendileri yapmış. D) Pek çok endüstriyel kullanımının dışında, mısır ve soya fasulyesi
D) Sanırım yeni evlerini bir profesyonele dekore ettirmek yerine, insanlar için de çok önemli yiyecek maddeleridir.
her şeyi kendileri yapmaya çalışmış. E) İnsanlar için önemli yiyecek maddeleri olmalarının
E) Yeni evlerinin dekorasyonunu kendilerinin yapacağını yanı sıra, mısır ve soya fasulyesi sayısız endüstriyel kullanıma da
zannediyordum fakat görünen o ki, işi bir profesyonel sahiptir.
69-74. sorularda anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi
64- The Aztecs had very strict laws to protect common citizens and bulunuz.
even slaves from injustice.
69- (I) The public has long been aware that sporting contests have
A) Aztek kanunlarına göre, haksızlık yapan sıradan vatandaşlar commercial value. (II) Until 1981, however, it probably was not
ve köleler çok katı bir şekilde cezalandırılıyorlardı. aware of the extent to which athletics had really become an
B) Azteklerin katı kanunları, sıradan vatandaşların kölelere industry. (III) That year a seven-week strike called by the Major
karşı haksızlık yapmasını önlüyordu. League Baseball Players Association forced the cancellation of 713
C) Azteklerin, sıradan vatandaşları ve hatta köleleri regular games. (IV) This led to loss of player salaries and television
haksızlıktan koruyan çok katı kanunları vardı. revenues. (V) It's because direct corporate sponsorship makes the
D) Azteklerin katı kanunları, sadece sıradan vatandaşların değil, company name known to television viewers.
kölelerin de haksızlıktan korunmasını sağlıyordu. A) I B) II C) HI D) IV E) V
E) Aztekler, sıradan vatandaşların kölelere karşı yaptıkları
haksızlıklara karşı çok katı kanunlar geliştirmişlerdi. 70- (I) The history of manned space flight has been marred by a number
of tragic accidents involving the early spacecraft. (II) They were
65- Since they believed that the soul would someday return to the comparatively small, weighing only a few kilograms, and performed
body, ancient Egyptians mummified their dead. no useful scientific experiments, (III) Nevertheless they served as
proof that mankind had the means to place objects in the sky,
A) Eski Mısır inanışına göre, ruh bir gün vücuda döneceği için, outside the Earth's atmosphere, and to keep them there. (IV) There
ölülerin mumyalanması gerekiyordu. are now a considerable number of artificial satellites at distances
B) Eski Mısırlılar, ölüleri mumyalayarak bedeni korudukları varying between several hundred and several thousand kilometres
zaman, ruhun bir gün geri geleceğine inanıyorlardı. above the surface of the Earth. (V) They have become highly
C) Ruhun bir gün bedene geri geleceği inancıyla eski Mısırlılar sophisticated, and perform functions from weather forecasting to
ölülerini mumyalamaya başlamışlardı. home entertainment.
D) Eski Mısırlılar, ruhun bir gün bedene döneceğine inandıkları
için ölülerini mumyalıyorlardı. A) I B) II C) HI D) IV E) V
71- (I) One of the greatest mysteries of nature is the instinct 76-The enduring Roman influence is reflected in contemporary language,
to migrate, (II) Every year millions of creatures feel the need to literature, legal codes, government, architecture, medicine, sports,
move for one reason or another. (III) People who migrate from etc. ........ . Consider language for example. Fewer and fewer people
place to place looking for water sources and pasture for their today claim to know much Latin. And yet, go back to the first
animals are called nomads. (IV) Many of these creatures succeed sentence of this paragraph. If we removed all the words drawn
in navigating, or finding their way, over long distances. (V) How directly from Latin, that sentence would read: "The".
