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Tower Mounted Booster

The ultimate coverage enhancement product

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

LGP Tower Mounted Booster together with micro base station gives macro base station coverage with minimised investments. The result is lower infrastructure cost per square kilometre. LGP Telecoms TMB product is the solution for you!

Tower Mounted Booster with Micro Base station

Outdoor coverage enhancement in rural areas

Indoor coverage enhancement in urban areas 1

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

Maximise your network coverage area

The LGP Telecom range of coverage enhancement products originates from the successful SuperCompactTower Mounted low noise Amplifier (TMA) product family. The new Booster product family, called Tower Mounted Booster (TMB) amplifiers, addresses the transmit path of cell extension by including booster amplifiers for the transmit portion. The LGP TMB provides coverage enhancement in both up and down link.
Improves coverage in rural areas Improves indoor coverage in urban and suburban areas Prioritising low capacity but high coverage Emphasising low cost of installation

Total coverage
A mobile phone system is no longer just a complementary telephone system, it is fast becoming the primary way of communicating. The success of a network depends on an even higher demand on performance and reliability. The network with the most comprehensive coverage will be the winner. This includes difficult geographical regions which are sparsely populated as well. Full coverage is often mandatory.

Cost efficiency
Providing comprehensive coverage using traditional BTS hardware is costly and relatively complicated. At higher frequencies like 1800/1900 MHz the cost is even more significant as the number of base stations required is higher than at 800/900 MHz. With LGPs Tower Mounted Booster and a micro or pico base station you get macro base station coverage in your network with minimised investments which means lower infrastructure cost per square kilometre. LGP Telecoms Tower Mounted Booster products can increase your existing cell coverage by up to 60%, or for new networks, reduce the number of required base stations by up to 30%.

Macro coverage with minimised investments Lower infrastructure cost per square kilometre

Moreover, the TMB reduces the output power requirement of the BTS, allowing micro BTSs or Pico BTSs to be used much more widely compared to today.

With LGPs tower Mounted Booster and a micro or pico base station you get macro base station coverage in your network with minimised investments which means lower infrastructure cost per square kilometre.

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

LGP Tower Mounted Booster systems

A TMB system is a cost efficient solution for areas with low traffic capacity requirements, such as highway coverage, rural areas, inter city connections, etc. The LGP TMB system will provide extension of mobile traffic to the local base station. Having low noise amplifiers for the up-link path will increase the sensitivity of the system and hereby increase the usable cell size. The booster amplifiers in the down link path will equally increase the EIRP of the antenna and thereby complement the improved up-link, resulting in a balanced coverage equivalent to a macro cell.

Up link

Down link

Up link

Down link

System without TMB. Link imbalance mainly due to up link feeder loss.

System with TMB. System now in balance with up link equal to down link.

Balanced coverage in up link and down link

Improved coverage using LGP

New coverage area with up link and down link improvement

Tower Mounted Booster

Original down link (Tx) signal from BTS

Coverage improvement

Comprehensive product range

2 carriers Fullband Dual Duplex GSM900/1800/1900 Built-in power supply Plug and play autocalibration Power monitor Antenna monitor Remote access facility Very simple but advanced user interface

System coverage without TMB System coverage improvement with TMB

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

Remote Control - Flexibility of installation

The TMB system concept from LGP Telecom includes a unique feature for flexible installation.The main controller of the TMB system is the Control Interface Unit (CIU).The CIU is a small separate unit, that easily can be located at or inside the BTS. The flexible positioning of the CIU provides easy access to the TMB independent of the positioning of the TMB which can be located in a tower or on the side of a building.

Communication cable

Feeder cables

Power supply

Alarm IrDA interface

Remote position of TMB

Control, maintenance and supervision of the TMB are provided through a user-friendly Windows oriented software application. The Operation and Maintenance (O&M) functions are handled through a PC.

Software controlled
The controller/software constitutes of three parts: the software in the TMB itself, the software in the Control Interface Unit (CIU) and the software in the Windows PC. Control, maintenance and supervision of the TMB are provided through a user-friendly Windows oriented software application. The Operation and Maintenance (O&M) functions are handled through a PC. The connection from the O&M laptop to the CIU is either via a RS232 cable or wireless via an infrared (IrDa) interface. The software provides total control of the TMB in just a few windows enabling configuration of carriers, gain, power, alarms, system message monitoring and much more. The intelligent part of the controller/software is in the CIU. The software is stored in Flash-memory, which enables easy downloading of future software upgrades.

