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The Upsilon Ups

Meeting Preview Edition November 2011 www.illinois-pikapps.com Pi Kappa Phi, Upsilon Chapter, University of Illinois Est. 1921

Board meeting in December

Four ways your membership can help the Alumni Chapter
Alumni Chapter Vice President

By Adam Nekola

SCHAUMBURG, IL - The student creed of Pi Kappa Phi describes the type of man it takes to form an ideal chapter. It is memorized by each new member prior to his initiation. The values it stresses are as valid to alumni as they are to undergrads: scholarship, loyalty, and responsibility. The Alumni Chapter can promote these values with your support. Some of the ways wed like to do so: Newsletters: This newsletter may be digital, but we would like to be able to physically mail more. Part of that takes funding, much of which has been subsidized by the undergrad chapter. The other part is manpower. We need people to write articles and stuff envelopes. Events: Our annual Pi Kapp Day at the Races is a huge success, and wed like to have four big alumni events each year. These sometimes require down payments. The donations weve received so far have given us some security that allows us to plan. Serving the Undergrads: A portion of our donations each year are in See Why join? Page 2

Upsilon alumni receive an update from the undergraduate Archon during homecoming 2010 in Champaign. While the annual homecoming meeting is more informational, alumni will vote on a new board at the meeting in December. (Photo by Adam Nekola)

Slate announced for election

for our December elections, Carrato enlisted Algirdas Navickas (Y1067) and Andrew Ostendorf (Y1068) to reach out to all alumni to gather names of those interested in serving on the Board. Once a pool of interested candidates was assembled, the committee discussed each candidate and eventually came to a decision on a slate of five directors. Factors taken into account while developing the slate included undergraduate in See Letter Page 2 PotENtiAL BoArd MEMBErS

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - After three years, the current Alumni Chapter Board of Director is about to finish their terms in office. Now, members must elect new leadership. In order to simplify and legitimize the nominating process for the upcoming election, the current Alumni Chapter Board appointed recent alumnus Tommy Carrato (Y1056) to chair a nominating committee. Carrato is a former Archon of the undergraduate chapter. Tasked with developing a slate

Nick Stoczanyn Kevin Spitz Gene Giannotta Tommy Carrato Dan Schriks Kyle Hoskins Byron Housten Sky Opila

Annual business meeting coincides with Founders Day

Alumni Chapter Secretary

By Kevin Spitz

As we all know, Dec. 10, 1904 was the day of Pi Kappa Phis founding. Now, this coming Dec. 10, 2011, Upsilon Alumni Chapter will hold

its first annual meeting in addition to celebrating the 107th anniversary of this special occasion. At 3 p.m. we will have the business portion of the meeting which includes officer elections and updates about alumni chapter. All alumni

chapter members are encouraged to attend. Following the business portion at 4 p.m., the event will open to all Upsilon alumni to celebrate our fraternitys founding. The event will be located at Morettis of Edison Park located at

6727 N. Olmsted Avenue, Chicago, IL. To cover costs, the event is $15 per person, but that cost is waived for Alumni Chapter members. We look forward to seeing a great turnout from both AC members and prospective members! n

Meeting Preview Edition November 2011 www.illinois-pikapps.com

Pi Kappa Phi, Upsilon Chapter, University of Illinois Est. 1921

Help the future of Pi Kappa Phi as an Alumni member

Why join?
from page 1 tended to be saved. This would allow us to save for capital projects at the chapter house. We all want a house we can be proud of when we return to Champaign. Additionally, the AC awards several scholarships each year through the chapters CIF fund. But we would like to do more for the undergrads, such as sending extra representatives to leadership conferences. Chapter Representation: In even years, the national fraternity hosts Supreme Chapter across the nation. As an official Alumni Chapter, we would be given an extra designation to represent the University of Illinois. Keeping young alumni involved is a priority for the AC. Why join the chapter? If you can agree with any of these examples, thats more than enough reason to become a member of the Alumni Chapter. Your dues support everything we are striving to do. By supporting the Alumni Chapter, youll hear what other alumni are doing. Youll be investing in the future of Pi Kappa Phi in Champaign. Not all alumni can give their time to help the Alumni Chapter succeed. But you can do your part by becoming a member and encouraging your brothers to be involved. It took a lot of sacrifice to get both the undergraduate chapter and alumni chapter where they are today - both time and financial. If you continue to share your part of financial burden, you can help ensure a strong future. n


