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1-I hate working with people who have no sense of… 12-………….

hard he studies, he just does not seem to

…… because they always turn up late, leave early be able to get high marks in his exams.
and let other people finish their work. A)Even though B)Whereas
A) ambition B) responsibility C) No matter D) Nevertheless E)However
C) honesty D) reason E) punctuality
13- We were all disappointed that there was no
2-Though he was ………….to go to the football football match last night …………… the terrible
match with his friends, he knew that it was more weather conditions.
important to stay in and study for his exam. A) even if B) owing to
A)tempted B) distressed C) in spite of D) as though E) when
C) arranged D) doubted E) excused
14- Experts define a good bed as one that is………
3- In Greenland, dogs are used to……… sledges too hard……….too soft.
through the snow. A) neither/nor B) whether/or
A)push B) draft C) force D) pull E) slide C) such/that D) both/and E) not only/but also

4- If the author's book had not been criticised so … 15-Cotton, ……………provides about four fifths of
……….he probably would not have committed all natural fibres used, is the most important natural
suicide. fibre.
A) efficiently B) uselessly A)which B) when
C) wastefully D) willingly E) harshly C) where D) that E)
5-Because India was formerly a British colony, there
is still a British-based system of education there and 16-The study of ………….words are combined in
English is the most …….. spoken second language. order to make language work is called grammar.
A) presently B) permanently A)when B) where
C) widely D) formally E) adequately C) what D) how E)how
6-This vase is worth a fortune because it's believed to
be ……….. - the only one left in the world today. 17-Fortunately. our dishwasher was still………..
A) unusual B) unique guarantee when it broke down, so we didn't have to
C) expensive D) uncommon E) valuable pay anything ………the repairs.
A)in/about B) with/into
7-Though some people prefer visiting Nepal during C) under/for D) towards/on E) on/with
the monsoon season, when there are few tourists,
there is ………………rain to make trekking in the 18- I really hope Janice is not serious………. leaving
mountains enjoyable at all. her job as I believe we'll never be able to cope…….
A)the most B) such a lot of her in the office.
C) many more D) too much E) far more A) for/with B) about/without
C) from/along D) with/upon E) at/through
8-Everyone said they needed ………….time, though
the teacher felt that the time he had given was 19-Because all of the chemicals we use are non-
adequate. explosive, we are certain that this experiment can be
A) more B) much ………….. in complete safety.
C) such D) many E) plenty A) put down B) blown up
C) broken into D) turned down E) carried
9-The lecture was…….. interesting…………. out
the time passed remarkably quickly.
A)as/as B) much/so 20- John was extremely nervous all day yesterday
C) very/that D) more/than E) so/that because he ……….his girlfriend's lather for the first
time in the evening.
10-Why are you trying to do everything by …….. A) has been meeting B) will have met
instead of asking for …….. help? C) was going to meet D) should have met
A) yours/someone's B) you/the others E) will be meeting
C) your own/another D) yourself/others
E) yourselves/anyone 21-Science fiction writers in the 1950s ………. that
a permanent settlement on Mars ………a reality by
11- ……………with significant technological the year 2000.
improvements, coal mining remains hard work that A)think/will become
is often performed under potentially unsafe and B) were thinking / becomes
unhealthy conditions. C) have thought/is becoming
A) While B) During D) thought/would have become
C) Even D) Rather E) Besides E) had thought/has become
22-Apparently, the passenger .……..when his 29-One of the main causes of heart disease is………
passport…………. . …. .
A) was sleeping/was stolen B) sleeps/will be stolen A)as people eat the wrong things and don't get enough
C) has slept/had been stolen D) slept/would have exercise
stolen B)since people do not have to work physically as hard
E) is sleeping/is stolen as they used to
C)yet treatment is available if you are sensible and have
23-Cricket ………by two teams, each consisting of 11 regular checkups
players, and substitutions only for injured or ill D)that many people are unaware of the dangers of
players. smoking combined with poor diet
A) is going play/have made E)when chest pains occur after exercise
B) should be played/will make
C) will have played/are made 30-I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, but if you
D) has been played / had to make had only phoned, …………. .
E) is played / can be made A)I told you on the e-mail that I wouldn't be able to
meet you at the airport
24-Preschool education ……….from day-care B)you should have checked with me that we had meant
centres in that the latter are primarily places where the same restaurant
parents ……… their children during working hours. C)whether the meeting has been put off or not
A) differed/will leave D)I have had the date and the address of the conference
B) differs/leave confirmed
C) had differed/were left E)we could have been sure that we understood each
D) will differ/are left other
E) has differed/were leaving
31-..........., until his car was stolen and he got mugged
25-When we found the poor kitten, she looked as if on the same day.
she ………. a decent meal for days. A)His life was so bad that he was sure he was due for a
A) didn't eat B) wasn't eating spell of good luck
C) hadn't eaten D) doesn't eat E) hasn't been B)The police were sure that they knew where the
eating robbers were hiding
C)He never believed that he lived in a. dangerous part
26-…………., they had to book the hall for two more of town.
nights. D)He enjoyed the security of his job even though the
salary was low
A)Since so many people wanted to go to the concert E)No matter how hard he worked. he always seemed to
B)Even if more people want to attend the conference have trouble paying his bills
than expected
C)Although all the tickets sold out within hours of 32-Some people feel that the American political
going on sale system has steadily deteriorated ……….. .
D)In spite of the risks of using untrained personnel
E) The play was originally planned to be performed on A)when people became more concerned with the people
Saturday night who took decisions for them
B)while the media is one of the main causes of it
27-It is essential that no one leaves the building …… C)so that the candidates are now more honest and better
……… . qualified than ever
A)so that the building is very crowded D)since the mass media began to make image more
B) until the police have checked everyone's identity important than ideas
C)as though everyone was still inside E)during the first televised TV debates between
D) yet it is still possible that there were Kennedy and Nixon
a lot of people inside at the time
E) provided that nobody could state a valid excuse 33 ………, sometimes things all work out for the
28-Last year there was such a lot of rain in the south
of the country…………. A)Though it can be quite disappointing not to get to the
A)so there was not enough in the rest of the country university you set your heart 9n
B)than the amount which was forecast by the weather B)Because in some countries there is no longer any
station compulsory military service
C)when there was a lot of suffering and homelessness C)We all had a great time hiking through the woods last
caused by them weekend
D)that it appeared as though it would never stop D)I've never seen such a terrible hotel or eaten at such a
E)since there had not been that much rain for a long bad restaurant
time E)It was unbelievable how he lost his entire fortune in a
single night of gambling
As a biological concept, race refers to a large group of America is almost completely dependent on the
people who share certain inherited physical automobile, and this has been a terrible mistake. Even in
characteristics. These characteristics may include the 1950s, a large percentage of Americans used public
particular skin colour, head shape, hair type, nose shape transport. But the big car manufacturers wanted them to
or blood type. One common classification of races buy cars, and local governments cooperated with the
recognises three groups: Caucasoid, Mongoloid and manufacturers, with the result that countless excellent
Negroids, all of whom have different coloured skin and tramway and rail systems were destroyed. Today, the
other differing characteristics. However, there are at entire American lifestyle is dictated by the motor car.
least two important problems with such a classification Homes are far from work, and shopping is far from
of races. First, some groups fit into none of these everything. In between there is nothing but ugly
categories, like people of the Indian subcontinent who stretches of concrete or asphalt roads for the motor car.
have Caucasoid features but dark skin. The other
problem is that, with so many intermarriages, there are 37- The author believes that today, …………
no pure races today. A) tramway and rail systems are not enough to meet the
needs of the increasing population
34-We understand from the passage that a race…… B)local governments are more inclined to consider what
is best for the people
A)has become a branch of biology in modem times C)what is good for the big car manufacturers is good for
B)is a characteristic that is learnt rather than inherited the United States in general
C)is a large group of people who are physically similar D)almost everyone in the United States owns a car
D)is the general term which means physical appearance E)the motor car is the most significant single factor in
E) refers to social status of people rather than physical the American lifestyle