Micro BTS


Side by side installation with micro BTS

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

Outdoor Booster
The TMB system from LGP Telecom is a robust unit which has undergone extensive environmental tests. Both the TMB and the CIU are designed for outdoor applications.

Easy installation
The TMB system is designed for easy and flexible installation using a so called click-on mounting plate. The robust mounting plate is easily installed on a pole or a wall. Due to its low weight, the mounting plate is easy to position and fasten. The TMB itself can then be hooked onto the mounting plate and securely fastened. A handle on the TMB enables easy handling of the unit as well as provides a fixing for hoisting the unit in tower installations.

Pole mount of TMB

Failure security
Configuration parameters are stored in a non-volatile memory, so that the TMB can be up and running again quickly after e.g. a power failure. Furthermore, the TMB has several recovery- and auto-start-up procedures built-in.

Remote Access
As a product option the LGP TMB can be accessed remotely via a mobile phone or a GSM modem. Via this Remote Access all control and alarm facilities can be accessed.
Wall mount of TMB

Plug and Play

Enter desired output power and hit calibration. The TMB can either be manually or automatically gain configured.

TMB installation

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

Control and Alarm Communication

Easy to install and run

The LGP Telecom TMB provides several ways of control interfacing, local or remote. Supervision and control are performed either remotely via a RS232 interface or locally via the alarm interface and the infrared IrDa interface.

Easy installation Failure security Remote access Plug and play Control and alarm communication Power monitor Antenna monitor

Power Monitor
The TMB has a Power Monitor function which indicates the output power of the unit. This facilitates the installation and is a useful tool to verify that everything works.

Antenna Monitor
Another product option is that the TMB contains an Antenna Monitoring facility. Most Base Stations have such a function on board already, but adding a booster prevents this function to monitor the antenna. By having the Antenna Monitoring function in the TMB the supervision of malfunctioning antennas is re-established.

Drive test results with TMB

Drive test

Drive test results without TMB

Soft ware control of TMB and CIU via Windows pc during drive test

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

User friendly interface

The user interface is made very simple and will provide full control of the TMB. Thanks to the infrared, RS232 or Remote Access interfaces any standard portable PC can be used. The menus are self explanatory and give a clear overview.

TMB status Current TMB configuration can be retrieved. Power monitor function The output power of the TMB into each antenna is constantly monitored. Temperature monitor Temperature behavior of the TMB is essential and a part of the protection facilities.

Gain/power setting Each link and each amplifier can be set independently. Manual or automatic setting The TMB gain can be set manually or automatically. Carrier enable/disable The two carriers work independently. Auto calibration Desired output power is entered and calibration will adjust the HPA gain automatically.

Alarm status All alarms can be enabled or disabled. Alarm simulation Simulation of alarms are nice feature during installation or trouble shooting.

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

Product options

TMB can be entirely remote controlled via a modem, a GSM modem or a mobile phone.

Remote Access As a product option the TMB can be entirely remote controlled via a modem, a GSM modem or a mobile phone.

Block diagram of TMB and battery backup unit

Antenna Monitor Most Base Stations are equipped with a facility to monitor the feeder cables and the antennas. Adding a TMB after the feeder cable and before the antennas will interrupt the monitoring of faulty antennas. The LGP TMB has an Antenna Monitor facility as well. Deploying this product option re-establishes the antenna supervision and leaves the feeder supervision to the VSWR monitor in the BTS.


TMB-BCU power cable, 48VDC BCU-BU power cable, 48VDC

Battery Backup The Battery Backup Unit (BBU) is designed as a complementary product for LGP Telecoms family of Tower Mounted Boosters (TMBs). With the recommended battery type the BBU has the capability to supply 600 W continuously for more than two hours. Thus the BBU can supply a TMB (2 x 20 W) for more than four hours, or the combination of a TMB and a micro BTS for more than two hours. As an option the BBU can also support a 24 V micro BTS up to 300 W.
115/230 VAC main BCU-BTS power cable, 48 V DC or with option 24 V DC

LPU protects one TMB and one Micro BTS

Lightning Protection The TMB has built-in lightning protection on all ports. All RF ports fulfill the requirements from EN 50 082-2, ETS 300 392-3 and IEC-ENV 60 13 12-1. The 48 VDC or 115/230 VAC port on the TMB is rated to EN 50 082-2 and ETS 300 392-3. A more severe lightning protection on the power supply port (like class IEC-ENV 60 13 12 -1) can be obtained using LGP Telecoms Lightning Protection Unit (LPU). The LPU is a small separate unit which must be placed next to the TMB. It contains high class lightning protection circuitry and will protect the main power supply line input of the TMB.

