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Fieldwork/Data collection:

Data collection involves a field force or staff that operates either in the field, as in the case of personal interviewing. Proper selection, training, supervision, and evaluation of the field force helps minimize data-collection errors. In our research we are going to collect data from both primary and secondary sources. Primary source: When research is conducted to unearth original data, it is called primary research. To do this, an original research plan must be devised which will encompass, data collection, data input and then the production and analysis of the subsequent results. However, because the research is original, the results gathered will be more relevant to the needs of the client. The two basic types of primary research are quantitative and qualitative. We will use qualitative and quantitative research. In quantitative method we propose to carry out survey questions for collecting data. We will use likart scale. These survey questions aim to quantify that how many people are actually think of a 3-D movie theater in Bangladesh. It will also give the percentage of awareness of 3-D movie and how much money they are willing to spend to go to this kind of Movie Theater. There will be no open ended questions and our sample size will be 200.Our general target group would be young generation. We will go to different universities, schools and colleges. Also different shopping malls will be in our list too. As this kind of market research is first time in our country so people will find it interesting and also we will set these questions in such a way that people will not become bore or unresponsive. In qualitative method we will take dept interviews of experts and for that we will go to wonderland and Bashundhara Movie Theater so that they can give us advice regarding what more information is needed, estimated budget idea, planning design etc. Secondary source: Secondary research is the most common research method in todays world. It involves processing data that has already been collected. With this form, researchers will consult previous studies and findings such as reports; research projects also articles, journals in order to come to a conclusion. Our secondary source would be internet, journals and articles related to our topic.

Data Analysis:
Our topic is feasibility study on 3-D movie theater whether it would be profitable or not. For analyzing data our first step would be preparing preliminary plan of data analysis then questionnaire checking, editing, coding, transcription, data cleaning, statistically adjusting the data and selecting a data analysis strategy. We are going to set independent variables and dependent variables for using demand curve in prospect to each variable and also to use Gantt chart for this research. All the calculations part will be done in excel. In demand curve we will try to show what would be the demand level of customers to go to this kind of a theater along with the price of the tickets. We will also use a profitability curve to see the results in terms of the equation of (Revenue-Cost); which will result if the research is feasible or not. Data analysis is the most important part as it will let us know whether this investment would be profitable or not and also as this kind of research is first time in our country so what people think or what are attitude regarding this. Data analysis will also give us a viewpoint of what other business people think on investing this kind of business.

The entire project will be documented in a written report which will addresses the specific research questions identified, describes the approach, the research design, data collection, and data analysis procedures adopted, budgeting, results-findings ,recommendations etc. Along with the hard copy we will give a soft copy where all excel calculations and graphical part will be provided in a CD. In addition, an oral presentation will be created in power point. The report will be submitted on due date.