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Which of the following is not a part of delivery management? a. b. c. d. proposal analysis closure execution

Which activity is associated with quality control? a. testing b. managing c. coding d. audit Name the stages that SDLC covers in s/w development a. none b. requirements, design, testing, coding c. requirements, design, testing, coding and maintenance d. design, testing, coding and maintenance What r the diff operational model recommended for development projects in cognizant incremental iterative waterfall

For a client in the banking industry security level must be----------------a. high b. depends c. client d. medium e. low

Coding is done after which step in SDLC model. a. analysis b. unit testing c. design d. requirement Which of the following security criteria is not required in cognizant.. a. c1 b. c3

c. c2 d. c0 8 ordering a. b. c. d. a plate at a restaurant an analysis to which model iterative waterfall incremental maintenance

project quality goal are found in a. proj estimates b. OLBM c. Work mgmt plan d. Metric plan

10 Cognizant is currently certified at CMMI level. Level 5

11 What do a. b. c. d. we measure using s/w metrics? process product client process & product

12 Which one of the following is a quality assurance activity? a. testing b. code review c. coding d. process audit 13 Buying a a. b. c. d. branded computer with on the assembling in analysis to. Maintenance Waterfall Incremental Iteration

14 What does a100% effort variants along with on time delivery indicator? a. none b. client satisfaction c. under estimation of effort required d. excellent commitment

15 Business understanding is a part of Proposal 16 D 17 D

18 ---------------- for the project need to be set based on the date from project of similar nature executed previously from OLBM a. goal b. defect c. process d. metrices 19 Which of the following has an impact of product quality? a. load factor

b. defect density
c. productivity

d. Effort variance.

20 Production support is the main feature of --------a. b. c. waterfall incremental iterative Maintenance.


21 While developing a system for a client with rapidly changing requirement which of the following is the appropriate software
a. waterfall

b. incremental c. iterative
d. maintenance

22 Quality management system management responsibility Resource management, product realization are the section of a. CMM


c. iso9000 d. B37799

23 Project management involves balancing which of the following factor

a. all the options

b. quality c. scope d. resource e. time 24 If the timeline is very stringent and cognizant process demand a lot of process documents what need to be done? a. allow without generating the document b. follow up the process anyway c. first decline and then develop the process document

d. Tailor the process to suit the situation and get approval.

25 J 26 G 27 Who is a subcontractor? a. An internal stack holder

b. a stack holder from the client c. none of the option d. an external stack holder

28 Client requires a certain template for design cognizant process mandates a different template what step required to be taken
a. follow client template

b. Follow cognizant template.

c. Follow client template and remove all information mandated by cognizant template.
d. follow client template and capture additional information required by cognizant template anywhere

29 Which of the following is a concern of the project manager?

a. Profitability

b. Business development c. Utilization

d. all the options e. scheduling

30 The entire process of ensuring quality is known as --------------------a. Quality audit b. Quality control c. Quality standard d. Quality management

31 A quality measure of a specific desirable attribute of s\w a. defect b. plan c. metric d. base line

32 Who is not the internal stakeholder of project

b. end user

c. project manager

d. team manager

33 which of the following is eg of peer review a. testing b. client supplied product review c. performance review d. code review

34 Goal for schedule variance is h% while project is delivered as2%-1% what this indicate a.
Baseline needs to be reviewed because capability has improved

b. Goals set in OLBM are bad c. Projects need to work slower d. Everything is ideal and should not be changed

35 A large project with fixed requirements need to follow which model a. Incremental b. Iterative c. Adaptive d. waterfall

