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SERVICE LEADER GUIDELINES October 30th Path Of The Moon Collective Arrive early so you can review the

e current Order of Service thoroughly before beginning. Suggested Dress: Business Casual (Joshua Bailey, One of the founders of Path of the Moon Collective will be striking the bowl and reading the words of welcome) *STRIKING THE BOWL: At precisely 10:30 sharply strike the bowl with the wooden stick leaving the bowl on the pulpit to enhance the sound. Allow the ringing to continue until the congregation settles down. Please do not begin before the congregation is quiet. *CALL TO COMMUNITY Welcome to this time devoted to mind and spirit. Avoid saying good morning until you introduce yourself later. Whether youre joining us today for the first time, or youve been a member for a long time you are welcome here. Whatever the faith you have known, if any, or whatever your heritage, you are welcome here. Whoever you are and whomever you love, you are welcome here. However you arrive at this beloved place, you are welcome here. Let us journey together. *GREETING: ( Gloria Fitzgibbon) Cheerfully state: Good morning. Were glad you came to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winston-Salem today. Then state your name and briefly describe your relationship with the fellowship such as: length of membership, committee activities etc. * WELCOME VISITORS: At this time I would like to welcome any visitors joining us today. 1) If you are comfortable doing so, please stand, introduce yourself, and tell us where youre from. [RECOGNIZE EACH VISITOR AND GUEST.] 2) We encourage visitors to sign the guest book in the foyer in order to receive the monthly newsletter. 3) You are invited to stay for coffee after the service. Please take a red cup so that we can recognize you as a visitor. 4) Would the members of the membership committee please stand? [WAIT FOR INDIVIDUALS TO STAND] These people, along with Rev. Dave Johnson will be happy to answer questions about the UU or this fellowship. [NOD FOR MEMBERS TO BE SEATED]

5) Anyone interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism and this fellowship can find information about member orientation classes at the greeters table in the foyer. 6.) Will the members of the Board who will be staying for "Coffee with the Board" today after the service please stand? [WAIT FOR INDIVIDUALS TO STAND] These people will be available today after the service to meet with you for coffee -- to visit, catch up, and answer questions at the front of the Fellowship Hall. Thank you. [NOD FOR MEMBERS TO BE SEATED] *ANNOUNCEMENTS We are a loving, compassionate congregation, and we grow together through many activities here and out in the community. Here in brief are some things coming up soon. Details about each event are on our website and on the bulletin board in the lobby. A few hard copies will be available at the door after the service. Read only the announcements that have been provided and emphasize only the what, when and who to contact. * INTERLUDE: We come from the fragmented world into this place of restoration and wholeness. Let us turn inward, listen to the mornings interlude, and create a space of spiritual readiness within ourselves. (I have a pre-recorded piece of music Id like to use for this Round and Round by Libana, its 2:15 long) *CHALICE LIGHTING: Read the words for the chalice lighting while the minister (or guest speaker) lights the chalice.

The perfect way is only difficult for those who pick and choose; Do not like, do not dislike; all will then be clear. Make a hairbreadth difference, and Heaven and Earth are set apart; If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against it. The struggle between for and against is the minds worst disease.

*INTRODUCTION OF THE SPEAKER Joshua Bailey, President of Path Of The Moon Collective and a founding member will say a short piece about POTMC, who we are, how we started, and hell introduce me and the other members from POTMC. *SERMON Calling of the quarters North: Audrey Owens, East: Jean Rockford Aguilar-Valdez, South: Tiffany Channey, West: Cat Cox-Carter Shedding the past, growing the future Peggie Kaan

*WORDS OF OFFERING Each Sunday: Please join me in reading the words of offering printed in your order of service. [LEAD THE READING]

May the gifts we bring build a community of peace and harmony, and may we be an example of peace for the whole world.

*OFFERTORY MUSIC (I have a pre-recorded piece, Celtic Wedding, by Al Pettiway and Amy White that Id like to use here)

* JOYS AND CONCERNS ( To be done by Gloria Fitzgibbon) We are a community that cares for one another by listening to each others joys and concerns. On behalf of the Fellowship, the Care Committee responds to many of these expressions of joy and concern. I ask them to stand. [WAIT FOR INDIVIDUALS TO STAND] If you know of someone who would appreciate hearing from the Care Committee, or is in need of assistance, please speak with one of the committee members after the service. [NOD FOR COMMITTEE MEMBERS TO SIT] If you wish to speak publicly, please come forward, state your name, and say a sentence or two about your joy or concern. LIGHT ONE OF THE CANDLES. Service leader will move down to stand next to folks as they come to the microphone. Please adjust mike as necessary for folks. *REMEMBERING U.S. SERVICE PERSONNEL And now Jamie Stevens will read our soldier memorial.

We name these Americans who have died, yet we remember all soldiers and civilians on every side who have been impacted by the tragedy of war. Let us remember them as we offer thanks and hope for our own joys and concerns, both spoken and unspoken. LIGHT SECOND CANDLE. Let us hold them in a community of silent meditation. *MEDITATION Allow about 1 minute. (Note- We will no longer strike the bowl after the meditation) * Dismiss the Quarters *EXTINGUISHING THE CHALICE Read the words written in the OOS while the minister or pulpit guest extinguishes the chalice.

*PARTING HYMN - Peg will lead a chant here: We are the flow, We are the ebb, We

are the weaver, We are the web. *PARTING WORDS: (Joshua Bailey) MOVE DOWN TO JOIN WITH CONGREGATION AND SPEAK LOUDLY: Please turn to one another, join hands, and join me in our parting words: Let us go in peace, believe in peace, create peace. May it be so.