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New World Order Glossary of Terms

The new world order has its' own terminology, as below . . . New World Order Glossary of Terms: The following list will help you to understand in more detail, some of the ideas and concepts that are presented within various discussions of the New World Order:

Accidental Benefit The coincidence within a convenient event. For example, the events of 9/11 contained the accidental benefit of creating the atmosphere that allowed for the passage of the anti-terrorist legislation known as the USA Patriot Act. Similarly, the black civil rights movement of the 1960s withered upon the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Adept An adept is someone who has mastered the hidden secrets of a group or mystery religion, which by design, allows very few people to see this information. In freemasonry for instance, less than 3% of all members rise in initiation beyond the three lowest degrees, which are called the blue degrees, simply because the ceiling of the lodges are painted blue. These lodges are likewise called blue lodges. Ad Hominem - An argument arising out of the emotions, and not from reason or logic. This type of an attack is used when someone has no evidence to back up their argument, so they make it personal. Agent Provocateur A person who infiltrates a group for the purposes of causing trouble, splitting the group into smaller factions, or steering the actions of the group into the direction of

illegal activities, which would get one or more of the group arrested. A perfect example of this idea was enacted through the FBI program known as COINTELPRO. (see below)

Al-Qaeda The terrorist organization allegedly fronted and funded by Osama Bin Laden. The real truth is that the American CIA has been secretly funding Al-Qaeda since the late 1970s. The Al-Qaeda militants were all given entrance visas and were trained within the United States at military installations, such as Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. Osama Bin Laden was said to be behind the 9/11 attacks by 4:00pm that same day, even though the Bu$h administration claimed no foreknowledge or advance warnings that the attacks were about to occur, statements that were later proven to be fabrications. Immediately after the attacks, I posted to the Internet, information that I had received that Osama Bin Laden could not have possibly orchestrated the 9/11 atrocities, as he had died of liver failure during the early fall of 1992. In spite of a heavily-orchestrated public relations campaign to convince Americans that Bin Laden was indeed responsible for 9/11, he has yet to be located. On November 15, 2002, Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame published in his nationally syndicated column, his own feeling that Osama Bin Laden was dead, and that is why he could not be located by the United States, a country with the most advanced and pervasive surveillance system on the entire planet.

Al-CIAeda The name of the terrorist group with its hidden ties to the American CIA acknowledged. Alex Jones was the one who came up with this term, which is saying that AlQaeda has ties to the CIA, which they do. American Patriot Truth-Seekers The manner in which the Bilderberg Group refers to those in the truth movement. At the 2005 meeting, members of the group openly expressed their fear of the Internet as a tool used to wake-up people on a global level. AmeriKa Spelling America with a K instead of a C refers to the condition of the country after the full-on takeover by fascist New World Order forces. In America, there is freedom and liberty. In AmeriKa, there is slavery and the complete destruction of civil rights, wholesale loss of liberties of all types, and the installation of a government run by the true enemy combatants, starting with an occupant President, a man who by all reasonable accounts, lost the last election, but still holds office. Amortization (Loan) The reduction of debt by making payments or installments in regular intervals, or the money used for this purpose. When a bank loans money, attached to the loan contract will be something called an amortization schedule, which is a chart that shows the month by month reduction in the balance owed, less the value of payments previously made. Antichrist The spiritual leader of the New World Order, whom they refer to as Lord Maitreya. Archetype An ideal recurring pattern, image, or symbol that is used repeatedly and serves as a model for other things of the same type. As for the Illuminati, their most-often used symbolic archetype is the flaming torch, which appears in countless places all around us in this world. The flaming torch archetype symbolizes illumination or enlightenment to the Illuminati members on the inside, while its meaning is represented as something quite different to those of us who are not members. Perhaps the best-known use of the flaming torch is found in the Statue of Liberty --- a statue given to America by French freemasons. Very few people ever take the time to discover that the true name of this statue is Liberty Enlightening The World, which reveals the hidden meaning that the statue is not a symbol of liberty, but rather, a symbol that the illumined ones have taken over America.

Astro-Theology The worship of the heavens, with the major deities being the sun, the moon, and the twelve planetary houses of the zodiac and their representative planets. This religion was the very first upon this planet, and all religions that have come after have all been symbolically based upon the heavens and the heavenly bodies. However, during the full yearly cycle of the planets, there are thirteen moons, and not twelve as we have been previously led to believe. Many researchers have suggested that this thirteenth moon is referenced by the hidden sign of the zodiac which is said to be the serpent. This is a logical assumption, given the background provided in John Bathurst Deanes 1830 book The Worship of the Serpent, a copy of which I have. If you are able to accept this explanation, then you are ready to understand the numerous serpent archetypes that surround us everywhere in this world. Like the illuminated torch, the serpent symbolism also relates to the Babylon mystery religion and the new world order. BEAST New World Order Mainframe Computer Network - This is the central tracking computer network of the New World Order. Every person on the planet is identified by an 18digit BEAST code number, which is grouped in three sets of six numbers, i.e. 666. 666 is also the three lead-off digits for every number, thus identifying from WHERE the data originated. Each code number consists of the aforementioned 666 + 3-digit country code + telephone area code + social security number. Let's take a closer look at an example, so you can see what this LOOKS LIKE on paper:

Let's say that you live in the 202 area code, which is Washington, DC (just a coincidence! Nothing to worry about!). And let's say that your Social Security Number is 123-45-6789 The code for the USA is 110 Thus, your BEAST ID # would be: 666110-202123-456789

By the way, the names of the software that runs on the BEAST Computer Network provides evidence of the Globalists' fanaticism for symbolism; HELL, INFERNO, LUCIFER, SATAN, DEMON, and the Central Module is referred to as the GREAT BEAST. According to inside sources, BEAST itself is an acronym, which is as follows; Battle Engagement Area Simulation & Tracking, and was built upon Bill Hamilton's PROMIS software, which the Federal Government stole during the 1980's, from INSLAW Corporation.