36 which of the following is not a part of deliverable mgmt a. Analysis 37 Duration of proj is 4 month n effort is 45 person months.wat type of proj is this a. Medium b. Small c. Large

d. Very small 38 In which document the team structure mentioned a. SPP b. Team structure c. PSPH d. Microsoft project plan 39 minimizing the schedule variance lead to a. on time delivery b. reduced duration variance c. reduced cost overruns d. all the above 40 Total no of defects found during review/total no of defects found during review n testing equals a. Review efficiency b. Defect removal efficiency c. Review Efficiency d. Defect density 41 You are required to perform the coding and testing of a very small module entirely on your own. from where will u find the task n activities associated with coding n testing a. Qview and PSPH b. Project plan c. ETracker d. Prolite and timesheet 42 Metric goal maps to a. Delivery Quality b. Management direction

c. Project plan d. Business goals 43 Project is executed by applying by a. Knowledge skill techniques and tools b. Knowledge and tools c. Knowledge skill action and tools d. Knowledge skill and tools

44 Proj A produces 2, 20,3, 25 defects in 4 tasks of the same size. proj B produces 18,19,18 n 18 defects .which proj is controlled a. Project B b. Both uncontrolled c. Cant be said d. Project A

45 Which sdlc model have separate n distinct phase of specification n development a. Waterfall b. Iterative c. Incremental d. V model

46 delivery mgmt runs in ----------- to sdlc a. Parallel b. Cyclical c. Series d. Alternatively

47 If there is lot of volatile business requirements n the s\w prone to change which model is appropriate if the change vary enough to rehaul of certain SYS a. Iterative b. Incremental c. Maintenance d. Waterfall

48 The following is not a sdlc mod practice in cognizant a. incremental b. iterative c. waterfall d. none

49 In incremental module which stages are incremented a. All b. requirement c. construction n unit testing d. design, construction n unit testing

50 Ordering a platter at a restaurant is analogous to which model

a. Waterfall b. Iterative c. Maintenance d. Iterative

51 which of the following security criteria is not relevant in cognizant

a. c0

b. c1 c. c2 d. c3

52 At the initial CMMI level the process is

a. Chaotic(initial)
b. Optimized c. Managed d. Repeatable

53 Which is not sdlc mod a. U model b. V model c. RAD d. Evolutionary

54 which is quality assurance activity a. Process Audit b. Code review c. Coding d. Testing

55 Which is not result of CMMI a. New coding Language b. Productivity increase c. Process involvement

d. Reduction of defects

56 which of following flow shows the proper sequence of events in the quality journey of an organization a. Framework-model-Certification

b. Certificationframeworkmodel c. Modelframeworkcertification d. Modelcertificationframework

57 which is concern of proj manager a. schedule b. business development c. profitability d. all e. utilization

58 where does one ctrl limits for a metric a. OLBM b. Metric plan c. Qsmart d. Project plan

59 The sdlc to be followed for a development project must be one of waterfall iterative, incremental

a. False

60 the security certification of cognizant is currently

a. BS7799 b. CMMi c. Six Sigma d. ISO9000

61 EMMA can instrument JAR files a. True b. False

62 What do we call test cases with and conditions varies marginally a. Regression b. Boundary c. Over boundary d. Correlation

63 Unit Test cases are insensitive to the number of iterations of the code. a. True b. False

64 If unit Test case passes, ideally, Integration test cases will pass.
i. True ii. False

65 Order the steps: a. Automation life cycle 66 Order the steps:

a. Defect Mgmt life cycle 67 Order the steps: a. Test life cycle 68 Which are the testing models? a. Automation script generation. b. Automation Execution c. Test planning d. Test case generation e. Manual test execution. Ans: a, b, d, e 69 Comments improve the readability of poorly written code i. True ii. False 70 Performance testing includes i. Load ii. Stress iii. Volume iv. Peak Ans: a, b, c 71 Project s/w process is stored in i. PSPH 72 Change history is stored in

i. SCM history form-c

ii. Change request iii. SCM plan

73 Set for a project is taken from previous projects or OLBM i. Goal ii. Metrics

74 Contract is output of i. Formalization ii. Closure iii. Startup iv. Proposal v. Execution 75 Business understanding is part of i. Formalization ii. Closure iii. Startup iv. Proposal v. Execution