35-It is clear from the passage that ….

38- Th. passage implies that in the united States,
A)skin colour is the only reliable determining factor in public transport…………… .
classifying races
B)a common way of classifying races is inadequate A)is no longer very good
C)many people in India are actually Negroids B)cooperated with local governments after the 1950s
D)it is always obvious which race a particular person C)destroys the natural environment
belongs to D) has never been considered comfortable
E)pure races present no problems to the biologist E)has been used by more and more. people since the
36-One idea emphasised in the passage is that……..
A)some races are superior to others 39-According to the passage, American landscape …
B)there are only' a few pure races in the world ……………… .
C)biological classification of the human species has
some drawbacks A)is made up of spectacular scenery
D)a new classification of races should be developed B) has been spoiled by the roads extending through it
E)it is more difficult to classify races than it would seem C)has become more accessible with the widespread use
at first sight of the car
D)looks better when one drives through it in a car
E)is too far for the people to get there without the
In the world we live in, the aggressive person, the one Getting a Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy degree, is the
who is forceful in his or her demands, is usually the one highest academic achievement in the United States.
who gets the biggest salary and the best job. Since men Normally, only professors with Ph.Dr. are hired by
are traditionally trained from an early age to be universities. However, the Ph.Dr. is a research degree,
aggressive, they are the ones most often picked for the not a teaching degree. This means that many professors
most important positions. Many people criticise this in American colleges and universities have no Idea how
situation, and feel that women have an equal to teach. Their lectures are often dull, and they do not
contribution to make in science and industry.; Some know how to communicate with their students. The
have gone so far as to suggest that girls should be given irony is that while the Ph.Dr. is vital to getting a
aggression lessons in school. This does not mean that university job, and that many people spend years to
every little girl should take boxing lessons. One acquire that qualification for this aim, it does not
suggestion is for games that teach competition. prepare them for the job at all.

40- It is clear from the passage that ……… 43-what is emphasized in the passage is that ………
A) aggression is not acceptable according to moral ….
values A) the Ph.D is useful for any qualified teacher
B) women hide their natural aggression, but it can easily B) the process of getting a Ph.D is rather dull
be brought out C) the Ph.D is the highest degree of the profession of
C) boxing can stimulate the potential aggression in teaching
women D) professors teaching in the USA are not actually
D) it generally pays to be aggressive trained for the job
E) the most respected jobs are also the best paid E)educational standards are low in American schools
despite their hiring professors for teaching.
41- One conclusion we can derive from the page is
that women ………….. 44-From what is stated in the passage, we can
A) have to fight the prejudice held against them in assume that most people study for a Ph.D.… .
society A)to become researchers at universities rather than
B) should not be employed in extremely competitive teachers
sectors B)so that they can be hired as teachers by universities
C) have already taken part in science and industry C)so as to acquire teaching skills
despite their lack of aggression D)for the express purpose of spending years acquiring a
D) are less successful than man even at school qualification
E) are presently at a disadvantage when it comes to E)in order to be able to communicate with a wider range
getting the top jobs of people