Power cable

Grounding screw


Grounding strap

Main power cable, 48V DC or 115/230 V AC

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

High quality
The TMB system from LGP Telecom is designed for severe environmental conditions and extensive operation over long periods of time. The number of components, interconnections etc. have been cut down to a minimum and each one carefully selected to provide optimum performance with maximum reliability. There are no moving mechanical parts inside the TMB. All material is carefully chosen and all mechanical parts are surface treated to prevent corrosion. The company is ISO9001 certified and the quality is constantly monitored/improved on all company levels, throughout the process from design to shipping and after sales service.

Thermal design
Much effort has been put in the thermal design of the TMB. A two carrier 20 Watt TMB will dissipate approximately 200 W in heat. All major heat dissipating components are directly mounted on the heat sink and widely spread out over the entire surface. The TMB is designed for non-forced cooling. Reliability and MTBF are closely linked to temperature, therefore compromising on proper cooling will have fatal influence on the MTBF. The LGP TMB is conservatively dimensioned and has a fair margin to component specifications. In the unlikely event of overheating, a built-in microprocessor based security function activates an alarm and reduces RF output power to protect components and total loss of the unit (damage protection). Hereby it is ensured that the site will not go down even at extreme conditions, but will gracefully degrade performance temporarily.

The LGP TMB has been designed with respect to the relevant international standards. Electrical safety meets EN standards and includes over-voltage protection. EMC and CE regulations are met and the product has been marked accordingly.

Lightning protected
As the product is meant to be installed close to the antennas and therefore even in mast tops, it is properly protected against lightning. Due to the vaste success of the unique protection circuitry experienced from LGPs successful Tower Mounted Amplifier products lightning production has also been adopted by this product.

Due to the vast success of the unique protection circuitry experienced from LGP s successful Tower Mounted Amplifier products lightning protection has also been adopted by this product.

LGP Tower Mounted Booster

Tower Mounted Booster specification

Product range

Type no. LGP00901 LGP00902 LGP00903 LGP00904 LGP01001 LGP01002 LGP01101 LGP01102

System GSM 900 GSM 900 EGSM 900 EGSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1800 GSM 1900 GSM 1900

Power Supply 115/230 V AC 48 V DC 115/230 V AC 48 V DC 115/230 V AC 48 V DC 115/230 V AC 48 V DC

Standard and approved classifications

GSM standards Storage, transportation and weather protection Casing class Electrical safety Lightning protection Regulations Approved regulations

ETS 300 577 (GSM 05.05 GSM 11.21) 2+ ETS 300 019 1-1,2,4 IP 65 EN 60950 / UL 1950 IEC-ENV 601312-1 CE (Europe), FCC (US) ETS 300 342-3

Size and weight

GSM/EGSM 900 TMB, two carriers, 2 x 20 Watt GSM 1800 TMB, two carriers, 2 x 20 Watt GSM 1900 TMB, two carriers, 2 x 20 Watt

28 l / 27 kg (7.4 gal. / 66 lb.) 28 l / 25 kg (7.4 gal. / 61 lb.) 28 l / 25 kg (7.4 gal. / 61 lb.)


LGP TMB benefits

The LGP TMB products enable: Reduced infrastructure cost / km2 Fewer sites Low cost BTS (micro BTS and Pico BTS) Lower cost feeder cables Pole/wall mounting Reduced energy consumption Lower power bill for the BTS / longer talk-time of the MS Extended network coverage Increased Revenue Generating Area Higher output power Macro BTS coverage from a Micro BTS or a Pico BTS Compact and highly flexible installations Rapid installation and commissioning Easy site acquisition, site installation and BTS location Smaller antennas to be used while maintaining coverage Network balancing in both up- and down-link Improved Quality of service Improved call quality Improved BER Improved in-building penetration

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