76 Application Development last stage is

i. Implementation ii. Maintenance iii. Knowledge Transition iv. Post implementation support 77 Project of 8 members and 12 months is i. Very small ii. Small iii. Medium iv. Large

v. Not a project 78 Classify requirements i. Minor 0<x<20 ii. Major 20<x<100 iii. Super major 100<x<320 b. Minor 0<x<30 i. Major 30<x<90 ii. Super major 90<x<320

79 Code profiling is done in( I think d ans s coding. Not very sure)
i. Coding ii. UAT iii. Integration & System testing

80 Req document is signed and acts as terms of agreement b/w client & customer. This is achieved in i. Elicitation ii. Review iii. Validation iv. Analysis

81 Change of request comes after design stage, then what should u do? i. Impact analysis ii. Since coding has not begun, impact is less, reject the change and proceed with the coding iii. Since coding has not begun, impact is less, change the req doc and start design

82 Change of design to machine language is done in i. Coding ii. Design

83 Coding is ______ of SDLC i. 5%

84 Application Installation is a part of installation testing. i. True ii. False

85 What testing is done before application goes live?

a. UAT(user acceptance testing)

86 Tear down in JUnit refers? i. Tears down the test case step by step for debugging ii. Brings down application server iii. none of the listed options iv. Executed after test case execution

87 four types of maintenance? i. Preventive ii. Perfective iii. Adaptive

iv. Corrective

88 QSM in i. Qview

89 Security in Cognizant i. BS 7799

90 30) CMMI level 4 i. Managed ii. Quantitatively managed iii. Optimized

91 New defect found is i. Acknowledged by development team lead & opened

92 Who closes the defect? i. Tester ii. Reviewer iii. Developer

93 Test plan does not contain i. Test Metrics ii. Test Environment iii. Test Objective iv. Test Case

94 Unit test cases are dependent on each other i. True ii. False

95 public class { int a; int b; int c; //Add Public void add(int x, int y) { If (a>x) { If(b>y) {

If(x>y) { If((x+y) < (a+b)) { X=a+b+y; } }

} }

i. Inadequate comment ii. No real output iii. Invalid logic evaluation iv. Unused variable v. More nested ifs than recommended

96 Which of the following is not an automation tool? i. Winrunner ii. Junit

iii. Borland silk test iv. Rational functional tester v. None of the above

97 Purpose of traceability of requirements i. Adequate testing ii. Adequate project mgmt iii. Satisfied requirements

98 Which is correct regarding s/w quality process? i. Costs too much ii. No need of quality process when SRS is clear iii. Time consuming iv. None of listed options

99 Selection of life cycle model depends on i. Nature ii. Scope iii. Size iv. All of above


Why security is critical? i. Customer trust to Cognizant. Loss in customer data ii. Loss of info to outside. Competitors indulge info. iii. Info lost once, difficult to gain iv. All of above


Schedule variance is 60% & low requirement stability index indicates i. poor planning ii. Req changing leads to schedule slippage iii. Inadequate resources


The overall system structure, architecture is tested in i. system testing


E-tracker and Prolite are used in which phase? a. start up b. execution c. closure d. all


OLBM- Organizational a. Process improvement b. organization maturity

Level Bench Mark

c. organization capability d.
105 all

Which SDLC model followed in cognizant a. Partially onsite and partially offshore


Which is not a type of project in cognizant? a. Large b. Small c. Medium d. very large people soft is used for a. effort variance b. measuring resource c. billing to client d. All



What data design does? a. b. c. d. Explain internal data structures Cross reference connection of data objects and system Explain external data structures How data stored and maintained


What is a defect tracking tool and not internal tool? a. ETracker b. Godzilla c. Prolite d. Bugzilla Which aspect of software production is catered by software engineering? a. Design and development b. Coding c. All listed options d. Delivery Similar variables should be declared a. Together b. Whenever c. As they occur d. Separately Baseline definition a. Specification or product completely reviewed and agreed upon and cannot be changed without a waiver b. Approved o/p c. Formally reviewed and agreed upon solution and it serves as basis d. Prepared o/p