42-We can conclude from the passage that ………… 45- It is implied in the passage that,
A) there would be fewer wars if science and industry considering the situation at American universities
were controlled by women today
B) science and industry would benefit by hiring less A)a Ph.D is useless for practical teaching purposes
aggressive people B)it is not worth trying to get employed at a university
C) people can be trained to be competitive C)university teachers are no more knowledgeable than
D) women in general find working in science and ordinary college teachers
industry unpleasant D)getting a Ph.D is not as difficult as it would look
E)boxing is not popular among women because it is too E)anyone with enough time can get a Ph.D
At a recent performance of Shakespeare's "The When men first went into space in the late 1950’s,
Merchant of Venice", school children who had been everyone expected that space travel would develop far
given free tickets were accused of misbehaving. They faster than it actually has within ten years of the first
chatted, laughed. threw rubbish, and walked in and out man orbiting the Earth, men were actually walking on
during the performance. Legitimate theatre-goers were the surface of the Moon. It was at that point that more
outraged and some even demanded their money back. problems arose. A series of disasters led to the highly
Yet a little reflection should remind us that this is the publicised deaths of number of astronauts and
way audiences usually behaved during the original cosmonauts Added to that, the cost of manned space
performances of Shakespeare's work. In fact, the flight became literally "astronomical". While there are
playwright himself would probably be more manned space stations orbiting the Earth today, most
comfortable with the unruly teenagers than with the people in the 60s would have expected a moon base,
more sedate audiences thought of as normal today. and certainly manned landing on Mars by this time.

46-In Shakespeare's own times ………… . 49- In the late 1950………….. .

A)men were walking on the moon
A)his plays were already recognised as great literature B)many astronauts and cosmonauts lost their lives
B)audiences were often undisciplined C)space travel developed far faster than It does now
C) children weren't allowed into the theatre halls D)most people expected a great deal from space
D)only the rich went to see his plays programs
E) no one would consider creating a disturbance during E)mankind had not yet ventured into space
a performance
50' It is clear from the passage that......
47- The author believes that ………. .
A)advances in space travel have not kept up with earlier
A)everyone should be exposed to great literature expectations
B)it is a waste to give free tickets to school children B)space travel is one of the most important
C)Shakespeare himself might have technological achievements of recent years
preferred the way the school children behaved C)until a few decades ago, few people realised how
D)Shakespeare is the greatest author in the English expensive space travel would be
language D)poverty and famine are, in part, caused by expensive
E)the school children should have been better prepared space travel
for their visit to the theatre E)there will soon be a manned landing on Mars