Black Nobility - The name that refers to the European dynastic rulers from the global elite cabal, as well as referring to the fact that such people are highly evil and are also practitioners and adepts of black magic, the left-hand path. Black Operation (Black Ops) - A secret criminal operation by an invisible government, i.e. a hidden agency of government or an organization working for the government. Can be a psy-op, and usually has psychological warfare (psy-war) value. Bride of Professional Convenience Marriages that allow homosexual politicians to pose as heterosexual couples. Two such examples are the marriages of George Bu$h Jr. and his wife Laura, and Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the case of Bu$h Jr, he has been sexually linked to former Knoxville, Tennessee mayor Victor Ashe and has reportedly engaged in homosexual trysts in the White House with Johnny Gosch (aka - Jeff Gannon). In the case of Bill Clinton, Cathy OBrien, the author of Trance-Formation of America, has told me personally that she has personally seen both Bill and Hillary Clinton engage in outrageous perverted acts with members of their own sex.

Bu$h Men and the Bu$h Crime Family There are only two ways that I am going to refer to the Bu$h men and the overall family. As you notice, I use the $ in place of the letter S. This is because money is all the Bu$h crime family cares about or is interested in. Every public decision they make is based upon purely monetary considerations, and it is for this reason they are predictable in everything they say and do. Greed will be their downfall, and the day it happens, I will praise GOD for answering my prayers, and for delivering to the world, a much needed miracle. I will only refer to the two men named George as Sr. and Jr., but sometimes I will refer to them by their respective nicknames Poppy and Dumbya. I also find it ironic that while record numbers of Americans have been jailed for relatively innocuous drug possession offenses, that George Jr. had a cocaine arrest expunged from the record by using his fathers influence, and brother Jeb Bu$h is pleading for leniency for his daughter Noelle. She has been arrested a few times for drugs, and has repeatedly taken illegal drugs into the rehab center she was sent to because of whom her father was at the time of her arrests, namely governor of the state in which she was apprehended. George Bu$h Sr. has been quoted as referring to Noelle as one of his little brown ones. Noelles mother and Jebs wife is Hispanic. It is unknown if Noelle was offended by her grandfathers insulting reference, which certainly seems racist to my own sensibilities.

Change Agent A person who leads a change project or business-wide initiative by defining, researching, planning, and building support for the project. Change agents must have the conviction to state the facts based upon data, even if the results are undesired. All sorts of people are working as change agents for the new world order, where they are demanding superficial changes based upon adherence to the NWO plan, being completely unconcerned with the negative aspects of the initiative. Code White A code phrase used by the Illuminati. When it is used in conjunction with the freemasonic sign of distress, it may be given to a judge or a police officer. The code white term simply means that the person in trouble is untouchable. Coadjutor A person who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of the superior's responsibilities. COINTELPRO An FBI program whose acronym stands for counter intelligence program. The COINTELPRO operation was primarily responsible for splitting up dissident groups who become organized through their mutual hatred and distrust of the federal government. According to the FBI, this program no longer exists. However, it is more likely that it is now known internally by another name. Communism The so-called enemy of the United States and democracy during the Cold War during the last fifty years of the 20th century. Communist Manifesto Of the ten planks of Karl Marxs Communist Manifesto, how many do you think have been already implemented in the United States, as the result of our winning the Cold War? As of the dawning of the year 2001, the United States has implemented all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto, to one degree or another. Compartmentalization - The structuring of intelligence operations, where most of the agents are aware of ONLY what they are working on. An individual might know about one small part of the operation, but not how their part fits into the larger structure of the total operation. Confirmation Bias Common psychological phenomenon that forces us to pay attention to the

data that confirm a preconceived notion, while ignoring data that contradicts those notions. In other words, one who suffers from confirmation bias, sees what they want to see. An example of this is those who are quick to refer to serious conspiracy researchers as kooks and nutjobs, while conveniently ignoring all their data and/or research.

Consensus-Reality This is what we all agree our reality to be. Some examples are believing that America stands for freedom and democracy, that American elections allow its citizens to freely elect the leader of their choice, and the upper class (wealthy global elite) has altruistic intentions concerning the care of individuals who are forced to live in poverty and squalor. However, consensus-reality is largely based upon ideals that have been proven time and time again to be extremely well-crafted frauds. If the real truth was known, people would realize that America is NOT a democracy, American elections only give the illusion of choice, and the elite have constantly referred to the people they lead in the most derogatory manner possible, and it has been their actions that have spoken much louder than their words.

Conspiracy Before any act may be labeled a conspiracy, it must contain three elements. First, there must be secret meetings between the persons involved, and subsequent efforts made to conceal the fact that meetings were held. Secondly, these meetings must end in a resultant course of action, and third; that action must be illegal, or intends to subvert an already existing institution, such as a law, a government, or a nations economy. Conspiracy, Mathematical Model of If something is documented, provable, and supported by verifiable evidence -- the so-called conspiracy theory becomes provable fact. My own mathematical formula which expresses this idea is as follows: Conspiracy Theory + Verifiable Facts = Fact or Proof of Conspiracy The subjects discussed on this website are not theories -- they are the truth as you and I experience it every day of our lives in this country. While it might be more comfortable to call the truth a theory, doing so will not change the fact of what is currently happening behind the scenes. Your working longer hours for fewer dollars is also no theory, for proof, look at your paycheck the next time you are paid. Your children are getting more homework, but learning much less than you or I --- no mere theory, but actual results as desired by the leaders of the New World Order that have come to save us from the terrorists they secretly fund.