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volvement, participation in alumni chapter events, the candidates desire to serve on the board, as well as what officer positions each candidate was interested in. After much healthy deliberation the slate presented by the nominating committee is as follows: Kevin Spitz Y1020 As an undergraduate, Kevin served two years on the Executive Council as Treasurer. Kevin has been a member of the Alumni Chapter Board of Directors since its inception in 2008, serving as both Secretary and Chaplain. Kevin has gone above and beyond his official roles taking the lead in planning and organizing Pi Kapp Day at the Races for the last three summers and serving as the chair for the 90th Anniversary Planning Committee. Kevin works as a civil engineer and currently lives in Arlington Heights with his wife. Gene Giannotta Y1030 Gene is the current President of the Alumni Chapter Board. With help from Adam Nekola (Y1007), Gene worked tirelessly in 2007 and 2008 to start our Alumni Chapter and has been its guiding force since that time. After three years as President, Gene is hoping for the opportunity to serve the Alumni Chapter in a different role. Gene recently earned his Masters Degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield and is currently living in Schaumburg, working for UIS coordinating their Abraham Lincoln-related programs. tommy Carrato Y1056 Tommy served three terms on the Executive Council of the un-

dergraduate chapter as Vice Archon, Warden, and Archon as well as serving as Interfraternity Council president in 2010. Since graduation, Tommy has attended Alumni Chapter Board meetings as well as served on the planning committee for the 90th Anniversary celebration in May. Tommy Works as a civil engineer and currently lives in Arlington Heights. dan Schriks Y1062 As an undergraduate, Dan Schriks was vital in organizing brotherhood events and plans to bring that energy and sense of brotherhood to the Alumni Chapter. If elected Dan intends to organize social events in the Chicagoland area as well as start a Pi Kapp softball team. Dan works as a civil engineer for Alfred Benesch & Company and currently lives in Chicago with fellow Pi Kapp, Pat Schuster (Y1060). Kyle Hoskins Y1064 As an undergraduate, Kyle served as long time Athletic Director as well as our first Greek Relations Chair. Kyle can be credited with much of the improvements in social events and general Greek relations our chapter has seen in recent years. Kyle has big plans for the Alumni Chapter and is looking forward to the opportunity to serve on the Board. Kyle currently lives in Austin, Texas working for IBM. The committee has determined that these men have the drive and determination to lead the Alumni Chapter for the next three years. If you would also like to volunteer yourself or nominate someone else for a position on the Alumni Chapter board, please contact President Gene Giannotta.n

To those who have donated, thank you!

Twenty-two Upsilon alumni have chosen to become a member in good standing of the alumni chapter with their $25 annual membership donation. Some have freely donated more. Over 40 have donated in the last few years. You can join at any time of the year, but our next membership drive will be coming in December with our next mailed newsletter. Below are the current members of the alumni chapter:


John Roeser (Y328) James Pottenger (Y352) Robert Newlin (Y412) Lawrence Inglis (Y445) Terry Burke (Y482) John Stroehlein (Y488) Skip Fowler (Y518) Anthony Saccomano (Y533) James Gunnar Schalin (Y537) Gary Poleskey (Y552) Joseph Stanton (Y559) Frank Stromberg (Y577) John Rawot (Y591) John Shustitzky (Y595) Ronald Arrighy (Y621) Gregory Provencher (Y777) Dan French (Y929) Jeffrey McMahon (Y974) Adam Nekola (Y1007) Eric Chen (Y1008) Nick Stoczanyn (Y1011) Kevin Spitz (Y1020) Gene Giannotta (Y1030) Jon Cisek (Y1043) Dan Wolff (Y1048) Tommy Carrato (Y1056) Kyle Hoskins (Y1064) Algirdas Navickas (Y1067) Andrew Ostendorf (Y1068)