48-It is stated in the passage that …………. . 51-It is stated in the passage that, until the late
A)the performance was too bad to attract children's
attention A)there were relatively few problems with the space
B)Shakespeare's plays are not suitable for young program
audiences B)man still hadn't achieved a major success in his space
C)the theatre lost money as they had to give the rest of venture
the audience their C)the number of astronauts with a good astronomical
money back knowledge was small
D)children should be informed of Shakespeare's work D)the space technology was not advanced enough to
before they go to see a play prevent accidents
E)some of the audience asked for refunds because of E)people did not believe that man could walk on the
children's attitude Moon
Find the sentence that covers the meaning
55-.......... The fall of snow in Tokyo provides a good
52-In recent years there has been a lot of discussion example for this. There, one or two centimetres of
about how to improve the American educational snow is enough to shut down the entire city. Yet just
system, because the shocking fact is that many young a couple of hours away on the other side of the
Americans leave schools even without the ability to mountains, everyone lives with two or three metres
read or write. One idea has been to try to copy from of snow for most of the winter, and life goes on as
Japan, where students always score highly on usual.
international tests ……… Traditionally. For A)Many Japanese think theirs is the only country in the
example, Japanese respect their teachers greatly, world to have four seasons
whereas in the United States, teachers are not highly B)Though most people take their holidays in the
regarded. summer a lot of people prefer a winter holiday
C)Skiing is now one of the world's fastest growing
A) If this works, it could save money as well, since sports
class sizes are much larger in Japan D)It is strange the way people have difficulty in coping
B) Yet, this idea ignores the simple fact that the with what they are not used to
Japanese educational success is largely based on cultural E)Though Tokyo winters are cold. the weather is
standards normally clear and dry
C) Parts of Britain, especially the inner city areas, have
also experienced a decline in educational standards
D) One flaw in this argument is that Japan is a largely 56--Mobile phones are used by one in five people in
homogeneous society, while the United States is Britain. They are an accepted part of life in the
increasingly multi-cultural 1990s. However, mobile phones are now beginning to
E) Perhaps it is simply because the Japanese language is suffer from an image problem after a series of scare
so difficult to read that the students need more self- stories linking them with cancer and short-term
discipline memory loss. Researchers are rushing to complete
studies of the effects of mobiles on human brain
53-…………You may feel perfectly fine until it rises tissue …………. The truth is that nobody really
to a certain extent. But when your cholesterol sneaks knows as yet because research has not been
up above a desirable level, you are at risk of having a completed.
heart attack, heart disease, or a stroke. what can you A)They are probably even more popular in the Far East
do? In fact, once you are aware of the problem, it is than in Britain and the US.
quite easy to keep your cholesterol level under B)Manufacturers are trying to give their product a more
control through a carefully followed diet plan. stylish image to detract from the scare stories
A)If you eat a lot of fast foods, you can't say that you C)One wonders how people communicated in the days
are eating healthily before the invention of the mobile phone
B)Most people choose to eat food for taste rather than D)But once' people have got used to their comfort, it is
for their health so difficult to do without them
C)Cholesterol testing usually requires no preparation, E)There is now the question of how safe mobile phones
but sometimes you may have to go hungry beforehand are
D)It is not difficult to lose weight provided you apply a
little self-discipline 57-When we look at the night sky. It seems
E)A high cholesterol level is something you cannot see that the planets are always changing their positions
or hear while the stars appear to be fixed. ………… . One
star, for example, though it actually moves quite fast,
54-Most babies begin to use a few sounds that mean would take over two hundred years to move a
something when they are about a year old. However, distance equal to the diameter of the Earth's moon.
there are perfectly normal children who wait months It is only when we compare the records ancient
longer. .......... . A friendly, outgoing baby just peoples kept of the skies with the present day that we
naturally wants to talk young. The quiet, observer can see the stars really do move.
type seems to want to spend a long time just
watching the world go by before he or she wants to A)Planets also seem to have a steady light, while stars
say anything about it. twinkle
A)If a baby doesn't start talking at about one year old, it B)In fact, stars are always moving, but they are so far
is probably not very bright away that we cannot see any change in their position
B)It's now accepted that foreign languages should be C)Astronomers can only estimate the total number of
taught to children from the age of five stars in the universe
C)It seems to be largely a matter of character and D)Distance cannot be learned from a star's magnitude
personality alone, because its magnitude depends upon its size and
D)Some children start walking without ever learning to brightness as well
crawl E)Talking about star signs is often a good way to begin
E)It does not matter because soon they will be talking so a conversation with a stranger
much that parents will wish they would be quiet
58-Your grandfather not only has difficulty hearing, 61-After returning home from a party, you realise
but has just had an operation meant to clear his that the jacket you're wearing is not yours. You
arteries and allow him to live much longer. realise that somebody else at the party must have got
Unfortunately, the illness had progressed so far that his confused with yours. You need your jacket back
the operation was not successful. When the doctor because there are some important things in the
told him this, he was not wearing his hearing aid, pockets, The next morning, you call the host of the
and he believes that the doctor told him the party and say:
operation was a success. You don't want to A)Do you have any idea who stole my Jacket? It's my
disappoint him as yet, but don't want to lead him to favourite one.
hope too much, so you say to him: B)Have you found a report around the house as one may
A)That's great, Grandad, but I think you should keep have fallen out of my pocket there last night?
paying attention to your diet. C)If I'd known people were going to trade Jackets. I
B)That's wonderful Grandad. I'm sure you'll feel great wouldn't have come to the party.
from now on. D)I got a really great jacket at the party last night, but
C)Did you forget to put your hearing aid in again? Then there seem to be some important documents in its
that's why you didn't hear what the doctor said. pockets.
D)You misunderstood. You're no better off than you E)Did anyone phone you about taking the wrong jacket
were before. last night? I've got someone else's.
E)The truth may not be as bad as your doctor said.
Perhaps you should ask for a second opinion. 62-You are at a friend's house for dinner and are
wearing an expensive new suit. Your friend's four-
year-old daughter is proudly helping to serve dinner,
59-Youve decided to go out and leave your small but just then she spills fruit juice all over your new
child in the care of a baby-sitter who you found suit. Then she starts to cry. Trying to comfort both
through a neighbour. When the girl arrives, you her and her mother, you say:
suddenly feel rather anxious about leaving the child A)Why don't you watch what you're doing?
in her care as she seems so young. You don't want the B)I've never seen anyone so clumsy in all my life!
baby-sitter to feel uncomfortable, and you're not C)Oh how sweet! I love to see a child helping out.
going to change your plans, but as an extra D)Don't worry. It wasn't your fault, and I’m sure it will
precaution, you say: come out.
A)I'm sorry I just don't feel happy about this. My E)Oh stop crying. It doesn't matter so much, but I'll be
instinct tells me it's a bad Idea to go out. upset if it leaves a stain.
B)The telly's in the living room, and help Yourself to
anything you want from the fridge. 63-One of your friends has just had a baby. When
C)Here's the phone number of the restaurant, Call me you go to visit her, you ask her what she's going to
immediately if there are any problems. call the baby. She tells you, and you're horrified. You
D)Are you over 16 years old? Actually, how old are think it's an awful name and you can't understand
you? Have you finished school yet? why she's chosen it. She then asks you what you
E)You look so young! I think I should have called my think of it. You don't want to lie, but don't want to
mother and asked her to come and sit with you. sound rude either, so you say tactfully:

60-You're at a formal function at work, and just A)Why on earth did you choose a name like that for
about to introduce two of your most important him?
clients to each other, when you suddenly realise B)Well, I'm sorry to say this, but I think it's really
you've forgotten the name of one of them. It's dreadful.
probably because you're a bit nervous, but there's C)I'm not sure that I'd have chosen it, but it is very
nothing you can do except try to cover up the original.
situation as smoothly as possible. So you say: D)You should think about it again. You don't have the
A)I know you won't believe this, but I've forgotten your right to do this to your child.'
name, Sir. E)What kind of chance will that child have in life with
B)Mr. Horwood, may I introduce you to Mr.... Pardon. that name?
What was your name?
C)Well, this happens rarely to me, but I don't remember
either of your names.
D) Mr. Horwood, I'd like you to meet another of our
valued clients.
E) Oh, I've Just seen someone I have to talk to this
64-You have been trying to get a job, so far without 67-Büyük şirketler eleman bulmada küçük şirketler
success, and your family is very critical of you. kadar sıkıntı çekmezler.
Recently you've had a promising interview, but have
not told anyone in your family in case you are A)The great difficulty experienced by small companies
unsuccessful once again. At the interview you were in finding employees is not experienced by large
told when to expect a phone call. About ten minutes companies.
before that time, your sister phones her best friend, B)The larger the company is, the less difficulty it will
with whom she usually has very long chats. To make have in finding employees.
sure that the phone is free again in a few minutes, C)Large companies do not have as much difficulty in
you interrupt their chat and say: finding employees as do small ones.
D)It is not so difficult for large companies to find
A)Can you keep it short this time, as I'm expecting an employees, but it is for small ones.
Important call in a 'few minutes? E)Large companies have less difficulty in finding
B)I'm expecting a call about the Job I applied for last employees than most of the small ones do.
week. Can't you phone your friend later?
C)Can you leave the phone free for about half an hour? 68-Onun söylediğinden hepimiz, bu olayda bizi değil
I'll phone for some of the Jobs advertised in today's de diğer grubu desteklediği sonucunu çıkardık.
paper. A)He told us that on this occasion he was not supporting
D)You're always on the phone. Remember that there are us but the other group.
others in this house and give them a chance. B)We all concluded from what he said that he was not
E)If I lose this Job Just because they couldn't get supporting us but the other group in this case.
through to me, I'll never forgive you. C)The conclusion that we all drew from what he said
was that he was no longer supporting us but the other
65-Genellikle insanlar, gerektiği kadar başaramadığı group.
duygusuna kapılınce kendilerini baskı altında D)From what he said, we can all conclude that he is
hissederler. going to support the other group this time and not us.
E)What he said has led us to believe that he agrees with
A)Generally speaking, not achieving as much as one the other group about this case and not with us.
should makes one feel under pressure.
B)In general, people begin to feel stressed when they 69-Britanya ile Fransa'yı Manş Denizi'nin altından
become aware that they are not achieving as much as birbirine bağlayan Channel Tunnel, tahmin
they used to. edilenden 6 milyar dolar daha fazlaya mal olmuştur.
C)People who generally feel stressed don't achieve as
much as they should. A)It is estimated that the Channel Tunnel, which
D)People feel that they don't achieve as much when connects Britain to France under the English Channel,
they are feeling under pressure as they do when they are cost more than 6 billion dollars to build.
not. B)Costing 6 billion dollars more than the original
E)People generally feel under pressure when they have estimate, the Channel Tunnel, which lies under the
the feeling that they are not achieving as much as they English Channel, connects Britain to France.
should. C)The tunnel which connects Britain to France under
the English Channel, having cost 6 billion dollars to
66-Diğer gezegenlerdc, bizim kendileriyle irtibat build, is known as the Channel Tunnel,
kurmamızı bekleyen canlıların bulunduğuna inanan D)Britain and France are connected by the Channel
insanların sayısı oldukça fazladır. Tunnel, which runs under the English Channel and cost
an estimated 6 billion dollars over budget to build.
A)A number of people are waiting to be contacted by E)The Channel Tunnel, connecting Britain and France
beings which they believe live on other planets. under the English Channel, cost 6 billion dollars more
B)The belief that there are beings on other planets who than estimated.
are trying to contact us is held by a large number of
C)The number of people who believe that there are
beings on other planets waiting for us to contact them is
quite high.
D)The number of beings on other planets who are
waiting for us to contact them might be quite high.
E)A large number of people believe that there is life on
other planets, which can be contacted.
70- 1996'da bilim adamları , dünyanın çekirdeğinin 73-The body changes the calories in foods into
kendisinden daha hızlı döndüğünü gösteren kanıtlar energy, which is necessary for every movement we
bulduklarını bildirdiler. make, from blinking an eye to running.
A)Yiyeceklerdeki ka1ori, vücudumuz tarafindan
A)According to evidence discovered by scientists, the enejiye dönüştürülür ve bu eneji, göz kırpmak ve
Earth's inner core spun faster than the Earth itself in koşmak gibi pek çok hareket için kullanılır.
1996. B)Vucut yiyeceklerdeki kaloriyi, göz kırpmaktan
B)It was announced that in 1996 scientists had found koşrnaya, yaptığımız her hareket için gerekli olan
evidence that showed the Earth itself spins faster than enerjiye dönüştürür.
its inner core. C)Göz kırpmaktan koşmaya, yaptığımız her hareket için
C)In 1996, scientists announced that they had gerekli olan eneiji. yediğimiz yiyeceklerden sağlanır.
discovered evidence indicating that the Earth's inner D)Vücudun, göz kırpmak ve koşmak gibi hareketleri
core was spinning faster than the Earth itself yaparken kullandığı enerjiyi, yiyeceklerin içerdiği
D)In 1996, a scientist announced that he had uncovered kaloriler sağlar.
evidence that the Earth's core was spinning faster than E)Göz kırpmak ve koşmak gibi hareketleri
the Earth itself. yapabilmemiz icin eneijiye ihtiyaç vardır ve vücudumuz
E)A 1996 announcement by scientists confirms that the bu eneijiyi yiyeceklerden elde eder.
core of the Earth is spinning faster than the planet itself.
Find the Turkish equivalent