exactly they manage to do this remains a mystery, but it is
interesting to note that when a small bar magnet is attached to a A) Ancient Greeks also had an enduring influence on Western
pigeon, it is unable to navigate. civilisation
B) The great civilisations of India and China are older, but the West
A) I B) II C) HI D) IV E) V came into contact with them later
C) In the 3rd century A.D. the capital of the Roman Empire moved
72- (I) Addiction is an entirely different, and far more from Rome to Constantinople
powerful, phenomenon than is habit. (Et) The most effective form D) "The" is the most commonly used word in the English
of treatment for addiction to heroin and other narcotics is the language
synthetic narcotic drug methadone. (in) The drug itself is E) Much of it is so deeply embedded that we scarcely notice our
extremely addictive. (TV) But, when it is . given to heroin addicts debt to ancient Rome
on a daily basis, it prevents withdrawal syndrome and
suppresses the drug hunger for heroin. (V) The addict is then 77- John Lennon was murdered just before 11 p.m. on the 8th December,
gradually weaned from the methadone addiction. 1980, outside the apartment building where he lived in New York
City. He had just got out of a car and was walking toward the
A) I B) II C) HI D) IV E) V entrance when a voice called to him. When he turned around, he
was shot five times. The killer was 25-year-old Mark Chapman from
73- (I) Less than an hour's drive north of Manhattan lies one Hawaii. ........ . It is said that he even believed that he was John
of urban America's best kept secrets: the Sterling Forest, (II) Lennon.
Several hundred years ago, the entire East Coast was made up
of forest, (III) The forest not only shelters wildlife, but also A) He was a fan of Lennon, and had tried to imitate him in many
supplies clean drinking water to northern New Jersey. (IV) ways
Hikers can climb a fire tower and see New York from this rural B) Lennon's music, though less
wonderland. (V) It is truly remarkable to find such a refuge so consistent than when he was with the Beatles, continued to be
close to one of the most densely populated cities in the country. popular
C) New York is one of the most dangerous cities in the world
A) I B) II C) HI D) IV E) V D) It is remarkable how many famous people have been murdered in
the United States
74- (I) Throughout the past few centuries, there have been E) The Beatles had split up more than ten years before
reports of space vehicles which have visited our Earth from an
alien planet, (II) These reports of Unidentified Flying Objects 78-........ . Within a year, 1OO.OOO people, only 8.0OO of
(UFOs) attracted a great deal of public interest. (III) The whom were women, had reached California. Homes, farms and stores
unaided human eye, therefore, might have been tricked to the throughout the United States were abandoned as everyone rushed to
point of hallucination. (IV) So persistent were these reports that California. By 185O, more than SO ships were anchored in San
in the 1960s, the USA set up a committee to investigate them. Francisco Bay, but many had been deserted by gold-hungry sailors. A
(V) The committee came to the startling conclusion that UFOs few people became fabulously rich, but most left as poor as they
were genuine, though they could not explain what they were or came.
where they came from.
A) Gold is the most precious of metals, and throughout history
A) I B) II C) HI D) IV E) V people have longed for it
B) In 1848, gold was discovered in Sutler's Mill, near San
75-80. sorularda parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz. Francisco, and the first great gold rush began
C) At the time of the California Gold Rush, the easiest way to reach
75- Orangutans are like babies: playful, wide-eyed, and trusting. San Francisco from the East Coast was by ship
Genetically, the "men of the forest", as their name means in D) San Francisco's football team is named after the people who came
Malay, resemble humans more than any other animal on the in 1849 hoping to find gold and strike it rich: "The 49ers"
Earth. ......... . Yet a combination of natural disasters and E) Every year thousands of Mexicans illegally cross the border from
merciless hunting by humans now threatens this inoffensive Mexico into southern California looking for work
near relative of ours.
79-........ . In addition to teaching the correct techniques, a
A)Even today, not everyone has accepted Darwin's theories on qualified instructor will indoctrinate the beginner in the importance
evolution of skiing safely. If the skier is taught how to ski under control at all
B) Most people have only seen them in zoos times and to follow the generally accepted rules of safety, the risk
C) Some people would say that the chimpanzee is actually of causing injury to himself or to other skiers is greatly reduced.