Conspiracy Researcher Any person who is a dedicated conspiracy researcher spends literally a large part of their life collecting and analyzing data on a wide variety of subjects and disciplines. It also involves a high level of organization and an eye for detail. Some of the more respectable researchers I have read are David Icke (as in BIKE), Fritz Springmeier, Alex Jones, William Cooper, Cathy OBrien, Stewart Swerdlow, Boyd Ed Graves, plus a few others. These are all people who place the greater good ahead of the benefit of the few, at great risk to themselves in the process. Conspiracy, Three Common Threads During a lecture he gave on March 25, 2000, researcher David Icke presented his idea of three common threads he discovered among every conspiracy he personally researched. His idea of something he calls The Biggest Secret, is the secret agenda to turn the world into a global fascist police state. The implementation of this agenda contains three parts. The first part is the conspiring to remove those people and organizations that are a threat to that agenda becoming a reality. Secondly, there is the

conspiring to place into power, both financially and politically, those who will bring this agenda to reality. Third is the conspiring to create events such as world wars and 9/11 to manipulate the public through problem-reaction-solution to demand the agenda becomes a reality, or that the public at least sees it as the only solution to the problems with which they are currently faced.

Conspiracy Theory I Now a derogatory term, it laughingly refers to someone who spins tales of fantastic intrigue, with the inference being you should not believe their paranoid rantings. This however is misinformation, put into play by people who would rather that you never paid attention to what they refer to as unsubstantiated rumors by people who are either mad, sad, or bad. Conspiracy Theory II According to Collins' Dictionary of Sociology, a "conspiracy theory" is only to be considered to be suspect or reprehensible, if it is; delivered in an outlandish manner, or delivered without decent evidence. This is the reason WHY all of my writing provides multiple sources at the end of each article. This way, no one can accuse me of halfassed research! Conspiracy Theorist Also now a highly insulting pejorative, this is a negative and insulting term used to describe an otherwise highly dedicated researcher, who often risks personal injury for the benefit of the greater good. In order to be seriously considered as a respectable researcher, I had spent the past twenty-five years in search for the truth others wanted so badly to conceal from me. Contextual Morality The idea that a persons morals will change depending upon the situation, with complete lack of consistency. This is also known as Situational Ethics. (see below) Coup (Pronounced coo) A sudden, violent overthrow of an existing governmental structure, usually by military means. A bloodless coup is what brought George Bu$h Jr. to the White House, which overturned the will of the voters, because when the popular vote was counted and recounted, Bu$h Jr. actually lost the election. While he was not elected, he was selected, by a group of Supreme Court justices who were nominated by either Ronald Reagan or George Bu$h Sr. (see putsch) Debunker A person who attempts to prove an idea or a concept as being wrong or false. A debunker tries to prove conspiracy theories as being false or incorrect. Delphi Technique A psychological technique that is based on the Hegelian Principle of achieving Oneness of Mind through a three step process of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. In thesis and antithesis, all present their opinion or views on a given subject, establishing views and opposing views. In synthesis, opposites are brought together to form the new thesis. All participants are then to accept ownership of the new thesis and support it, changing their own views to align with the new thesis. Through a continual process of evolution, Oneness of Mind will supposedly occur. Democracy Democracy is nothing more than MOB RULE. Is it the majority of the people telling the minority what to do? No, quite the opposite. It is the few who pull the strings telling the vast majority how to behave, which is expressed in our compulsory public education, personal moral codes, and laws and regulations of all types. Desensitization Through repeated viewings of grotesque acts of violence, a person can become desensitized, or numbed, and is no longer affected by the shocking nature of the acts committed. This process occurs through all of the increasingly graphic television shows, feature films, and video games. This process affected the entire country after the horror show called

9/11. One very plausible explanation as to why the same news footage was shown over and over again, was to desensitize the American public, effectively preparing the nations collective subconscious for further events of that nature. The idea of desensitization also offers one possible explanation as to why America is the most violent culture on the planet. Gang members for example, do not place a very high value on human life, and that is because they have been born and raised amongst violence, and by the time they reach the age to join a gang, they have seen hundreds, if not thousands of violent acts. If this is all they see, then why does it surprise anyone that they will use violence to settle the score?

Despot A tyrant or political ruler with absolute powers, and who acts in a tyrannical manner toward people. Enemy Combatant(s) This is the new description of formerly patriotic Americans, who vehemently oppose the emerging fascism, and takeover of the country by hostile forces. In reality, the true enemy combatants are the members of the Bu$h junta. (see Junta.) Energy Vampire An extremely negative entity that exists to feed off the energy of others. It is extremely exhausting to spend time with one of these creatures, as your energy is very likely to be depleted by the end of the encounter. Energy vampires are completely unaware that they can make their own, and they will actually hunger for the thrill of the hunt. The most powerful energy vampire is one that feeds on fear. Eso-Research A term that refers to esoteric-research, or research into the esoteric matters that are usually kept from the masses by these Global Elitists who believe that the common man and woman are too stupid to be entrusted with such information. As far as I am concerned, this is the most interesting aspect of my own research, as it relates to some fundamental truths that have been historically withheld from those of us who are referred to by these Elites as the "vulgar" and the "profane." Eyes Wide Shut This curious phrase is both an Illuminati code phrase, and the title of Stanley Kubricks final film. EWS is a term used exclusively by the Illuminati, which describes the behavior they expect from another member who may witness them performing illegal acts. For instance, if one is called to testify against another, all that needs to be said is: Your eyes are wide shut . . . The person hearing this immediately knows what is expected of them. Nothing further is ever mentioned regarding the matter, which is immediately dropped and forgotten. Think of Eyes Wide Shut as the Illuminatis get out of jail free card.

Fabian Socialism In order to properly understand what has happened to America, it is important that the reader come to know and understand the concept of Fabian Socialism. Sometimes called Fabianism, Fabian Socialism emerged in England in 1884 in the guise of the Fabian Society (see below). Touted as the British counterpart to German Marxism, Fabian Socialism is a form of utopian socialism. This is expressed through such conceptual politics as a new world order based in benevolence. Larger government, more centralization of power, and an ever-consolidating business environment are all signposts of Fabian Socialism. Fabian Society The Fabian Society was named after the infamous Roman general named Fabius, whom opposed Hannibal as he waited patiently, biding his time until he could strike hard. Some of the famous early Fabian socialists were co-founder Sidney James Webb, George Bernard Shaw, and H.G. Wells. Famous Americans who have followed the Fabian political

model were; Franklin Roosevelt, the Bundy brothers, Paul Nitze, John Deutch, and the author of the Project Northwoods document, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under JFK, Lyman Lemnitzer. Fabian Socialists that have most recently infiltrated the government have included both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clintons famous book It Takes A Village talks openly about the need for governmental parenting for all children, which she describes as an investment in the childs future. Mrs. Clintons book discusses the need for in-home visitation by social workers that she calls home-visitors. Stating that all Western European countries provide some form of home visitation, the hidden aspect of this agenda is the governments belief that they can raise your child better than you can. Whether such concepts are dressed up as Head Start education programs, or national socialized health care, all such ideas are based upon Fabian Society concepts.