High quality program necessary to follow a. Testing methodology b. Design method c. s/w dev method d. coding method


Activities in a phase corresponds to a. Verification

b. Exit c. Task d. Entry 115 When is the defect prevention initiated in a project? a. Quarterly b. When first defect found c. Start up of project plan d. Frequency defined at start 116 What gets improved on good coding? a. Readability and size b. Complexity and size c. Readability and maintainability d. Maintainability and complexity 117 What are non functional requirements/ implicit requirements? a. Attributes or qualities of a s/w system or product related to system functionality spelt out by the client

b. Attributes or qualities of a s/w system or product that are less important than the function requirement and taken care later
c. Attributes or qualities of a s/w system or product related to system functionality and necessary for the day to day function of the system d. Attributes or qualities of a s/w system or product unrelated to system functionality and necessary for the day to day function of the system 118 What does peer review ensure? a. Defects are detected and rectified early b. Code tested c. Defects logged d. Code is delivered 119 Cognizant and Peer review comments are done by a. ETracker and Prolite b. Qsmart c. ETracker, Prolite and Qsmart d. None


Locking files to help data securely is a feature of a. Offensive programming b. Defensive c. Secure d. Cryptic


Activities in appl. Maintenance a. Production support, bug fix, minor enhancements, major enhancements, testing, document, reengineering, development b. Production support, bug fix, minor enhancements, major enhancements, testing, document, reengineering c. Production support, bug fix, minor enhancements, major enhancements, testing, document d. Production support, bug fix, minor enhancements, major enhancements,


Why do we use functional spec document a. Detailed spec of each requirement document in design document b. Function spec design c. Detailed spec of each requirement document d. Detailed spec of each task


Post implementation process document covers a. Management of overall support process, level of support, service level agreement with client, release plan for bug fixed, contact details of help desk and support team b. Management of overall support process, level of support, service level agreement with client, release plan for bug fixed c. Management of overall support process, level of support, service level agreement with client, contact details of help desk and support team d. Management of overall support process, level of support, service level agreement with client


Categorize request in terms of effort person hour***** a. Minor request 0<x<30, major request 30<x<90, super major request 90<x<320, dev taskl >320 b. Minor request 0<x<100, dev taskl >100

c. Minor request <20, major request <50, super major request <320, dev taskl >320 125 SCI subjected to change under what condition a. Change initiated by customer b. Change due to enhancements c. All d. Bugs identified during testing 126 Peer review reviewer detects a defect. What does a peer reviewer do? a. Inform to client b. Fixes the defects himself and dont inform developer c. Inform developer and asks him to rectify d. Def document, closed and later on analyzed 127 ----------- targets testing on small unit of testing a. System testing b. Unit c. Acceptance d. Integration 128 Objectives of testing a. Code works b. Presence of errors c. Code does not work d. Absence of errors 129 S/w development means only coding a. True b. False 130 Change history of SCI is found in a. SCM plan b. SCM history form c. s/w release history d. change request 131 Structured Analysis and design deals with a. World as a set of objects

b. Breaks into many small modules and implement them c. Overall problem domain is characterized as objects and specify relationship between them d. Stored data and maintains it in the system 132 Which is not used in coding stage? a. Code review check list b. Requirement traceability matrix c. Design document d. Roll out doc 133 In which phase completed product is placed in a operated environment? a. Coding b. Testing c. Maintenance d. Product roll out 134 Benefits of usage identification header in program a. Maintainability b. Security c. Flexibility d. Complexity 135 Max no of if.. then .. else that should be in a program is a. 4 b. 3 c. 2 d. 1 136 ------- done to ensure that action to rectify objects defects have not produced any errors. a. Integration testing b. Unit c. System d. regression 137 Identifying business needs/concerns/high level requirements in the mind of customers. This is done in which stage?