71-Haberleşme uyduları, uluslararası telefon 74-In polo contests, a team's success largely depends
bağlantılarını büyük ölçüde hızlandırmışlardır. upon the ability of its horses.
A)Bir takımın polo karşılaşmalarında başarılı olabilmesi
A)Faster communications satellites have enabled more için atların çok yeyenekli olması gerekir.
efficient international telephone connections. B)Polo karşılaşmalarında bir takımın başarısı büyük
B)International telephone connections have been ölçüde atların yeteneğine bağlıdır. .
considerably speeded up by communications satellites. C)Polo karşılaşmalarında başarıyı belirleyen takımlar
C)The speeding up of international telephone değil, atların yeteneğidir.
connections has been facilitated by communications D)Bir takım sporu olan poloda, karşılaşmalardaki
satellites. başarıyı büyük ölçüde atlar belirler.
D)Communications satellites have greatly speeded up E)Başarı için atların yeteneğinin çok önemli olduğu
international telephone connections. polo, bir takım sporudur.
E)International telephone connections have greatly
improved since the introduction of communications 75-Mars, whose atmosphere is composed mostly of
satellites. carbon dioxide, is approximately half the size of
A)Atmosferi çoğunlukla karbondioksitten oluşan Mars ,
72-Ingiltere'de en güneşli bölge, pek çok tatil dünyanın yaklaşık yarısı büyüklüğündedir.
beldesinin yer aldığı güneydoğu kıyısıdır. B)Mars'in atmosferindeki karbondioksit
miktarı,dünyanın atmosferinde bulunan miktarın yarısı
A)Most of England's vacation resorts are located on the kadardır.
south-eastern coast, which is the sunniest region in the C)Dünyanın yaklaşık yarısı büyüklüğünde olan Mars’ın
country atmosferinde dünyanınkinden çok daha fazla
B)The majority of holiday resorts in England are located karbondioksit vardır.
on the south-eastern coast because that region gets the D)Büyüklük bakımından dünyanın yaklaşık yarısı kadar
most sunshine in the country. olan Mars’ın atmosferi çok büyük oranda karbondioksit
C)The south-eastern coast of England receives the most içermektedir. E)Atmosferinde dünyanın kinden öok
sunshine, so the region offers many vacation resorts. daha fazla karbondioksit bulunan Mars, büyüklük
D)England's sunniest areas are around the south-eastern bakımından hemen hemen dünyanın yarısı kadardır.
coast, where many people take their vacations at the
resorts there.
E)The sunniest region in England is the south-eastern
coast, where many vacation resorts are located.
76-One of the oldest modes of transportation. the 89-Each disease has its own particular symptoms
wagon has taken many forms throughout history. that enable a physician to diagnose the problem.
A)Çok eski bir ulaşım aracı olan vagon, değişik A)Her hastalığın, hekimin sorunu teşhis etmesini
şekillerde tarih boyunca kullanılmışlardır. sağayan kendi öze1 belirtileri vardır.
B)En eski ulaşım araçlarından biri olan vagon, tarih B)Hekim bir hastalığı teşhis etmeye çalışırken öncelikle
boyunca pek çok şekil almıştır. hastalığın kendine özgü belirtilerine dikkat eder.
C)Tarihi çok eskilere dayanan vagon, değişik şekillerde C)Her hastalığın kendine özgü belirtilerinin olması,
kullanılmış olan bir ulaşım aracıdır. hekimin bir hastalığı teshis etmesine yardımcı
D)Tarihi boyunca büyük değişikliklere uğramış olan olmaktadır.
vagon , en eski ulaşım araçlarından biridir. E)Tarih D)Kendi özel belirtileri olan bir hastalığı hekimler daha
boyunca çeşitli amaçlara hizmet etmiş , ve bugün hala kolay teşhis ederler.
ulaşım aracı olarak kullanılan vagonlar vardır. E)Hekimin herhangi bir hastalığı teşhis etmesini
sağayan, hastalığın kendine özgü belirtileridir.
77-A layer of fat, enveloping their bodies, protect
whales living in polar regions from the extreme cold, Find the one closest in the meaning
A)Kutup bölgelerinde yasayan balinalar, kalın bir yağ
tabakası sayesinde aşırı soğuktan korunurlar. 81-It was Jack Nicholson's performance that rescued
B)Vücutlarını saran yağ tabakası, balinalarm kutupların the film from being a complete failure.
aşırı soğuğuna karşı korunmalarını sağlar. A)The only good thing about the film was Jack
C)Balinaların, kutup böIgeIerinin aşırı soğuğuna karşı Nicholson's performance; otherwise, it was terrible.
korunmalarını sağlayan kalın bir yağ tabakaları vardır. B)The character Jack Nicholson played in the film was
D)Vücutlarını saran yağ tabakası, kutup bölgelerinde a man who failed while trying to rescue people from a
yaşayan balinalari aşırı soğuktan korur. disaster.
E)Balinalarm kutup bölgelerinde yaşamaları, vücudunu C)Even the wonderful performance of Jack Nicholson
sararak onları soğuğa karşı koruyanyağ tabakaları failed to make the film a success.
sayesinde olmaktadır. D)It was a great film, which was further enhanced by
Jack Nicholson's acting.
78-Blows to the head often result in amnesia E)Although I knew it was a terrible film, I still went to
regarding the time just before and just after the see it to see Jack Nicholson perform.
82- In spite of exceptionally fine weather, it was a
A)Kaza sırasında basına darbe almış biri, genellikie disastrous year for tourism.
hafiza kaybına uğrar ve kaza anının hemen öncesini ve A)Everyone involved in the tourist industry is worried
sonrasını hatırlamaz. about the awful weather.
B)Kazalardan sonra görülen kazanın hemen öncesiyle B)Natural disasters always lead to a fall in tourism, no
hemen sonrası kapsayan hafıza kaybı genellikle başa matter what the weather is like.
alınan darbeler sonucudur. C)More tourists would have come if the weather had
C)Başa alınan darbelerçoğu zaman kazanın hemen been better.
öncesi ve hemen sonrasındaki dönemle ilgili olarak D)The weather was unusually good, but still, there were
hafıza kaybına yol açar. a small number of tourists.
D)Kazanın hemen öncesini ve hemen sonrasını E)Tourism is too unstable an industry to base your
hatırlamama biçiminde görülen hafiza kaybı çoğu fortunes on.
zaman başa darbe aalındığının göstergesidir.
E)Kazanın hemen öncesinde ya da hemen sonrasmda 83-It wasn’t the best film I’ve ever seen, but it was
başına darbe almış biri, bu dönemlerle ilgili olarak definitely above average.
hafıza kaybına uğrar. A)I've never seen such a good film in such an ordinary
79-Responsible parents and teachers work in B)I can only recall ever seeing one mm better than that
cooperation for the good of children. one.
A)Çocuklarda sorumluluk duygusunun gelisttirilmesi C)The film was better than most, though I have seen
için anne-baba ve öğretmenler birlikte çalışmalıdır. better ones.
B)Sorumluluk sahlbi anne-baba ve öğretmenler. D)I've seen a lot of dull films, but that one is worse than
çocuklann yararı için dayanışma içinde çalışırlar. most.
C)Anne-baba ve ögretmen arasmdaki dayanışma, E)Though the film was wonderful, it lasted a bit longer
çocukların gelişmesini olumlu etkiler. than normal.
D)Çocuklann iyi yetişmeleri için öğretmenler kadar
anne-babalar da sorumluluk almalıdırlar.
E)Sorumluluk sahibi çocuk yetiştirmek isteyen anne-
babalar, öğretmenlerle iişbirliği içinde olmalıdırlar.
84-It is nearly as expensive to take a train from Find the sentence for the blank in the dialogue
London to Edinburgh as it is to fly from London to 88- Customer: Could you take me to the airport?
New York. Cab driver: …………..
A)It costs a lot more to fly to New York than it does to Customer: Oh, whichever you think will take less
take a train to Edinburgh from London; time, please. I'm in a hurry.
B)It is sometimes even more expensive to go from
London to Edinburgh by train than it is to fly from A)But I must tell you that it's a long way, and it will cost
London to New York. you $20.
C)You can choose which you like as train and plane B)Sure, but traffic is terrible this time of day. You must
fares are exactly the same from London to Edinburgh be prepared for a delay.
and to New York. C)I’m sorry, that's out of my service area, Madam.
D)It makes more sense to fly direct to New York than to D)Are you going to pay in cash or by credit card,
take the train from Edinburgh to London first. Madarn?
E)A train journey to Edinburgh from London costs only E)Would you like me to take the road through the city or
a little less than a flight from London to New York. the highway?