False-Flag Terrorism Terrorist acts that appear to have been carried out by a certain group or nation, who are quickly named as the responsible party or parties, when in fact, the terrorist event was carried out by another group entirely. A perfect example of false-flag terrorism could be found within the 9/11 false-flag event. It was blamed on Osama Bin Laden and nineteen Arab hijackers, when there is plenty of evidence pointing to 9/11 as an inside job. False-Flag events are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations which are designed to appear as though they were carried out by other entities. Feast of the Beast A year-long satanic black-magic festival, which occurs every twenty-eight years. The next festival is going to be held during 2008. A series of energy building rituals, the things that take place are horrible, so I wont burden you with the gory details. As soon as I realized that 2008 was a festival year, I understood the circumstances that just might land Hillary Clinton in the White House as Americas first woman President. I have been told that the selection of Hillary for this purpose has been already made. However, if she is elected as I believe, this will not be a good thing. This is because the balance of the New World Order agenda will be slipped in under cover of darkness during the time when the 52% of the countries population will be out celebrating her win. It will be portrayed as a victory for gender equality, which it will be everything but. Coincidentally, the last Feast of the Beast was held in 1980, the year that brought America the public unveiling of the Ronald Reagan Trojan horse, in the form of George Bu$h Sr. Please be reminded that shortly thereafter, America saw AIDS, the savings and loan scandal, the 1987 stock market crash, a record number of indictments for Reagan staff members, and the first Gulf War, which occurred during the presidency of Bu$h Sr.

FedGov This is a shorthand way of describing the federal government of the USA. Fellow Traveler This is the manner in which freemasons and other adepts of the Babylon Mystery Religion refer to themselves and each other while in the company of those who are not involved in such matters. By referring to someone as a fellow traveler, it puts across the fact that both parties are involved, without alerting anyone else within ear shot that the individual is actually involved in something which many people, including myself, find to be repugnant. This term is usually used to describe someone else, and is usually not self-referential. Fifth-Column A secret and subversive group whose core ideology is socialist in nature, and who have been successfully integrated into a political system that outwardly abhors socialism.

Representatives of the Fifth-Column take positions on both sides of an issue, so that the outcome is both controlled by and beneficial to a hidden agenda that is never made public! America has seen countless examples of this during the past forty years, beginning with the assassination of President Kennedy. The most recent examples of this have been the Presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George Bu$h Sr., Bill Clinton, and George Bu$h Jr. --- American policy has remained consistent during the terms of these individuals, who outwardly belong to opposing parties. For the 2004 Presidential election, it appears as though John Kerry will run as the Democrat who will oppose Bu$h Jr. --- it is rather significant that both Kerry and Bu$h are oath-sworn members of the Yale secret society Skull and Bones. With two Bonesmen running against each other in the next election, it is rather obvious to this author that the same agenda will proceed, no matter which candidate actually wins the election.

Freedom What is freedom to you? Freedom to me is my ability to pursue whatever it is that makes me happy, so long as it does not interfere with another persons right not to participate, should they wish not to. Freedom is also my not having to worry about the police kicking in my doors if they disagree with me in regard to my choice and source of happiness. Freedom is also my ability to say no to playing along with the orgy of consumerism that the world has turned into. Freedom is also you leaving me alone, if you do not agree with something I am doing, and that is because I would never dream of telling you what to do, even though I may disagree with something you have done. Freemasonry A ritual archetype for those secret societies that present vertical levels of initiation as part of their membership requirements. 97% of all initiates have been traditionally trapped within the lowest levels that can be attained. The higher upwards one does travel in these initiate degrees, they are asked to commit to new ideals and possibly to compromise themselves, for later coercion, if it is desired by the group leadership. Often when it is on some level far too late, the true object of worship is revealed to be quite different from what the initiate was led to believe when first joined. It has been repeatedly stated that people are chosen for ascension not based on skill or ability, but by their ability to keep secrets and to be blackmailed, if need be. Gradualism Correctly described as two steps forward and one step back, the political process enables the agenda to go forward in bits and pieces, which are never promoted as belonging together. Often times, semantic deception is also used, to keep the public focused upon small aspects of the agenda, rather than allow them to see the bigger picture. A recent example of this was the USA Patriot Act, and the manner in which subsequent pieces of related legislation were sliced up, and buried in the middle of proposed legislation, unrelated to terrorism. Ground Zero I find it to be highly unusual that the news media and the politicians keep referring to the World Trade Center site as ground zero. When I looked it up in the dictionary, I was mortified to learn that the phrase had a much different meaning than what was presented in the seemingly endless news broadcasts that recounted the horrible events of September 11, 2001. Here is how the dictionary defines ground zero: The point on the surface of land or water that is precisely the site of detonation of a nuclear weapon, or the point above or below it.

If this is the true definition of ground zero, then I still have to wonder why they keep referring to the World Trade Center site in that way? Are they trying to tell us something?