closer to human beings
D) They stand next to us on the tree of life A) Because short skis are easier to handle, they are often used by
E) A gorilla named Koko is famous for having learnt to beginners, while experienced skiers prefer longer ones
communicate with humans using sign-language B) Chair lifts and other devices that transport skiers uphill have
removed the need for tiring, time-consuming climbing
C) Each year thousands of beginners rush to hundreds of
organised ski areas
D) In its simplest form, skiing is sliding down a snow-covered slope
on a pair of long, slim runners called skis
E) The best way for a beginner to learn how to ski is to take lessons
from a certified ski instructor
84- You have an important exam coming up and are trying desperately
80- In strict terms, performing arts are those art forms, primarily to study for it. Unfortunately, you live in a very small flat. Your
theatre, dance and music, that result in a performance. ............. grandmother is a bit deaf, and she has to have the TV on very loud
from classical opera and serious theatre to live variety to be able to hear it. She insists on watching noisy game shows and
entertainment, popular improvised theatre in the streets, and is driving you crazy. You realise that you won't be able to continue
even rock concerts and professional wrestling. studying at home, so you say to your mother:

A) Decorative arts, on the other hand, are art forms that have a A) Can I go and study in the library for this exam?
primarily decorative rather than expressive or emotional B) Isn't there anything Grandma can do quietly until my exam is
purpose finished?
B) The individual performing artist has always struggled to C) Can't you get a hearing aid so that I can study in peace?
survive D) Mother, can you find something else for Grandma that will keep
C) Under their heading, however, can be placed an enormous her occupied for a while?
number of forms and variations E) Can I go out and meet my friends for a change?
D) Several playwrights of the late 19th and early 20th centuries
prepared the way for modern realistic drama 85- You have just got your first job and have moved away from home for
E) Cabarets are small performance spaces in clubs and restaurants the first time. Though it is difficult not having someone to cook your
where solo artists perform meals and do your washing, you also enjoy the freedom of being on
your own and don't think you could ever go back to living with your
81-87. sorularda verilen durumda söylenebilecek sözü bulunuz family again. Then one day, your mother phones and says your
father is ill, and they need your help and support to get through a
81-You've taken your friend to a restaurant for his birthday difficult time. Though not happy about giving up the freedom, you
and when it comes time to pay the bill, you realise that you've are aware that you have a duty to your family, so you say:
left your wallet in the car, which is parked a mile away. You're
incredibly embarrassed, but know that the bill must be paid, so A) But Mum, it's so much fun living on my own that I could never
you shyly say to your friend: come back.
B) How's Dad? I hope he's feeling better.
A) That meal was disgusting. I don't think I'll bring anyone here C) I'll have to arrange some things, but I'll be there as soon as I
again. can.
B) It's your birthday, so I guess you'll be paying for this, won't you? D) You should come and visit sometime. I've got a really
C) Who would have thought they'd expect money from us for nice place.
this? E) I'm afraid those days are over. I'm on my own now.
D) Could you cover this and I'll pay you back when we get to the
car? 86- On holiday in Egypt, you are walking around Cairo when you see an
E) Either you pay for this meal or I'll make you walk home. interesting street scene and stop to photograph. Suddenly you find
Okay? yourself under arrest for photographing a sensitive area. It seems
there was a small power station there that you did not even see.
82- You have a job that allows you to live and work in different You explain this to the police, and while they are sympathetic, they
countries if you want to. You are now thinking of moving to say they must destroy your film before they let you go. It is just
Spain or South America, but you have a cat. You don't want to the end of the film and you have a lot of treasured photos on it.
leave it behind, and you don't want to have to leave it in Unwilling to lose your photos over what seems a trivial
quarantine for several months, as some countries require. Your misunderstanding, you try to solve the problem, saying:
choice of country will be the one that is easiest to take the cat
to, so you phone the consulates and ask: A) Don't be so silly. Who would want to bomb such a tiny power
A) Is there any extra charge for taking a cat on the plane? B) I really wouldn't have taken a photo of the area, had I known
B) Could you give some information on bringing pets to your there was a power station there.
country? C) I'm not letting anyone take my photos away. I can't visit all those
C) Are there any cats for sale in your country? I'm leaving mine places again to take the same photographs .
behind and I'll want a new one. D) Why don't we go to a photo shop together? Then you can
D) Which diseases should I have my cat vaccinated against before take the offending photo and negative.
we leave for your country? E) Okay, you can take the negatives, but please give my camera
E) Do you issue visas for cats and dogs? back to me undamaged!

