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Pick out one e-business Company of your choice. Which type of competitive advantage does it pursue?

What factors help this company create superior customer value? Is the strategy sustainable? ABSTRACT

Amazon.com being the first mover in E-business retailing has a well-reputed and exclusive position among online retailers through provision of diversified products. It has situated a strong image in the mind of its consumer and has won their trust through superior value creation and sustains competitive advantage through diversified effort in almost every facet of its operations and thus making best use of its strategies to meet the challenges put forward by its rivals in online retailing scenario. The study has identified pertinent features of Amazons competitive advantage, the efforts it has been making in creation of superior value in retaining customer loyalty and how it has been improving its competitive strategies to stand along the dynamic trends of online business

Keywords: amazon.com, competitive advantage, online business, customer value, strategy

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Introduction Objectives of the study Significance of the study Impact of the study

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Literature review Competitive advantage Superior customer value Competitive strategy at Amazon Diversification strategy Low price strategy Differentiation strategy Affiliation strategy

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Conclusion Limitations of the study Implications for future research Recommendations

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