Hassle-Factor A quick internal assessment as to whether the benefit of a given activity outweighs the hassle inherent in your participation. This is similar to my own idea that I will only offer my help to another if it will truly be of help to them. If my assistance brings a negative outcome to the situation, then, I will not offer any help at all. Illuminati A group of people who claim special religious or spiritual enlightenment, such as the 18th century Bavarian Illuminati under Adam Weishaupt. Today, it refers to the group of thirteen bloodlines who through various and secret means, control the world --- financially, politically, and spiritually. This group benefits from secret spiritual knowledge, secret technology, and the true limits of what the human brain and body are truly capable of, such as when it is said that humans use only 9.3% of their true mental ability. Of special note --- the word illuminati is said by the Encarta World English Dictionary to have come into use during the late 16th century --- which would mean that they have been hoarding secret knowledge and technology for over 400 years now. This secret knowledge and technology, it is said, includes the complete knowledge-base from the lost continent of Atlantis, and the destroyed libraries of Alexandria. NOTE:The 9.3% figure was reported on John Doe TV Show, in an episode titled The Rising, which aired on April 25, 2003 on FOX-TV. This means that humans do not use 90.7% of the true mental capacity and ability.

Inflation Most people mistakenly believe that inflation occurs when demand for a product or a service outstrips the supply. The government claims that inflation occurs because of the price of widgets or oil, or some other bogus cause. However, as the late researcher William Cooper so eloquently pointed out in his book Behold A Pale Horse (see bibliography section): the real and only cause of inflation is the printing of money beyond the value of the Gross National Product. They must eventually resort to war to balance the account, because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor, and the politicians are the publicly hired hit men that justify the act to keep the responsibility and blood off the public conscience. (pg. 49) I cannot help but wonder what Alan Greenspan would have to say about this statement, which seems to be far more deeply rooted in truth than anything he has ever said as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

Initiate One who has been let in on the secrets or advanced knowledge of a group, organization, or religion. Once an initiate learns and perfects the secrets, he becomes an adept. Intellectual Curiosity A desire to seek out the answers to problems encountered during daily activities, and also an innate ability to wonder about unanswered questions. A person who has intellectual curiosity will have a large reference library, and regularly read books that answer the questions that you may not have wondered about in the first place. Interest (Compounded) This is what you pay the bank on money you have borrowed to purchase a house, for example. Compounded interest is always much more than simple interest. Interest (Simple) This is what the bank pays on money you have deposited into their bank. Simple interest is always much less than compounded interest. Junta New rulers installed after a coup, or a small group of people secretly assembled for a

common goal. On October 27, 2002 in the London Observer, Gore Vidal referred to the Bu$h administration as the Cheney/Bush oil and gas junta. On January 15, 2003, in the London Times newspaper, British novelist John Le Carr referred to the Bu$h Jr. administration as a junta. In my opinion, these references are both appropriate and much deserved. It is also significant that such language has not been proffered by any members of the so-called American free press.

Kakistocracy - Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. This is the type of government being run under George Bush Jr. Karma Sanskrit for act, deed, and work. Karma is the law of cause and effect and retribution. It is energy and consciousness in action, and is also known as the law of the circle, whatever we do will return to us for resolution. The symbolic archetype of this concept is the ouroboros, the snake with its tail in its mouth, forming an endless circle. A very popular expression of the ouroboros was used as the logo for the television show Millennium, Chris Carters follow-up to the X-Files (Both shows FOX-TV). Limited Hang-Out This is where a political entity admits to a portion of the larger allegation, thereby minimizing the effect on the citizens who hear the news. An example of this was found in Oliver Norths role in the Iran-Contra scandal. Ultimately, he admitted to following the orders of a superior. Lone-Nut Also known as a Patsy, the Lone Nut always seems to get through layers of security for the purpose of assassinating a beloved leader, such as the case with the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King, Jr. When John F. Kennedy (11/22/63) was supposedly murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald, the bullets that murdered the President were fired from multiple directions, using multiple caliber bullets. The entire country believed the officialfiction of the supposed events, and even though nothing about the official explanation made sense, no one asked any questions. Martin Luther King, Jr. (04/04/68) was supposedly shot from a boarding house near his eyelevel, while the bullets traveled in an upward trajectory, meaning they would have to have been shot from below where he stood on that balcony. When the bushes from that area below where the shooter had to have been were immediately cut down, again, no one asked questions. Robert F. Kennedy (06/06/68) was supposedly killed by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, ten shots were fired from multiple directions, even though the assailants gun only held eight bullets. The people once again bought the cover story, no one asked questions. The Lone-Nut gets through every single time, and the question you must ask yourself is who delivered the order for the required security to momentarily stand-down right at the precise moment, allowing the assassination to go forward?

Lucifer One of the objects of principal worship by the New World Order. Freemasonic documents in my possession identify the great Lucifer alternately as the light-bearer and the holy spirit, the infinite light, and the spirit of intelligence and love. Freemasons do not know it is Lucifer to whom they pledge their alliegence, until they obtain the 30th degree in the Scottish Rite. In 1991, the following public statement made by an individual named David Spangler revealed the shocking truth behind the United Nations global initiative: No one will enter the NEW WORLD ORDER unless he or she will make a pledge to worship LUCIFER. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN

INITIATION. --- David Spangler, Director United Nations Planetary Initiative (1991)

Mind Control Term used to describe external control of an individuals mind, a process which was first perfected in the German prison camps of World War II. After the war, when Operation Paperclip was implemented and escorted many of Germanys top criminal mind control experts to safety of life in the United States, where they lived under carefully prepared aliases --- Josef Mengele for example, became Dr. Green when he worked for the United States mind control experiments, which were themselves known as MK-ULTRA. The purest form of mind control is the concept of advertising, and especially the use of subliminal suggestion where people are encouraged to purchase one product over another. Advertising is the most obvious form of mind control, whereupon your decision to purchase one product over another has been subverted by Madison Avenue. Moreover, the most successful form of mind control remains completely undetected by the victim. When the mind-control victim argues that there is no such thing as an external control on their decision-making process --- this is the surest sign of success.

