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Name: Muhammad Ismail Khan (TV FS Eng: ID# 3981/11)
Date of Birth: 07-Sep-1985

E-mail: ismailuetian@gmail.com Permanent Contact Details

Address: House#487, St#14, Overseas Block, Bahria Town Lahore.

Cell: +92-333-4086552 (PAK), +244-935217576 (ANGOLA)

B.E. (Electrical Engineering) 2003-2006
University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) # ELECT/25515

Chevron Angola (Cabinda Gulf Oil Company, Since August, 2009 To Date)
Job Description
I am outsourced by INTECH Process Automation to CABGOC (Cabinda Gulf Oil Company) to provide on-site Plant Maintenance Support. I am working as Onshore Control System Specialist. CABGOC Onshore operations receive oil from offshore, process it, store it in tanks and export it. A power station with 2 RPPs is also a critical part of operation. I was part of commissioning as an end user of CABINDA GAS PLANT. I have also worked on offshore platform for urgent support tasks. This job gave me good exposure to work with an End-User involving safe work practice, fault finding, additions, modifications and support production during startup and operation and annual turnarounds.

Main job responsibilities as an Onshore Control System Specialist are Job Planning and Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Verifications of system designed for several small, Medium and Large Scale Projects. Safety Overview Analysis for small and medium projects. Pre-commissioning of Project. o Procedure development for testing o Supervising Loop Checks according to respective procedures o Cause &Effect testing with vendor and generating MOC for required changes Functional design testing with vendor as per FDS documents Programming and relating issues as per preventive and corrective actions. Assistance to Instrument technicians and Electricians Startup after commissioning Maintenance of commissioned systems Alarm Management Work Order Management using Oracle Enterprise One (E1) System HAZOP Support Field Engineers to propose new Projects, develop feasibility and Optimization of proposed design.

International Oil & Gas Field Projects with INTECH Process Automation (2007 2009)
Gas Injection Platform (GIP) HOTEL Compliance Project for CABGOC (Chevron Angola)
Project Duration: 5 months Job Duration: Since April 2009 to August 2009 The main objective of this project was to segregate SIS and PCS control architecture with some modifications. Intech received old applications for GS-Hotel and GIP-Hotel and produced hardware architecture design and Functional Specification Documents. I generated PLC applications for SIS and PCS along with HMI. Allen Bradley ControlLogix was used in this project with Wonderware HMI. I was moved to my next assignment before commissioning of this project.

Flare & Relief Modification (FARM) Project for CABGOC (Chevron Angola)
Project Duration: 1.5 Years; Job Duration: Since Sep 2007 to March 2009 I started this project from the kick off meeting and finished it to final commissioning. The main objective of this project was to modify process to minimize flaring gas and re-route it to new gas processing platform. This modification had to be done on 11 different platforms. I received specification documents from customer and generated Functional Specification Documents for all offshore Gathering Stations. Upon approval I produced modified PLC and HMI applications. I tested them and generated Hot Cutover Procedures for each Gathering Station. I worked on this project as a Lead Design and Application Engineer. I also supported commissioning of this project as a Control

System Engineer on TAKULA offshore field. This project gave me good exposure of offshore production operations and Instrumentation along with Control System. In this project I worked on the following system. PLC-5 (Allen Bradley) SLC 504/505 (Allen Bradley) ControlLogix (Allen Bradley) DCS CS3000 (Yokogawa) SIL 3 Safety System Prosafe RS (Yokogawa) APACS MOORE (Siemens) Safety System QUADLOG MOORE (Siemens) Wonderware Intouch HMI (Invensys) Panel Builder 32 (Allen Bradley)

Power Management System Reverse Engineering Project for TengizChevroil (Kazakhstan)

Project Duration: 6 Months; Job Duration: Since April 2007 to September 2007 This project was my first project and I Reverse Engineered SHNEIDER PLC QUANTUM and MOMENTUM application with the help of PCView HMI application. We produced Bitmaps, Control Narratives and Operations Manual for complete Power Management System commissioned in TengizChevroil (Kazakhstan) by SHNEIDER ELECTRIC.

My competencies during my career of industrial automation are described under

Project Management Competency

In the first half of my career I was involved in few large and small projects as an engineering resource and also worked as a Project Lead.

Project Meetings

Project coordination meetings with client Project progress screening Disturbance evaluation meeting Time line divisions in cooperation with project manger Experience in Control System Project Scheduling from vendor side

Project Scheduling Documentation

Information extraction and preparation of following document IO wiring Drawing MCC panel Drawing Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams Cause N Effect Diagrams Instrument Index Control Narratives Operation and Maintenance Manual Hot Cutover Procedures FAT/SAT Procedures Panel Layouts

Software Competency
Rockwell Automation
RSView32 RSViewME RSViewSE RS Logix 500 RS Logix 5 Centum CS300 Prosafe RS Consolidated Management (CAMS) Alarm System

RS Logix 5000 RS NetWorks ControlNet, DeviceNet RS Linx Gateway, Professioal


Plant Resource Manager (PRM) Wonderware Intouch 7.1/9.1 OPCLink


GE Fanuc Siemens

Quick Panel Proficy Machine Edition. 4-Mation. (APACS/QUADLOG)

Hardware Competency
DCS & PLC Hardware
During my career I have been working on below mentioned equipment including selection, programming, and project development, executions & commissioning.

Rockwell Automation

Control Logix 5000 (Complete Range of L series) Programable Logic Controller 5 / 80 / 40 Small Logic Controller 500 / 02 / 04/ 05 PanelView Field Control Station (FCS) Safety Control Station (SCS)


Siemens Instrumentation

APACS Prosafe

I have never worked as a main stream Instrumentation Engineer but I have good theoretical knowledge and exposure to instrumentation because of nature of my current Maintenance Job. I have good understanding of different kind of Level, Pressure, Flow and Temperature Transmitters. I have worked closely to trouble shoot SDVs, BDVs and Control Valves Loops, which helped to develop good understanding regarding these controlled Instruments. I worked on troubleshooting various Foundation Fieldbus Devices.

Electrical, MCC & Hydraulic Panels

I have been involved with Electricians during troubleshooting of variety of Electrical equipment.

Allen Bradley

Variable frequency Drives MCC Panels (Complete including drawings, wiring, electrical equipment like contactors, relays, overload relay, selector switches, Indications) Motor Control Circuit Designing Fault Finding in MCC Panels


TV Rheinland Functional Safety Engineer Training
May-June 2011. (Dubai) I have done Functional Safety Engineering Training, recapped ISA-61511-1/61508 Standards.

Prosafe RS Engineering and Maintenance Training

January 2010 (Singapore) I am certified Professional of Yokogawa for SIL3 Safety System Prosafe RS.

VoIP Study and Implementation in Networking Lab (Pakistan)

Final year project (2006-Lahore) As a final year project of my engineering I established VoIP network in Networks Lab of University of Engineering and Technology Lahore.

Workforce Safety Leader Certification (Chevron) SLC500 & PLC5 Training Program Control Logix 5000 Training Program Yokogawa DCS Training Program

Foundation Fieldbus and Yokogawa Plant Resource Manager (PRM) training in CABGOC Angola

Will be provided on request