85-For as long as he can remember, he has had the 89-

unfulfilled ambition of being a professional football William: Shall we take the children to the zoo this
player. weekend?
Fran: Oh no! I can't stand seeing the animals penned
A)He has finally realised his lifelong ambition to play up in cages.
football for a professional team. William : …………………
B)Unlike most boys, playing football was never very Fran : I'm glad we're agreed on that. Then, let's
important to him, even as a child. make another plan.
C)Having fulfilled his aim to be a professional
footballer, he now remembers how ambitious he was as A)What do you mean? They’re only animals.
a child. B) But the ones in our city zoo are really well-cared for,
D)Though he has always wanted to play football don't you agree?
professionally, he has never achieved it. C) I guess you‘ve got a point. It's not very nice, is it?
E)It seems as if he will continue to be a football fan for D) Oh, no! I suppose you re going to become vegetarian
as long as he lives. next.
E) All right. If that's the way you feel, then you can take
86-Although home-cooking is traditionally done by them somewhere.
women, most of the chefs are men.
A)Cooking in homes is considered women's duty, but Colette: I have just returned from a tiring journey
the majority of professional cooks are male. from Scotland.
B)Men are more original in their cooking, while women Sharon: What did you go there for?
are better at preparing traditional dishes. Colette:……………….
C)Since chefs are too busy cooking for others, at home, Sharon: Did you manage to find one that you like?
their wives have to cook for them. Colette: No, unfortunately, the area that we were
D)Cooking is fun for people of all ages whether they are looking in didn't have many on offer.
men or women.
E)Women must hate cooking due to their traditional role A)My husband is interested in buying some land around
at home as it is not common to see a famous female his home town.
chef. B)We've been looking for a small farm in the Highlands.
C)It was a package tour, actually, which my parents had
87-The festival has been postponed due to adverse booked for my birthday.
weather conditions. D)In order to have a long hike in the Scottish
A)There won't be a festival at all because the weather is E)Well, our trip was not a long one, so we only visited a
so bad. small part of it.
B)The festival planners should have known that winter
is an unfavourable time for a festival.
C)It is 'a bad idea to have festivals in a place where the
weather is so unsettled.
D)The intense heat forced the cancellation of this year's
E)Since the weather is so bad, the festival will be held at
a later date.