MK-ULTRA Series of classified mind control experiments carried out by the United States against unwilling involuntary subjects, continuing the experiments the Germans began in during World War II. Incidentally, the initials MK refer to the German mind kontrolle, which also happens to be the acronym for the recently constructed English town of Milton Keynes, which is west of London in Buckinghamshire. Money, Four Biggest Lies About For all the so-called new math that is taught in American public schools, somehow, they never get around to saying anything at all about what I refer to as the four biggest lies about money. These are discussed in more detail elsewhere on this site, however, they are:

The home mortgage High-interest credit cards Total of all combined taxes (and how to calculate) Inflation

Incidentally, the home mortgage is closer to a true 150-175% interest-rate; high-interest credit cards force you to pay much more than the 18-29% they claim --- if you pay only the minimum every month --- the interest rate may end up as much as 400%; the true amount of total taxes paid end up being 62%, and not whatever you believe is your tax bracket; and the hidden tax of inflation ends up taking 98% of the purchasing power of all the money in your pocket over the course of your entire lifetime! For the complete details of this, please refer to these subjects elsewhere on this very website.

Mudra Symbolic hand gestures, such as those used by members of the various secret societies. An example of this that the reader might already be familiar with is the Il Cornuto Devil Horns hand sign, which is usually associated with heavy-metal music. However, many of todays political, business, and religious leaders have been photographed making this hand sign, as evidenced by the various photos in my own research library archives.

Mystery Religion / Mystery School A secret religious theology that through its levels of initiation, seeks to share the mysteries of life and the universe with a select few who have been selected as being worthy of having access to this information. Among the primary mystery religions are the religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Atlantis. The secrets of these are not shared with the world at large, and are hoarded by a group that calls themselves the illumined ones. They are commonly known as the Illuminati. One who has been accepted into a mystery school is called an initiate, and one who has perfected the knowledge is called an adept. New World Order (NWO) The name for the long-planned fascist one-world dictatorial government, which has been in the works for longer than any of our public officials would dare to admit. The BU$H crime family would like us to believe that the NWO concept was first discussed during speeches made beginning in 1991. In fact, during 1991, the George Bu$h I White House released the story that the term New World Order was invented by George Bu$h I and his National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft during an August 1990 fishing trip off Kennebunkport, Maine -- where the President had a summer retreat. However, my research has shown that this matter has been discussed much earlier, as in the 1940 book The New World Order by H.G. Wells, which was published by Alfred A. Knopf of New York City. The phrase New World Order was also used by the Axis Powers coalition of countries that opposed the Allied powers during World War II. Also in 1940, a book titled America and a New World Order by author Col. Graeme K. Howard was published by Scribner in New York City. One other interesting thing about the New World Order concept is that a term very similar to this appears on the reverse of all United States Federal Reserve one dollar notes; the infamous and now-controversial Novus Ordo Seclorum, which has been alternately described as meaning new secular order, new deal for the ages, or new order of the ages. However our leaders choose to carefully parse its meaning, the intent seems to clearly refer to the new world order that has been desired by these people for longer than any one of us have currently been alive on this planet. In 1935, the novus ordo seclorum motto was added to the reverse of the U.S. one dollar Federal Reserve note, where it has remained to this day. A New World Order has been the stated objective of people such as Adolph Hitler, the Illuminati of the 1700s, and even as far back as Julius Caesar and Nero of the Roman Empire. When you think of gradualism, it is important to keep this New World Order concept in mind, as it has been around for many centuries before that mythical August 1990 fishing trip off the Maine coast.

Official-Fiction This is my own term for the predictably nonsensical cover story the government feeds the public through a mass media whose very own so-called investigative reporters do not even ask anything of true substance. The official-fiction includes naming a responsible party immediately after the event, even while feigning a complete lack of foreknowledge --- including the moments immediately preceding the event itself. The most obvious expression of this is in the official story of 9/11, which is clearly nonsense --- it is impossible to have happened in the manner claimed --- the hijackers would had to have changed the known laws of physics in order for 9/11 to have happened in the manner claimed. Oligarchy A small group of people who govern a nation or run an organization, often for their own purposes. Before America became an all-out fascist dictatorship via the bloodless coup that brought George Bu$h Jr. to Washington, DC, our country was run more like an oligarchy. This

is the point I am trying to get across when I ask you whose vote do you think carries more weight, yours or the person that donated $100,000 to the campaign?

Opportunity Cost The true cost involved in any activity and every purchase. Most people make the mistake of calculating the cost of things as equal to their price, plus tax if there is any. To do this is to make a serious miscalculation of your time, money, and perhaps more importantly, your effort. Opportunity cost takes into account the added hidden expenses of an activity or a purchase, which may include the true cost of travel and appropriate reimbursement for your time spent on the activity. It is also the potential cost of something else one has to give up in order to take advantage of the new opportunity. (Blacks pg. 349) Paper Terrorist This is the manner in which the Bu$h Jr. administration began to look at concerned citizens who were accustomed to writing letters to their elected officials, to complain or to file a petition for the redress of grievances, an act that is supposed to be one of the protections provided by the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution, a document that is no longer in effect, and is now effectively null and void. I have sent in several petitions for the redress of grievances over the years, and have never gotten the courtesy of a response, let alone any redress. If there is no manner in which to compell these people to respond, that section or portion of the Constitution becomes null and void by attrition.

Passed Over The illuminated ones do not refer to the death of a loved one like you and I. They realize that life is infinite, and the person is only passing over to another dimensional existence --- and more specifically, the departing person can pass their generational power to an important living survivor, which is performed in a ritual especially created for this purpose. Where our organized institutional religions make us fear death, the Illuminati realize that their plans can be instituted in such a gradual manner as to completely avoid detection. Over the period of several lifetimes, the grip of tyrannical control is tightened around our throats. Patsy See Lone-Nut. PDF Files Document files that end in .PDF were created with a program called Acrobat, which is made by Adobe Corporation. Actually, the PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format, which simply means the documents are cross-platform --- readable on computers that operate on the Macintosh, Windows, or Linux operating systems. Such files maintain all document formatting, such as text, margins, colors, and especially placement of photos and their corresponding captions. All of the documents that are on the CD-ROM that accompanies this book have been converted to this type of file. The CD-ROM also has a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, so you can view the files on this disc. It is the .EXE file in the Adobe Acrobat folder on the CD-ROM. Predatory Capitalism This is the constant practice of the truly globalist corporations, such as Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and Home Depot. Their rampant success means that local businesses will surely fail, as they simply cannot stay competitive. In most every instance, the loser in the deal will be the locally owned independent business, as one by one they all go quickly bankrupt, while the corporate predators devour even more independently owned businesses, becoming stronger and stronger. Pretext For War A staged provocation which provides a plausable justification for one countries' war of agression against another country. Probable Cause That there is sufficient reason to arrest or search someone, and that reason is

based upon the letter of the law, and not under color of law.