83- Gordon has just met a beautiful art student. He wants to make a 87- You arrive at work one morning to find a colleague angry at you. You
good impression on her, so he has found out who her favourite don't know why she Is angry, and she refuses to tell you. The situation is
artists are, and read a lot about them. Then he's arranged to meet getting very uncomfortable, so in an attempt to find out what is wrong,
her at an art museum where he knows some of their paintings are you say to her:
displayed. He plans to act surprised when he sees the paintings,
then talk about them as if they are his favourites as well. When A) What's wrong with you? Has the boss said something disturbing?
they arrive at the museum, they find it closed for renovation. B) I must tell you that you're acting like a spoiled child.
Bitterly disappointed that his plan has failed, but trying not to C) Why don't you come to my house tonight? I'd like you to meet my
give up his hope, he says to her: parents.
D) Do you know what her problem is? She won't speak to me.
A) What a pity! I'd been looking forward to this visit for weeks! E) If I've done something to offend you, I really wish you'd tell
B) Never mind. Let's go to a cafe and we can talk about your me what it is.
favourite artists.
C) What are we going to do now? I can't think of anything else.
D) I had planned to impress you with how much I know about
your favourite artists.
E) Why do these things always happen to me? What an awkward
88-93. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz. 93- A potentially valuable tool, the dictionary is misused by many
language students.
88- In spite of his physical handicaps, he has accomplished more
than most able-bodied people. A) Every language learner needs a good dictionary if he or she
wishes to succeed.
A) He has been given special advantages and privileges because B) Many language learners rely on dictionaries when
of his physical handicaps. they have problems with choosing the suitable word for the
B) His mental illness has not stopped him from being successful context.
like many normal people. C) Without a dictionary, there Is no way to learn all the words that
C) Although he is a handicapped person, he feels that he can language students need to know.
compete with the able-bodied. D) While dictionaries are useful, they do not solve all the
D) He is a disabled person, but even so, he has achieved problems a language learner may encounter.
more than most normal people have. E) Though a dictionary should be helpful, many
E) His disabilities have held him back, though he is more language students use it incorrectly.
intelligent than many able-bodied people.
94-100. sorularda karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölmünde
89- I seldom take the trouble to write to my parents, though I know söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
that I should.
94- Mother: I thought I told you to do the washing up before you
A) Even though I frequently write to my parents, I don't enjoy could watch television.
it. Daughter: But I always have to do the washing up. Why can't Bobby
B) Although I know I should write to my family more often, -I do it?
only do so when I feel troubled. Mother: ..........
C) I don't know why I should write to my family as it just causes Daughter: That's not the real reason. I think it's because I'm a girl
trouble for me. and he's a boy.
D) While it is my duty to write to my parents, I am just
too lazy to do it often. A) Maybe you're right. In today's world, housework.
E) Though I hardly ever see my parents, I am careful to B) But he's only a baby. He can't even see over the sink.
write to them quite often. C) If you don't do what I tell you right away, you won't be able
to watch TV for a week.
90- Only when your parrot has learnt one phrase should you teach it D) Because you are the, one who has to learn how to be a
another. good wife and mother someday.
E) You're older, so you have to take more responsibility.
A) Do not teach your parrot a new phrase before it has
memorised the previous one. 95- Policeman: What happened here?
B) As soon as your parrot learns a phrase, you should start Yvonne: ..........
teaching a new one. Policeman: Oh dear! So your car was sandwiched between
C) Parrots can't learn two phrases at a time, so avoid doing that the two of them.
to your parrot. Yvonne: That's right. And it wasn't even my fault.
D) It will be easier for your parrot if you teach only one phrase
at a time. A) I'm sorry officer, I must have been driving too fast and I didn't see
E) You should put the phrases you'd like to teach your parrot in the two children run into the street.
order to make it easier for it to learn them. B) The car in front of me stopped suddenly, f managed to
stop in time, but the car behind me didn't;
91- My son used to eat all kinds of food, but now he has become C) I guess I wasn't looking, and I hit the parked car. Then the car
very selective about what he eats. behind hit your car.
D) I don't really know. When I went into the bank to get some money,
A) Although I try to give my son all kinds of food, he insists on two masked men with guns and big bang came running out.
being selective about what he eats. E) I stopped at the stop light, and that big van smashed right into
B) My son's attitude towards food makes him a difficult person the back of my little car.
to cook for.