91- Donald: How was your trip to Las Vegas?

John: It was awful. I lost all my money gambling. Sportswriter: Who's going to win your big fight
But I couldn't stop and I lost my car and even my tomorrow?
house. Boxer: …………………….
Donald: ………………….. Sportswriter: But he's been champion for ten years.
John: Yes, it is. My wife has decided to leave me as Boxer: Then it's time for a new one. I'll be
well. champion for the next ten!

A) Oh no! Did you manage to win anything back? A)I think I have a chance, though my opponent is a far
B) That was really stupid. I thought you had more sense. better boxer than I am.
C) What a shame! I know you will forget this nonsense B)How much chance do you think I can stand against
one day. such an experienced boxer?
D) That's terrible! But it's not the end of the world! C)I really don't know. There are two sides, and two
E) Tough luck! Is it a secret from your wife, or has she possible results!
found out? D)Of course I am! I'm younger, stronger and faster than
the other guy!
92- E)Isn't the other guy too young and inexperienced for a
Policeman: ……………….. ten-year champion?
Mr Jones: Not really. It was dark, and I wasn't
expecting anything to happen.
Policeman: Well, we have some suspects, and we Find the odd sentence
were hoping that you'd be able to identify one of
them. 95-

A)Now then, what were you doing on the night of the (I) One of the strangest yet most influential art
28th? movements of the early 20th century was called
B)If you don't answer, you'll go to prison. You don't Dadaism. (II) Dadaism arose in 1916 as a protest to the
want that, do you? mechanised slaughter of World War I. (III) Historians
C)I hope you're feeling better, Sir. Can you remember call World War I the last war to be fought between
anything about the attack? imperial dynasties. (IV) This movement was directly
D)I think we've Just arrested the person who mugged succeeded by Surrealism. (V) Today we can see its
you, but you should identify him first. influence in such artistic phenomena as "installation
E)Would you be happy if I told you that we'd caught the art".
Linda: How long were you a teacher Mrs Smith? 96-
Mrs Smith: …………….. (I)The llama is a humpless South American relative of
Linda: Wow, really long! From your answer, I guess the camel, resembling a large sheep with a long neck.
you're still working? (II) It was first domesticated by the ancient Peruvians
Mrs Smith: Oh, yes, for one more year. and probably descended from the wild guanaco. (III)
Like the llama, all domestic animals have wild
A)I've been in this profession for over twenty years. I ancestors. (IV) It is used for carrying loads, but refuses
think. to move if loaded much above thirty pounds. (V) It has
B)[used to like teaching younger students even when I several relatives, like the alpaca, which yields finer
was in high school. wool, and the entirely wild vicuna, which is prized for
C)Oh. that was a long time ago, really. I may not its silky fleece.
remember exactly.
D)Just for a year or two before I started studying Law. A)I B)II C)III D)IV E)V
E)Well, I started at 21, and taught continually until I
retired. 97-
(1) Writing poetry requires no complicated equipment,
simply pencil, paper and a block of quiet time. (II) The
fading popularity of poetry as an art form is
unfounded.(III) Poetry is neither boring nor
disconnected from everyday existence. as some critics
foolishly claim. (VI)On the contrary, poetry can disclose
impressions, images and dimensions of the human
experience that other art forms are unable to convey. (V)
Yet, at the same time, it possesses a wonderful
simplicity on multiple levels and tastes.


98- 100-
(I)The Copts are a group of Egyptian Christians. (II) (1) People have inhabited this planet for a long time. (II)
They are direct descendants of the ancient-Egyptians Man's subjective experience of time is often relative.
and today make up about a tenth of the country's (III) Because of this, eventful periods appear shorter
population. (III)The Coptic language was used by than equally long but uneventful periods. (IV) The
common people from 300 to 700 AD. (IV) The Roman measurement of the passage of time, however, can be
Catholics, too, used a dead language, Latin, until 1963. done objectively. (V) This can be accomplished by
(V) Today, it is only used in the Coptic Church, which many methods involving various devices, such as clocks
split off from the main body of Christianity over or sundials.
theological disputes centuries ago.

(I) The concept of winter in European countries is
associated with the season of dormancy. (II) Some
plants die, leaving their seeds, and others merely cease
growth until spring. (III) The cold weather, of course,
effects the most northerly nations more profoundly. (IV)
Many animals also become dormant, especially those
that hibernate. (V) Even people seem less active.


1.B 2.A 3.D 4.E 5.C
6.B 7.D 8.A 9.E 10.D
11.C 12.E 13.B 14.A 15.A
16.D 17.C 18.B 19.E 20.C
21.D 22.A 23.E 24.B 25.C
26A 27.B 28.D 29.D 30.E
31.C 32.D 33.A 34.C 35.B
36.C 37.E 38.A 39.B 40.D
41.E 42.C 43.D 44.B 45.A
46.B 47.C 48.E 49.D 50.A
5l.A 52.B 53.E 54.C 55.D
56.E 57.B 58.A 59.C 60.D
61.E 62.D 63.C 64.A 65.E
66.C 67.C 68.B 69.E 70.C
71.D 72.E 73.B 74.B 75.A
76.B 77.D 78.C 79.B 80.A
8l.A 82.D 83.C 84.E 85.D
86.A 87.E 88.E 89.C 90.B
91.D 92.C 93.A 94.D 95.C
96.C 97.A 98.D 99.C 100.A