Problem-Reaction-Solution David Ickes interpretation of the political theorem known as the Hegelian Dialectic. P-R-S is demonstrated when a government covertly uses an action such as a terrorist attack to implement policies or laws the public would not have agreed to under normal conditions. Public outrage assures that some changes will have to be made, and then, the government steps in with a solution that was prepared well in advance. Thus, the government gets the public to agree to things they would have never been agreeable to otherwise. The most blatant example of this concept during our times were the alleged terrorist attacks which took place on September 11, 2001. Several pieces of lengthy legislation were the result, such as the USA Patriot Act, and the Smallpox vaccine inoculation program were more than likely drafted well in advance of the attacks, and were already waiting to be acted upon.

Project Paperclip A post WWII mass exodus of Nazi war criminals whom came to the United States under carefully prepared aliases, where they continued their research into mind control. This research continued under the MK-ULTRA, Monarch, and Montauk Projects. Perhaps the most repugnant aspect to these experiments was the fact that they were carried out against unwilling subjects, and in many cases, participation in these projects ruined the participants lives. Propaganda Deceptive, distorted, or misleading information that is systematically spread as fact --- for the purpose of justifying an unpopular government policy, such as with the drug war. The anti-marijuana rhetoric emphatically states that marijuana is the most used drug by school children. This statement conveniently neglects to mention cigarettes and nicotine, which are far more damaging than marijuana, and are used by many more youngsters. Once it becomes known that all of the cigarette manufacturers are major contributors to the Partnership For A Drug Free America and DARE programs, it is easy to then understand why there is so much anti-marijuana propaganda broadcasted through the national media on a daily basis. On pg. 238 of the groundbreaking book Barbarians Inside The Gates: The Serpents Sting, retired US Army Col. Donn de Grand-Pre presented the following definition of propaganda, which I have reprinted here, as it was right on the money: Every man, woman and child --- some sooner than later --- develops a theory of life, an understanding of how the world works. Over time, our ideas coalesce into axioms, which Webster defines as needing no proof because the truth is obvious. Alas, public opinion has the power to twist a maxim or an axiom into a belief, which seems to be true or valid, but is in fact the antithesis of truth. We know this technique as propaganda, which is any systematic, widespread, deliberate indoctrination or plan for the spread of ideas or customs from person to person or generation to generation. Propaganda is generally used in a derogatory sense, connoting deception or distortion.

Psychological Operation (Psy-Op) An operation, covert or overt, to induce trauma to manipulate public opinion. Putsch A sudden planned attempt to overthrow a government using military force. Republic A nation that elects representatives to represent their interests in the running of their government. This is what the United States is supposed to be, however, we stopped being this a

long time ago. For what the United States more closely represents, see oligarchy.

Scientific Method vs. Political Method In the Scientific Method, the investigator starts out with the facts and then uses them to reach a hypothesis. In the Political Method, the investigator begins with a hypothesis, and then examines and includes ONLY the facts that conform to the hypothesis. Semantic Deception This is the changing of words over time, where the public is led to believe one thing, while that very same word means something else to those in power. Over the past decade, the meaning of the words patriot and terrorist have been blurred in the public mind, where today, they have become nearly synonymous. Sheeple A term which describes a person who is nothing more than a sheep, they do what is expected of them, and never question authority, even if they disagree with certain policies and actions of their governmental officials. The term sheeple is derogatory, and is the result of the equation: Sheep + People = Sheeple

Situational Ethics Since ethics represent moral guidelines or principles governing what is right or wrong, situational ethics describe the manner in which most people today govern their own moral principles. What they see as right or wrong depends upon to whom they are speaking, or where they are located at any given moment. Their own ethical principles change with their surroundings, and this is one of the major problems with American society --- ethics should remain constant, regardless of changes in location or environment. Skull and Bones Known to insiders simply as The Brotherhood of Death, Skull and Bones is Chapter 322 of a German secret society whose members are sworn to absolute secrecy, under penalty of death. In 1856, this club was incorporated as the Russell Trust. Each year, fifteen candidates are selected by the previous years inductees from among the Yale undergraduate student body. Upon initiation, the newly sworn member serves The Order for their entire life. Past members include most notably: Prescott Sheldon Bu$h (1917), George Herbert Walker Bu$h (1949), John Kerry (1966), and George W. Bu$h (1968). I searched high and low for the definitive book on this secret society, and the book that proved to have the most valuable information on this topic was Antony C. Suttons book Americas Secret Establishment, which was published in 1986. The book by Alexandra Robbins Secrets of the Tomb, which was published in September 2002, is a complete waste of time, as it was an authorized expos, and contained nothing more to add to Suttons scholarly work. Also noteworthy is the Hollywood feature film The Skulls, a fictional story based upon the themes of secrecy, behind-the-scenes control, and an oath which features the punishment of death if that secrecy is ever violated --- was released to American theatres on March 31, 2000. The film starred Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this film was how it portrayed the relationship between past and current members, and the seriousness of their oath.

Stand-Down An order given by the commanding officer which demands no reaction at all from the appropriate personnel. On the early morning of September 11, 2001, NORAD issued orders to all jet-scramble units to stand-down for the entire day. The jets were allowed to fly into those buildings as a direct result of that order being given earlier that morning. State Sponsored Terrorism Acts of politically motivated murder and mayhem, which are

carried out using the resources of a government, usually by a faction within the government. The terrorist state may strike using its' own personnel, but usually camouflages its' actions with the help of a counter-gang which bears the ethnic, national, or religious coloration of the terrorist controller's target.