a. Elicitation b. Analysis c. Documentation d. Validation 138 Which is true about integration testing? a. Unit individually tested b. Testing interface of system with external system c. Targets changes to code d. Testing interfaces between modules 139 Testers need to make sure that a. Requirements are satisfied b. Design stipulations have been met c. Defects are identified d. Coding standard have been followed 140 Define requirements as a. What wanted b. What needed and not wanted c. What needed d. What wanted and needed 141 Developer not involved in which stage? a. Unit b. Integration c. System d. Acceptance 142 s/w dev process starts with a. requirements b. analysis c. design d. delivery 143 Risk management is done at which stage? a. Project life cycle fully

b. Project delivery c. Project start up d. Proposal stage 144 What should be focus in post implementation? a. Has product delivered? b. Is product needed? c. Does function correctly d. Has product installed 145 What does ETVX means? a. Entry, task, verification, Exit b. Entry, tools, verification, exit c. Entry, task, validation, exit d. And some other option 146 Which is not associated with testing? a. Prolite Qview b. ETracker c. Qsmart 147 Architectural design will not have which of the following? a. Programmer name b. Program unit c. Cross reference between d. Program unit structure


Unit testing is used to test the small units of program

149 Performance testing - testing a application for speed and availability 150

NON benefits of unit testing check box 2 choices

Types of maintenance testing production support bug fix enhancement


Internal stakeholders check box 3 choices- HR Finance


TCP can be derived from all the options like test case generation, test script automation so on Rational robot is used for power building application true/false Defect tracker tool which is not an internal tool? bugzilla A site should be available for 24/7 for 300 days. This is a nonfunctional requirement - T/F A Team is working in a cosmetic bug fix and some function enhancement n should be submitted in the stimulated time.. a user emails to change onscreen. What will the team do??prioritize on severity n fix it after impact analysis Arrange the following in order a. write the code b. design document c. peer review d. write test case e. code repository f. run the test case b ,a, c, e, d, f






159 160

Knowledge transition a. maintenance project Requirement variability a. 6 Sigma


Both defect management and SDLC a. Project management plan 162 Financial data is C1 secure 163 Large project with fixed requirements a. Incremental 164 Contract review comes under which stage a. Project execution and control 165 Entire process of ensuring quality a. SQM 166 Template of business continuity plan will be available at the time a. Project Startup 167 Review contract is done at what stage a. Project Execution 168 Developer is responsible for a. Coding and unit testing 169 OLBM a. Used for setting goals / metrics 170 In cognizant who is responsible for quality management a. SQAG 171 Load factor is used for a. Process b. Product c. Process and product d. All the above 172 Project time period is 4 months, no. of employee is 46 in which type of project is this a. Medium 173 Requirement is given by customer which SDLC you will follow? analysis
174 175 176

Client is a part of choosing the SDLC model true/false EVTX is present in every stage of SDLC T/F

Stress testing testing beyond specified requirements Who is not responsible for the quality of the project? Client



Tester /Reviewer have write access to which area? a. Code development area b. Test/review area c. None of the above

179 180

s/w development involves only coding false Testing by the user at the clients side beta testing Which is not the level of testing??


Manual testing has more control than automation testing -T/F Program architecture is done after high level design T/F

183 184

Test strategy/scenario determines the complexity of test case T/F A bug which is fixed can be reopened T/F

185 186

developer can fix the bug in which 2 phases? Coding and testing what is the need for test result analysis??reports Prolite setup is used in which phase? a. Proposal b. Closure c. Execution and control d. None




EMMA is indirectly used to detect the dead code true


Levels of integration testing- big bang, top down and more( totally three) Purpose of system testing interaction of comonents

191 192

60% schedule variance and low requirement stability index implies what?cost performance,frequent req changes Requirement change causes schedule lagging. Six sigma is 99.9997 error free code

193 194 195

Project configuration is stored where? Prolite etracker,visual source Why do we perform testing and use of it-to check whether all the requirements are met or not
people soft is used for a. effort variance b. measuring resource c. billing to client d. all



198 If the requirement and design document is given by the client, with what stage will the project start? a. testing b. coding c. design document delivery d. requirement document delivery

199 Functional testing is more important than non functional testing. True or false? 200
JUnit consists of which classes?junit.TestCase.