C) While there was a time when there were many things my son 96- Steve: That's a beautiful juniper you have on!
wouldn't eat, he is now used to eating everything. Janet: .......r....
D) Over the years, my son has become accustomed to different Steve: Do you know where she got it? Janet: No, it was a gift.
dishes, so he no longer eats' what he used to.
E) At one time, my son would eat anything, but now there are a A) Thanks. My mum gave it to me.
lot of things he refuses to eat. B) Really? My sister doesn't like it.
C) I bought it at Marks & Spencer's.
92- It was thought, wrongly, by some people that we would D) Thank you. I like it a lot, too.
have established a moon colony by the year 2OOO. E) My daughter said the same thing.

A) Some people say that It is wrong to establish a moon 97- Caller: Hello, could I reserve a double room for two nights next
colony in the year 2000. week?
B) The moon colony was successfully predicted by many Reception: ..........
people long ago. Caller: What a shame. Can you recommend anywhere else?
C) Though a moon colony was predicted by some for the year
2000 at the latest, it has not come about. A) I'm afraid there are no seats available for that performance, Sir.
D) The first moon landing led to all sorts of wild speculation B) The night trains are all booked up for next week. Sir.
about what might be possible in the year 2000. C) Of course. Sir. Can I take your credit card details?
E) Many people believe that the year 2000 is the most likely date D) I'm afraid we're all booked up next week. Sir.
for the establishment of a moon colony. E) There are tickets available, but only for the matinee.
98- Customer: Can you help me? I'm looking for a pet for my 1OO- Dealer: Now, Sir, this is just the car for you. It has only had one
nephew? owner, and she was an old lady who only used it to drive
Assistant: ......... to church on Sundays.
Customer: He's eleven years old, very gentle and affectionate. Jerry: ............
Dealer; Perhaps because of these minor defects I can make
A) Has he got any pets at the moment? A dog, for example? you a special offer.
B) What sort of animal do you think he'd like? Jerry: No thanks. I think I can find one better-cared for.
C) I'll need to know a little more about him before I can advise
you. A) It certainly looks good. Can I take it for a test drive?
D) Do you think he'd like something unusual like a snake, or B) Yes it looks like new. But it doesn't even start.
something more traditional? C) I'm interested, but for a car of its age, it is a little expensive. Do
E) What sort of price range did you have in mind? you think you could reduce the price?
D) It doesn't look in very good shape. There are dents in
the doors, and it's all rusty.
99- Andy: Oh no! I've burned the dinner and our guests will be E) Okay, I'll take it. But only if you give me a good trade-
here in half an hour. in on my old car.
Andy: Of course. Ill do whatever I can. Anne: Okay. Just
don't go near the cooker again, and do only what
I tell you.

A) Well, you'd better do something, or it will be really

B) I've got a book of quick recipes. I'll try to put something
together if you help me.
C) I knew this would happen if 1 trusted you to do the cooking.
D) I'll run out to the shops while you try to rescue as much as
you can.
E) This calls for a rescue operation. Have you seen my cook

l.D 2.B 3-D 4.A 5.E
6.B 7.A 8.D 9.E 10.C
ll.D 12.A 13.D 14.B 15.C
16.E 17.D 18.D 19.A 20.A
21.B 22.E 23.A 24.C 25.B
26.D 27.E 28.C 29.B 30.A
31.D 32.D 33.B 34.E 35.D
36.A 37.B 38.E 39.C 40.B
41.C 42.D 43.E 44.A 45.C
46.B 47.B 48.D 49.E 50.D
51.E 52.D 53.C 54.D 55.C
56.A 57.D 58.D 59.A 60.A
61.B 62.E 63.C 64.C 65.0
66.A 67.C 68.E 69.E 7O.B
71.C 72.A 73.B 74.C 75.D
76.E 77.A 78.B 79.E 80.C
81.D 82.B 83.B 84.A 85.C
86.D 87.E 88.D 89.D 9O.A
91.E 92.C 93.E 94.E 95.B
96.A 97.D 98.C 99.B 1OO.D