Synarchy, Synarchists Joint rule of a government by two or more individuals or parties. This means quite simply that the government of the USA is now jointly ruled by the Democrats and Republicans, who have merged into one party, due to the financial influence of lobbyists and money, which far outweighs the influence of the American people. Tax Freedom Day The day during each year when people stop working for the federal government and begin taking home 100% of their pay. Incidentally, this date keeps getting later each year. In 2003, tax freedom day will come during the middle of May. If all forms of local, state, property, and sales tax are added, tax freedom day comes after the July 4th holiday observance. Federal taxes alone account for 38.2% of total household income, and when all local, state, property, sales taxes, and all forms of licenses, registrations, and permits are added, that original 38.2% suddenly becomes 62% of total family income. This is an expense greater than food, clothing, and shelter combined. When the hidden tax of inflation is added, that 62% ends up a total tax rate of 98% of all your money, over the course of your lifetime! This figure was arrived at by comparing the purchasing value of a one dollar federal reserve note, on the days of your birth and your death (birth + 74 to 78 years).

Theocracy A community or a government ruled by a GOD or by priests. Theology The study of religion, and GODs relation to the world. Theosophy Any religious philosophy based upon intuitive insight into the nature of life and GOD. Trojan Horse Someone or something that is meant to disrupt, undermine, subvert, or destroy an enemy or rival, especially someone or something that operates while concealed within an organization. Truth-Haters These are the people who fear everything that conspiracy researchers discuss, labeling them crazy, in need of attention, as having boring lives, or even dangerous to themselves or the public at large. The Truth-Haters are people who are more comfortable hearing an easy-to-digest lie, than a difficult-to-comprehend truth. They are people who will ironically tell you they stand for truth, until its actually time for some. Tyranny Cruelty and injustice in the exercising of power or authority over others. Oppressive government by one or more people who exercise absolute power cruelly and unjustly. Tyrant A political leader that exercises absolute power or authority over others, in a most cruel or unjust manner. Tyrants regularly abuse civil rights, and frequently operate under color of law by selectively arresting and prosecuting dissidents, and creating the artificial appearance of approval by the general public. Under Color of Law It is a crime for an official acting pursuant to powers derived from local, state, or federal laws to willfully deprive a United States citizen of a Constitutionally guaranteed right. Such conduct is referred to as a public official acting under color of law. One such right upheld by the courts is the right to be free from violence while in custody. A color of law violation is a violation of your civil rights, and if it does happen to you, you should be

extremely aggressive in prosecuting the offending party. Your first line of defense is to lodge a complaint with the highest-level official in the offenders police department, whether it is local, state, or federal. The Crime Control Act of 1994 gave the U.S. Department of Justice the authority to seek civil remedies against an agency, not individual officers, where it has been determined that an agency has policies that form a pattern of misconduct. Any such complaint should be made directly to the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Washington, DC.

Unused 90%, The This refers to the part of the human mind that is said by all medical and psychological professionals to be unused. My own personal experiences have shown me that the true reason why 90% of our brain has been turned off, is because within that largest area of the human mind, are both the Keys To Ascension, and the key to unlock the unseen mind control prison all humans have been forced into by the global elite, while keeping The Unused 90% for use by themselves. Useless Eaters One of the derogatory terms that our so-called political leaders use to refer to the people they are oath-sworn to protect and serve. Variations of useless eaters that have been used by these same people are useless feeders and the unwashed minions. Even though useless eaters is now well-known among those who study the undeniable reality of political conspiracy, the earliest reference in which I have seen it documented, was Dr. John Colemans book Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, which was published by America West Publishers in 1992. Yet another derogatory term used to describe ordinary citizens is human capital, which is used primarily to describe human beings whose only purpose is generate wealth for the upper class elite. Most recently, however, this term has begun to be used to describe school children. Using the term human capital to describe people, implies that someone owns such people, suggesting that our lives are much less free than we have been led to believe.

Useless Greeders The term I have selected to describe these same so-called political leaders whose only true purpose is to accumulate increasingly greater amounts of wealth and power. This is to the detriment of the country they are oath-sworn to protect and serve. Since these scumbags are only out for the benefit of themselves and their close associates, they serve no beneficial purpose to you and I. Therefore, the most appropriate term I can think of is this fitting variation of their own description of us. Therefore, I call them useless greeders. Wage-Slave This is the current manner in which people who have no choice but to work at a job they hate, simply because it brings in the much-needed money to survive from week to week, paycheck to paycheck. Apparently, no one has told the tens of millions of wage-slaves in the United States that there is such a thing as starting over again. When you hate what you do for money, it is a job. When you love what you do, it is a career that you feel damn lucky and proud to have. As the American Middle Class slips further into oblivion, all Americans now work from January 1st to the middle of May each year, just to pay their taxes. If all forms of tax are calculated, Tax Freedom day occurs after the July 4th national holiday. Tax freedom day keeps getting later each year, and as such, every member of the middle class is working longer hours for money that is increasingly worth less with each passing year. As the middle class wage-slaves struggle, the ultra-wealthy have seen their wealth increase exponentially!

Wish Fufillment Put simply, wish fulfillment is the idea that what we see on television, or in

an advertisement, is better than our own life therefore we must fantasize about a life we will never have, but wish we did. If we are talking about a TV show, that hot actress can be our own girlfriend for one hour each week. If we are talking about a marketing brand, then we must purchase that product, for we will see the end result as portrayed in the advertisement. This is why, beer advertisements will always have the hot babe in the commercial, as our drinking that beer will get us that woman (or one just like her).

X-MA$ My term for the year-end orgy of American consumerism, where retail stores make up at least half of their annual profits during the last two months of the year. It is a sickening perversion of Christmas, which used to be a solemn religious holiday with great meaning and significance. Now it is an excuse for retailers to fatten their bottom lines, and it mistakenly gives people the impression that they are encouraged to show their love by spending ever larger amounts of money on gifts, which are only temporary comforts. Love however, is permanent.

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