Test execution results are stored in: - Test Log For checking functionality which test is to be done? a. Integration Testing b. Beta testing


A test leader will give least importance toname of the developer.. Bug tracking tools are: a. Bugzilla

205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214

Cognizant defect tracking is stored in e Tracker For checking loop how many test case are required 3 TCP is executed after executing the complexity of test case .true or false? BS7799 follows information security What does the setup method in JUnit does initialize How many test cases will be required for if condition 2 Post implementation Condition supprt bug fix enhancement Code profiling is done in which stage coding Retrospective document is stored in..Prolite Who incorporates peer review comments.Developer Which of the following is proactive.. a. Corrective b. Preventive c. Perfective

216 217 218


Is tester are stakeholder part. True or false? True Test case generation is a test model. True or false? True Rational tools does not support.TCP Arrange the following in the order of their execution

a. Unit Testing

b. System testing c. Configuration testing

d. Beta testing e. Acceptance testing A,b,c,e,d 220 After which stage application goes live? a. Pre production b. Acceptance 221 Which is not a performance tools? a. Win runner 222 223 Developers find a high severity bug what does the developers should do In which stage use case is generated? a. Requirement analysis 224 Commenting on each and every line of code is advisable a. False 225 USE CASE design in which stage a. Requirement ANALYSIS 226 Detailed estimation which phase a. Start up 227 Product realization and mgmt responsibility in which quality model a. ISO 9000


Rational Robot is use to develop VB Script for recording false Automation methods a. data-driven and captured playback


delivery management and SDLC both r included in a. PROJECT Management phase


Defect management tool a. Bugzilla b. Prolite

c. IBM clearquest d. EMMA

232 Functional testing is more important than non functional testing. T/F
233 Which testing is done to test that functionality meet the specification before acceptability testing. a. Beta b. implementation c. configuration d. integration e. installation


peer review is .SQA activity- false (quality control) In GUI testing functionality of all involved component is checked? a. true

236 Min. no. of test case need to be executed for while loop and if statement..:- 1,2,3,4,5
237 JUnit testing framework use which class for testing. a. Assert b. JUnit c. JUnit TestCase d. JUnit TestSuite e. test case

238 239

Use case development is done during which stage.sys. Design cognizantmanagement sys belongs to.ISO9001

240 241

INTERNAL WORKING OF SYS. IS TESTED by using white box code profiling is done in .coding phase

242 code coverage tells how much requirements are covered in implementation False 243 244 245
246 5th level in CMMi optimization Functional testing is more important than nonfunctional testing ?t/f Complexity of testcases are derived from test strategy . t/f Metric goal :-


delivery quality

b. Business objective c. 247 Management direction software project process is stored in the document a. SPP b. SSSD c. PSPH d. SCM


In defect type extra means: - no requirement for that

249 Performance testing is a process of understanding how the web application and its operating environment respond at various user load levels. 250 251
252 size /effort =productivity TCP is calculated/derived from execution complexity. t/f Tester and reviewer has the access write to which of the following :a. review b. development c. baseline d. metric


unit testcases are written just after coding the unit ----false


test cases are written in the design phase :- t/f In case of peer review comments are given by a. Developer b. Pl

c. Reviewer

256 257

detailed estimation activity comes in---start up phase test results are stored in test log which of the following is not true for top down integration testinga. Core functionality is tested

259 post implementation support for service level agreement ,contact helpdesk, reschedule of bugs and defects, 260
261 Bug fix involves analysis ,design ,test ----true/false

class abc { int a,b,c; //add Public:add(int x,int y) If(x<a) {if (y<b) {if(a>b) { if(a+b>x+y0 [x=a+b+y; } } } } a. inadequate commenting b. logical error c. unused variable d. no output generator e. use of excess if condition 262 Nonfunctional requirement :-


not related to functional requirement but necessary for day to day functioning

b. Related to functional requirement, but the absence can cause defects. c. error prone d. less important than functional requirement so it can be developed later